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Skills You Need If You Want a Job in Finance

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Recruiter examining finance applicant's resume

Recruiter examining finance applicant's resumeThese days, you don’t just have to compete with job applicants who are in your area or city or even country. You also have to compete with job seekers from all over the world, according to recruitment firms like Barden. If you’re looking to apply for top financial jobs, here are some of the skills you need to have. Work on these skills if you plan to go for finance director jobs in Dublin.

Advanced Problem-Solving Skills

Advanced problem-solving skills means that you already have the innate ability to be a problem-solver. You should be not only able to pull through during challenging times but also able to spot weak areas before they become significant problems. You can think and analyse problems to devise a solution that would benefit your company. Your team needs your wisdom and guidance to solve problems, and you should be able to help them navigate the business world.

Excellent Communication Skills

Leaders are expected to have excellent communication skills, otherwise, how do you expect them to lead? But communication should always go both ways. Apart from simply telling people what to do, you need to be able to listen to what’s going on in your department and find solutions and take actions. As a financial specialist, you have to be good at crunching numbers, but if you’re aiming for a managerial and directorial role, you have to have good communications skills too, both verbal and written.


In any company and position, the ones who are tech-savvy always have an edge. The whole business digitisation requires a working knowledge and understanding of these systems. It’s not enough that you know the basic math and statistics. You also have to be updated with the new technologies that involve your industry.

Give Yourself an Advantage

Being a leader means you have to work on soft skills, not just hard skills. In today’s modern workplace, soft skills, like delegation, are needed to manage people well. If you’re applying for jobs in the finance department, add these to your skillset.

The Role of a Spousal Support in a Divorce

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A couple in despairNot all marriages end well. Others, in fact, turn so bitter that they end up in court. When divorce is necessary, there are always financial issues that need ironing out. One of them is spousal support or the financial assistance that recognizes a partner’s contribution to the marriage. Also known as alimony, this kind of support allows the less well-off partner to establish a new life after divorce.

Further Understanding Spousal Support

Many countries recognize spousal support with rules varying per state. Its primary goal is to ensure that the less well-off partner continues to receive an income even after divorce. A spousal support, however, does not indulge the ex-partner’s lifestyle, but only allows the person to find a job to fully support themselves eventually. In Albuquerque, divorce lawyers say that only a court can decide on how much and how long the financial assistance will be.

Determining the Amount of Spousal Support

Every state has its own rules and regulations when it comes to determining the amount of spousal support. Most courts, however, observe the following factors:

  • Age, physical condition, emotional state, and financial condition of the former spouse;
  • Length of time he or she needs the support;
  • Couple’s standard of living during marriage;
  • Length of the marriage; and
  • The capability of the other spouse to support not only the ex-spouse but also him/herself.

Different Kinds of Spousal Support

There are many kinds of spousal support. Below are three of the most common:

  • Rehabilitative Spousal Support – granted only for a specific period.
  • Lump-sum Spousal Support – granted in lieu of a property settlement.
  • Permanent Spousal Support – a continuous financial support that will only end when the recipient remarries or dies.

Not all divorces entail a spousal support. It is still the court’s call as they decide the need of one of the spouses. If you are seeking or would like to provide spousal support, make sure to hear the advice of an attorney.

Dirty Tactics to Watch Out For When Negotiating for a Mortgage

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MortgageAll costs involved in a mortgage are absolutely negotiable. No advertised rates and quoted fees are written in stone, and you, as a borrower, have a say in how the deal will turn out.

But not all homebuyers are born negotiators; some are just going to take whatever the other party wants. You don’t bargain for mortgage rates on a regular basis, so your lack of experience or knowledge about home loans naturally puts you at a disadvantage. You’re lucky if you find honest brokers that put your best interests above anything else, but what if not?

It’s a serious problem for anyone who applies for mortgage in Utah, Alaska, Michigan, and other parts of the country. But if you’re aware of the typical tricks experienced lenders use against average borrowers, you might tilt the balance in your favor.

The “Best There Is” Claim

First and foremost, lenders who like to get as many businesses as they could, will convince anybody their offer is unbeatable. It’s the lowest interest rate in the state, the smallest closing costs no lending company could match; it’s like you’re watching the shopping network.

Point is, there’s no such thing as the best deal. City Creek Mortgage says every deal is different, and each one is relatively perfect for an individual’s situation. One offer might be good enough for somebody else, but it may hardly meet your specific needs.

The “Break Even” Defense

No lender wants to close a deal just to break even. They only give these kinds of justifications so you wouldn’t ask for less, and passively accept whatever price they have in mind.

Don’t be afraid to say no when they refuse to meet you halfway, if you think the original deal is unfavorable. They need you just as much as you need them. And even if they actually wouldn’t earn serious coin on your loan, they’d be happier to have your business than not.

The Classic “Bait and Switch”

This is the oldest trick in the book. It’s when lenders tease you with a desirable offer, then suddenly pitch a higher rate when they feel you’re already too hooked to back out. It may be a waste of time and effort, but you might feel more regret signing a deal different than what was promised, instead of just starting from scratch again.

Getting a long list of quotes from a variety of sources can give you the leverage on the negotiation table. The mortgage industry is quite competitive, so use it to your advantage.

What Makes Managing Payroll so Difficult?

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Payroll GivingIf there is one thing that most small business owners hate dealing with, it is managing payroll. Making sure that employees receive the wages they deserve is crucial, but it certainly isn’t easy. But what really makes payroll so difficult to get right?

Running a payroll system isn’t just about writing people checks and making sure there is still enough cash left in the bank. There are many challenges to doing it properly, and these are the main ones.

1. Regular filing – Dealing with government and bureaucracy is never fun, but it is even more stressful as a business owner. Failure to accurately file, report, and pay your obligations will greatly cost your company, and it is the biggest mistake you can make. Knowing all the relevant laws and deadlines is vital.

2. Constant adjustments – Even without taking into account the different salaries your employees have, there are many adjustments that you will have to keep track of. Vacations, sick leaves, pay raises, overtime pay, social security contributions, and countless other factors affect how much your staff will actually receive every pay day.

3. Lack of technology – Although you can now easily find affordable small business payroll software from and other providers, many companies are still slow to embrace accounting technology. This is a major disadvantage that makes the entire process more cumbersome and inefficient than it has to be.

4. Competing for time – Running a business is incredibly time consuming, and many owners have difficulty with juggling payroll in addition to all their other important tasks. The limited amount of time that they can devote to this can easily cause mistakes.

5. Human error – Finally, there is the ever present risk of human error. Forgetting a step or adding an extra zero can be disastrous, and will have far reaching effects. This is another area where technology helps greatly, as good software acts as a highly effective guard against silly mistakes.

Managing payroll becomes increasingly complex as time goes on, and the consequences of doing it wrong can be heavy. If it becomes too difficult, you may want to even leave it to a dedicated accountant, and focus on other areas of your business instead.

Risk Takers: Student Loans and Debt Consolidation

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acquiring reliable student loanOne of the harshest realities in the modern world is that gambles are necessary to attain success. For most of Britain’s youth, that means taking out a student loan and going to university. As anyone who has ever applied for such loans knows, the entire process is brutal.

The government gives young people the opportunity to gain the education needed for the professions they want to practice, but the ensuing debt that comes after graduation cause many to struggle. Parliament has argued with itself for the last few years in creating a system that’s fair for both students and the institution, but so far they haven’t managed it.

The Debt Hole

The latest figures put total personal debt in the UK at GBP1.4 trillion, which means the average household debt is GBP54, 000. For many low-income university students, the prospects they face after graduation are daunting. Other than tuition fee loans, they’ll also have to contend with maintenance loans and the interest rates of both. Not to mention all the frustration with the HMRC overpayment issue, which makes the entire situation ten times harder to stomach.

One-Way Out

The current state of affairs pushes many people to avail of a debt consolidation loan to pocket all the different payments into one category. Many people like this option not necessarily because of lower interest rates or special offers, but for the convenience of having just one bill to pay every month instead of five.

This, however, doesn’t mean anyone’s off the hook. A consolidation loan needs security of equal or greater amount to the money you’re buying. Getting this kind of loan may mean putting security against your home, which the bank can seize if payments aren’t rendered. It’s an option that deters many potential borrowers, with good reason, but it may be the only avenue available to most of them.

Choosing a successful loan hinges on the borrower’s knowledge of their own circumstances, as well as their willingness to follow through on payments. Debts aren’t forever, but they can feel like it if you don’t keep a close tab on what you’ve already paid and pending payments.


A Win-win Situation for Clinical Negligence Victims

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 consultation with an expertFalling victim to medical malpractice can be devastating. It’s important to seek help from a medical negligence solicitor to establish the claims for compensation.

In the past years, many victims in the UK were hesitant to file medical malpractice claims in fear of bearing high legal costs. Thanks to the introduction of the “No Win No Fee System”, these victims now have the confidence to sue the accused party and fight for their rights.

System Explained

The “No Win No Fee System” describes the Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) between a law firm and an individual seeking legal assistance. Established in 1995, CFAs came about with the end of the legal aid system available for Personal Injury cases. Under this contract, solicitors should agree to accept fees only if they win the case. The lawyers can’t claim for payment in case of a loss.

No Win No Fee Solicitor

Most victims of medical malpractice aren’t fully aware of how to file compensation claims. Therefore, it’s important to contact a no win no fee lawyer for guidance through the legal proceedings. Choosing the right lawyer can be a tricky affair, so you need to understand how the legal process associated with medical malpractice works.

Before calling a solicitor, know the medical domain in which the lawyer specialises. Seeking the expertise of a no win no fee lawyer has many benefits, including winning the compensation claim. Check the Internet and look for a competent no win no fee lawyer.

Justice for All

Victims of clinical negligence suffer not just financially, but sometimes socially as well. The inability to work can leave them with an uncertain future. The “No Win No Fee System” gives everyone an opportunity to get justice after facing injuries from clinical negligence.

You don’t have to be a victim forever. Call a no win no fee solicitor and get the necessary compensation that you deserve.