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What You Need to Know About Being a Paralegal

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a paralegal workingChoosing a career path must be one of the toughest decisions in a person’s life. The hours and money that one needs to spend on getting a degree is a huge investment. That’s why it’s important to take your time when making this decision and evaluate all your options carefully. Other than your financial capability, you need to consider your passion and tenacity for your chosen career.

Once you’ve made a decision and have already started investing your time and energy in your chosen degree, backing out will mean wasted years and money. For those who love intellectual challenges, pursuing a paralegal degree in NYC might be a great option. Here’s why:

1. Great Pay

Paralegals receive good compensation since they can work on a wide variety of tasks that most can only be done by someone with a solid background in law. This makes the demand for paralegal services high. They also get generous bonuses from law firms and of course, working longer hours’ means a hefty overtime pay. So, if you are gearing towards an intellectually motivating and financially rewarding career, being a paralegal may be perfect for you.

2. Convenient Education

There is no need to spend seven years in law school in order to become a paralegal. What makes this career great is the fact that you can take your degree via live lecture, online, or even in DVD format. This means you can take your paralegal degree even while you’re employed, making it convenient even for full-time employees. This isn’t something that is available to many other careers that also pay well.

3. Growing Client Network

Paralegals work with law firms and their clients, allowing them to meet influential and important people. Having important contacts in your network can help you grow your career or even get good business advice. You will also get invited to prestigious events as a part of your job, all expense paid, of course.

There is more to being a paralegal than just the money. If you are looking for more than just a 9-5 desk job and are interested in learning every step of the way, then this career might be right for you.

Becoming a Detective: Three I’s That Make a Great Sleuth

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detectives workingGrowing up, you loved reading the adventures of fictional characters Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, and Nancy Drew. Naturally, you want to become a detective yourself.

Before you get a degree in criminal justice or take private investigator training courses, however, you need to know the basic qualities that make a great detective. The Center For Legal Studies cites some of them.

1. Inquisitive​

As a detective, your primary duties will be to gather pieces of information and evidence and to find and follow clues or leads to help solve cases. Accordingly, you need to have that insatiable desire to learn about everything under the sun. This will come in handy when you start interviewing and observing people, doing your research, going over documents, and analyzing data for your cases, which can include finding missing persons and uncovering criminal activities.

2. Inconspicuous​

In the course of investigating, you’ll surely be required to work undercover every now and then, so you need to have a knack for staying unnoticed. This is important for your safety and for keeping your investigation covert so as not to compromise the case. For example, you wouldn’t want to be out in the open taking pictures of suspected crime syndicate members while they are possibly conducting their shady dealings, would you?

3. Incorruptible​

Lastly, your character will sometimes be put to the test as you perform your duties. Whenever this happens, stay strong and do what you know is right, even in the face of being offered huge sums of money to do otherwise. Bribes will usually come from the subjects of investigation, but they can also be from your clients in case you discover something detrimental to them. Be prepared for either scenario and just always let your moral compass guide you.

If you think you’ve got these three I’s covered, then good for you. You’re already one step closer to becoming a detective like your fictional idols.

Common Forms of Car Insurance Fraud

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Smiling couple buying a new car from a salesmanToday, getting car insurance is a legal necessity in all states. Many people are now taking advantage of various loopholes in the auto insurance sector to make an easy buck. Unfortunately, many of those accused of car insurance fraud have no idea that they have committed a white-collar crime.

These perpetrators do not also see the need for a criminal defense attorney from Marysville since they assume that these are petty accusations. A conviction for auto insurance fraud, however, attracts hefty penalties, including jail time, fines, probation, disgorgement, and restitution. Here are some of the actions that constitute auto insurance fraud:

Hard Fraud

This is the most severe form of car insurance fraud. It constitutes all deliberate actions designed to over-bill your insurance agency. Some types of hard fraud include faking a car accident or theft to be paid or causing a disaster such as braking too hard that another car rear ends you.

Soft Fraud

In soft fraud, you are caught up in a genuine accident or theft and deserve compensation, but you file an inaccurate insurance claim. The claim is generally exaggerated and includes a falsified report to get more money than you deserve. Providing false information to your insurer when buying a policy to get a favorable rate is also considered soft auto insurance fraud.

Aftermarket Add-on Fraud

It is usual to get extras for your car, like new shifters, rims, and steering wheels. If you are involved in an accident, removing these add-ons after your insurance payout can be deemed fraudulent. Aftermarket add-on fraud is usually unintentional and sort of a legal grey area.

Most people who commit auto insurance fraud think that it is a faceless crime. The given kinds of fraud result in losses and increase the premiums for auto insurance. Hence, car insurance fraud is tried as a felony.

3 Money Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Marriage

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Couple on a divorce talking about finances

Couple on a divorce talking about financesYour love life is probably one of the most important things that you want to keep. The last thing you want to experience is wrangles over unsettled household needs. Therefore, you desire to ensure bills are paid on time, and your family is comfortable. However, how you manage these bills, take up debts and handle investments can have a negative impact on your marriage.

Here, see some of the usual financial habits that can cost you your marriage.

Not talking about money

You can never have the same personality as your spouse. But you can have the same financial goals in mind.  However, these goals cannot be achieved until you sit down and open up to one another. Talk of what you think about a particular venture, kids’ school fee etcetera. Lack of communication translates merely to diverted interests. What is even worse is when one is a spender, and the other is a saver. Financial decisions here may not be mutual.

Delegating finances to your spouse

There is nothing as enticing as seeing a project that you mutually planned and invested in; come up to completion. Unfortunately, some people would instead delegate to their spouse than get involved. In as much as you may not have financial knowledge to make significant decisions, this is not a time to sit back and watch. It’s even better to hire a financial adviser or family lawyer or in Marysville for advice on the same. In fact, this should be an opportunity for you to learn the tricks, just in case your spouse becomes disabled and can’t do much.

Putting love over everything else

Everyone desires to see that love prevails in their marriage. However, it shouldn’t blind you to the point of not seeing the real economic aspect of your life. In as much as you may want to entice your spouse with luxurious stuff, be sure you can afford and still spare some cash for the recurrent bills before you make your decisions.

Love in your marriage shouldn’t be pegged only to your finances, in that you must buy this or that for your spouse. Let them see that there is a life ahead, goals to achieve and bills to be paid as well.

Can I Get out of a Timeshare Contract?

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Timeshare Contract Cancellation

Timeshare Contract CancellationAt first, the idea of buying a timeshare or the right to a vacation home for one or two weeks every year seems promising. The sad part is that the novelty and excitement may soon wear off, with some owners finding it boring to visit the same place every year. Others, meanwhile, feel that they are pressured into a deal and realize that the payment does not actually fit into their budget.

This is why it is only common for many timeshare owners to regret their decision. If this is the same for you, you are probably thinking of cancelling your timeshare. While you have the right to rescind or cancel, you need to act quickly.

There is a cooling-off or rescission period

Timeshare attorneys note that you can cancel the contract within a certain period, which varies from state to state. The typical period is between three and 15 days, but some individual contracts may provide longer periods for cancellation. Take note that you have the right to cancel, which only means that the seller cannot ask or request you to waive this right.

You need a legal expert

If the rescission or cooling-off period has passed, you may need to sell your timeshare instead of just expecting a refund. There are a few cases, however, that you may still get out of the contract even if the said period has expired. If this is your case, it is best to contact a real estate lawyer or a timeshare cancellation attorney, as this may entail filing a lawsuit.

Read and understand the terms

When buying a timeshare, it is only important that you understand the deal you are entering. Be sure to read all the terms of the contract to avoid missing the chance for cancelling the contract. It also pays to be familiar with the state laws where your timeshare property is located. Doing your own legal research and talking to a timeshare attorney can help.

Time is essential when cancelling a timeshare contract. If you are having issues with the cancellation procedure, it is best to contact a timeshare attorney.

Three Myths about Brain Injury Cases Demystified

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a man with a head bandageMany stakeholders are involved in personal injury claims. Insurance companies will want to see that everything work in their favor. Lawyers will also want to represent the interests of their clients to their best abilities. But at the end of the day, the jury will have the final say if at all the case goes to court.

As a result, so many myths have been developed regarding brain injury proceedings. Here are some of these myths and the truths behind each one of them. Check it out and be enlightened.

1. You are not injured if you don’t experience headaches.

It’s true that the standard indicator of both the presence and severity of brain injuries is the presence of a headache and dizziness. However, this is not always the case hence it’s crucial that you see a doctor even before you contact the best Los Angeles brain injury attorneys on the same.

Sometimes mild brain injuries will be accompanied by headaches, and sometimes they will not. This will also be the same case with severe injuries. Therefore, the only best approach is to have a brain specialist check on you and give a report.

2. Mild brain injury is no big deal.

Traumatic brain injuries are mainly categorized into mild, moderate and severe injuries. However, buying into the idea of mild injuries being of less concern than other categories in the list might cost you serious implications. Sometimes, the condition could develop into serious memory problems, altering your learning, adaptation, and personality capabilities.

3. The effects of traumatic brain injury are spontaneous.

After an accident, sometimes it will be hard for you to determine if there are brain injuries sustained. In some instances, you will not even feel typical brain injury symptoms. However, this shouldn’t blind you to assume everything is okay.

Failure to have an expert check on you the soonest may translate to severe consequences a couple of months or years later. Furthermore, you may have to spend a lot of your cash and quality time treating attention and concentration complications.

In as much as your insurance policy may take care of your brain injury treatment bills, the chances are that it may not cover everything that you want to be factored in. This is why having your head diagnosed for brain injuries immediately after an accident becomes of great essence. Not just to address damages when they are still manageable but to spare yourself unnecessary medical expenses in the future.

How Do Remarriage and Having More Children Affect a Child Support Order?

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a couple fighting while their son is sadColorado law is direct when it comes to child support orders. The Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne, based in Colorado Springs, says that determining this type of support comes after the finalization of a child custody agreement or a parenting plan. After finalizing the child support amount, the law allows an Income Wage Assignment to streamline the monthly payments.

But what happens when remarriage and more children enter the picture?

How Does Remarriage of Either Parent Affect Child Support?

In Colorado, it doesn’t matter whether you or your ex-spouse gets married again. State law says that remarriage of either the custodial or non-custodial parent isn’t a reason to modify a child support order. On a related note, judges do not include a new spouse’s wealth or income in child support decisions.

Remarriage does not affect child support unless the new spouse regularly gives the custodial or non-custodial parent money just for spending. In this rare case, the money may count as income. The child support order remains status quo, however, when the new spouse only provides money for basic necessities and household expenses.

How Does Having More Children Affect Child Support?

Colorado law says that having more children, by birth or adoption, does not affect a child support order. The court won’t grant your request to lower financial obligations to an existing child if you have more children after the settlement. A judge will consider an existing child support award, though, to ensure that the parent’s income meets all child support obligations.

Under Which Circumstances Does Child Support End?

Colorado’s child support law obliges you to provide financial support for your children until they are 19 years old. However, it may end if your ex-spouse remarries and their spouse legally adopts your children. If the kids are under 18 years old, the Children’s Code states that they are legally available for adoption. Only then can you consult a lawyer for changes in the child support order.

LGBT Parenting: The Rights of LGBT Couples in America

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Young gay couple holding hands

Young gay couple holding handsMore foster parents are necessary to respond to the needs of thousands of children in America who have no permanent homes. Each state faces challenges in caring for these children.

LGBT couples who are ready to become parents have the opportunity to care for orphaned and homeless kids. They can ask family law attorneys in Albuquerque, NM for assistance regarding the policies and legal procedures involved, notes the Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer.

LGBT Couples are Amazing Parents Too

Despite persistent prosecution and bias, the American society is accepting the fact that gay men and lesbians can be great at parenting too—that they have the same capacity to raise children as typical married couples. An adult with the capability to support a child must never be subjected to any restrictions in parenting if he or she can sustain a healthy parent-child relationship.

In America today, many states have granted second-parent adoptions to LGBT couples. The kids under their care enjoy the benefits of a warm, happy, and nurturing home. Also, these children are more secure under the guardianship of two legal parents.

Overcoming Myths and Stereotypes

It is unfortunate, however, that many states still use sexual orientation as a basis for denying foster care or custody. Many LGBT couples who could have been amazing parents have been denied adoption merely due to bias and stereotypes.

Social science research findings are supporting the fact that sexual orientation is not a substantial threat to a child. Lesbians and gay men, by their sexual orientation alone, don’t impose moral and ethical factors that make them incapable of raising kids in a healthy and comforting environment.

LGBT couples who want to raise children as legal parents must learn about same-sex parents’ rights. The Children and Families Act 2015 is a good start—its specific rulings are a substantial guide to lesbians and gay men planning to engage in parenthood. Learn more and boost awareness in your community by reading on the provisions of the 2015 Act.

Don’t Let These Small Yet Ruinous Oversights Crush a Perfect Marriage

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Family with family law attorney

Family with family law attorneyCouples commit their heart and soul to their marriage. The idea of having their soul mate by their side for the rest of their life is immensely comforting after all. There are marriages, as explained by family law firms in Albuquerque, NM, that get off to a solid start. They withstand the usual turmoils and are even made stronger by them. However, even the strongest marriage is not immune to problems.

Working too hard

There’s no denying it that money is an important commodity. After all, it offers you a chance at a good life. In fact, money problems — work, in particular — are one of the leading causes of divorce among couples. You’ll start to feel neglected and underappreciated, and your partner will begin to resent that you’re barely there for the family. If this need for companionship is not met, it opens to possibilities that lead to ugly incidences such as extra-marital affairs.

Failing to keep up with the times

Change is a common occurrence in today’s world and with it, comes a host of challenges and opportunities. Failing to keep up can wreck many unions. For instance, a spouse might take free online resources and further their career or pursue a dream goal.

Undermining your spouse through such changes, however, can affect your relationship. Piling a heap of bitter criticism and taking every opportunity to demean their progress could add up to the problem. While disagreements are common, finding an amicable way to handle them can save the marriage.

It takes a considerable amount of effort to cultivate a good relationship and forge a marriage that stands the test of time. Unfortunately, it’s the small oversights that cause the bond to fail.

Top 3 Reasons You Need an Attorney for Your Car Injury Claim

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Driver Suffering from Whiplash

Driver Suffering from WhiplashIt doesn’t matter whether the injuries and damages were caused intentionally or not. Under the law, you still deserve fair compensation. But until you get yourself a lawyer to handle your case, you’ll most likely fail to get the compensation you deserve.Having car accident lawyers in Townsville by your side will help you make informed decisions, including whether to settle the claim in or out of court. Here are the top benefits of working with a lawyer.

1. Negotiate a Fair Settlement

Insurance adjusters are super-skilled in negotiating a settlement amount. Since they want to work in their best interests, they will throw any offer in your way. And chances are you will fall for even the lowest offers. This is why it’s imperative to contact your lawyer before entering into any negotiation with the plaintiff’s insurance company.

2. Obtain Solid Evidence

You may have collected information and taken pictures of the scene. But some of your evidence might not be spot on from a professional point of view. Lawyers are thorough and particular when it comes to collecting evidence. They will likely want to go back to the place and gather information that is relevant, precise, and credible.

3. Comply with the Rules

Remember, rules governing personal injury claims vary from one state to another. Consequently, you may discover there are more requirements for you to file your claim successfully. An attorney who spends days handling issues of the same nature can be of great help at this point. Besides, working with a reputable attorney means you also learn to avoid what might jeopardise your case. In as much as you may want to avoid lawyers, there are some complex court procedures you can never endure alone. Remember, these intelligent gurus have spent years reading and mastering the law. Therefore, their experience can be a sure bet, even to the most complex litigations.