How Nike Pioneered Fashionable Athletic Footwear

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Nike Shoes

Nike ShoesNike is now one of the biggest and most recognisable brands in the world. Phil Knight transformed the brand into the global powerhouse that it is today. Initially known for its line of high-quality athletic footwear, Nike is now marketed and recognised as a fashion icon.

With the rise of conspicuous consumption and a renewed obsession with fitness, running in particular, Nike steadily rose to become part of the indispensable shelf of utilitarianism and then later evolved into quite the high-fashion commodity.

A witness to this rise is Kanye West’s signature shoe with Adidas, the Yeezy Boost; Chanel and Dior using running shoes in their runways, and the high demand for the Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro from and other online retail stores.

Tracing the Steps of Sneakers

Athletic footwear didn’t always have this kind of halo. Sneakers began as luxury items because rubber was expensive at that time and leisure was rare. Elites then were the only ones that had the privilege to wear and use innovative shoes.

The early 20th century, however, saw fitness and athleticism grow in popularity. Gyms became fashionable and shoe companies began mass-producing shoes to fit this new niche. When Nike came along under Phil Knight’s marketing leadership, sneakers weren’t about sports anymore.

From Function to Fashion

With Knight guiding the company, sneakers and fashion became nearly inextricably connected. Other designers spotted the potential Knight was nursing and joined in on the party, too. In 1984, Gucci released its iconic tennis shoes; a year after, Nike released the Air Jordans.

Year after year, they marketed shoes infused with artistry as the design gradually moved away from athleticism alone. The shoes became available in a variety of colours and even became available in designs made especially for women.

Sneakers were made by runners and were made for runners. It was concerned with making the wearers lighter, and faster on their feet. But as consumers showed more interest and as designers played a hand at the styles, athletic footwear became sought after, collected and talk about. It became fashion.

4 Common Problems You May Encounter With Your AC Unit

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AC Problems

AC ProblemsYou must keep your air conditioning unit clean and well-maintained to expand its lifespan and for it to efficiently cool your house. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience some damages that call for service repairs or parts replacement. Below, All Air Services shares some of the most common issues homeowners have with their AC unit and how to solve them.

Doesn’t Start Running at All

If your AC unit doesn’t turn on anymore, it might be because of a burnt-out compressor, the part responsible for it to start running. The only way to fix this is to get new Freon and replace other small parts. If the repair cost estimate goes above 50% of just buying a new unit, it’s more economical to just buy a new one.

Higher Than Usual Bill

When your electricity bill sees a sudden spike, it can mean that the filters are dirty or the condensing coil is clogged. Hiring a professional that offers air conditioner services is recommended for a faster tune-up of your AC unit. This normally happens every year because dust and debris naturally accumulate.

Produces a Strange or Loud Noise

Some AC units may produce rattling, buzzing, ticking or other loud noises when you start them or during operation. This may be just a loose screw, but it can also be a bent motor or fan blade. You can fix a loose screw yourself by tightening it with a screw driver and a little lubrication. But, motor or blade damage will cost a lot and require labour.

A Decrease in Level of Coolness

When your AC unit isn’t that effective in cooling your room anymore, it may be because the refrigerant lines need insulation. Replacing the insulating sleeves will cost very little, but a complete system recharge will cost a lot.

Keep these things in mind to know what to do the next time you encounter an issue with your air conditioner. When you don’t know how to fix your AC unit’s problems anymore, it’s always best to call a reliable expert.

Procrastination: The One Thing to Avoid When Studying for the USMLE

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studyingPracticing medicine is rewarding because you get to help many people and you earn significant amounts of money. But becoming a doctor isn’t a walk in the park. You need to earn that “M.D.” title at the end of your name with blood, sweat, tears, and hours of keeping your nose to the grindstone.

Before you can practice medicine in the country, you have to pass the multi-part U.S. Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). Optimal discipline and focus can help you get through it. This exam is so important that you need to avoid the one thing than can ruin everything: procrastination.

Understand that procrastination is part of human nature. You can’t completely avoid it. The urge to procrastinate can cause you to lose focus when you’re at the peak of your review session. There are strategies to avoid procrastinating, though.

Know your Enemy

The best way to know what to do is by understanding why you’re procrastinating. Are you having a hard time understanding the topics? Do you feel overwhelmed by the volume of materials you need to read and memorize? Be completely honest with yourself to find a suitable solution.

Be Antisocial for a Moment

Before and during your review session, keep your laptop and mobile gadgets away. If you need them for your studies, like accessing study materials from, make sure you stay away from social media and other unnecessary websites. If you really can’t avoid checking your feed for five minutes (that turns into one hour), ask a friend to change your password for a while.

Mind the Environment

Study in a place or area where you’re comfortable – but don’t study on your bed. Being too comfy can make you feel sleepy, which is procrastination in some sense. Find a place outside your home. Some love the isolated and quiet corners of the library, while others prefer crowded cafes with soothing music.

Individuals have different ways of concentrating on their studies. Your main goal is to avoid succumbing to procrastination so you can study better for that exam.

Upcoming Events in Perth This Second Half of 2015

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FIFA World Cup

FIFA World CupPerth, the capital city of Western Australia, features some of the best places to visit in the country. But more than the sceneries, landscapes, history and culture in general, the city hosts a number of events you shouldn’t miss out on.

Unlike tourist spots and locations, events have a set time and date. To make your stay comfortable and less costly, get a short term accommodation. Perth events span weeks, so this lodging option seems more practical.

So, what events can you look forward to this second half of 2015?

FIFA World Cup 2018 Qualifier

Australia is a football-loving nation and has a good fan base. On September 3, the FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifier goes to nib Stadium. After defeating Kyrgyzstan last June, the Socceroos will try to continue the feat at home against Bangladesh. Gates open at 5.30pm and the match starts at 7pm.

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival

After watching the football match, stay a little while to witness the parade of some of the country’s most glamorous ladies. The 17th Telstra Perth Fashion Festival will run from September 15 to 20 at the Perth Cultural Centre. Experience world-class runway shows, free public events and fashion lunches at Western Australia’s emerging fashion hotspot.

Three in One Market

Not much of a sport and fashion fan? Then head out to Claremont Showgrounds on August 15 and 16 or on November 14 and 15 for the Three in One Market. The two-day market features over 300 indoor stalls, including the Handmade Crafts, the Antique and Collectables, and the Polka Dot Vintage Market. Plus, you’ll have a chance to win the AU$2,000 cash as a door prize.

Wedding Upmarket

If you’re about to tie the knot, the Wedding Upmarket will be happening on August 29 at the University of Western Australia. This event presents hundreds of local designers, showcasing personalised, custom and handcrafted wedding products and services, including do-it-yourself kits, veils and wedding couture.

There is always something to do and see in Perth. The year 2015 is halfway through, so go pack your things and ride west.

Move Over, New York! Singapore Shines in its 50th Anniversary as a City

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SingaporePerhaps it is high time everybody learn to speak Singlish, a combination of Singaporean expressions and English. To be technical about it, Singlish is a mixture of English, Cantonese, Hookien, Malay and Tamil, used by many in Singapore.

While some may frown on it as a crime against grammar, Singlish could be the most sought-after language in the world today.

Shining Singapore

Today, not only is the island country a modern city-state, it has become one of the world’s premier financial hubs. This is the reason that it has attracted many persons of interest to its fold, which is a much cooler alternative to other cities. An example of this is the 33-year-old Facebook co-founder, Eduardo Saverin, who has renounced his American citizenship for Singaporean.

Money could be one great reason one should consider living in Singapore over other cities. While manufacturing is not as great in Singapore as in other cities, construction is at an all-time high, allowing firms with construction or access equipment hire like to thrive in a city half the size of Los Angeles. In fact, Singapore ranks highest in the AAA ratings, with its bonds surpassing even that of giant Australia.

Super-Celebration in the Offing

The Lion City is celebrating its 50th anniversary as an independent nation, sending all good tidings to every corner of the world like its popular dialect, Singlish. New York may be New York, but Singapore has come of age. Expect fireworks and every little thing associated with celebration to come alive. Dancing and celebrating, wining and dining, and lots of ‘lah’ added at the end of English-sounding sentences.

That should also mean more business activity. As renovations and decorations are put in place, demand other mobility businesses should rise. Singapore continually reclaims and maximizes its small area, so look for high-rise condos and office towers.

Singapore is super-ready, and so must you be. For everyone who wants to get a piece of this island nation, learning Singlish is indeed a timely choice.

Important Things to Know About Getting a Gun Trust

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Gun Trust

Gun TrustRecreational shooting is becoming popular these days as people use it to vent out their frustrations. It’s also thrilling to see yourself get more and more capable of hitting the target. If you’re serious about enhancing your shooting skills, maybe it’s time to get a gun trust to make the process faster and easier.

What is a Gun Trust?

A gun trust is an estate planning approach that gives an individual flexibility when acquiring or transferring NFA (National Firearms Act) regulated items, which include short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, and suppressors. The main benefits of having a DIY NFA Trust, as explained by, is faster processing by the BATFE. This allows more than one person to be a trustee.

A gun trust will not allow you to bypass or violate state laws and restrictions. As a trustee, you still need to comply with the Brady Act whenever you purchase NFA-regulated items. When crossing state lines with these items, you must notify the BATFE months in advance. The items are still prohibited in states that do not allow them.

Why Get a Trust?

Most hobbyist get their trust to make the transfer of firearms safer and legal, especially if they need to travel. In addition, buying NFA-regulated items with a gun trust is faster (up to a few months) because you do not have to go through a Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) anymore.

If you’re moving to another state, you must pass a Form 20 to the BATFE. This is a problem if you’re moving into a rental home because you need to secure an address months in advance. An alternative is to leave your NFA-regulated items in a safe deposit box.

Gaining a gun trust is a long process, but it’s all worth the effort if you are a gun enthusiast. Research and plan ahead to avoid any inconvenience.

Cataracts: Not Just for the Elderly

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CataractsWhile you would commonly hear of cataract formation in older people, you should let go of the mindset that you are not at risk because you are young.

There are a number of prominent figures who have had cataract surgery —  some of which are not even that old. One of which is the famous MMA fighter, BJ Penn, now 36, who had them taken out in 2013.

Cataracts are cloudy formation in the eye’s lens that can develop in either one or both eyes, one of which will be worse than the other. These formations hinder the passing of light in and out the eyes. The opacity of some areas contributes to blurry vision, like looking through a fogged glass.

Because there are four types of cataracts, there is reason to be worried, even while you’re young.

One is age related cataracts, the most common form and appear only as you reach seniority. The second is congenital cataracts. The form that may be present as early at birth or shortly after. The third being secondary cataracts, they are caused by other medical conditions or exposure to toxic substances and drugs. The last of which is cataracts brought about by eye injuries, also known as traumatic injuries.

Let’s go in depth with the last three and the different ways you can acquire cataracts over time, with information from The Australian Institute of Eye Surgery.


Unfortunately, some babies are born with it. This is caused by either infections, injuries or poor development in the womb. Even in early childhood, the eye may develop cataracts.  


There are various medical conditions that list cataracts as one of their symptoms or effects. One of which is diabetes and others that can promote protein buildup in the eye, which greatly contributes to cataract formation.

Moreover, exposure to harmful substances and drugs adds to its formation, especially corticosteroids and diuretics. This also includes ultraviolet light and radiation.


Eye trauma includes a blunt force trauma to the area of the eyes. This is probably how BJ Penn acquired the disease. Damage and injuries contribute to cataract formation because of their healing process and needs. If this occurs regularly, then it is best to have your eyes checked immediately to see any possible formation.

You need not be old to experience the causes of cataracts. Watch out for the signs and get an eye checkup to get immediate treatment.

St. George, Utah: From Sandstone Mountains to Dinosaurs

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Snow Canyon in St. George

Snow Canyon in St. GeorgeJust south of Utah and less than 2 hours away by car from Las Vegas is a beautiful, vibrant city that’s teeming with history, outdoor activities, and nature: St. George, Utah.

St. George is a popular tourist destination. There, you can:

Enjoy the Beautiful Climate

The heart of Dixieland is well known for its temperate climate: not too hot, not too cold. Winters are usually mild, a great excuse to have fun, go out, and make the most of your trip in the city.

Play Several Grounds of Golf

Don’t be surprised if you’ll come across so many golf courses. That’s thanks to the beautiful climate and weather — and the stunning scenery where grass perfectly complements the red-colored mountains. With so many courses available too, you can be assured you’ll have plenty of time to tee and train.


The quaint city is such a gorgeous place to bike. Along the way, you’ll come across some of its heritage-listed buildings, some of which can be traced back to the time of the pioneers. On the other hand, if you’re crazy about off-roading, you can begin with easier tracks like the Gooseberry Mesa where the road is flat.

Visit the Parks

For anybody who loves the outdoors, St. George should be an object of enduring affection. Visitors can choose among Gunlock, Quail Creek, or Snow Canyon, which are all state parks. However, the king of all parks, Clarion Suites Saint George claims, is Zion National Park.

The Zion National Park St George Utah is part of the Zion Canyon and spreads across three counties. The oldest national park in the state, it looks incredibly majestic with its arches, canyons, sandstone mountains, rivers, and trails. Aside from biking, visitors can explore the vast area aboard a 4×4, although hiking isn’t such a bad idea either. The park also has microbreweries, spa, and even a grocery.

Find Dinosaurs

The Dinosaur Site in Johnson Farm is probably the closest thing you’ll ever have to real-life Jurassic Park. No, there are no living dinosaurs in here, but several traces and fossils of them and other living things that date back to the Early Jurassic Period.

Relive the History

Sure, there are many old buildings, but the best way to tour them is through George Live where many residents act and dress up, bringing you back to the early days of the city. The entire tour lasts for around 2 hours, but it costs only $3 — not too shabby, right?

According to quantum theory, reality doesn’t exist until you take a look it. Well, in the case of St. George, you haven’t had fun until you have visited the area.

The Incredible Adaptability and Versatility of Shutters

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Versatility of Shutters

Versatility of ShuttersToday, modern shutters are installed in homes for a variety of reasons: ventilation control, light regulation, security and sometimes a purely decorative addition.

Sometime ago, the very first uses of shutters were not far from these purposes. Although not documented, the common belief is that they were first used in Ancient Greece. From marble, they became wood, spreading throughout the Mediterranean and eventually reaching England after the 15th century.

Now, you can open up a random interior design magazine and find modern houses infused with the irreplaceable classic beauty of shutters. The same beauty that gave the French and Spanish architecture the nostalgic charm that they have now.

Then and now: the timelessness of shutters

What makes shutters a timeless piece is its remarkable ability to adapt to the modern taste while maintaining its identity. Owing to the skills and imagination of young architects, the materials and applications of shutters are constantly evolving.

You cannot also overlook the increasing demand of customers as a major factor that hones this creativity. In the end, it is the homeowners that designers cater to.

Shutter specialist Boardwalk says it will be the customer’s window sizes, design ideas and intended application that determine the right product for them. Without the constant pressure of architectural trends, any brave changes from tradition will not happen.

Indoor and outdoor: the versatility of shutters

In the past, shutters were a purely indoor application that brings light control and ventilation. Today, shutters can exist outside your typical Australian home. They can provide outdoor spaces with comfort, extra liveability and easier access to the outside environment.

With impressive resilience and durability, they have become a perfect choice for Australian conditions where the climate affords for a year-round outdoor living.

With the artist’s courage to push the boundaries and the evolving needs of customers, shutters have become a timeless and versatile window solution that fits every taste, from every timeline.

The Property Cycle: The Key to a Lucrative Property Investment

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Lucrative Property Investment

Lucrative Property InvestmentWhen talking about the real estate market, experts often discuss the cycle. The property cycle is a tool to monitor peaks and dips of property prices that often follow a pattern over several years. When investing in real estate, it is important to understand the process to make informed decisions and ensure a lucrative business.

Factors that Drive Property Cycle

Many factors affect property values. Take population growth as an example: as the number of people in a certain area increases, the demand for real estate grows. Rental rates go on the rise, homes and commercial spaces become more in-demand.

Over time, property prices go up because of the interplay of supply and demand. Some people purchase new homes or start investing in residential, commercial or industrial properties. As this happens, land developers and construction contractors start to build new structures to meet the increased market demand.

Phases of the Property Cycle

Experts from explain that there are four phases in the commercial property phase cycle.

The expansion phase tends to be the shortest in the cycle. This is the best time to sell properties, instead of buying. In this period, prices increase at a fast rate. Investors realise that property returns, such as rental payments and values increase. As the growth continues, many are jumping into the real estate market — investors, builders, and developers. This contributes to excess supply, putting an end to the phase.

After expansion, recession starts. This period is a result of the oversupply that properties investors, builders, and developers contributed to during the expansion phase. Because there are more investment properties on the market, vacancy fees increase and rental returns start decreasing and may even decline. Most property investors who took advantage of the boom phase struggle to keep up with the recession that they sell properties often at unsatisfactory prices.

The market enters a stabilisation phase as economic factors keep up. The upturn phase starts once there is a stable market. It is at this point that rental returns start rising, creating more investment opportunities. In the middle of the phase, properties become more affordable. But over time, it increases slowly, until it reaches a peak and enters the expansion phase again.

Learn about the cycle to know the best time to buy and sell properties. Consult property investment firms to ensure a lucrative business.