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Beyond Aesthetics: Things to Consider When Purchasing a House

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Couple Outside Home with Sold Sign

Couple Outside Home with Sold SignMany prospective homeowners in South Jordan are taken by the look of the house. Some claim to have fallen in love with the property at first sight — as soon as they saw the exteriors, they knew it was the one. However, your mortgage company and real estate broker in South Jordan, Utah might recommend that you look into other factors so that you won’t regret your decision later.

Ease of Transport

You should check how far is the property from your place of work. Check the surroundings and see how long it will take you to go to supermarkets, hospitals, schools, your office, and other important places. Factor these in when deciding if you are willing to pay for the price the mortgage company has set for you.

Presence of Asbestos and Other Harmful Chemicals

Checking a house for this is especially important if the house was built before the ’80s. When disturbed, asbestos may cause illnesses. Testing companies can help you check for the presence of asbestos. Do this before you have the house evaluated. If the house has dangerous levels of asbestos, it’s not a good option for your family.

Your Family’s Plans for the Future

It’s not just the state of the house that you need to evaluate. You also need to think about your plans. Are you staying on the property for decades or planning to resell it? Do you have plans to add to the family or is someone moving out? Will there be a baby or an elderly joining the household? All these determine how friendly and how adequate the house is for you.

The price of the house or its style are not the only things to consider when purchasing a property. Think about your family’s needs and long-term plans, as well.

3 Hobbies that Can Earn You Money

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A Coin Collection Whether you’re looking for a source of side income or you’re tired of working nine to five, there are a lot of ways to make money the unorthodox way. You don’t always have to take on part-time hours working for another employer. Atkinsons Bullion says aside from selling your precious silver and gold coins, you can definitely add an income stream or two to your current sources with the hobbies you already enjoy–with a bit of creativity and inspiration.

Trade and grow your collection

Are you an avid collector? Whether you collect old currency, precious metals, or vintage memorabilia, there’s a niche where you can trade your goods. Look into social media groups and ask where collectors of a certain item can be found. You can sell gold coins to hobbyists, e-commerce sites, and buyers. You can also trade valuable cards, and even grow your toy or popular culture collection while making money.

Sell your creations

Whether you’re a baker, an artist, or a handy craftsman, there’s always a way to earn money from your hobbies. The Internet is full of enterprising creators who sell their works on different platforms, such as social media sites, Etsy, eBay, and even Craigslist. Make sure to learn some tips and tricks on how to market your creations and you’ll surely get a good head start on making money on the side.

Play video games

Believe it or not, there’s money to be had in playing video games. E-sports has been rapidly growing the past decade, opening up several opportunities for making money for hobbyists and hardcore gamers alike. Some gamers are so skilled that they get recruited to teams and basically get paid to play games. You can also explore the idea of streaming yourself while playing, which is also a popular way of generating a side income for gamers.

These are just some ideas that you can explore. List down your hobbies and start researching! You’ll establish a side income stream in no time.

Mortgage To Do’s after Rates Have Hit Historic Lows

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Mortgage RateRecent mortgage news reveals how the average rates for the 30-year fixed, 15-year fixed, and 5/1 adjustable rate have fallen. In general, mortgage rates have hit historic lows although rates even though have been in constant flux since the start of the year. The news bodes well for borrowers searching for the right mortgage company, since they can take advantage of better rates.

National Averages

According to the recent report, the average rate for the 30-year fixed is at 3.97 percent, down by 7 basis points in the last week. On the other hand, the 15-year fixed went down 2 basis points to 3.16 percent in only a few days. The 5/1 adjustable rate mortgage fell one basis point to 3.15 percent.

Utah Averages

In Utah, the 30-year fixed fell 14 basis points from 4.12 to 3.98 percent. The 15-year fixed went down one basis point to 3.17 percent. Finally, the 5/1 ARM decreased two basis points from 3.15 to 3.13 percent.

Credit Check

With these rates, you can definitely find a mortgage rate that suits your needs. While you search for your preferred rate, make it a point to check your credit report and ensure that it’s up-to-date with fresh information. With your credit report, you can more easily keep track of debts already paid, information that does not belong to you, and wrong notations for closed accounts.

Score Improvement

If you have a low credit score, there are measures you can take to fix it. The best way you can rebuild your credit score is to manage it responsibly instead of resorting to quick-fix efforts. In fact, you can raise your score easily by paying debts, paying your bills on time, keeping credit balances low, and decreasing the amount of debt you owe.

Mortgage rates have fallen, and it gives borrowers the opportunity to lock in on the best rates or to refinance their homes. Cheap mortgage payments serve to increase the appeal of buying a house which, in turn, boosts the demand for houses.

Why Get Mortgage Insurance for Your Mortgage Loan?

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Mortgage Loan in Ogden

Mortgage Loan in OgdenBuying a house has a giant obstacle; that is coming up with a sufficient down payment. You can put less than the traditional 20% down payment, but the lender will likely require you to buy mortgage insurance.

Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage insurance works like any other insurance plan, but it all depends on the type of loan you acquire. Mortgage insurance gives people — who otherwise thought that they have poor financial standing — the opportunity to become homeowners. With minimal monthly payments, almost anyone can acquire a roof over their heads.

Private Mortgage Insurance

There are two types of mortgage insurance: private and government. Private mortgage insurance (PMI) benefits the mortgage lender. As the lender accepts a little down payment, they still consider it a big risk and require you to purchase mortgage insurance. Wasatch Peaks Credit Union noted that the size and type of mortgage loan you acquire could determine the cost you’re likely to pay.

When Can You Cancel Your PMI?

Upon reaching the principal balance (less than 80%), you can cancel the PMI. However, there are restrictions that govern the cancellation. If you successfully pay your mortgage halfway, there is a possibility of cancellation for your PMI. Before taking your mortgage loan in Ogden, your lender should tell how long it would take to reach the loan-to-value mark and inform you of mortgage cancellation options.

You might as well want to pay a little down payment, but consider the costs down the road. The large the down payment, the better the financing deal you land in terms of lesser fees and lower interest rate. Nevertheless, the process of getting yourself a mortgage is a result of your current and future financial capabilities.

Australian Housing Market: Real Estate Hotspots for 2015

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Real Estate Hotspots for 2015

Real Estate Hotspots for 2015Good news for Australian property investors: the real estate market will grow more significantly this coming 2015. Experts say that there are many factors contributing to this growth: (1) interest rates will remain low for the most part of 2015; (2) the Australian economy continues to strengthen compared to other Western countries; (3) more employment opportunities will promote consumer confidence.

Statistics show that home values will be 8.5% higher than the rates last year across Australian capitals.


According to experts from and property analysts, the Queensland capital will see a higher annual rate of capital gains compared to last year. Brisbane will have a 7% gain, an increase from the 5.1% it earned in 2013. Many experts speculate that the economic and population growth, growing business hub, and the high housing rental yields will all contribute to the city becoming one of the hottest spots for property investment in 2015.


Experts say that property rates in Melbourne grow approximately 7% every year. The real estate demand in the Victorian city will continue to remain strong as it improves infrastructures, access to local amenities, and public transportation. Like Brisbane, Melbourne is set to broaden job opportunities as well, which will make the location a prime location for businesses and professionals.


Perth is Australia’s fastest growing city in terms of population. With a population that is set to double in the next years, properties in the city are expected to increase in value. Experts add that there is also a high rental yield in Perth. Because of the increasing rental rate and shortage of rental homes in the city, Perth will see a steady gross rental rate of roughly 5.82% each year.

The Australian real estate market is ripe for investors. If you are planning to invest in properties this 2015, keep an eye on Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth for more investment opportunities.

Money Market Funds Are Money Market Fun

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money market fundEveryone wants to get ahead in the financial world, and there are many tools and avenues available to the average folks to make the most of their money. The only problem is, very few ordinary people know what any of the tools actually do.

The money market fund is a good example of these underutilized tools; it doesn’t have any difficult terms, and provides good opportunities for people in the right circumstances. But even if people had the perfect situation to use this tool, chances are they wouldn’t simply because they don’t understand what it does.

Stated Definition

The money market fund is essentially a mutual fund that invests in short term debt securities, like commercial paper. Peso and dollar money market funds are often described as bank deposits with higher yields, but this analogy is simplistic and not completely accurate.

Adjusting Expectations

The purpose of a money market fund is to provide investors (which are the ordinary savers in this case) a safe haven to invest easily accessible, cash equivalent assets. Perhaps a more accurate comparison to a money market fund is a stock market with a built-in safety net. Market funds operate in a similar free-flow liquid asset environment as stocks do, but unlike stocks, market funds operate in the short-term and have a fixed value.

Money market funds are considered very low-risk, but the yields (though high) most probably won’t meet the needs of long-term financial goals, such as retirement, other tools are needed for that.

Not the Same

This is probably a good time to mention the important fact that money market funds are different from money market accounts. Bank deposits and savings accounts are the most basic banking devices available, and almost everybody who works for a living is using one. But the rate of interest in a savings account is also the lowest, and the money remains static. If we can think of bank deposits as level one, then money market funds are level two. wMoney market accounts are similar to savings accounts, but carry certain restrictions that allow the banks to be more fluid with the money and give out higher interests.

This all sounds confusing right now, but given enough time, they’ll eventually make sense in practice, and everyone can maximize the worth of all their assets.

The Mysterious World of Management Rights

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Have you ever wanted to own a business in Gold Coast, where banks can lend you 60% of the purchasing price while you earn up to a quarter of your investment? Well, you’re out of luck, unless you know a thing or two about management rights.

resort roomWhat are Management Rights?

Management rights are a form of business enterprise growing in popularity because of its reputation as the ‘ultimate home-based business’. In a city full of apartment complexes, townhouses, villa developments, holiday resorts, and tourist facilities, there’s an advantage to having an on-site manager to deal with the day-to-day operations of a facility.

A management rights business is an entity that enters into a contract with the corporate body of a property. The business will supply the property with certain services in exchange for a ‘salary’, and can earn income through commissions from individual owners in the complex whenever it applies. Corporate bodies commonly advertise if their facilities have management rights for sale to attract enterprising businesspersons to take advantage of the model.

What’s the Salary?

A large property commonly houses a variety of amenities that need regular maintenance; examples include pools, tennis courts, gardens and pathways. These are the things the corporate body wants the manager to handle.

But, why would a manager want to do those things other than the salary? The main reason is to take advantage of the property, whether its prestige or location, to attract clients for commissions.


Commissions are commonly applicable to residential complexes wherein the corporate body wishes to rent their units out to tenants. Managers gain a commission for every ‘good tenant’ they secure, and accounting for rent.

Depending on the nature of the agreement, commissions are usually much larger than the regular salary. This gives the managers a stake in maintaining or even improving the quality of the property they hold.

What’s the difference between management rights and regular managers, though? Why won’t the corporate body just appoint or hire someone for all those tasks? The answer is because the properties associated with management rights are large complexes that sometimes take the resources of an entire company to handle. It’s a strange model for many people unfamiliar with the structure, and that’s expected. But, once more people understand how it works and its potential rewards, management rights may become the most sought after properties in the market.

Facing the Music: Filing for Bankruptcy

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Constantly running from your creditors is not only exhausting but also a waste of time. Sooner or later, they may have to take your prized assets—a scary thought for anyone. Fortunately, there’s still an option left for everyone embroiled in this dire situation, a chance to redeem themselves from their financial difficulties. Filing for bankruptcy is one road to a new life.

Turning a New Leaf

Some people often think of bankruptcy as an act of surrender. A bankruptcy lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio may beg to differ. Rather than raising the white flag, filing for bankruptcy is a symbol of hope. It is not the end of the road but the start of a new chapter. If you find yourself deep in a bad financial situation, seeking help from legal professionals is the only answer.

Filing for bankruptcy is often a long, bureaucratic affair. One misstep can compromise the strength of your case. To prevent your appeal from being denied by the court, you need to take a lot of things into account, such as assets, liabilities, and past investments. In the US, bankruptcy law may differ in every state. Intensive research and assistance from experienced lawyers can go a long way in making this all go away faster and easier.

Chapters and Numbers

You can file for bankruptcy under a particular chapter depending on your circumstances.The most common among them all is Chapter 7 or Liquidation. This option simply means that you liquidate some of your assets to pay off your debts. Before you can file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition, however, you will have to take a bankruptcy mean test. If your monthly income is equal to or less than the state’s median income level, you are eligible for the debt relief.

If, after the mean test, your income shows higher value than the median, you may choose to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy instead. This way, you may keep your assets and still pay your debts. Under Chapter 13, you debts will be reorganized by the governing body. You will have to pay these reorganized debts over the years.

Stop running from your creditors. Get back on track by filing for bankruptcy with the help of legal experts like Cincinnati lawyer Gary A. Billig. You’ll never know the immense feeling of relief and contentment if you don’t try to consult experts for legal advice.

Pauper Today, Prince Tomorrow: Dealing with Sudden Wealth

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What would you do if a distant relative bequeathed you with millions? Where would you spend the money? Of course, you’d say you would invest the money in houses, cars, travels, charities, and the list can go on. You won’t actually have a clear idea until you have the cold cash or check in your hands. You need to remember, though, that money is like leaves in autumn, so you might want to spend it wisely before they all disappear in the air. Proper wealth management is the answer if you want to know how to deal with sudden wealth.

Here are some things you ought to keep in mind.

Count what’s in your hands

Sometimes, excitement blurs all reason. You may immediately go to the nearest Bentley dealer or buy some expensive watch and jewellery. Keep in mind that with big money come great responsibility. And determining how to wisely invest your money is the start of that responsibility.

Seek professional help

Hire professional help. Accountants and managers of wealth are the ideal people who will help you in this case. Before even hiring their services, get to know their background and the profiles of their clients. Set a consultation before hiring them. Ask them about their proposed plan to manage your finances and grow your investment.


Now you know how much you have on hand and you have people to help you, it’s time to map out your future and set a good financial plan. Don’t only focus on one type of investment. For instance, you may invest in gold and then allocate other amounts in stocks and bonds. You may also talk with your advisors about superannuation reforms.

Be wary of new “friends” and “family”

Many people will claim that you’re their friends and family. When they start asking for money or any sort of financial help, ask your advisors to handle them. Your advisors will serve as mediator between you and the people who want to do business with you, or simply want your money.

We live in an age where people tend to spend than save. Thus, handling great amounts of money will seem hard work. Don’t be carried away, and focus on your future.

Getting Through the Process of Bad Credit Car Loan

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A bad credit rating does not mean end of the world. It is true that a good credit rating is more important, but a person with bad credit can also get a loan. There are companies that provide different types of car loans through partnerships with direct lending institutions and car dealers that specialize in auto loans for people with bad credit.

Review current state of credit

You may already know your credit rating is bad, but check out the specifics by ordering credit reports. Check out your credit history to see exactly why you got a bad credit rating. You can explain some things on your credit report to lenders so that they don’t immediately reject you. Your credit score is calculated from your credit report.

Read every bad credit for mistakes

Credit bureaus can sometimes report incorrect information. Federal laws allow you to dispute anything wrong and require its removal from your reports if the bureaus cannot verify the data’s accuracy within a month. Some financial advisors recommend reviewing credit report to make sure the information is accurate, complete, and updated. You can get free copy of your credit report, at your request, once every 12 months.

Apply a car loan after processing disputes

Once you receive a new credit report, assess the positive effect on your rating. Your chance of getting a new car loan increases with every negative item that gets removed. Start with a local credit union or a bank with which you regularly do business.

Ask for repayment options

Ask about the repayment options for bad credit auto loans. Some lenders will try to get you to take out a loan with a higher interest rate. Go over your budget before you accept a loan to make sure that you aren’t putting yourself in a difficult situation.

Get help from the experts

Visit several credit companies and banks in your area to ask about bad credit auto loans. Be honest about your credit rating and explain why it is bad. Through BlueSky Auto Finance’s partners, you could get approved before you go to a dealership. Visit this website for more types of car loans.