sunglassesAustralia is home to a beautiful and warm afternoon weather, which is why it is common to see people wearing sunglasses while strolling down the streets or in the park. More than protecting the eyes from too much light or just enhancing the appeal, these shaded eyewear helps keep the eyes healthy.

With the occurrence of global warming, sunrays can hurt your body way beyond sunburns. The UV rays not only affect the skin, but the eyes as well. Even the lowest risk level of this radiation can cause eye damages such as photokeratitis, macular degeneration, cataracts, and Surfer’s Eyes among others.

Make the Most of the Lenses and Frames

Wearing sunnies would be significant in reducing the harmful effects of UV rays. The lenses play a major role by reducing the UV exposure of the retina. The team from For Eyes Only said that “the quality of lenses, are as, or if not more important than the quality of the frame you put them in.”

Similar to the lenses, a good frame is essential to protect the eyes, as well. Experts suggest wearing ones that close-fitting to block as much sunlight in the above and peripheral spaces from reaching the bare eyes. If you will be wearing frames that are relatively loose, then might as well remove it entirely.

Determining the Factors Enhance UV Rays

There are factors that help determine when you need to wear sunnies. UV rays have higher levels in places with tropical climate or those near the equator. The nearer your place is to the central horizontal line, the greater the risk. Higher altitudes add to the gravity of UV rays, as well.

Cold-weathered places are not entirely safe. Studies show that your exposure to this harmful light can increase in winter as the snowy surface reflects it. It is best to wear an eyewear when the sun is high. As much as possible, keep off from open space as well. If you can, walk through the shadows of tall buildings.

Choosing a good pair of sunnies is essential, given the harsh weather in the country. Visiting a professional is advisable, to help you find the most suitable eyewear in blocking harmful UV rays.

ductwork cleaning servicesFire is one of the most damaging and life-threatening incidents that could happen in a commercial kitchen—in fact, it is one of the worst disasters that may hit anywhere. Business owners don’t want their investment to turn into ashes, so they find ways to keep it safe and secure. The problem is they often overlook minor details.

The Building and Engineering Services Association (B&ES) stated that more than 80% of kitchen extract ducts in the UK have never been cleaned. Leaving this part of the kitchen alone increases the risks of fire.

How Often Should Cleaning Take Place

For extract hoods and filters, it’s best to clean and degrease them every day unless the manufacturers state otherwise. Never cook without a filter, as heat could travel through the air and cause the canopies, extractor fans, and ventilation ducts to ignite. Hiring ductwork cleaning services depend on the kitchen’s level of use. Here’s a short breakdown to help you set a schedule:

– 12 to 16 hours of daily usage – Maintain every three months
– 6 to 12 hours of daily usage – Maintain every six months
– 2 to 6 hours of daily usage – Maintain every year (12 months)

Why Cleaning Is Important

The build-up of dirt and grease can put any establishment at risk. According to the London Fire Brigade, a number of calls that they receive are fires that ignited in the ductworks and kitchen extraction systems of restaurants, hotels, and pubs. These are all due to poor cleaning and maintenance.

The government has set rules through the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to make sure that kitchen extract systems are part of every establishment’s risk assessment procedure. If not followed, they have the right to invalidate fire insurance policies for a breach of the Environmental Health regulations.

Don’t let fire be the reason of a business’ downfall. It takes about six months to recover from such incidents and in worst cases, never. Check even the slightest details to keep the kitchen and its surrounding areas fireproof.

5 Common Surgical Procedures

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anaesthesia servicesSurgeries are common medical procedures that often require patients to go under heavy sedation in order to be successful.

If you are careful with your health and lucky enough, you may go through life without ever having to experience it. Most people, though, go through surgical procedures, whether minor or major, at least once or twice in a lifetime. Thanks to modern medicine, procedures need not be painful nightmare-inducing ordeals.

Many accredited organizations provide anesthesia services for medical procedures. These include services for both the hospital and clinical settings. Listed below are some of the most common surgical procedures:

  1. Appendectomy – This type of surgery involves the removal of the appendix, a small tube that branches out of the large intestine, whenever patients suffer from acute infections that cause appendicitis.
  2. Breast Biopsy – Breast cancer is the leading form of cancer in women. Biopsies are a good way to prevent cancer among women. These involve the removal of abnormal breast tissue to keep potentially cancerous cells from spreading.
  3. Mastectomy – Mastectomies are procedures to treat breast cancer. These involve the removal of part, or all, of the breast. Types of mastectomies include partial, total, radical, and modified radical mastectomy.
  4. C-Section – There are cases when normal childbirth is not an option for patients giving birth. In such cases, doctors perform caesarean section deliveries. It is a much safer alternative to vaginal delivery and it involves making an incision through the abdomen and the uterus to bring the infant out.
  5. Coronary Artery Bypass – Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in modern times. With the lifestyle that most people live it should come as no surprise. Doctors perform bypass surgeries on people suffering from angina or coronary artery disease. It enables blood to flow freely around obstructions.

In addition to these procedures, surgeries are also required to restore dislocated or fractured bones. Imagine the horror of having to undergo surgery without anesthetics.

shoppingWalking down the aisle at a supermarket, you find yourself torn between two choices of cheese. Mozzarella or cheddar? You see the sign above the stack of mozzarella sticks that read “Buy 2 Get 2.” In the end, you get four packs of mozzarella sticks. As you make your way towards the counter, you find a shelf of snack bags. There is also a sign that reads “10% off.” You can’t help but get two bags. Once you are out of the market, you realize that the entire trip has somewhat played a lot of tricks that have left your wallet almost empty.

What appears to be a seemingly mundane activity actually has some psychology involved in it. Other than using tools to observe shopping behaviors, such as the use of wireless people counters from the likes of, retailers come up with techniques that will influence the buying decision of their customers.

Here are two important concepts about consumer psychology you need to know:

What Makes Clearance Sales Exciting

Clearance sales make consumers excited because of two things. First, they make customers fear that they’re missing out on something. The fear becomes more stirred if you realize you’re competing with other people who want to get the items on sale. Sometimes, it’s not the excitement that ensues; it’s panic.

The Agony of Waiting

Long wait times are one of those shopping pet peeves that may make buyers frown, attack the customer service representatives or, worse, leave. Some retailers have found some ways to make the most of this dilemma. They place stacks of products near the counter in hopes to entice shoppers to buy more.

The wait time becomes more painful when the customer is anxious; he feels like the time is stretching. Moreover, wait times appear longer if the customer compares queues, especially if the line he’s in isn’t moving fast.

These are only some of the important concepts in consumer psychology that influence your buying decisions. These concepts are not only useful for retailers; you can also use them to assess and improve your shopping behavior.

sublimation printingTraditional garment decoration methods such as screen printing have been popular and widely available in the UK for decades (the first screen print garment machine was introduced in the 1960s). The last 15 years has seen DTG (direct to garment) introduced to the UK, allowing consumers to replicate detailed full colour prints digitally using a similar technology to inkjet printers.

Both techniques have huge benefits for the garment decoration market such as screen printing any colour garment with pantone matched inks. DTG allows digital printing onto cotton garments. However, screen printing multi coloured images can result in high screen set-up costs, whereas DTG is prone to fading. A shared drawback for both is printable areas: it is not possible to print seam to seam.

Dye Sublimation – The Benefits

This is where dye sublimation comes in. Print full colour CMYK pints, from seam to seam. That means front, back and sleeves have full coverage. Commercial machines are able to print at 300 dpi for unbeatable image clarity and photo-realistic results in infinite colours.

In addition sublimation ink dyes the fabric so it is smooth feeling and unlike some traditional printing methods cannot be felt by the wearer. This method of printing is very durable and hard-wearing, and will never crack, peel or fade.

Limitless Capability

Dye sublimation printing, also known as all-over printing, benefits from having no set-up costs. Many suppliers offer minimum order quantities from just 25 pieces. This is an attractive option for both independent fashion brands to large marketing agencies, with budgets large to small accommodated for. According to sublimation printing is almost limitless in terms of printing capabilities.

As a relatively new contender in garment printing this could be a means to open new and exciting options for your printing requirements.

pancit cantonPancit has a special place in Filipino culture. Most of us have fond memories of eating these delectable noodles in birthday parties, family gatherings, or even during normal afternoons. Despite how common it is, however, pancit comes in an incredible number of varieties. It seems like just about every culture and region has its own interpretation.

No worries, though; this list contains the five pancit dishes that you absolutely must try. Once you’re done with these, feel free to explore the many other kinds available.

1. Pancit Canton – Some will say that this is easily the most popular and universal pancit dish in the Philippines. No celebration would be complete without a generous serving of these noodles, topped with shrimp, pork, and shredded cabbage. From carinderias to family restaurants, the best pancit canton will always leave you wanting more.

2. Pancit Malabon – Another favorite among many Filipinos, you can probably guess where this one originates from. Hailing from the coastal town of Malabon, this aptly named dish typically contains plenty of seafood and sliced eggs. Combined with the thick noodles, this makes for a very filling and hearty meal.

3. Pancit Palabok – Whoever hasn’t sampled this rice noodle dish yet is missing out. The taste is somewhat comparable to pancit Malabon, but there are some key differences – like the noodles thickness and texture – that set this dish apart. It’s a common sight in fast food places, but “real” pancit palabok is anything but cheap tasting.

4. Pancit Sotanghon – Some may not like how slippery and gummy the sotanghon noodles are, but when well-prepared and with high quality ingredients, this is a one of a kind delicacy. While traditionally reserved for special occasions, many Filipinos today make sotanghon pancit a regular part of their diet.

5. Pancit Habhab – This delicacy from Lucban, Quezon isn’t just well-known for its taste, but also the way you eat it. Unlike the other items on this list, you receive the pancit on a banana leaf, and should eat it without the use of a fork or any other utensils. It has enjoyed a steady rise in popularity in recent years thanks to social media, and is now a relatively common sight throughout the country.

Whether or not it’s a special occasion, pancit makes every gathering better. Don’t miss out on trying these uniquely Filipino delicacies.

Dogs are a man’s best friend. Many pet owners don’t want to leave them behind whenever they’re planning to go out, but they have no choice because most accommodations don’t entertain pets. Fortunately, a camping trip allows your furry friend to tag along. Before you get all excited, however, it’s best to read the following guidelines to enjoy your adventure.

dogCheck the Location

Make sure that your best bud isn’t off limits in any of your destinations. Many camping sites like and national parks allow dogs to stay, but some forbid them from going to trails and other specific areas. Look for 100% pet-friendly sites, so your dog won’t miss out on all the fun. Know the rules to avoid getting into trouble, too.

Pack the Necessities

It’s your responsibility as an owner to pick up after your pet, so bring many doggie bags. As it’s dangerous to wander around at night, bringing at ether is ideal. A first aid kit is beneficial for minor injuries, but you should also bring medicine specifically for dogs to be sure.

Secure Their Health

Visit the veterinarian for a check-up and find out if your dog’s shots and vaccinations are up-to-date. This is to protect them from tick-borne diseases, like Lyme disease, and heartworms transmitted through mosquito bites. Dogs should eat their regular diet wherever they go. If the campsite doesn’t have potable water nearby, you should bring water instead of letting them drink from standing bodies of water.

Prepare Identification

Never remove your dog’s collar and leash, especially upon arriving at the campsite. Make sure that they have an identification tag or label, which includes their name, your full name, and contact information. For the tech savvy, installing a microchip is also a good idea because you can pinpoint their exact location in case they get lost.

Camping is fun if you can bring everyone, including your pets. The next time you’re planning to bring your dog, it’s best to remember these guidelines to guarantee a fun and enjoyable time outdoors.

restaurantYou may think you have eaten at all the restaurants in town. You probably just moved in; now, you are looking for a good place to eat. Here then is a quick guide to looking for the best restaurants or diners in Brisbane.

1. Decide geographically where you want to eat

Consider trying a new neighbourhood in the city, or maybe a nearby town. If you’re out for a business or vacation, a map or a guidebook can be of good use. Check every area you plan to visit. Look for an identified ethnic area. Many food enthusiasts and backpackers will recommend what they believe is the best Brisbane restaurant in Fortitude Valley and other areas.

2. Do your research

The Internet is one of the most reliable sources of information. There are many self help guides to restaurants online. Read reviews to know more about their specialties. Check out customer feedback so you know what to expect. Online users usually post their comments about their experience. You may check the menu and price list. This can help you decide where to dine.

3. Follow your nose

Before you choose a particular restaurant, you should know what you want to eat. Keep in mind that every restaurant is different. They have their own house specialties. You may ask around for recommendations. Of course, the locals can point you to some of the best places to eat. Just let them know what you want to have.

4. Walk around

The best way to find a good place to eat is to walk around the neighbourhood. This can even make the whole experience memorable. For sure, you will discover something better along the way.

Finding a good place to eat shouldn’t be that difficult. You just need to research a little and enjoy your time while looking for the best restaurants in town.

slat fencingOne day, your neighbour installs a surveillance camera pointing directly to your house. Although CCTV is for protecting privacy, you can’t help but feel violated by the thought that the lens possibly captures and records your every action.

That’s exactly how Sydney residents felt after the number of CCTV cameras installed in neighbourhoods spiralled a few years ago. Intended or not, the use of this technology can work against homeowners.

Cameras with Sophisticated Features

One of the reasons the problem has become more serious is the features that come with these high-tech surveillance devices. They don’t just point and record; such security systems have night vision and motion detection capabilities, which can be potentially used for prying on private affairs.

In Perth, it’s a good thing if CityWatch is the one monitoring, but what if it’s not. The owner of the security system can access the feed anytime, while the neighbours are completely clueless that someone might be watching them.

Increased Usage, Decreased Costs

The drop in surveillance equipment pricing paved the way for more installation requests. As modern security systems become more affordable to homeowners, many felt more compelled to get one. Why not: the product promises better security on personal privacy for only a small amount of money.

Weak Protection for People

Not all Australian states and territories give enough protection for privacy against CCTV usage. Particularly in Western Australia, it currently has no clear-cut legal system concentrated on privacy issues. The state only uses certain principles provided in the Freedom of Information Act 1992 for addressing such problems.

Go Back to Basics

Due to the lack of privacy legislation, the best way to reinforce home security without affecting others is by installing quality fences. Timber or aluminium slat fencing and screens offer unique features to boost your personal privacy while enhancing the look of your property.

Home security is paramount for everyone. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should go for options that may compromise the privacy of others.

living roomNothing is more difficult and challenging than when an elderly loved one needs to give up his or her independence. You want to help your parents age independently and happily, but seeing their physical and mental abilities decline is just too much to bear.

This can be overwhelming emotionally and financially, so to make things less difficult and be willing to compromise.

Preparing the Home

You might prefer that your parents stay with you to make sure you can supervise and take care of them properly, but take a moment to put yourself in their shoes. They want to be independent. And since the issue is about independence, putting them in a nursing home is out of the question, too.

The best thing you can do is to find them their own living space that’s really close to your home. Perhaps a granny flat or a container home is a wise choice. You get the best of both worlds—your parents get their much-needed independence, and you get to look out for them every now and then.

Delivering Essential Needs

A well-balanced diet is an important part of a person’s well-being. Driving to the grocery store is challenging for a senior, but when they only live next door, you can deliver their basic needs right to their doorstep.

Online grocery shopping is also a good choice. Teach them to shop for their basic needs online, so they feel more independent and in control of their lives.

Addressing Emotional Needs

Elderly parents want independence, but they also need someone to talk to. Loneliness can affect their health, and even increase the risk of untimely death.

Talk to them, listen to them, and share stories with them. You may also get them involved in certain hobbies or let them visit the local community centre for some aerobics classes.

It’s really all about finding ways to help them feel a sense of independence, belonging, and purpose. After all, happiness often happens when people accomplish things on their own. No matter what age, really, you strive for independence; if anything, it becomes more important to seniors.