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How to Ace That CompTIA Security+ Test

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Man looking astonished in a network data centerThe CompTIA Security+ credential has been around for quite a while, and many people have already enrolled for the certification. As an IT professional, taking and passing this examination will keep you above the cutthroat competition in the market for highly skilled and informed support professionals and PC security technicians.

The US Department of Defense, as well as other major technology firms such as Dell, Intel, HP, and Cisco, acknowledges this certification to be ISO compliant, and even incorporates CompTIA Security essentials into their in-house training programs.

Acing the examination

When preparing for your CompTIA Security examination, it is imperative that you first know whether there have been changes in the curriculum. Once you are ascertained that, ask around for a reputable organization or online platform that can guide you on how to prepare for this examination.

Doing so will help you familiarize with the variety of formats of the exam questions, which are a mix of performance-based, multiple standard choices, and drag-drop questions.

Perfect practice makes perfect

The CompTIA Security+ certification is fast becoming an authority certification for computer security proficiency. If you are pursuing a career in this line, enrolling for a course in CompTIA Security will increase your hire-ability even amid the high competition in the market. But, before taking the examination, it is crucial that you also do security+ practice tests first, so that you can better understand what to expect on the main exam.

Although you can request a friend that has done this examination before to tutor you, it is more convenient if you can find a reliable online platform that offers these tests. It is equally necessary you note that while most of these online platforms provide their services free of charge, you may need to sign up and even pay a small fee to get unlimited access to their practice tests.

Three Mistakes Parents Make in Searching for a Day Care

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a teacher with 5 kids inside a day careChoosing a day care is not so different from selecting a spouse. You want a partner that could help you look after several important parts of your life. The downside, in the case of day cares, is that you cannot afford to kiss several frogs to find your prince charming. Below are three mistakes to avoid when shopping for a daycare facility for your child, according to Smart Kids Development Center, a trusted day care in Salt Lake City.

Relying on Recommendations Alone

Parents are different in their preferences and parenting styles. Then again, kids are also different in terms of needs and the level of care they need. It is true that recommendations help in finding top day care facilities within your area. However, you must not rely entirely on the views of other parents. It pays to ensure that you make a decision that works for you and your kid.

Making Assumptions

When searching for a suitable day care, you must not make assumptions. Accreditation does not in automatically mean a specific school has superb teachers, proper routines, and high nutrition standards. Additionally, the architectural design of a facility may have nothing to do with the quality of care they provide kids. You must look beyond paperwork and fancy décor. Find some facts about various day care facilities that interest you.

Focusing on “Household Names”

Day care centers that have branches nationwide are certainly well-established. There must be something good about their operations that make them well known and appreciated, right? While this may be the case, sometimes, these household names may just not match the standards you are looking for. Your day care hunt cannot focus solely on finding a one whose name is well-known.

You should not underestimate the importance of getting it right the first time. Your child might spend more hours at a day care center than anywhere else during early childhood. You owe your little champ a well-researched and well-thought-of decision.

Looking Back: Gold Coins and Where it Started

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A stack of bills and gold coins

A stack of bills and gold coins

Imagine if trade and business were still conducted using gold and silver coins up to this day. Your purse would be full of heavy gold coins instead of your makeup kit. Guys on the other hand, will not be able to leave the house with just their wallets. They would most probably need to have a belt bag.

It might look funny now, but people in the ancient times did that to be able to transact and trade properly. But how did these coins, especially gold coins in the UK, come about? Here is a brief throwback about gold coins.

How did gold coins start?

Gold coins were the lifeblood of the Mediterranean trade in the second millennium BC and found use in the ancient civilisation of Sumerian and Egypt. They were in the trade, valuable by weight and used to pay taxes and government officials. The common folk did not use gold as barter still prevailed.

How did it reach the UK?

Despite being widely used by the Sumerian civilisation, they produced the first gold coin in Lydia, Turkey. They made the first gold coin out of electrum, a mixture of both gold and silver minerals. Eventually, the Greeks and the Romans got hold of gold coins and started modifying them by putting the king’s faces.

During this period, the use of gold coins as a part of trade has become more widespread, and eventually found use as payment in the army, but is still too valuable for public consumption. The production of gold continuously grew until it reached Europe, specifically Britain, between 200-400 A.D.

Gold coins at present

Nowadays, gold coins are once again a rare commodity as people use paper bills for their daily business transactions. However, unlike before, gold has become significantly more accessible for people from different walks of life and various parts of the world.

Gold is still is as valuable as before it was widely circulated and would continue to be in the future.

How to Keep Work Settings Accident-Free

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Female wearing protective helmet on construction siteIf you work in high-risk industries such as construction, roading and infrastructure, manufacturing, logistics, forestry, and agriculture, it is only fair that you demand from your management reliable workplace safety standards.

Conversely, if you are part of the management team, it is your moral obligation to safeguard your employees by following functional workplace safety management protocols and procedures.

With at least 3,207 work-related fatalities in Australia from 2002 to 2015, it is quite clear that we have yet to realise fully the goal of having zero workplace-related casualties. If you wish to change this, here is how you can start.

Identify types of workplace hazards

Workplace hazards come in six different types. Knowing these will allow you to determine which ones apply to your particular workplace setting, so you can start planning ways to eliminate their danger.

  • Safety Hazards (working from heights, presence of trip wires, etc.)
  • Biological Hazards (infected blood and other body fluids, viruses and bacteria)
  • Physical Hazards (radiation, extreme temperature)
  • Ergonomic Hazards (poor posture, frequent lifting, vibration)
  • Chemical Hazards (dangerous fumes and vapours, pesticides)
  • Work Organisation Hazards (workplace violence, sexual harassment)

Workplace Safety Management

A comprehensive safety management plan should include the following steps:

  • Understand your legal obligations.
  • Conduct workplace safety information campaigns, training, and instructions.
  • Put up and maintain sufficient first aid supply.
  • Ensure that workplace facilities comply with national safety standards.
  • Have emergency plans in place.
  • Invest in workers’ workplace safety gear/clothing.

Safety Gear and Clothing

In high-risk industries, you must adhere to the consistent use of these protective gears:

The success of any implemented workplace safety regulations relies on the cooperation between employees and the management. After all, you have to look after each other’s safety regardless where you fall in the organisational hierarchy.

3 Ways Communities Can Help Save The Environment

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Tree Planting And Water Conservation ConceptToday, pollution takes a toll on the environment, leading to a variety of problems. Environmental pollution has existed for centuries but became worse after the industrial revolution. As technology advances, the environment suffers from many consequences – dirty air, contaminated water, removal of trees, floods, and many others.

Industries have been polluting the environment because of the increasing use of fossil fuel. With this big problem affecting nature and the people, it’s time to take a stand and save Mother Earth. Learn how communities can help save the environment.

Water Conservation

Clean water is one of the scarcest resources today. Despite the fact that the planet is composed of 70 percent water, water scarcity is still a problem. Water scarcity is the lack of sufficient water resources to meet the needs of people in a particular region. In fact, about 1.2 million people lack access to clean drinking water.

Communities, cities, and towns can help conserve water by recycling its use. Commercial water treatment systems treat wastewater to make it clean and ready for use again.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

A very common cliché people hear every day is to reuse, reduce, and recycle. This pertains to non-biodegradable objects, especially those that can cause land and water pollution, such as plastic. By reducing your waste, you are helping the environment.

You can start community projects to let other people involve themselves in ways to reduce garbage. They can segregate their waste first to determine which are biodegradable and non-biodegradable. From there, they can think of ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Plant Trees

Planting trees in the community can help tackle the problem of urban air pollution. The community can promote this project by allowing residents to plant trees in their backyards, in vacant lots, and places where there are no trees. These trees are important in producing clean air, absorbing dirty air, and preventing floods.

The environment suffers from serious predicaments caused by human activities. It’s time to help save the planet through small yet effective ways.

4 Benefits of Industrial Fabric Buildings

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inside a clear span marqueeHave you noticed those huge modern tents that are usually used as shelters or warehouses? They are fabric structures with layers stretched to form a roof. They are perfect materials for military, storage, warehousing for they are easily constructible and relocatable.

Presently,industrial fabric buildings are now being used for recreation, industrial projects, and athletic facilities. Below are the five advantages of fabric buildings.


Fabric Buildings Have Numerous Uses

Fabric buildings can be shaped to fit the lot or adjusted to a particular specification. Whether you are building a structure for storage, mining operations or entertainment purposes, fabric buildings are easily customizable depending on your need.


They Are Highly Durable

For the industrial setting, fabric buildings use rigid steel frames for its strength and durability. The frames give the fabric buildings its needed support to endure extreme heat, snow, window and other weather conditions. Special fungicide-resistant fabrics are used to prevent the growth and damage of moulds in rainy weather.


Energy Efficient

Fabric materials are non-conductive. Thus, they remain cooler on hot days and warmer when cold. Since it does not retain the heat from the sun, the indoor temperature is better regulated. Thus the costs of heating and cooling the structures would be significantly lower compared to a concrete building. Also, fabric buildings allow natural light to come into the strictest, reducing the need to use artificial lights during the day


Relocatable and Recyclable

Industrial fabric buildings can be installed three times faster than the typical structures and can even be relocated to a new location. Most importantly, the materials used can be recycled many times and has a positive impact on the environment.


Numerous Benefits

The use of industrial fabric buildings is proven to be beneficial due to its durability and unique characteristics. If you plan to build a storage or a warehouse of your own, considering this material may be an advantage.


Electrical Shocks and Zap Anxiety

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Electric SurgeryExperiencing an electrical shock is more than just getting a jolt to your body. The minimum current that a normal human can feel is 1 milliampere (mA) and shocks with a high voltage can lead to tissue damage or even death. This makes the fear and anxiety people feel around electrical wiring quite reasonable.

To save you from electrical dangers, it is best to leave electrical repairs to the experts like those from Adam Tulloch in Wellington. The company has a team of professional technicians that deal with electrical problems on houses and businesses, so you won’t have to deal with the following injuries.


Superficial burns on the surface of the skin are one of the most common results of lower voltage electric shock. Shocks of voltage between 500 and 1000 volts, on the other hand, can result in severe internal burns that cause organ failure.

Muscle Contraction

External shocks can trigger involuntarily contractions. The contracting and bending of muscles might be extra dangerous when the victim is gripping a live wire. The shock will force the hand to grip the wire firmly, sending even more of the deadly electrical current through the body.

Neurological Damage

An electric shock can restrict nervous control of your heart, lungs and other body organs. This may lead to neuropathy or nerve damage. You will lose your consciousness quickly when the current reaches your head.

A Drop in Blood Pressure

An electrical shock can cause your blood pressure to drop drastically and disturb the balance of fluids and electrolytes in your body. This can lead to the release of myoglobin and trigger kidney failure.

The human body cannot withstand high-voltage electrical shocks. In fact, electrocution can be fatal, and it claims many lives every year. To ensure your safety, best leave any home wiring problems to the experts. 

How Volunteering Can Help You Improve Your Professional Skills

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Volunteer WorkWhen you think of volunteering, the first impression that comes to mind is the nuns feeding the hungry or civilians helping relieve the repercussions of wars. But volunteering is not just about improving another person’s life. It also put a direction in your life. It helps improve some of your life’s inherent skills.

A lot of these skills that you can develop are transferable. That means you can still use them regardless of the industry you’re in. So it’s time to scout for volunteering opportunities at SAF Volunteer Corps and improve your skills. 

Planning Skills

A lot of times, you’ll be given a task and a budget. These are what make up the skeleton of the project. Once the brief and the budget are given, you are expected to come up with a plan to materialise the project. This is where you’ll develop brainstorming skills. When it comes to executing the plans, you will get to hone your project and time management skills.  


Organisations, whether private or not-for-profit, have established communication lines. As a volunteer, you’ll be expected to follow these protocols. In turn, you’ll learn the value of organisational communication. Your business correspondence and presentation skills will be improved. This is where you’ll learn the ins and outs of grant writing and pitches.

Team Dynamics

If you’re used to working alone, you’ll see that things are different when you start to take on volunteer jobs. As a part of the team, you’ll learn that there are different types of personalities. Each has a different work ethic, and it pays that you find a way to complement theirs. Most importantly, you’ll learn the value of delegation of tasks.

And when you’ve mastered these skills, you may start training to become a leader. These skills will come in handy once you start working in the professional world. Got a gap year at school or work? Consider volunteering then. 

4 Features You Should Look for in an Access Control System

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Access Control System in the OfficeInstalling an access control system in your office is a smart move. It enhances the security measures in the workplace, and it monitors who enters and exits the area. Now that you’ve decided you’re going to install this system in your office, the question is which one should you buy? What features should you look for when shopping for an access control system?

Detailed Access Logs

Apart from keeping track of your employees as they move around the office, detailed access logs are important when dealing with security breaches. In the event of break-ins or theft, you can easily identify whose access card was used to enter the room in question.

Integrated with other Security System

The access control system of your office should not only serve as the first line of defence; a great access control should be integrated with other security systems like CCTV and alarms for optimum protection. The integration can also help you manage the whole system easier, instead of monitoring each security tool.

Extra Access Methods

Most access control systems use access cards. However, it would be better if you purchase a system that uses other access methods such as passwords and fingerprints. You can require a combination of these methods to increase security in the office, especially in rooms that are too valuable.

Failsafe Design

You need a system that has a failsafe design. Even with minimal or no power, the access control system you will choose should still be able to operate without glitches. This way, you’re sure that when the power is down, all the rooms in the office will be locked and safe from any intruders.

With these features in mind, you’ll be better prepared in choosing the right access control system for your office. After all, it is costly to replace security systems so it’s significant that you nail this purchase on your first try.

Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home – What to Consider

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Awning Windows from IndianaAll homeowners are keen when choosing windows for their houses. The type of window you choose will determine which window treatment works for you and in turn affect the overall beauty of your home. Furthermore, people consider many things today. You need to get energy efficient windows. The type that will minimize the cost of heating and cooling your home. The following are some of the things you need to bear in mind when choosing a good window type.

Window styles

When handling window repairs in Indianapolis, experts from Suburban Glass Service, Inc note that the style of a window makes a major difference. You need to choose a window style that is easy to replace. Talking to an expert and finding out what your options are is a good idea.

Make sure that you explore what is on offer before making a decision. Chances are that you will not get a chance to change your decision once the installation process is complete. You can go for single thing windows, casement windows, sliding windows and awning windows among others. Choose what works for you.

Materials for making the sash and window frame

There are different materials used for the sash and frame. This includes wood, vinyl, and vinyl clad windows. The choice you go for depends on a number of factors, including aesthetic properties, insulating properties as well as maintenance qualities. Different people will prefer varied materials based on their choices.

Placement and installation

How easy the window is to install can determine the choice people go for. Most people want windows that they can fix themselves in case an emergency occurs. Simple and workable solutions excel when it comes to windows.

A good quality window cannot be substituted for anything. Money should not be an issue when choosing a good quality window.