pancit cantonPancit has a special place in Filipino culture. Most of us have fond memories of eating these delectable noodles in birthday parties, family gatherings, or even during normal afternoons. Despite how common it is, however, pancit comes in an incredible number of varieties. It seems like just about every culture and region has its own interpretation.

No worries, though; this list contains the five pancit dishes that you absolutely must try. Once you’re done with these, feel free to explore the many other kinds available.

1. Pancit Canton – Some will say that this is easily the most popular and universal pancit dish in the Philippines. No celebration would be complete without a generous serving of these noodles, topped with shrimp, pork, and shredded cabbage. From carinderias to family restaurants, the best pancit canton will always leave you wanting more.

2. Pancit Malabon – Another favorite among many Filipinos, you can probably guess where this one originates from. Hailing from the coastal town of Malabon, this aptly named dish typically contains plenty of seafood and sliced eggs. Combined with the thick noodles, this makes for a very filling and hearty meal.

3. Pancit Palabok – Whoever hasn’t sampled this rice noodle dish yet is missing out. The taste is somewhat comparable to pancit Malabon, but there are some key differences – like the noodles thickness and texture – that set this dish apart. It’s a common sight in fast food places, but “real” pancit palabok is anything but cheap tasting.

4. Pancit Sotanghon – Some may not like how slippery and gummy the sotanghon noodles are, but when well-prepared and with high quality ingredients, this is a one of a kind delicacy. While traditionally reserved for special occasions, many Filipinos today make sotanghon pancit a regular part of their diet.

5. Pancit Habhab – This delicacy from Lucban, Quezon isn’t just well-known for its taste, but also the way you eat it. Unlike the other items on this list, you receive the pancit on a banana leaf, and should eat it without the use of a fork or any other utensils. It has enjoyed a steady rise in popularity in recent years thanks to social media, and is now a relatively common sight throughout the country.

Whether or not it’s a special occasion, pancit makes every gathering better. Don’t miss out on trying these uniquely Filipino delicacies.

Dogs are a man’s best friend. Many pet owners don’t want to leave them behind whenever they’re planning to go out, but they have no choice because most accommodations don’t entertain pets. Fortunately, a camping trip allows your furry friend to tag along. Before you get all excited, however, it’s best to read the following guidelines to enjoy your adventure.

dogCheck the Location

Make sure that your best bud isn’t off limits in any of your destinations. Many camping sites like and national parks allow dogs to stay, but some forbid them from going to trails and other specific areas. Look for 100% pet-friendly sites, so your dog won’t miss out on all the fun. Know the rules to avoid getting into trouble, too.

Pack the Necessities

It’s your responsibility as an owner to pick up after your pet, so bring many doggie bags. As it’s dangerous to wander around at night, bringing at ether is ideal. A first aid kit is beneficial for minor injuries, but you should also bring medicine specifically for dogs to be sure.

Secure Their Health

Visit the veterinarian for a check-up and find out if your dog’s shots and vaccinations are up-to-date. This is to protect them from tick-borne diseases, like Lyme disease, and heartworms transmitted through mosquito bites. Dogs should eat their regular diet wherever they go. If the campsite doesn’t have potable water nearby, you should bring water instead of letting them drink from standing bodies of water.

Prepare Identification

Never remove your dog’s collar and leash, especially upon arriving at the campsite. Make sure that they have an identification tag or label, which includes their name, your full name, and contact information. For the tech savvy, installing a microchip is also a good idea because you can pinpoint their exact location in case they get lost.

Camping is fun if you can bring everyone, including your pets. The next time you’re planning to bring your dog, it’s best to remember these guidelines to guarantee a fun and enjoyable time outdoors.

restaurantYou may think you have eaten at all the restaurants in town. You probably just moved in; now, you are looking for a good place to eat. Here then is a quick guide to looking for the best restaurants or diners in Brisbane.

1. Decide geographically where you want to eat

Consider trying a new neighbourhood in the city, or maybe a nearby town. If you’re out for a business or vacation, a map or a guidebook can be of good use. Check every area you plan to visit. Look for an identified ethnic area. Many food enthusiasts and backpackers will recommend what they believe is the best Brisbane restaurant in Fortitude Valley and other areas.

2. Do your research

The Internet is one of the most reliable sources of information. There are many self help guides to restaurants online. Read reviews to know more about their specialties. Check out customer feedback so you know what to expect. Online users usually post their comments about their experience. You may check the menu and price list. This can help you decide where to dine.

3. Follow your nose

Before you choose a particular restaurant, you should know what you want to eat. Keep in mind that every restaurant is different. They have their own house specialties. You may ask around for recommendations. Of course, the locals can point you to some of the best places to eat. Just let them know what you want to have.

4. Walk around

The best way to find a good place to eat is to walk around the neighbourhood. This can even make the whole experience memorable. For sure, you will discover something better along the way.

Finding a good place to eat shouldn’t be that difficult. You just need to research a little and enjoy your time while looking for the best restaurants in town.

slat fencingOne day, your neighbour installs a surveillance camera pointing directly to your house. Although CCTV is for protecting privacy, you can’t help but feel violated by the thought that the lens possibly captures and records your every action.

That’s exactly how Sydney residents felt after the number of CCTV cameras installed in neighbourhoods spiralled a few years ago. Intended or not, the use of this technology can work against homeowners.

Cameras with Sophisticated Features

One of the reasons the problem has become more serious is the features that come with these high-tech surveillance devices. They don’t just point and record; such security systems have night vision and motion detection capabilities, which can be potentially used for prying on private affairs.

In Perth, it’s a good thing if CityWatch is the one monitoring, but what if it’s not. The owner of the security system can access the feed anytime, while the neighbours are completely clueless that someone might be watching them.

Increased Usage, Decreased Costs

The drop in surveillance equipment pricing paved the way for more installation requests. As modern security systems become more affordable to homeowners, many felt more compelled to get one. Why not: the product promises better security on personal privacy for only a small amount of money.

Weak Protection for People

Not all Australian states and territories give enough protection for privacy against CCTV usage. Particularly in Western Australia, it currently has no clear-cut legal system concentrated on privacy issues. The state only uses certain principles provided in the Freedom of Information Act 1992 for addressing such problems.

Go Back to Basics

Due to the lack of privacy legislation, the best way to reinforce home security without affecting others is by installing quality fences. Timber or aluminium slat fencing and screens offer unique features to boost your personal privacy while enhancing the look of your property.

Home security is paramount for everyone. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should go for options that may compromise the privacy of others.

living roomNothing is more difficult and challenging than when an elderly loved one needs to give up his or her independence. You want to help your parents age independently and happily, but seeing their physical and mental abilities decline is just too much to bear.

This can be overwhelming emotionally and financially, so to make things less difficult and be willing to compromise.

Preparing the Home

You might prefer that your parents stay with you to make sure you can supervise and take care of them properly, but take a moment to put yourself in their shoes. They want to be independent. And since the issue is about independence, putting them in a nursing home is out of the question, too.

The best thing you can do is to find them their own living space that’s really close to your home. Perhaps a granny flat or a container home is a wise choice. You get the best of both worlds—your parents get their much-needed independence, and you get to look out for them every now and then.

Delivering Essential Needs

A well-balanced diet is an important part of a person’s well-being. Driving to the grocery store is challenging for a senior, but when they only live next door, you can deliver their basic needs right to their doorstep.

Online grocery shopping is also a good choice. Teach them to shop for their basic needs online, so they feel more independent and in control of their lives.

Addressing Emotional Needs

Elderly parents want independence, but they also need someone to talk to. Loneliness can affect their health, and even increase the risk of untimely death.

Talk to them, listen to them, and share stories with them. You may also get them involved in certain hobbies or let them visit the local community centre for some aerobics classes.

It’s really all about finding ways to help them feel a sense of independence, belonging, and purpose. After all, happiness often happens when people accomplish things on their own. No matter what age, really, you strive for independence; if anything, it becomes more important to seniors.

goldThere is a piece of good news for investors: the prices of gold and silver are on the rise. Thanks to the massive demand coming from China and India, the gold and silver industries are both in good shape. What’s even better is that experts predict the trend will continue for a long time.

Industry updates like this prove how good of an investment vehicle precious metals are. This is why many are beginning their venture into the investing world through these. Like any investment, however, old and silver trading has its own pitfalls that lead to losses. To avoid such an awful scenario, knowledge in the rules in buying gold and silver is essential.

Always Go Physical

Whenever you have the chance, always choose physical silver over paper silver – and this applies to gold, too. As industry specialist puts it, holding precious metals means owning the actual bars and bullion. Before you buy anything, be sure that the purchase entails the delivery of the physical asset – not just the paper.

Build Slowly but Surely

Never rush the build up of your portfolio, because this opens you to different risks. Instead, start small and take it from there. Doing so helps you avoid the fluctuations of the market and ensure you are earning some good ROI from your precious metals.

Observe Financial Cycles

Investments have their own financial cycles, and this is something you need to learn if you want to build a thriving portfolio. In the past three years, gold and silver have not been performing impressively. Today, the situation has begun to change – and soon enough, the precious metals will make their comeback. Understanding the cycle of these investment vehicles is one of the best ways to grow your assets sans the risk.

Plan Your Investment

Research is always important, especially when what you’re doing involves money. Apart from buying low and selling high, you have to know what you’re buying. Go for bullion if you want to diversify your portfolio and buy numismatics for collection purposes. Before you submit any order form, make sure you know everything about the item.

Secure Your Assets

The last rule is for you to secure your assets, as you have to keep what you own. The best practice is to own a safety deposit box for your assets or store your metals in a segregated area of a public storage facility.

Take these rules to heart before you jump into the world of gold and silver investing. Doing so secures your assets and keeps your portfolio in good shape.

Buying auto parts can blow anybody’s budget, especially if you have no idea how and what to get. There are instances when repairs can be as costly as the vehicle’s market price. If you want to save more, then having better knowledge about auto parts helps.

auto repairDon’t Say Yes to Everything

Many auto technicians and repair shops get a good kickback by overpricing the parts they use. Don’t agree to their terms right away. Find out if you can buy the parts from your trusted auto supplier instead. Mopar Online Parts explains that most dealers offer installation instructions along with their auto catalogs, so it’s easy for anybody to use the parts they sell. All you need is to ask about the specifics, so you won’t end up buying the wrong size, model, and type.

Don’t Always Go for the Lowest Price

Even if you’re on a budget, it’s not always advisable to buy the lowest priced auto parts. If your vehicle breaks down earlier than expected, you’ll have to spend again for repairs and replacements. Make a good investment by choosing which parts you should spend more on. Buying aftermarket parts is also ideal. If you’re only planning to replace minor parts, like side mirrors, then there’s nothing wrong in buying them from used auto parts dealers.

Don’t Buy Rare Parts on Impulse

Auto parts for high-end models, hybrid vehicles, and classics are difficult to find. If ever you find one, the price might be higher than the usual due to the low supply. Don’t give in to overpriced dealership rates right away, as you never know if such parts are still in best condition. If you want a good deal, find suppliers you can talk to or meet personally, to have better chances of negotiating the price according to its condition.

Be an informed auto part buyer to avoid spending more than you should. Do your research and know how to negotiate effectively to make your vehicle repairs hassle-free.

school uniformMany schools today are particular when it comes to dress code. This is why it is only advisable to buy school uniforms in advance. These uniforms may consist of skirts, jumpers, pants, or polo shirts. Most schools are also strict when it comes to colours of the uniforms and inner shirts. The colours of the uniforms may represent the year level of the student, so make sure to get the right details before you buy school uniforms.

To make sure you on the right track, here are some tips from

Dress code

The first thing you need to do is to get a copy of the school’s dress code. Keep in mind that schools are quite specific when it comes to the types of uniforms the students can wear. These include the right style and colour.

Size and quantity

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that kids grow so fast. Take it easy when buying uniforms. Don’t buy more than what is necessary because by the time the season changes, the kids could have grown taller.


Find out how much you need to spend for the uniforms. Check out the retail stores nearby and compare the prices they offer. Buying online can also make things easier, but there are risks though. These include getting the wrong size, shipment delays, and many more. So before you shop online, make sure to get the exact measurements and send the details to the merchant. Look for pictures on their gallery. Consider reading testimonials and reviews about them to make sure you are dealing with a reputable online merchant.

Shopping for school uniforms could mean a lot of work, especially if the school has a strict policy. Always check the student dress code to make sure you’re buying the right merchandise.

Your bags are ready and you’re excited for the big family trip. Your little one recently entered toddlerhood, too; and you have two long haul flights, hours of car trips, long days, unfamiliar places, and no plans or routine. What could possible go wrong?

toddlerUnfortunately and most probably, many things can go wrong, because toddlers and travels don’t exactly go well together.

Here are some things you should expect during the trip (along with some tips to keep you sane along the way):

Long Haul Flights

Toddlers understand that they’re going up in the air, and this can be scary for them. The long flight can also cause a lot of crying and tantrums. Prepare some unlimited games and movies to keep them entertained for the duration of the flight.

Say, you are going as far as from Asia to California with a connecting flight to Indiana, prepare some extra headrests, u-shaped neck pillows, additional snacks, and toys to keep the tantrums and boredom at bay until you arrive at the South Bend Airport, for example.

Sleepless Nights

Are you and the kids experiencing jet lag? Just keep going. Spend the first few days relaxing in a nice, luxurious hotel near the airport. This way, the kids can adjust to the different time zone.

Your body clocks are all topsy-turvy, so be prepared for a lot of sleepless nights, early mornings, and hours when everyone is just too tired to move. The kids will also be very picky and will not eat at the designated times, so prepare some healthy food when they get hungry at “dinnertime.”

Chaotic Road Trips

Hours of peaceful car rides without screaming children will never happen if you don’t keep the kids entertained. Prepare a portable wireless hard drive, extra converters, wall chargers, and power stations, as well as a few laptops and gadgets. This will keep the children occupied, and avoid fights over movie choices and flat batteries.


Travelling is scary, even for adults. The different culture, unknown neighborhoods, and the uncertainty of what each time and place will bring are scary. The best thing you can do is to share your concerns and some information you know with the kids. The more things they know, the calmer they will be.

Tricky times aside, prepare for an amazing and memorable travel with your kids. There’s nothing better than experiencing a different place with them and spending time together. It’s a special time, so pack along a little organization and forward thinking to make the most of it.

weldingReports reveal that employment for first class welders has increased by 10.9% over the previous years. Experts expect the figures to continue growing through 2017. Apart from first class welders, pressure and fitter welders are in-demand across Australia.

With this forecast and growing demand, welding industries need to boost their strategies in growing the business, making up for the previous downtime.

1. Investing in Modern Machineries and Tools

Despite market fluctuations, one way to secure your welding business is by investing in quality modern machineries and tools.

According to Modern Tools, an industry expert, you need to keep up with the innovative landscape to retain your market share. Source out every machine, ranging from welding tables to fume extractors, through reputable suppliers. Think of it as a long-term investment, helping you expand your business even more.

2. Reaching out to Skilled Men and Women

Through the years, countries like the U.S. and Australia had experienced labour shortage, resulting in huge income losses. The lack of skilled workers and the aging workforce cripple the industry and impede economic growth.

For business continuity, you need to reach out to every skilled worker in your radar, or even overseas. This practice has recently been integrated in a few companies in America, where the welding industry courts fresh recruits, particularly women.

“Since there’s a shortage of skilled workers and the pay is good, welding is a marvellous opportunity for young women,” said Nancy Cole, a former welding society president.

Currently, data show that Australia has 96.2% male and 0.6% female full time welders. Part time male workers are at 3.0%, while female workers are at 0.2%.

3. Providing Certifications

Striving for excellent production doesn’t stop after recruiting professional and skilled workers. You need to enhance their skill set by conducting specialised training. This would not only add quality to your products, but also credibility to your brand of service.

A successful welding business requires the willingness to adapt to the dynamic market changes and the audacity to take on new challenges. As the welding career becomes a potential path for a growing populace, you need to strengthen your arsenal while staying ahead of the business.