What You Can Do with a Utility Vehicle (UTV)

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UTV darting

UTV dartingUtility vehicles (UTV) or side-by-side vehicles come just at the right size. They’re bigger than an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) but smaller than similar vehicles like a jeep. But before you make a visit to the nearest UTV dealer, consider the ways you can use a UTV.

It Can Carry a Heavier Load

First, UTVs can carry more people. Built for two people, they provide a larger room for movement and seating. Second, a UTV has a bigger dumping rear cargo load compared to ATVs. This storage platform, even without the use of a trailer, can carry a sizeable amount of load like chunks of wood and smaller equipment. Average bed capacity (riders plus rear load) is between 200 and 450 lbs. Hitch capacity (trailer weight) is between 1,300 and 1,500 lbs.

It Can Be Used for Varied Tasks

A UTV can be used under many conditions. It can be used for forestry or agricultural transport. The rear platform is wide and secure enough to fit farm load that can be transported without any issues. A UTV can also be used for hauling heavier objects (i.e. warehouse supplies) that ATVs cannot. Another common use of UTVs is in sports and recreation. Many sporty models take advantage of the hefty towing capacity of UTVs, i.e. from 1,400-1,500 pounds.

It is Customizable for Specific Purposes

Unlike other vehicles, UTVs are highly customizable. UTV owners can have their vehicles customized to their own liking. Designs can be used to improve visual appeal while accessories like LED lighting and heaters can be tapped for added use like what one would do to a customized car. Other upgrades can be done on the tires, wheels, and other parts to enhance the vehicle’s performance.

UTVs are very versatile vehicles suitable for many tasks and customizable like cars. If you are buying a UTV, you can expect a good investment.

Australia’s Housing Sector Has Become a Buyer’s Market

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a row of houses with fenced yardsFirst-time home buyers in Australia have kept a close watch on residential property prices, which have been falling for almost a year now.

The pent-up demand among buyers manifests in capital cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. On the other hand, construction supplies might be more necessary with the boom in building projects in the second quarter of 2018.

Right Timing

Even if prices have dropped in recent months, most buyers are still waiting for the right time to bid for a house in the hopes of further declines. Sydney home prices have dropped by 5.6 per cent in the last 11 months, while the market in Melbourne recorded a 2 per cent decline in the past quarter.

The trend has been bad news for investors and homeowners, although it does not indicate a market crash. However, the pace of new home construction could further drive prices to a lower scale.

New Home Projects

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) said that new home building projects contributed a 0.9 per cent to the economy’s growth between April and June. If more homes get built, then sellers might have to lower their asking prices to find willing buyers.

While Sydney and Melbourne have lower home prices, most people still find them too expensive. Another problem involves tighter lending restrictions that mainly prevent investors from taking out interest-only loans.

Fewer people are likely eligible for financing assistance, which could result in a lower number of housing starts in the next two years, according to BIS Oxford Economics.

Home builders will have to make sure a steady source of construction supplies to avoid delays on project deliveries. The price slowdown in major Australian cities means more people are willing to buy homes, while homeowners are likely to renovate their properties before putting those for sale.

How Do Remarriage and Having More Children Affect a Child Support Order?

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a couple fighting while their son is sadColorado law is direct when it comes to child support orders. The Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne, based in Colorado Springs, says that determining this type of support comes after the finalization of a child custody agreement or a parenting plan. After finalizing the child support amount, the law allows an Income Wage Assignment to streamline the monthly payments.

But what happens when remarriage and more children enter the picture?

How Does Remarriage of Either Parent Affect Child Support?

In Colorado, it doesn’t matter whether you or your ex-spouse gets married again. State law says that remarriage of either the custodial or non-custodial parent isn’t a reason to modify a child support order. On a related note, judges do not include a new spouse’s wealth or income in child support decisions.

Remarriage does not affect child support unless the new spouse regularly gives the custodial or non-custodial parent money just for spending. In this rare case, the money may count as income. The child support order remains status quo, however, when the new spouse only provides money for basic necessities and household expenses.

How Does Having More Children Affect Child Support?

Colorado law says that having more children, by birth or adoption, does not affect a child support order. The court won’t grant your request to lower financial obligations to an existing child if you have more children after the settlement. A judge will consider an existing child support award, though, to ensure that the parent’s income meets all child support obligations.

Under Which Circumstances Does Child Support End?

Colorado’s child support law obliges you to provide financial support for your children until they are 19 years old. However, it may end if your ex-spouse remarries and their spouse legally adopts your children. If the kids are under 18 years old, the Children’s Code states that they are legally available for adoption. Only then can you consult a lawyer for changes in the child support order.

Three Ways that Will Help You Maximize Your Cabin Stay

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nice wooden cabin in the forestA cabin stay is something you might want to consider doing if you are looking for a cool way to spend your holidays. More often than not, cabins are situated in mountainsides and other cool places, thus assuring you that your stay will be cozy and comfortable. But to make the most of it, you need to partake in various activities.

Whether you are planning to rent a private cabin in OK such as River of Love or a simple one in your locality, some things and tips will help you maximize your stay. Here are some things you might want to do.

Create an itinerary

There are times when holidaymakers waste time because they do not have a solid plan. Remember, you are making the most of your stay, and to do just that, you need to have a schedule of activities. This will ensure that you will cover a lot of things on your vacation. Doing so will help you experience new things and create more memories.

Go cook!

Some cabins have their own kitchen. And if it is cold in your location, you may want to take advantage of your cabin through its kitchen: go, cook! You can create your chowder specialty or create some hot cocoa. If it is not too cold outside, you can set a campfire and roast your favorite meats while brewing stories over the pot of stew or chowder.

Appreciate nature

Since you are much closer to nature, why not go around and appreciate its beauty. You can go hiking if your schedule permits you. But if you want to explore more of the vicinity, you can go camping for one night and go back to the cabin the next day.

These are just some ways you can maximize your cabin stay. Invite your family and friends for a more memorable vacation.

Maintaining Boilers at Maximum Efficiency

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boilerBoiler maintenance is crucial to any facility that relies on a centralised heating system. Malfunctioning boilers not only cause inconvenience for the residents, but they can also disrupt urgent business and service operations. At worst, equipment breakdown can even cause damage to both people and property.

Here are a few ways to keep boiler rooms safe and functional:

Daily Logs and Inspections

Check the boiler rooms at least once a day. Start by making a daily log for the boiler to ensure it is working in optimal condition. The water gauge should indicate that the boiler has sufficient water. The temperature and pressure readings, at all times, should be operating within the recommended range. Creating a daily log allows you to trace the causes of malfunction, which can help you save on repair costs.

Equipment Maintenance

Apart from the daily inspections, allot time at least once or twice a month to do regular maintenance on the boilers. Leaks can indicate damaged machines, so check for cracks or dents. Boilers with blocked air vents are prone to overheating, so clean the exhaust and the louvres if needed. The boiler room should be kept clean at all times as unnecessary items can cause pollutions or combustions. Dirt slows boiler machines down by increasing pressure and causing blockages. Investing in equipment like dirt and air separators can help optimise machine performance by purifying the entrained air.

Professional Check-up

Even well-kept boilers are subject to wear and tear. Annual check-ups by licensed professional technicians or agents make sure that the machine is still serviceable for future use. These technicians may opt to disassemble your boiler and check for worn-down or damaged parts that need replacing. They can also give recommendations for better operations once they consult you and your daily log. Regular maintenance ensures that a boiler is running efficiently. However, it improves not only the boiler’s performance but the entire facility it services as well.

How to organise a Boutique | How Planning your Store can Boost Sales

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woman holding a tablet, inside a boutiqueAchieving the perfect interior design and layout for a retail store is a never-ending process that needs constant tweaking, changing, and moving to create an experience that all customers can enjoy.

Retailers have found that tracking their customers’ movement through their stores gives them useful insights about how people shop, letting retailers plan the store’s layout to increase sales.

Shelves and Racks

An attractive display for your boutique or apparel store is vital for encouraging shoppers to stay. You’ll need shelves and racks to display your products prominently and make them seem more appealing.

Commercial storage specialist RMS Shop, part of the New Zealand-based Shelving Shop Group, recommends the use of versatile shelving and shop fittings that can be adjusted to different configurations for different kinds of displays—kids’ products, for example, should be displayed lower, at around a child’s eye level, to get children to see the merchandise and get closer.

If you’re not sure about which to use, the best solution is to look for supplier that can help you with shelving design and installation options.

Plan it out

The way an apparel store or boutique displays its goods has a great impact on the chances of a customer buying something.

The customers walking through the store with a carefully-researched layout that will encourage spending. For example, extensive research has shown that 90 percent of all customers turn right after entering a store, and that items displayed on the right side of the customer tend to sell better than products on the left.

Brand appeal

An easy trick to get people to come inside and see the rest of the store is by organising merchandise by popularity.

You can catch customers’ attention by arranging goods by their brand and showcasing a mix of popular and lesser known brands by the entrance, and have the most famous brands in the back. This way, customers have to go through the store and all the other brands available, which in turn increases the odds of their buying something.

Taking all these considerations into account (shelving, brand popularity, layout, and customer behaviour) may require a great deal of attention to detail, but the effort is well worth it, when the sales start rolling in.

How to Have a Successful 1031 Property Exchange

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property sales contractYou need all the help you can get to complete the highly complex process of a 1031 property exchange. Luckily, hiring a qualified intermediary ensures that you get the entire thing done quickly.

It may seem surprising, but the government has your best interest at heart when you’re investing in the real estate sector. Recognizing that the industry is cash intensive, the Internal Revenue Service created the section 1031 of the tax code. Under this section, an investor in commercial real estate properties can defer capital gains taxes after selling a property.

However, there’s a catch: you must reinvest the entire sales proceeds into buying another commercial property. If you’re eager to harness these benefits and grow your holdings in the sector, you can start by finding a 1031 qualified intermediary like 1031 Exchange Place.

Understand the Requirements

As with any other process in the sector, carrying out a 1031 property exchange is a complicated and tedious process. It involves plenty of paperwork and follows a closely monitored set of rules. One slight misstep can put a damper on the entire process, leaving you to nurse a hefty tax bill.

Rather than trying to wing it, you’ll get better results if you have qualified expert by your side. A successful property exchange is a two-step process. You will have to sell your current property holding and then make an offer on a like-kind property. You need all the help you can get to navigate these two highly complex processes.

Make the Tight Deadlines

The IRS has you on an incredibly short leash when undertaking a property exchange. You have precisely 180 calendar days to complete the transaction. Once you apply to take part in a trade, you have 45 calendar days to identify and present a replacement property.

You can have as many as three replacement properties as long as their total value is less than twice the current one. You then have the remaining 135 days to close the sale on the replacement property. Working with a credible expert, you can save time even when dealing with three different property owners.

Time is of the essence when looking to harness the benefits of a 1031 property exchange. Retaining the services of a credible intermediary ensures that you breeze through the complicated process.

How to Get an Estimate of Your Moving Costs

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movers carrying sofaMoving is a naturally time-consuming and costly endeavor. You could reduce the costs by doing the packing and the moving yourself. Otherwise, you could hire one of the long-distance moving and storage companies in your area to save a lot of time and effort.

If you’re still on the fence about how to go about your move, you have to get an accurate estimate of the timeline and costs so that you could make a more informed choice. Generally, moving costs depend on these factors:

Overall Shipment Weight

More effort and fuel would be needed for transporting heavy shipments. A basic equation would be: plenty of items to move = lots of space needed = more and bigger moving trucks = more fuel required.

The Distance of the Move

You would need more gas if you’re moving long distance. You’d also need to factor in toll fees and more costly insurance for the vehicles. Your final moving costs might increase depending on the distance that movers would need to travel to transport your things.

The Number of Professional Movers

Hiring more professional movers would naturally increase your costs, but would likewise make your move—including loading, transport, and unloading—faster and easier.

Extra Services

Special requirements for packing and handling, as well as related expected and unexpected obstacles, would require more time and effort to complete the move, which in turn could lead to higher costs.

Aside from these factors, others could come into play when establishing how much your move would cost you. These typically include whether you’re moving during a national holiday or peak season, end of the month or during a weekend, your insurance policy, consolidation requirements, and storage requirements among others.

1031 Property Exchange: A Gift That Keeps Giving

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Deed contract to a propertyGoing after 1031 properties in Nevada might just hold the key to making it big in the real estate sector. In the cash-intensive sector, you need all the help you can get, and the section 1031 of the Tax Code comes bearing gifts.

Under this section, you get to hang on to every cent you make in capital gains after selling commercial property. The only catch is that you must use the sales proceed to buy another commercial property of equal or greater value. The means that you don’t get to pocket a single dollar from the sale.

While that might seem like a disadvantage, the benefits more than make up for it. 1031 Exchange Place gives a few examples.

Greater Buying Power

If you are a high-income taxpayer, selling a property within a year of buying it saddles you with capital gains tax of up to 43.4 percent. Such a high rate is enough to make you pass on cashing in on the short-term gains. By making a 1031 property exchange, you get not only save the money but also invest it.

It means that you can buy bigger equity in the replacement property and access affordable financing when shopping for a mortgage. With a sound financial footing, you can acquire a prime property, which comes with a higher rental income.

Greater Investment Options

The property market is highly fluid and dynamic, and the key to success in the sector is being on the right side of the change. A property exchange helps you to always be on the money. It gives you the chance to diversify your holdings to lower investment risk and liquidate the unprofitable ones.

If the rental income in the residential sector is on the decline, you cash out of an apartment block and buy an office block. You can also buy part of a bigger complex in a lucrative cosmopolitan setting.

The section 1031 of the Tax Code is real investor’s best friend. With the proper strategy, you can harness the benefits it brings and grows your wealth and investment.

Top 3 Digital Marketing Channels You Should Explore 

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SEO in computerIn today’s competitive business world, you need to find better ways to increase brand awareness. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that everything is going digital. Even well-established companies are shifting to online marketing.

Having a strong online presence can help grow your business. While there are several digital marketing channels available, you need to choose the best option that suits your business structure. rounds up some channels you can use to empower your marketing strategy.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Many experts consider this as an aggressive digital marketing strategy. If you’re not familiar with this, it is best to hire a reputable agency that offers PPC services. The main objective of PPC is to generate targeted traffic to your website and related pages.

While this can be effective in gaining more leads, the method requires an in-depth analysis for precise bidding. The key is to allocate your budget effectively. You can measure the success of your PPC campaigns by tracking the URLs regularly. This should help you determine which keywords you need to boost or pause.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you have a website, consider implementing Search Engine Optimization. The purpose of SEO is to put your website on top of search engine results. This can be done using several methods, including website analysis, keyword research, content marketing, and link building.

In SEO, it usually takes time to see the results. Keep in mind that search engines can now easily detect unethical practices or black hat SEO techniques. Gone are the days when you can simply build multiple links. Today, everything you publish online should be original, informative, and relevant. The same thing applies to your backlink strategy.

Social Media

Unexpectedly, social media has become a powerful tool for business owners. Many companies are now using it as their primary online marketing campaign. This is one of the easiest ways to create engagement. You can easily get feedback from your consumers and keep up with the latest trends.

You should never stop exploring possibilities and opportunities to grow your business. If you want to stay in the game, you must be open to changes and adjustments.