The Folly of DIY Teeth Whitening

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Do-it-yourself teeth whitening Girl Using Teeth Whitening Kitkits can be very enticing prospects. They are cheap and easy to use, and they promise fast results. Yet for all the promises that come with them, many dental practitioners still advise against them.

Most Bromley dentists agree that teeth whitening kits can have more ill effects than good. Below are a few things that can go horribly wrong should you choose to go the DIY route when it comes to teeth whitening:

  • Not Being Able to Stop

DIY teeth whiteners can be dangerously addictive. Because of their availability, it is easy to lose control and go overboard; you could start using kits too often. Not only is the threat of overdoing it a possibility, but they can also cause chemical burns and even leave your teeth yellower and more unsightly than before.

  • Covering Unhealthy Teeth

Sparkling white teeth are not the end all-be all solution to all your oral health concerns. Teeth whitening is only a cosmetic procedure. You should never try to cover up unhealthy teeth because they can only become worse for wear underneath all the cosmetics.

  • Spending More in the End

While it is only natural to want to be pennywise, you might actually end up spending more due to frequent DIY teeth whitening kit purchases. Teeth whitening procedures from your dentist are not costly. Choose your method wisely. There is a reason, after all, why your dentist has the title after their name and you do not.

  • Experimenting with Alternative Treatments

Your oral health is not something you should experiment with. If an over the counter product seems too good to be true, then it probably is. It is better to spend a little extra on oral care so long as you have safe procedures rather than unproven DIY products that offer ‘guaranteed results’.

Always think twice before heading in any direction. When it comes to your oral health, cosmetic or otherwise, it is always safer to leave it to those who know best. It is a much better option to take the safe route with visible results, than the easy but unproven alternatives.

lts, than the easy but unproven alternatives.

workplace maintenaceDaylight is essential for health and vision, but extreme direct sunlight can be detrimental, especially to your eyesight. It is important to understand the effects of too much daylight to make the best use of this resource in the office or other work environment.

Effects on Eyesight and Health

If you did not already know, studies show that human vision is best during the daytime. It has better colour rendering, allowing you to see things clearly. Too much daylight, however, can cause glares, preventing you from seeing things properly. Extreme exposure also makes it hard for the eyes to adjust to illumination from another light source.

When it comes to health, sunlight boosts the production of Vitamin D. This is essential for keeping your immune system healthy and regulates your circadian rhythm. Inadequate daylight in the office can lead to sick building syndrome while too much of it can cause damage to the eyes and skin. Those whose workstations are near windows are more prone to eyesight and skin damage.

Controlling Daylight Levels

While majority of buildings don not have plenty of options to alter the amount of daylight that reaches the office space, there are simple methods to control illumination. suggests using frosted film glass to filter direct sunlight. Special glazing or coatings can also be used on existing windows to cut down direct light.

Blinds and curtains can also filter or block daylight as it penetrates the windows. Blinds with slim horizontal slats are a good choice, as they can diffuse light to pass through and eliminate glare. Plants can also control daylight levels and can serve as an alternative or addition to blinds.

It is important to use these daylight control systems on a moderate level. Excessive use of daylight systems can lead to insufficient natural light, which can also be harmful to health and eyesight. It is also best to use different lighting solutions to balance both natural and artificial light.

Passing Legal Woes to Healthcare

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lawStates have malpractice lawsuits in place to keep doctors liable for negligent behavior whenever they’re caring for a patient. The high profile natures of such cases have understandably made medical practitioners fear for their licenses, and do everything in their power to exonerate any notion of negligence. Some doctors do this by pushing their patients a battery of tests that may or may not be necessary, causing the bill to rise.

Monetary Bleeding

Previously, doctors diagnose a condition based on the present symptoms, conduct one or two tests to confirm, and recommend a treatment. But, symptoms or a combination of symptoms can signal the presence of a completely different condition, or even a combination of illnesses. Any possibility that would even hint at more than a sure treatment makes physicians to order more tests to confirm their suspicions.

This argument makes sense considering that money and reputation are on the line. Corsiglia Mcmahon & Allard explained that malpractice cases have made hospitals and medical professionals more careful than ever. Nevertheless, the link between fears of malpractice and more tests may not be as strong as the situation proposes. According to a RAND corporation study, researchers found that strong legal protection meant to shield physicians from intense legal scrutiny didn’t have the preferred effect on the cost of health care.

Band-Aid Solution

For years, experts said that reform in malpractice law is the key to reining in defensive medicine, which accounts for billions of dollars annually spent in the US for unnecessary health care costs. That change came around a decade ago for three states: Texas, South Carolina, and Georgia. After observing the care received by close to four million patients over the period, comparing them with the findings of neighboring states that didn’t pass the reform, researchers found two things.

No Response

First, physicians didn’t decrease in the rate of ordering advanced imaging studies such as CT or MRI scans, which are among the common practices of defensive medicine. Second, the overall cost of healthcare only dropped in Georgia – down by three point six percent, while Texas and South Carolina kept steady.

It seems that even with the lowered risk of a malpractice suit; doctors still prefer to be firmly covered against anything negative that might come their way.

Minimizing the defensive medicine practices is much more complex than people realized, and the issue requires further study.

space heaterWinter is here and it’s probably already giving you chills, both physically and financially.

The U.S. Department of Energy says that heating and cooling at home consumes more energy and more money than everything else involved in running a household. The two account for 48% of your utility expenses.

Don’t worry, though. There is a way to cut energy bills without sacrificing comfort. Heating and cooling service specialists from Hartman say you can cut your heating bills by 20% or more by following the tips below:

Replace Worn Weather Stripping

One of the primary reasons behind higher energy bills is because you keep turning up the furnace because it’s too cold inside your home. Weather stripping around doors and windows gets worn out and creates drafts that allow the cold air in. Experts say that you lose 7-12% of heat when your windows and doors are not protected by weather stripping. Replace worn weather stripping to keep the warm air in and the cold air out.

Buy a Space Heater

Place a portable heater where you and your family normally gather, say, the living room. Although the rest of the house will be cooler, you’ll feel warm. Make sure to turn down the temperature of the furnace, too. Doing this can cut heating expenses by 3% for every degree turned down below 70F.

Set Your Thermostat

Set your thermostat 10 to 15 degrees cooler during the day when you’re at work, and at night when everyone is sleeping. The Department of Energy says that this allows you to save up to 10-20% on energy bills. With these savings, you can buy a programmable thermostat and never have to worry about adjusting the temperature from time to time.

Cut energy bills without sacrificing comfort with these tips. Remember this advice as you bundle up this winter.

wedding videoMaybe it’s the available technology that allows people to capture such gorgeous cinematic footage of weddings, or maybe it’s that the special moments, though they take a long time to plan, pass by in a blink of an eye. Whatever it is, wedding videos have never been valuable.

If you are reluctant to have one or you simply need a reassurance that you are making a good decision, here’s why you should go for it:

It’s Over in a Blink of an Eye

You spend months (or years) planning your wedding, but it comes and goes in a matter of hours. With a mix of excitement and nervousness, you start your day getting dressed, you move from one place to another, and you don’t really get to calm down. It’s only until later on that you take this fact in: you just got married!

Having everything filmed will capture all those special moments. You can watch the video and figure out exactly how the day went.

You Can See What You Missed

The bride is the last one to walk down the aisle. Clearly, you won’t be able to see the bridal party walk before you came in. You won’t see your niece throwing the flowers, your adorable nephew carrying that arrival sign, or your dog trotting the precious wedding rings down the aisle.

These are fleeting moments; you will never see them clearly in your memory—unless, of course, you create a wedding video with professionals like Rocco Ruggiero Films.

It’s a Memento You Can Keep for Years to Come

You’re planning to have children, of course. Your kids will definitely love to relive their parents’ wedding day, too, when they are old enough.

Your wedding video will also remind you and your would-be husband of the love you have for each other, as well as your feelings during the wedding day—if you ever need a reminder.

There’s no other way to go back in time. Those are special moments that come and go, so preserve them with a wedding video.

tooth erosionEverything you eat and drink can have an adverse impact on your teeth. To keep your teeth in perfect condition, you need to prevent tooth decay and erosion. Tooth erosion, also known as acid wear, is a common dental condition that leads to chemical loss of enamel due to the acid found in most of your favourite beverages.

Below are some drinks that can damage your teeth:


Coffee stains teeth. According to studies, coffee-stained teeth are resistant to tooth brushing that they’re likely to become discoloured again even after a bleach treatment.

Black Tea

Black tea is great for your overall health and that includes your teeth. This is because black tea is packed with tannins (tannic acid) that attack plaque and other cavity-causing bacteria. Though black tea is a better alternative than coffee, it can still make your teeth yellow over time.

Red Wine

Red wine is an acidic beverage that has tannins and chromogens that corrode the enamel. Enamel is the protective shell of your teeth. Though it’s tough, it can still crack and wear away. Enamel doesn’t have living cells, so it can’t repair itself. In other words, damaged enamel is permanent. Once it’s worn, it can cause toothache. If you experience tooth pain, look for an emergency dentist Perth experts recommend for immediate check up.


Every time you drink soda, an acid attack happens for 15 to 20 minutes. This attack softens the enamel on your teeth. This is the reason your dentist advises not to brush your teeth immediately after drinking soda. It’s because it’s possible that you also brush away your enamel. In addition, soda has a lot of sugar, which is one of the primary causes of cavities and tooth decay.

Energy Drink

Energy drinks have a lot of citric acid that damages the enamel. Citric acid acts as a preservative that improves the flavours of these types of beverage. It’s also present in sports drinks, which are highly acidic.

A lot of acid drinks are actually excellent for your overall health. If you aren’t careful, however, they can significantly damage your teeth. So, it’s important to properly brush your teeth and visit your dentist regularly.

SEO: The Future of the Industry

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Future of SEOThe SEO industry has catapulted its way as one of the most effective means of distribution of information. The question is, will this industry continue its trend, or succumb to the rapid change of digital advertising?

Industry experts reveal that the industry over the last few years have been dramatic and, in some instances, devastating. The status quo altered forever. No more does the “same old, same old” work. Everything is different — and the evolution continues.

SEO is not what it used to be. You cannot just create a typical website, post mediocre content, build a few links and expect people to share it. To get thousands of social media shares today, you must create a top caliber website with high quality content that will help people solve their problems. noted that “We want to help buyers in boosting their brands through expert digital marketing solutions, and providers that truly deserve to do business.” After all, there are thousands of SEO companies offering all kinds of services to buyers across the globe.

SEOs in 2015, according to experts

The future of SEO is perhaps unclear now, but experts articulate that the industry will continue growing despite the advancement of different digital marketing techniques. founder Rand Fishkin explained that for SEOs to reach a wider audience, it will employ both paid and non-paid developments, thus seeking methods of link, which the content is not the focus.

Eric Enge, co-author of The Art of SEO, mentioned that negative SEO would rise. With more content being produced, poor quality articles may also surface.

The use of mobile applications will be the key to knowing where Google goes, as said by Dr. Peter Meyers. Mobile-first design will continue to drive site designs.

The way to succeed in the long term in SEO

Content should remain the key until the foreseeable future. As long as you continue to present the facts, which are relatable to people and contemporary to the modern world to grasp, then you will find a secure place in the digital world.

The Internet has developed a sophisticated means to organize information in a way to create a continuous cycle of content, interaction, and understanding. Whatever holds the future of SEO, one thing may be certain: it will remain essential in the digital world.

bikingDiscovering nature is a one-of-a-kind experience. Outdoor activities, such as cycling, provide the excitement and fun that the human body needs. Basically, this activity is for everybody.

You can gain many benefits from this sport. The experts from WildTrek mentioned that biking gives your body health rewards while you enjoy the remarkable outdoor scenery and fresh air.

You don’t have to be physically fit or skillful to enjoy cycling. As a beginner, you just need to have a good bike. Nevertheless, getting your ride is just one of the many things you need to have to get the most of this experience.

Tools and Repair Equipment

Having trouble in the middle of the trip is a common occurrence in tours. That is why you always have to be ready. Having a few handy tools is enough to fix your problem because bikes are simple machines.

Specific Cycling Clothes

There are many factors, such as wind and weight, which can affect your ride. You have to wear the right clothing to keep you warm and dry throughout. Preferably, choose a shirt and short with dry-fit fabric.

Protective Gears

Of course, you have to follow safety cycling guidelines by wearing protective gears. Put on a helmet and pads that are sufficiently sturdy but lightweight. Wear sunglasses to cover your eyes from UV rays.

Cleated Shoes, Strapless Pedals

Over the years, cycling technology has developed extensively, particularly the shoes. Cycling shoes have cleats that fit on the steps, replacing strapped pedals. Wearing one enhances your pedaling efficiency.

Portable Water Bottle

You can survive without eating in the middle of the tour, but not drinking. Always carry a bottle of water on your bike. The trip can dehydrate your body, causing you to lose your strength and focus on the road.

Quality Tires and Brakes

Tours can come in different season. Make sure that your tire suits the specific climate, whether rainy or sunny. Mind the brakes, as well. If it still has rubber, replace it with a disc that provides better braking.

If you want to enjoy the sport or just the experience, having these essential things is a must.

brakesGovernment statistics show that, on average, Americans spend $546 per vehicle for annual maintenance and repairs. The figure is not that high, but why not take a few more steps to fall below what’s average? With proper care, it’s possible to let a year pass without spending nearly $550 on car repairs.

The first thing you want to take care of is your brakes. After all, the brakes – be it Mopar discount parts or brand new ones –keeps you safe in any traffic situation. So, how do you keep these in good condition?

You can do that through these:

Drive Defensively

The more you accelerate, the more pressure your tires need to stop. Ergo, aggressive driving strains your brakes more. This in turn generates more heat in the rotors of your brakes, which could eventually cook it until it’s no longer functional. If you drive aggressively, your brakes incur more damage.

Observe Speed Limits

Speed limits exist for two good reasons: to keep you safe and to keep your car in top shape. In the latter’s case, it’s your car’s brakes that catch all the benefit from driving within the set limits.

Never tailgate, so as your car would lose speed through natural deceleration than braking. Doing this will produce less friction, heat, and wear in the brakes. As a result, you get to keep the same rotors functional for a longer time.

Reduce the Car’s Load

Your car’s overall weight takes its toll on the brakes, similar to how your knees take five more pounds of pressure with every pound you have in excess. So yes, you do have to remove all the junk you have in the trunk. Pay attention to what you store in the vehicle and, as much as possible, avoid overloading it with items you don’t or rarely need.

Proper care for your car starts with the brakes, so follow these tips as much as possible. When you do, not only do you help preserve your car’s original parts, you also save a lot of cash from potential repairs.

Breaking out of the Mold

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black toxic moldTalking about mold and fungi isn’t a conversation most people find interesting – or appealing. Nonetheless, it’s a topic that everyone needs to be aware of, as these can be downright deadly. People often get in trouble with mold because they have no idea how dangerous it can be. One of the most dangerous and common is the black toxic mold – the name says it all.

Home repair website said that water damage in Ogden homes is the most common reason for the appearance of black toxic mold. Chances are good that anyone who’s ever seen a flooded basement has also seen this dangerous fungi. Because of lack of discussion, however, many first hand witnesses would be hard put to identify what they saw as a deadly pathogen.

It’s Not Always Black

It’s useful to point out that even though the name specifically designates a color for the mold, it doesn’t necessarily take the appearance of a single hue. While it’s wet, the mold can be either black or dark green, but it can also turn dark gray after it dries. Due to their simplistic appearance, black toxic mold looks a lot like every other kind of fungi, and the only way to tell the difference is under a microscope.

Water World

Fortunately, growing black toxic mold isn’t as easy as many people seem to think it is. The fungus needs plenty of moisture before it can start growing; a surface needs to be wet for more than a week before it can start showing signs of mold. It still needs plenty of water to keep growing even after it appears.

Given the amount of water needed to start and supply mold, a domestic space like a basement would need to be more like an indoor pool. People need to stay away from walls and floors that have signs of black toxic mold as soon as they see them. There’s no question these are dangerous, and people should quickly get out of breathing distance.