Common Forms of Car Insurance Fraud

Common Forms of Car Insurance Fraud

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Smiling couple buying a new car from a salesmanToday, getting car insurance is a legal necessity in all states. Many people are now taking advantage of various loopholes in the auto insurance sector to make an easy buck. Unfortunately, many of those accused of car insurance fraud have no idea that they have committed a white-collar crime.

These perpetrators do not also see the need for a criminal defense attorney from Marysville since they assume that these are petty accusations. A conviction for auto insurance fraud, however, attracts hefty penalties, including jail time, fines, probation, disgorgement, and restitution. Here are some of the actions that constitute auto insurance fraud:

Hard Fraud

This is the most severe form of car insurance fraud. It constitutes all deliberate actions designed to over-bill your insurance agency. Some types of hard fraud include faking a car accident or theft to be paid or causing a disaster such as braking too hard that another car rear ends you.

Soft Fraud

In soft fraud, you are caught up in a genuine accident or theft and deserve compensation, but you file an inaccurate insurance claim. The claim is generally exaggerated and includes a falsified report to get more money than you deserve. Providing false information to your insurer when buying a policy to get a favorable rate is also considered soft auto insurance fraud.

Aftermarket Add-on Fraud

It is usual to get extras for your car, like new shifters, rims, and steering wheels. If you are involved in an accident, removing these add-ons after your insurance payout can be deemed fraudulent. Aftermarket add-on fraud is usually unintentional and sort of a legal grey area.

Most people who commit auto insurance fraud think that it is a faceless crime. The given kinds of fraud result in losses and increase the premiums for auto insurance. Hence, car insurance fraud is tried as a felony.

Crucial Considerations When Buying a Second Home

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a houseAre you thinking of buying another home, perhaps as an investment or a vacation home? While buying another house has its benefits, it also comes with unique challenges. Bearing this in mind, there are some crucial considerations you need to take into account before even start shopping for a home. Here they are.

Make 100% Certain that You Could Comfortably Afford Two Home Loans

If you’re still not finished repaying your loan for your primary home, you have to ensure that you could afford monthly mortgage payments for your second home. Generally speaking, you would need to make a 10% or 20% down payment and go through the entire mortgage approval all over again so make sure you could handle that, explains a top mortgage lender in Tempe.

Work with a Local Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re looking to buy a house as your vacation home or rental property, working with a real estate agent familiar with the area you’re looking to buy a house in is immensely vital. Your agent could give accurate information on market prices, neighborhoods, as well as the benefit and drawbacks of certain properties.

What About Potential Tax Implications?

For instance, if you’re planning on using your second home as a real second home, you might be entitled to a deduction on your property taxes and mortgage interest, which are the same tax breaks you enjoy by owning your first house. Also, if you’re planning on renting out your second house, you’d need to consider the tax consequences especially if you want to rent out the house for more than 14 days in a year.

Don’t Forget About Extra Costs

If you’re going to utilize your second home as a real home or vacation home, you still need to consider that you probably won’t be staying in it for most of the time, so you need to factor in extra costs like utility bills and a property manager to check your home when you’re away. Likewise, if you want a house near the water, you’ll probably be required to have flood insurance coverage, on top of your standard home insurance.

Purchasing a second home could very exciting, but it could likewise be complicated and time-consuming. With proper planning, advance preparation, some forethought, and help from professionals, you could make a more informed decision that won’t put your finances in a tight spot.

Packing Ideas for an LDS Israel Tour

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Touring the Holy Land

Touring the Holy LandVisiting the holy land is on every Mormon’s bucket list. A trip to Israel gives you a rare opportunity to experience the Bible and walk in Jesus’ footsteps. It might be a bit overwhelming for you to make a successful trip on your own

A travel agency explicitly experienced in LDS tours will, however, make this trip worthwhile, inexpensive and fun for you. After getting a reliable travel agency for your LDS Israel tour with Cruise Lady, what you should bring along for your trip might be the next challenge.

It will seem like everything is important, but this is not so. Here is a guide to guarantee you pack all the essential items for a spiritually nourishing and fun-filled tour.

Spiritual Items

You cannot afford to visit Israel without your Bible. As most of the places you will visit have limited shade, paperback scriptures might be challenging to read. It might be more convenient to have a scripture app on your phone and bible video apps for your kids to follow throughout the tour.


A pair of lightweight sneakers will come in handy when visiting very dusty regions, such as Petra. Walking sandals will suffice for other areas since the general climate for most of the year is hot. You should also pack slip-on shoes for temple visits and use in airports.


Long loose skirts and pants are practical when touring the citadel and temple mount. Loose-fitting short and long-sleeved tops, lightweight scarves and sunglasses are also essential to protect you from sunburns. Don’t forget hats and caps to protect your hair from the wind.

Even as you pack the above items, do not forget to leave room in your suitcases. There are so many souvenirs at reasonable prices to buy in Israel. With the right gear and travel agency, your tour will genuinely prove to be a dream-come-true.

Obesity: Causes and Treatments

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Woman squeezing tummy fat

Woman squeezing tummy fatObesity is one of the most potent risk factors for developing diseases of the heart, liver, and kidney. Statistics show that obesity is linked to a sevenfold increase in the incidences of heart disease in the United States. Since this condition leads to high blood pressure and heart failure, early treatment plays a pivotal role in reducing mortality. Thus, physicians recommend immediate therapy in clinics such as Revere Health.

What Causes Obesity?

Obesity is a multifactorial disease that occurs due to several genetic, environmental, and psychosocial factors. Since the body has to maintain a balance between food consumption and metabolism, a change in either factor might trigger obesity. The two primary causes of obesity include overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. Other factors such as family history, medication intake, and stress can predispose you to develop obesity.

What Diseases Increase my Risk of Developing Obesity?

Obesity is associated with several conditions such as hypothyroidism and insulin resistance. Hypothyroidism is a disease wherein your thyroid gland produces low levels of thyroid hormones, which leads to a decreased metabolic rate. Insulin resistance, which causes Type II diabetes, impairs glucose absorption and distribution, resulting in the accumulation of sugar and fat.

How Is Obesity Treated?

Obesity is a chronic condition that requires several therapeutic interventions to ensure weight maintenance. Your physician will devise a plan to help you achieve your ideal weight or body mass index (BMI). Treatment plans focus on proper nutrient distribution and the prevention of overeating. This will prevent nutritional impairment and electrolyte imbalances.

Overall, the number of obese individuals has been rising over the past two decades. Therefore, it is crucial to visit a specialist who will recommend fitness programs to improve your quality of life.

First Time in Manila? Here’s How to Go About the City

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Luneta Park Manila

Luneta Park ManilaMetro Manila is, without a doubt, one of the cities to look out for due to its growth as a tourist spot. This makes sense, considering that the city is home to a broad range of different cultural and historical sites.

Whether you’re visiting Chinatown, Intramuros, or Mckinley Hill, it’s important to know the streets or ask for help from those who do. Here are some tips to get you started:

Vehicle Rentals

Sedan rental in Manila comes in handy if you're a tourist with zero knowledge of the city. Like most car rental services, the drivers operating the vehicle are normally locals who are familiar with the city’s ins-and-outs. This means you can ask them for information about directions, traffic times, or a landmark that you happen to pass by.

Hotel Receptionists

While you’re staying at a hotel, it’s also practical to seek help from a hotel reception for helpful tips. If you’re clueless about what to include in your itinerary, or which routes to take, the front desk could give recommendations.

Traffic Officers

If you’re on the road, you could also ask help from traffic officers. Because they're trained to direct traffic and pedestrians; they are also familiar with certain streets, traffic times, and easy routes.


Feel free to ask the locals themselves. Most Filipinos understand and speak English, so it should be easy to approach one to get an insight or instructions regarding your destination. But due to the availability of help from car rental drivers, hotel receptionists, and traffic officers, you wouldn't normally need to engage with the locals.

Metro Manila is characterized as an urban jungle with busy thoroughfares, patches of greenery, soaring skyscrapers, and an assortment of tourist spots. If it’s your first time visiting Manila, make sure you have the right help to make the most of your trip.

Child Care Centres: Legal Requirements in Queensland

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Child Care Requirements

Child Care RequirementsChild care centres are chartered and licensed centres that offer either part-day or all-day services. They are also known as daycare centres that provide a set of activities for children, such as reading, writing and playtime. Often, child care centres are either owned by a private owner or by the community.

If you are planning to build your child care development centre, the first thing you have to work on is compliance with different laws and regulations.

The legal requirements that you have to comply with depend on the services you offer. Most services such as family day care, kindergarten, outside of school hours care and long day care centres are regulated and approved by the National Quality Framework (NQF). The National Quality Framework is a national approach to the assessment, regulation and quality improvement of outside of school hours care and child care and education centres in Australia.

The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) monitors the implementation of the NQF. They are the national authority that handles early childhood care and education. ACECQA also monitors the improvement of the quality of services throughout Australia.

Other services are regulated by the Education and Care Services Act of 2013 (Queensland). These services include occasional care, limited hours care, stand-alone services, early childhood care and education services including disability services, and services that were not approved for family assistance law purposes.

Some care and education services in Queensland are not included under the NQF. These services have to meet the requirements for educator-to-child ratios, learning frameworks, educator qualifications and staff-first aid qualifications.

Starting your child care development centre can require a lot of your time for preparation. Complying with the legal requirements ensures a smooth operation of the centre while you are improving and providing the best child care services.

A Proposal to Remember: 3 Tips on Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

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Man asking girlfriend to marry him

Man asking girlfriend to marry himThe perfect ring to go with the question “Will you marry me?” is probably the hardest to find. You want to make this moment memorable and special in every way you can. This is why you want a piece that truly conveys your sincerest intentions to be with your significant other for the rest of your life.

However, ring shopping is no easy feat, one wrong move can easily get you lost in the process. To help you make the best decision on this matter, AAA Jewelers provides a few tips you could follow.

1. Look for inspiration

To get an idea of the ring you want to get, make sure you’ve done enough research. Whether you prefer ready-made or custom-made, knowing what you want could save you so much time.

You could compile some styles from the internet that catch your eye. You could then choose among those or create a design based on them.

2. Find a jeweler to trust

Now that you have a design in mind, find a jewelry shop that has what your looking for or have the ring made. While there are practically tons of jewelers out there, you can’t simply entrust this task to anyone.

Before you close a deal, ask for recommendations or referrals and discuss with them what you are looking for. This allows you to assess the level of knowledge they have in creating jewelry.

3. Set a budget

While you want to make the proposal as special as it can be, you still need to set a budget for the ring. After all, this is not the only expense you’re going to spend on. Besides, having a budget for the ring could help narrow down your options, which could also make the search easier.

Make engagement ring shopping fun and stress-free with these tips in mind. Remember to also enjoy the whole experience so that when you look back on the proposal, you’ve got nothing but happy and good memories to cherish.

Can I Get out of a Timeshare Contract?

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Timeshare Contract Cancellation

Timeshare Contract CancellationAt first, the idea of buying a timeshare or the right to a vacation home for one or two weeks every year seems promising. The sad part is that the novelty and excitement may soon wear off, with some owners finding it boring to visit the same place every year. Others, meanwhile, feel that they are pressured into a deal and realize that the payment does not actually fit into their budget.

This is why it is only common for many timeshare owners to regret their decision. If this is the same for you, you are probably thinking of cancelling your timeshare. While you have the right to rescind or cancel, you need to act quickly.

There is a cooling-off or rescission period

Timeshare attorneys note that you can cancel the contract within a certain period, which varies from state to state. The typical period is between three and 15 days, but some individual contracts may provide longer periods for cancellation. Take note that you have the right to cancel, which only means that the seller cannot ask or request you to waive this right.

You need a legal expert

If the rescission or cooling-off period has passed, you may need to sell your timeshare instead of just expecting a refund. There are a few cases, however, that you may still get out of the contract even if the said period has expired. If this is your case, it is best to contact a real estate lawyer or a timeshare cancellation attorney, as this may entail filing a lawsuit.

Read and understand the terms

When buying a timeshare, it is only important that you understand the deal you are entering. Be sure to read all the terms of the contract to avoid missing the chance for cancelling the contract. It also pays to be familiar with the state laws where your timeshare property is located. Doing your own legal research and talking to a timeshare attorney can help.

Time is essential when cancelling a timeshare contract. If you are having issues with the cancellation procedure, it is best to contact a timeshare attorney.

How Do Remarriage and Having More Children Affect a Child Support Order?

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a couple fighting while their son is sadColorado law is direct when it comes to child support orders. The Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne, based in Colorado Springs, says that determining this type of support comes after the finalization of a child custody agreement or a parenting plan. After finalizing the child support amount, the law allows an Income Wage Assignment to streamline the monthly payments.

But what happens when remarriage and more children enter the picture?

How Does Remarriage of Either Parent Affect Child Support?

In Colorado, it doesn’t matter whether you or your ex-spouse gets married again. State law says that remarriage of either the custodial or non-custodial parent isn’t a reason to modify a child support order. On a related note, judges do not include a new spouse’s wealth or income in child support decisions.

Remarriage does not affect child support unless the new spouse regularly gives the custodial or non-custodial parent money just for spending. In this rare case, the money may count as income. The child support order remains status quo, however, when the new spouse only provides money for basic necessities and household expenses.

How Does Having More Children Affect Child Support?

Colorado law says that having more children, by birth or adoption, does not affect a child support order. The court won’t grant your request to lower financial obligations to an existing child if you have more children after the settlement. A judge will consider an existing child support award, though, to ensure that the parent’s income meets all child support obligations.

Under Which Circumstances Does Child Support End?

Colorado’s child support law obliges you to provide financial support for your children until they are 19 years old. However, it may end if your ex-spouse remarries and their spouse legally adopts your children. If the kids are under 18 years old, the Children’s Code states that they are legally available for adoption. Only then can you consult a lawyer for changes in the child support order.

How to organise a Boutique | How Planning your Store can Boost Sales

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woman holding a tablet, inside a boutiqueAchieving the perfect interior design and layout for a retail store is a never-ending process that needs constant tweaking, changing, and moving to create an experience that all customers can enjoy.

Retailers have found that tracking their customers’ movement through their stores gives them useful insights about how people shop, letting retailers plan the store’s layout to increase sales.

Shelves and Racks

An attractive display for your boutique or apparel store is vital for encouraging shoppers to stay. You’ll need shelves and racks to display your products prominently and make them seem more appealing.

Commercial storage specialist RMS Shop, part of the New Zealand-based Shelving Shop Group, recommends the use of versatile shelving and shop fittings that can be adjusted to different configurations for different kinds of displays—kids’ products, for example, should be displayed lower, at around a child’s eye level, to get children to see the merchandise and get closer.

If you’re not sure about which to use, the best solution is to look for supplier that can help you with shelving design and installation options.

Plan it out

The way an apparel store or boutique displays its goods has a great impact on the chances of a customer buying something.

The customers walking through the store with a carefully-researched layout that will encourage spending. For example, extensive research has shown that 90 percent of all customers turn right after entering a store, and that items displayed on the right side of the customer tend to sell better than products on the left.

Brand appeal

An easy trick to get people to come inside and see the rest of the store is by organising merchandise by popularity.

You can catch customers’ attention by arranging goods by their brand and showcasing a mix of popular and lesser known brands by the entrance, and have the most famous brands in the back. This way, customers have to go through the store and all the other brands available, which in turn increases the odds of their buying something.

Taking all these considerations into account (shelving, brand popularity, layout, and customer behaviour) may require a great deal of attention to detail, but the effort is well worth it, when the sales start rolling in.