Glass wallsMore often than not, interior design is heavily focused on things that are very “interior” in every sense of the word, like fabrics, furnishings, and wall colours. If you look around, you can see things that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space—just like your windows’ glass. Or the glass itself.

Glass often speaks more of function than form. It’s difficult to use glass as a decorative item, as it’s hard to maintain, especially if you’re using low-grade ones. But you don’t have to rely on decorative glass for the sake of your home’s beauty. What you need to do is buy Perth glass materials and incorporate it in functional items. Let the utilitarian aspect of the glass speak of its own aesthetic appeal.

Glass Walls

Glass walls are a no-brainer in interior design, but they will never go out of fashion. Glass walls are ideal if you want to emphasise the natural light that floods whenever sunlight is available. These clear walls also trick observers into thinking that your space is larger than it actually is. If you have a verdant and beautiful backyard, convert your home’s solid and opaque wall that comes between you and the garden into a glass divider. Just make sure that you go for thick glass that filters natural light properly.

Glass Stairs

Glass stairs are a relatively new concept in architecture. Because of its transparency, the glass staircase will give you an impression that walkers are floating in mid-air. When sufficient natural lighting is available, the staircase will illuminate itself, giving an additional visual treat. To complete the look, you may convert select parts of the walkway or floor at the top of the staircase into glass.

Glass Furnishings

Head to a furniture centre and you’ll see a number of glass furnishings and fixtures. From chairs to countertops, you’ll never run out of glass items to put in your space.

Incorporating glass in your interiors needs careful planning, as the material is delicate and may prove difficult to use. Moreover, you need to buy glass from reputable providers.

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Choosing which flooring material to use can be tricky because once it’s laid down, it’s going to be a Herculean task to replace. Most people just look at the design and how it will complement the house, and although that’s an important aspect of choosing flooring, there are other considerations as well.

Here are some of the other things to think about when choosing flooring for your home in Jacksonville or elsewhere in Florida:

FloorSize and Type

There are a few things all builders and homeowners need to think about before even looking at the designs. First, the size of the tiles; larger tiles are easier to install, while smaller ones often have patterns that are more intricate.

There are three main materials used for flooring: ceramic, stone, and wood. These materials are the top choices in flooring (and wall) because they’re all durable, and easy to clean and polish.

Ceramic Doughnuts

While each material has its own quirks and advantages, the focus here lies solely on ceramic tiles, mainly because many people know only so little about them. Ceramics are the product of mixing water, clay and minerals; all three are compressed and heated at high temperatures until they solidify. Ceramic makers can manipulate the material during this process to have them come out glazed or unglazed.

Glazed ceramic tiles have a liquid glass coating that helps the material resist stains, fires, and scratches. It also helps make the tile easier to clean, and gives it a subtle sheen as well. Unglazed tiles don’t have this coating, but have an even color all the way through to the bottom, making it a good choice for places with high foot traffic.

Ceramic tiles – both glazed and unglazed – are popular flooring material choices in Florida. Ceramic tiles in Florida need to be both visually appealing, because of the culture of the state, and durable, because of the expected amount of use. Ceramic tiles also have rates based on the amount of moisture they absorb, so make sure to choose tiles with minimal absorption for outdoor use.

It’s not a matter of life and death to choose the right flooring for your home, but it is a committed choice. You have to live with what you have for as long as it remains impractical to replace it, so take your time; it’s not as if your floors are going anywhere.

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The Search for Security

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guard on dutySecurity is one of the most important aspects of any event. It doesn’t matter whether the guest list consists of private individuals or high-profile public personalities–it is your duty as host to ensure the safety of everyone present. Fortunately, there are many security agencies in Australia more than willing to provide you with their services.

Of course, you shouldn’t just do business with the first agency you encounter. Knowing the services you need and asking the right questions is what will lead you to the right people.

Ask for certification and credentials

Get the basics out of the way. Do they have the proper licenses and business permits to ensure they only hire upstanding members of society? Can they guarantee that each security personnel deployed has had ample training in the services they’re offering?

Evaluate past work and experience

Consider the service you need from your security agency. Do you need private security for a VIP guest? Are you expecting a large crowd? Do you need escorting from one venue to another? These specifications have corresponding professionals.

Mind the details

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to reputable companies with security staff meeting the training and experience you require, it’s time to take a closer look. Research on the track record and reputation of the company you’re considering.

Consider the costs and contract

Do not gloss over the contract you’re entering into. The security company might waive responsibilities even when they’re at fault. While you can justify the high costs for security, know where the funds will be allocated. High costs are justified by insurance premiums. Otherwise, they might be asking for too much while offering very little.

Security is something you hope you won’t need, but you’ll be glad to have when a situation calls for it. Security guards are responsible for more than crowd control; they hold the lives of all your attendees. When it comes to security, the bare minimum is simply unacceptable. You need to find the very best of the lot.

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mobile advertisingAdvertising today is almost completely done in the digital realm. With this focus on technologies come trends every brand should be keen to jump on, and look for with their advertising agency. Working with companies that use the latest technologies are a given, but marketing, public relations, and advertising agencies in San Diego and other major cities do so much more than that.

Multiple Device Compatibility

Customers have access to information in a variety of formats thanks to the internet. A rising trend in advertising, therefore, is focusing on making efforts as mobile-friendly as possible. Marketers are turning their concentration towards responsive design on websites and app development for their clients. It’s no longer a choice of reaching consumers through televisions, computer screens, or mobiles, but a united attempt to connect to them across all devices.

Quality, Captivating Content

Consumers are no longer impressed by the hard sell. Ads that aren’t subtle don’t work anymore. Big brands have changed tactics, publishing content that don’t just give them a second of the consumer’s time, but their undivided attention. By combining quality content with a social media marketing strategy, brands are able to connect to customers on a personal level while earning retention and recognition at the same time.

Video Advertising

Video advertising is experiencing an upswing these days. Thanks to social media platforms that promote content sharing, videos–more than any other type of advertisement–have wider a reach and better odds of being noticed. Top marketers and advertising agencies are capitalizing on this. Interactive videos that encourage viewer participation through games are also an emerging trend. New formats and techniques are also forming.

It’s clear that advertising is turning its attention to the internet. While television and print ads show no signs of being any less effective, mobile is where it’s at. Effective advertising in 2014 is advertising that is accessible anywhere and at any time.

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presenting a business proposalPresenting your business in front of clients and potential investors is challenging. It can determine what they’ll do next, whether to patronize your products and services or to simply ignore them. This is why it’s important to impress them. Not all people are good at making effective presentations, though. Other than being a good speaker, businesses also inquire for virtual assistant rates to create a presentation material that can impress clients.

Here’s a short guide to help you:

The Presentation

Create a draft and list all the information you need, including the flow of the presentation. Remember that it’s more effective if kept short. Don’t let your audience read what’s on the slide and listen to what you’re saying at the same time, as it can confuse them. Use the presentation as a guide instead. Work with a virtual assistant to divide information on your slides. This way, you can make the most of the bullets, graphs, and other features to make it more appealing to your audience.

Lack of Preparation

After receiving the presentation material from your virtual assistant, browse through it to prepare how you’ll present your ideas. A presentation fails if the speaker doesn’t get the message through. This is why you need to prepare, so your explanation will sound natural. It’s easier to understand the meaning of a presentation if you use simple words, think of it as talking to a friend or a colleague.


If you understand everything that’s on the presentation, then you can answer all questions that your clients and potential investors will ask. A good presentation is useless if you can’t justify it. Make sure that you can provide a deeper explanation to let them understand what you’re talking about.

An interactive material and a good speaker can guarantee the success of your presentation. Get all the help you can get and inquire about the pricing of virtual assistants to know how much you’ll need to pay for outsourced professional services.

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tracking weightIn 2013, Government statistics show that there were over 13 million obese or overweight Canadians. As more individuals are starting to focus on their weight and overall health, many are looking for easy ways to shed excess pounds. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to losing weight or getting healthy.

Before buying health supplements such as Isagenix products in Canada, counting calories or hitting the gym, it’s important to know some nutrition myths. When you know fact from myth, it will be easier to create an effective weight loss plan.

Energy drinks are better than soda

While energy drinks may boost your energy with loads of amino acids, herbal extracts, and B vitamins, they contain high amounts of sugar. A 16-ounce cup of regular soda has about 200 calories while an energy drink of the same amount can contain as much as 220 calories. When you’re counting calories, that extra 20 calories mean a lot.

To have more energy, get enough sleep and eat nutritious food. Some individuals in Canada buy Isagenix to complement their diet with energy-boosting supplements, such as whey protein, multivitamins, and meal replacement shakes.

Meat makes you fatter

This depends on the kind of meat you’re referring to. Packed with vitamin B12, unprocessed meat helps your body build red blood cells, make DNA, and keep your nerves healthy. Processed meat, such as bacon, deli cuts and sausages, however, increases your risk of developing heart diseases.

You don’t have to leave meat out of your diet. What you should do is avoid those that have been chemically processed, cured, or smoked.

Chocolate is never good for you

Similar to meat, this depends on the kind of chocolate you are eating. Unfortunately, when talking about chocolates, many people think about the popular kind – milk chocolate. This variety has more sugar than cocoa. When you want to eat chocolates while following a diet plan, consider eating dark chocolates. The more cocoa (and the less sugar) there is in a bar, the better.

The first step to losing weight and staying healthy is knowing the types of food to eat and avoid. Once you have a healthy meal plan, think about changing your sedentary lifestyle to a more active one.


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money market fundEveryone wants to get ahead in the financial world, and there are many tools and avenues available to the average folks to make the most of their money. The only problem is, very few ordinary people know what any of the tools actually do.

The money market fund is a good example of these underutilized tools; it doesn’t have any difficult terms, and provides good opportunities for people in the right circumstances. But even if people had the perfect situation to use this tool, chances are they wouldn’t simply because they don’t understand what it does.

Stated Definition

The money market fund is essentially a mutual fund that invests in short term debt securities, like commercial paper. Peso and dollar money market funds are often described as bank deposits with higher yields, but this analogy is simplistic and not completely accurate.

Adjusting Expectations

The purpose of a money market fund is to provide investors (which are the ordinary savers in this case) a safe haven to invest easily accessible, cash equivalent assets. Perhaps a more accurate comparison to a money market fund is a stock market with a built-in safety net. Market funds operate in a similar free-flow liquid asset environment as stocks do, but unlike stocks, market funds operate in the short-term and have a fixed value.

Money market funds are considered very low-risk, but the yields (though high) most probably won’t meet the needs of long-term financial goals, such as retirement, other tools are needed for that.

Not the Same

This is probably a good time to mention the important fact that money market funds are different from money market accounts. Bank deposits and savings accounts are the most basic banking devices available, and almost everybody who works for a living is using one. But the rate of interest in a savings account is also the lowest, and the money remains static. If we can think of bank deposits as level one, then money market funds are level two. wMoney market accounts are similar to savings accounts, but carry certain restrictions that allow the banks to be more fluid with the money and give out higher interests.

This all sounds confusing right now, but given enough time, they’ll eventually make sense in practice, and everyone can maximize the worth of all their assets.

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man drinking waterEverybody wants to be healthy, but not everyone has the energy, commitment or even the time to make lifestyle changes. Research, news articles and health guides tell you that the key to a healthy life is a “lifestyle modification”—small changes to your diet, a more active regimen, and a stress-free routine.

To help you turn this knowledge into positive results, here’s a very manageable list of small things you can do to make a big improvement on your health.

Drink Up

Your body is about 90 per cent water. In one way or another, it needs water to do almost every function. Everything from your blood circulation, joint movements, metabolism, body temperature, to your sweat and other wastes involve this liquid.

Drinking more than the recommended eight glasses a day can do a lot to relieve you of bodily pains. Take it to another level by drinking only purified water, adding a few natural flavours, such as lemon, or use an alkaline water jug to filter it.

Walk Around

Your body was made to move, and the heart is a muscle that requires movement to function properly. Go on regular outdoor walks as a simple exercise. Better yet, don’t think of it as an exercise. Rather, think of it as a pastime or maybe even an investment in your future. The trees, the open spaces and the fresh air can only do your body good.

Share a Hug

An easy way to boost your mood is to hug someone you love, provided they actually want to be hugged. Hugging releases feel-good hormones, which lifts your mood, ward off depression and just gives you a lighter feeling.

Forget the excuses. This list is by no means complete, but it is a great starting point to a healthy life. Once you do these health upgrades today, do them again tomorrow and make a habit of it. Before you know it, the small alkaline water jug you bought, the simple hug you gave to a friend, and the short breather you took in the woods has done a lot to help you lead a healthier life…with virtually no effort.


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Tracing the Origins of Alcoholism

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man drinking alcoholThroughout history, alcohol has been a substance that provided many functions for people. From the ancient times to the present, it has played a huge role in people’s religion and ways of worship. Alcoholic beverages were considered sources of necessary nutrients. In fact, they’ve also been used for their antiseptic, medicinal, and analgesic properties.

Apart from being thirst quenchers, they also became essential products for people’s enjoyment. This is especially true in the United States where the number of people who consider it an important social lubricant is high. That’s why even if a minority of drinkers misuse alcohol and seek help from alcohol treatment centers in Utah, many still find it beneficial.

The Birth of the Word

In 1819, German physician Dr. C. W. Hufeland coined the term “dipsomania” before the word “alcoholism” came into use. Magnus Huss, a Swedish Physician, first used the term “Alcoholism” in 1849
to describe the adverse effects of alcohol misuse.

Recorded history tells us that people’s abuse and dependence on alcohol started way back the early times. Biblical, Babylonian, and Egyptian records reveal that some cultures have contrasting views of alcohol. Others worship it, while some condemn its abuse. Excessive alcohol misuse and drunkenness became a social problem, but it was only until the 18th century that habitual drunkenness and its adverse consequences have been medically established.

Alcohol abuse through the decades

In 1647, Agapios, a Greek monk, was the first to document the association of chronic alcohol misuse to toxicity in the nervous system and the entire body. This condition causes a variety of medical disorders, including paralysis, internal bleeding, and seizures.

In 1920, the effects of chronic drunkenness and alcohol abuse became the reason behind alcohol’s prohibition and enforced briefly in America. More than four decades later, the total cost of alcohol abuse and dependence was estimated to cost the US economy approximately 220 billion dollars annually, which is more than obesity and cancer. This resulted in the rise of alcoholic treatment centers hoping to provide the most effective solutions to cure the disease.

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Image by Enrique Dans | Wikimedia

Image by Enrique Dans | Wikimedia

Smartphone manufacturer Blackberry has registered a $5.9 billion net loss for its latest financial year.

Better than expected

According to figures, however, the most recent net loss of Blackberry was not so bad. In fact, it was better than expected. The loss was $423 million lower than the first figures projected for the first three months until March 1.

In the previous quarter, the company had a loss of $4.4 billion.

The losses of Blackberry come from the fierce competition among the smartphone maker, Apple’s iPhone, and Google’s Android-powered gadgets.

The financial year merited a $934 million loss due to unsold Z10 units, as well as a $512 expense for restructuring.

Looking up

Blackberry boss John Chen, who was appointed interim chief executive only in November 2013, said that this was a sign that the company is heading towards a “sounder financial footing.”

The company currently focuses on improving its services and its keyboard devices.

An analyst commended Chen’s efforts to stabilize Blackberry’s condition.

“The guy is on the move fast. He can control expenses but you can’t magically make revenue happen,” said BGC Partners analyst Colin Gillis.

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