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Safety During Container Loading and Unloading Process

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Man wearing hard hat and safety glasses on site

Man wearing hard hat and safety glasses on siteMost of the work accidents during the loading and unloading of containers happen in handling stages. The container manoeuvring process to and from the warehouse also poses significant risks to employees handling the containers.

Besides getting the right container loading and unloading platforms, the other ways to avoid the occurrence of these accidents include:

Appropriate Transport Means

The platforms to move the containers must be in a manner that can withstand any forces acting on the containers. Also, well-marked transport routes help the trucks to remain within the required tracks. Proper securing of the cargo can also prevent trucks from veering and falling off.

Safety from Falls

The loading and unloading process of top containers should be from a high position. The loading stands should be strong enough to allow setting of the bridge. You can also use a stable lifting platform. Whichever the case, have a fall protection mechanism to prevent harm in the event of an accident.

Successive Unloading

Often your items will get loose when you are releasing the goods. Thus, understand how the wrapping of your cargo is before you begin the unloading process. Not only will you ensure the safety of your goods, but you will also prevent any accidents during the unloading process.

Proper Securing

When the securing of goods is not in the correct position, the goods could displace during transit. The doors of your shipping containers could have tension and cause the doors to swing open and loose the secured cargo. Use bolts to prevent unexpected opening of doors and have additional securing solutions to keep your items in place.

It is crucial you ensure that the loading, manoeuvring, and unloading process of your containers is safe to protect your employees from any accidents. With the right container loading and unloading platforms, you will ease the loading and unloading process while minimising the possibility of such accidents.

Obesity: Causes and Treatments

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Woman squeezing tummy fat

Woman squeezing tummy fatObesity is one of the most potent risk factors for developing diseases of the heart, liver, and kidney. Statistics show that obesity is linked to a sevenfold increase in the incidences of heart disease in the United States. Since this condition leads to high blood pressure and heart failure, early treatment plays a pivotal role in reducing mortality. Thus, physicians recommend immediate therapy in clinics such as Revere Health.

What Causes Obesity?

Obesity is a multifactorial disease that occurs due to several genetic, environmental, and psychosocial factors. Since the body has to maintain a balance between food consumption and metabolism, a change in either factor might trigger obesity. The two primary causes of obesity include overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. Other factors such as family history, medication intake, and stress can predispose you to develop obesity.

What Diseases Increase my Risk of Developing Obesity?

Obesity is associated with several conditions such as hypothyroidism and insulin resistance. Hypothyroidism is a disease wherein your thyroid gland produces low levels of thyroid hormones, which leads to a decreased metabolic rate. Insulin resistance, which causes Type II diabetes, impairs glucose absorption and distribution, resulting in the accumulation of sugar and fat.

How Is Obesity Treated?

Obesity is a chronic condition that requires several therapeutic interventions to ensure weight maintenance. Your physician will devise a plan to help you achieve your ideal weight or body mass index (BMI). Treatment plans focus on proper nutrient distribution and the prevention of overeating. This will prevent nutritional impairment and electrolyte imbalances.

Overall, the number of obese individuals has been rising over the past two decades. Therefore, it is crucial to visit a specialist who will recommend fitness programs to improve your quality of life.

First Time in Manila? Here’s How to Go About the City

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Luneta Park Manila

Luneta Park ManilaMetro Manila is, without a doubt, one of the cities to look out for due to its growth as a tourist spot. This makes sense, considering that the city is home to a broad range of different cultural and historical sites.

Whether you’re visiting Chinatown, Intramuros, or Mckinley Hill, it’s important to know the streets or ask for help from those who do. Here are some tips to get you started:

Vehicle Rentals

Sedan rental in Manila comes in handy if you're a tourist with zero knowledge of the city. Like most car rental services, the drivers operating the vehicle are normally locals who are familiar with the city’s ins-and-outs. This means you can ask them for information about directions, traffic times, or a landmark that you happen to pass by.

Hotel Receptionists

While you’re staying at a hotel, it’s also practical to seek help from a hotel reception for helpful tips. If you’re clueless about what to include in your itinerary, or which routes to take, the front desk could give recommendations.

Traffic Officers

If you’re on the road, you could also ask help from traffic officers. Because they're trained to direct traffic and pedestrians; they are also familiar with certain streets, traffic times, and easy routes.


Feel free to ask the locals themselves. Most Filipinos understand and speak English, so it should be easy to approach one to get an insight or instructions regarding your destination. But due to the availability of help from car rental drivers, hotel receptionists, and traffic officers, you wouldn't normally need to engage with the locals.

Metro Manila is characterized as an urban jungle with busy thoroughfares, patches of greenery, soaring skyscrapers, and an assortment of tourist spots. If it’s your first time visiting Manila, make sure you have the right help to make the most of your trip.

Why Lawn Care Service is Important to Your Business

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Man mowing the lawn

Man mowing the lawnHaving a healthy and well-tended lawn is more than just a vanity project. Many business owners are investing their time and money in maintaining their lawn to promote their image.

There are many other reasons businesses use professional landscaping and lawn care services and here are some of them:

Increased Safety

An unkempt lawn or garden often causes injuries and damages to property. Having it tended on a regular basis will ensure that no one will get hurt. It will also help avoid costly repairs to your property, along with complaints or legal issues in the neighborhood.

Enhanced Value

A well-maintained lawn promotes a better image for your business. It always has an effect on the way people perceive your professional skills. If they see an untidy and unattractive outdoor space, they may likely ignore your place without making an effort to know what you could offer. As compared to having a clean and well-maintained garden, they would often incorporate it to how good you are at managing things around you.

Improved Security

Overgrown trees and untidy lawn often attract criminals. It provides an opportunity for them to trespass your property. To reduce or completely deter any of these possibilities, it’s important that you keep every corner clean and visible to the eyes. It’s also a great solution to prevent pests, such as rodents, raccoons, and other creatures from entering your premises.

Energy Savings

Adding greenery and flowers in your office space is a great way to control extreme weather condition. Trees and plants moderate the amount of heat your building will absorb. During the colder season, they can make it less chilly inside your office. This means you’ll earn more savings on energy consumption. Since there’s lesser effort needed, it also ensures the longevity of your heating and cooling system

While creating an attractive appearance, lawn care service provides numerous benefits to commercial and residential property owners. It enhances the appeal of your place at the same time create an environment that is safe, secure, and clean for everyone.

Effective Ways to Care for Your Senior Loved Ones

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senior citizens in a couchDuring their later years, seniors have to care for their physical and mental health. While this might not seem overwhelming, you should do your best to improve the quality of their lives. Here are some practical ways to do so:

Connect with Home Health Care

Your senior loved ones might feel isolated in retirement homes. An excellent way to solve this problem is to find elderly home health care services in Brooklyn. Your loved ones will feel more comfortable and content because of their new social connections. In addition, you can rest assured that the caregivers will attend to your loved ones’ needs.

Maintain Communication

If your loved ones live far away from you, try to keep in touch with them. You do not have to be on the phone every day. Just have regular conversations. Try to teach them how to use new cell phones and computers. Doing so will help them communicate with you and find new means of recreation. For example, many senior citizens nowadays enjoy using social media and playing mobile games.

Find Community Centers

Seniors can improve their social life by joining community activities for the elderly. Some communities offer games, sports and other forms of entertainment that give them a chance for social interaction. You can always drive them to the activity venues if transportation is an issue for them.

In the end, your elderly loved ones need you now more than ever. Hence, there is a need to step up and do what you can for them. After all, seeing them living their lives to the fullest is worth all the effort that you put in.

Australia’s Housing Sector Has Become a Buyer’s Market

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a row of houses with fenced yardsFirst-time home buyers in Australia have kept a close watch on residential property prices, which have been falling for almost a year now.

The pent-up demand among buyers manifests in capital cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. On the other hand, construction supplies might be more necessary with the boom in building projects in the second quarter of 2018.

Right Timing

Even if prices have dropped in recent months, most buyers are still waiting for the right time to bid for a house in the hopes of further declines. Sydney home prices have dropped by 5.6 per cent in the last 11 months, while the market in Melbourne recorded a 2 per cent decline in the past quarter.

The trend has been bad news for investors and homeowners, although it does not indicate a market crash. However, the pace of new home construction could further drive prices to a lower scale.

New Home Projects

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) said that new home building projects contributed a 0.9 per cent to the economy’s growth between April and June. If more homes get built, then sellers might have to lower their asking prices to find willing buyers.

While Sydney and Melbourne have lower home prices, most people still find them too expensive. Another problem involves tighter lending restrictions that mainly prevent investors from taking out interest-only loans.

Fewer people are likely eligible for financing assistance, which could result in a lower number of housing starts in the next two years, according to BIS Oxford Economics.

Home builders will have to make sure a steady source of construction supplies to avoid delays on project deliveries. The price slowdown in major Australian cities means more people are willing to buy homes, while homeowners are likely to renovate their properties before putting those for sale.

What Goes into the Design of Commercial Spaces

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Employees having a meeting Commercial spaces should draw crowds. Whether it’s for public consumption or a business, a space’s design should incorporate comfort and aesthetics. But of course, you can’t just ignore functionality.

You want a mix of the three when designing things, so pay attention to these decisions:

What Kind of Flooring to Install

Intercraft Flooring Group notes that commercial flooring options in Sydney range from vinyl to hardwood, and the styles showcased give plenty to think about. The most important thing to consider, however, is the kind of activity that the floor will have to withstand.

For instance, if you expect to transport a lot of liquids around the space, you will want flooring that can withstand wetness and rot. Choose the wrong flooring, and you will be wasting money on something that needs replacement so soon.

What Window Treatment to Get

This depends on where your windows are facing and where everyone is positioned in the room. For an office space, you do not want bare windows to make employees prone to skin cancer.

It will also be uncomfortable for them to work in a warm environment, and there is also the matter of energy efficiency to think about. Options range from thick curtains to blinds and awnings, and if you talk to a provider, they might recommend a specific kind that fits your needs.

What Colours to Go with It

The colours define the mood of a room. Choose intense red in the pantry, and it might be hard for employees to relax during lunch. Blues and greens are calming, while the right shade of yellow will cheer everyone. Certain industries also use colours to perceive their authenticity.

A creative agency will use bold, bright colours to assert their creativity, whilst a banking company will go with neutrals. Whatever palette you choose to go with, make it more interesting by using complementary colours.

Elements of design are at play when designing a commercial space. For best results, don’t rush into it and give your ideas some time to sort themselves out.

4 Ways to Improve Your Warehouse Packing Process

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Workers in a warehouse

Workers in a warehouseWorking in a warehouse can be a very busy job. What you’ll always think about is how to make that job easier. If you’re assigned to drive a forklift, directional stickers can help you move around the facility faster and safer.

Case packer manufacturers today have machines that can pack up to 25 cases per minute. Perhaps you can invest in something like that. Here are four ways to improve your packing process and achieve better results:

1. Keep Your Warehouse in Order

This won’t only help busy workers move around faster; it will also keep them safe from trips or falls, and your products safe from damage. Keep aisles free from anything that can be an obstruction, such as used packing material or parked vehicles.

2. Make Your Floor Plan Work for Your Process

Is the floor distance between the picking and packing process reasonable? Are all packing materials within reach? Find ways to minimise the distance between the warehouse and the docks to ensure faster loading and reduce the risk of damaged goods.

3. Equip Your Packers with The Right Training

Depending on the type of goods you are packing, you must train your packers on efficient and fast packing techniques. Make sure they understand the whole process to keep accuracy and quality at the highest level.

4. Don’t Unpack Pre-Packed Items Right Away

There may be orders that require the same amount of stocks as those that come into your warehouse pre-packed. Don’t be robotic and go ripping open new arrivals, just to end up stacking them in the same number. This saves a huge amount of time.

Take the time to stop, observe, and review your packing process. You’ll never know when there may be a kink in the whole process that’s slowing down your operations. As inventory needs change, so will your packing process. Make sure yours is up to date, so you can achieve the highest level of efficiency in your warehouse.

Fire Sprinkler Systems: How to Keep Them Ready for Emergencies

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Fire alarm on a wall

Fire alarm on a wallIt’s not common for a fire sprinkler system to be used all the time. In fact, most buildings live their lives without having the sprinklers go off at all. But even so, they still need to be maintained to ensure their best performance if a fire strikes.

Regular maintenance involves checking for leaks and upgrading to carbon steel fittings. Here are some ways to ensure that you have a functional and reliable sprinkler system that’s ready for emergencies:

Check your water pressure quarterly

If other parts of your building receive a good amount of water pressure, so should your sprinklers. A professional could tell if all the valves are open and produce the right amount of water pressure for the sprinklers to spread water in a room.

Make sure control valves are always open

It is easy to check electronically controlled valves. But non-electronic valves must be checked manually every week to make sure they are ready to spew out water in case of a fire.

Clean sprinkler heads

Dirt can accumulate on sprinkler heads, especially if they are located in a place where the air is not kept clean. Use non-corrosive cleaning solutions regularly and make sure the sprinklers are not painted over when repainting the ceilings.

Have a professional inspection

A fire service technician should conduct a full system inspection and maintenance check-up once a year. Any repair or replacement must be done immediately.

Make sure the sprinkler path is clear

Remove objects that are too close to the sprinkler heads. These may prevent the water from effectively spreading out through a room if a fire strikes.

Fire sprinkler systems are installed as part of the fire safety requirements for every building. Do not let the thought that it may never be used stop you from having regular maintenance check-ups. You will never know when or where a fire can occur in your building. Everyone’s safety should be of utmost importance.

Specialty Features You Should Consider When Buying Industrial Floor Mats

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Close-up hot of floor mat

Close-up hot of floor matIndustrial floor mats are great for commercial settings. Most of these mats share common features aimed at improving protection and safety at the workplace. Standard industrial applications for these mats include improving traction on slippery or wet surfaces and ergonomic support in difficult working conditions.

In addition to these essential uses, manufacturers design some floor mats for specific applications. These mats have unique features to enhance their use in particular settings. Here are some features floor mats for industrial use have.

Antimicrobial Features

You could typically find this feature in mats designed for the medical industry, as well as in operating theatres, laboratories, ICU and histology departments among other sensitive medical chambers and environments.

They sustain and ensure cleanliness and sterility of the workplace. You could optimise the functionality of mats with antimicrobial features by including slip resistance, waterproofing, and anti-fatigue features.

Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Features

Mats with ESD features enhance workplace safety against electric shock. These mats have electrically conductive along with static dissipative properties which conduct and neutralise static and electric charges.

ESD floor mats are sometimes known as welding safe matting systems due to their wide use in the welding sector. You could opt for additional features with the mat for increased efficiency.

Vibration and Noise Reduction Features

These mats have with vibration and noise reduction pads which soak up the excess dissonance in noisy workplaces like fitness centres and gyms.

These mats also have essential industrial features which reduce muscle stress during exercise. Noisy workplaces and those with vibrations also use these to minimise distraction and hence improve productivity.

Chemical resistant mats protect industrial floors from the different chemicals used in the particular workplace. Oil- and grease-resistant mats are useful in many industries to keep the floors clean and intact. In addition to protecting the floor, these mats protect the workers from slips, falls and chemical injuries.