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What Goes into the Design of Commercial Spaces

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Employees having a meeting Commercial spaces should draw crowds. Whether it’s for public consumption or a business, a space’s design should incorporate comfort and aesthetics. But of course, you can’t just ignore functionality.

You want a mix of the three when designing things, so pay attention to these decisions:

What Kind of Flooring to Install

Intercraft Flooring Group notes that commercial flooring options in Sydney range from vinyl to hardwood, and the styles showcased give plenty to think about. The most important thing to consider, however, is the kind of activity that the floor will have to withstand.

For instance, if you expect to transport a lot of liquids around the space, you will want flooring that can withstand wetness and rot. Choose the wrong flooring, and you will be wasting money on something that needs replacement so soon.

What Window Treatment to Get

This depends on where your windows are facing and where everyone is positioned in the room. For an office space, you do not want bare windows to make employees prone to skin cancer.

It will also be uncomfortable for them to work in a warm environment, and there is also the matter of energy efficiency to think about. Options range from thick curtains to blinds and awnings, and if you talk to a provider, they might recommend a specific kind that fits your needs.

What Colours to Go with It

The colours define the mood of a room. Choose intense red in the pantry, and it might be hard for employees to relax during lunch. Blues and greens are calming, while the right shade of yellow will cheer everyone. Certain industries also use colours to perceive their authenticity.

A creative agency will use bold, bright colours to assert their creativity, whilst a banking company will go with neutrals. Whatever palette you choose to go with, make it more interesting by using complementary colours.

Elements of design are at play when designing a commercial space. For best results, don’t rush into it and give your ideas some time to sort themselves out.

4 Ways to Improve Your Warehouse Packing Process

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Workers in a warehouse

Workers in a warehouseWorking in a warehouse can be a very busy job. What you’ll always think about is how to make that job easier. If you’re assigned to drive a forklift, directional stickers can help you move around the facility faster and safer.

Case packer manufacturers today have machines that can pack up to 25 cases per minute. Perhaps you can invest in something like that. Here are four ways to improve your packing process and achieve better results:

1. Keep Your Warehouse in Order

This won’t only help busy workers move around faster; it will also keep them safe from trips or falls, and your products safe from damage. Keep aisles free from anything that can be an obstruction, such as used packing material or parked vehicles.

2. Make Your Floor Plan Work for Your Process

Is the floor distance between the picking and packing process reasonable? Are all packing materials within reach? Find ways to minimise the distance between the warehouse and the docks to ensure faster loading and reduce the risk of damaged goods.

3. Equip Your Packers with The Right Training

Depending on the type of goods you are packing, you must train your packers on efficient and fast packing techniques. Make sure they understand the whole process to keep accuracy and quality at the highest level.

4. Don’t Unpack Pre-Packed Items Right Away

There may be orders that require the same amount of stocks as those that come into your warehouse pre-packed. Don’t be robotic and go ripping open new arrivals, just to end up stacking them in the same number. This saves a huge amount of time.

Take the time to stop, observe, and review your packing process. You’ll never know when there may be a kink in the whole process that’s slowing down your operations. As inventory needs change, so will your packing process. Make sure yours is up to date, so you can achieve the highest level of efficiency in your warehouse.

Fire Sprinkler Systems: How to Keep Them Ready for Emergencies

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Fire alarm on a wall

Fire alarm on a wallIt’s not common for a fire sprinkler system to be used all the time. In fact, most buildings live their lives without having the sprinklers go off at all. But even so, they still need to be maintained to ensure their best performance if a fire strikes.

Regular maintenance involves checking for leaks and upgrading to carbon steel fittings. Here are some ways to ensure that you have a functional and reliable sprinkler system that’s ready for emergencies:

Check your water pressure quarterly

If other parts of your building receive a good amount of water pressure, so should your sprinklers. A professional could tell if all the valves are open and produce the right amount of water pressure for the sprinklers to spread water in a room.

Make sure control valves are always open

It is easy to check electronically controlled valves. But non-electronic valves must be checked manually every week to make sure they are ready to spew out water in case of a fire.

Clean sprinkler heads

Dirt can accumulate on sprinkler heads, especially if they are located in a place where the air is not kept clean. Use non-corrosive cleaning solutions regularly and make sure the sprinklers are not painted over when repainting the ceilings.

Have a professional inspection

A fire service technician should conduct a full system inspection and maintenance check-up once a year. Any repair or replacement must be done immediately.

Make sure the sprinkler path is clear

Remove objects that are too close to the sprinkler heads. These may prevent the water from effectively spreading out through a room if a fire strikes.

Fire sprinkler systems are installed as part of the fire safety requirements for every building. Do not let the thought that it may never be used stop you from having regular maintenance check-ups. You will never know when or where a fire can occur in your building. Everyone’s safety should be of utmost importance.

Specialty Features You Should Consider When Buying Industrial Floor Mats

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Close-up hot of floor mat

Close-up hot of floor matIndustrial floor mats are great for commercial settings. Most of these mats share common features aimed at improving protection and safety at the workplace. Standard industrial applications for these mats include improving traction on slippery or wet surfaces and ergonomic support in difficult working conditions.

In addition to these essential uses, manufacturers design some floor mats for specific applications. These mats have unique features to enhance their use in particular settings. Here are some features floor mats for industrial use have.

Antimicrobial Features

You could typically find this feature in mats designed for the medical industry, as well as in operating theatres, laboratories, ICU and histology departments among other sensitive medical chambers and environments.

They sustain and ensure cleanliness and sterility of the workplace. You could optimise the functionality of mats with antimicrobial features by including slip resistance, waterproofing, and anti-fatigue features.

Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Features

Mats with ESD features enhance workplace safety against electric shock. These mats have electrically conductive along with static dissipative properties which conduct and neutralise static and electric charges.

ESD floor mats are sometimes known as welding safe matting systems due to their wide use in the welding sector. You could opt for additional features with the mat for increased efficiency.

Vibration and Noise Reduction Features

These mats have with vibration and noise reduction pads which soak up the excess dissonance in noisy workplaces like fitness centres and gyms.

These mats also have essential industrial features which reduce muscle stress during exercise. Noisy workplaces and those with vibrations also use these to minimise distraction and hence improve productivity.

Chemical resistant mats protect industrial floors from the different chemicals used in the particular workplace. Oil- and grease-resistant mats are useful in many industries to keep the floors clean and intact. In addition to protecting the floor, these mats protect the workers from slips, falls and chemical injuries.

Strategies on How to Promote Safety in Warehouse Operations

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warehouse racking

warehouse rackingWarehouses are some of the most dangerous work sites in Australia. Workers in these environments have an increased risk of suffering from occupational injuries.

Hazards arise from accidents caused by machinery and equipment, carrying of heavy loads and the most common of all: slips, trips and falls.

Warehouse managers can considerably reduce the risks of accident with the right safety policies. With these in place, the warehouse can remain a productive and healthy environment for workers, as well as the equipment.

Here are a few of the strategies to include in your safety initiatives:

Slip, trip and fall protection

Of all workplace accidents, falls take the lead in terms of frequency. And this doesn’t just apply to Australian warehouses. Regardless of the industry or sector, falls are the most common injury-causing hazards. Many cases of accidents also result from slips and trips, which is why employers must address all three risks as one and implement preventative measures against them.

Pallet racking damage is a major Workplace Health & Safety Issue. A solid and durable warehouse racking system is a must to keep both your staff and equipment safe.

You may also invest in anti-slip matting or flooring, bright lighting systems and guard rails.

Correct stacking and racking methodologies

Many of the goods and products in warehouses are placed overhead – on racks and shelves. These organisational systems must therefore boast the durability to bear heavy objects without the risk of collapsing. Selective pallet racking is one type of system that can be designed to meet virtually any pallet size or weight.

Equally important is to have all workers undergo training on proper stacking and racking methodologies, as incorrect procedures can result in equally grave accidents.

Your warehouse employees deserve safe and healthy working conditions, so do the equipment and goods. There must be no compromise in safety: invest in proper safety training, equipment and protective gear.

Here’s Why You Should Upgrade Your Warehouse Storage Systems

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warehouseCompared with other types of workers, warehouse employees are at a much greater risk of accidents and occupational hazards.

From slips, trips and falls to injuries caused by malfunctioning equipment, a wide range of potential injuries face workers every day. Warehouse owners or operators must implement stringent safety procedures to improve and maintain the safety of workers.

With proper safety practices, you can prevent many of these unwanted and often dangerous incidents taking place in your own facility. Considering your business revolves primarily around storage, then an upgrade to your warehouse racking system is a good place to start.

A system that grows with your business

When upgrading warehouse operations, warehouse managers usually think of expansion.  Expanding operations means catering to more customers, which also translates to more profits. Consider first the additional facilities this upgrade will require, such as proper and safe storage equipment. One way to achieve this is through the use of adjustable pallet racking systems.

Also known as selective racking systems, adjustable pallet racking systems have become a popular and sought-after warehouse storage solution for their suite of useful properties. The adjustability of the system allows for increased storage, while keeping goods and more importantly, your workers, safe from potential collapse.

According to storage systems manufacturers, selective pallet racking is the most desired option because it offers 100% selective storage up to 12.8-m in height, meaning it utilises valuable air space.

More storage in a restricted space

Next to operations expansion is expansion of the physical space.  And this doesn’t always pertain to increasing the ground area of the facility. In some cases, warehouse managers make way for more space – and hence, storage – by maximising the available space. This is attainable through innovative and well-designed racking systems that utilise air space and are tailored to the facility’s specific requirements.

By investing in high-quality storage systems, you can keep warehouse operations properly organised, prevent the risk of workplace injury, and create more opportunities to prosper and grow.

3 Must-Have Tools in Your DIY Tool Kit

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Topview of toolbox

Topview of toolboxThere’s something about DIY projects that excites most homeowners. Everyone has a creative side and what better way to express it than by doing some simple projects around the house? You even get to save money in the process.
So, which tools will you need for your DIY projects? Herrick Industrial Supply gives some recommendations.

A cordless drill

Whether you are hanging pictures, putting up cabinets, or fixing a fence, a drill is one of the tools that can make the job easier. The cordless drill is preferable because of its flexibility, particularly when you are working at height or in awkward positions where cables might become entangled. Don’t forget to buy appropriate drill bits from your local hardware or online.

A table saw

Fun as they may be, some DIY projects can pose a danger, especially if they involve cutting. The last thing you want is a couple of missing fingers at the end of a project. That may sound a little far-fetched, but you’ll be surprised what injuries a simple mistake can cause. Choose a table saw that uses a technology that stops the blade the moment it comes in contact with your skin.

A nail gun

There are few DIY projects at home that won’t require you to use nails. These days, some people use a hammer for these projects. A nail gun is a better option, as it is faster and safer to use. You’ll need a framing nail gun for bigger projects, such as fixing the fence, as well as a finishing gun for smaller projects where you’re using nails shorter than 2.5 inches.

The outcome of any DIY project at home greatly depends on the type and quality of the tools you use. The good news is that you need not buy everything at once, although it’s important to make sure every tool you buy is the best one for the job.

Top Reasons to Consider Owning A Cellphone Repair Franchise

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cellphone repair

cellphone repairAccording to statistics from the analytics firm Flurry, US users spend up to five hours a day on their mobile devices. As adoption and usage of smartphone technology increases so does the demand for repair services that can keep user devices serviceable past their original warranty period. It’s a great time to own a cellphone repair franchise, and if you’re still on the fence about it, then here are some great reasons why you should consider operating a franchise as well.


Owning a franchise gives you the opportunity to be your own boss. Now granted, that’s not an excuse to lounge around sipping martinis all day. Operating your own business requires just as much effort, hard work and dedication as a regular 9-5. In some cases, it requires more. But a franchise gives you everything you need to not only start your business but to help it grow and thrive as well.

Business support

While starting your own business from scratch can be a daunting prospect, franchises take a lot of the guesswork and uncertainty out of the equation. Your franchise partner will provide you with ongoing support, guidance, established processes, technology, and supplier contracts, to get you started and more.

Massive client base

According to the Pew Research Center, 95% of all Americans now own a mobile phone of some kind. Considering that phones are not indestructible, you’re looking at a market that is potentially worth billions of dollars a year.

The rapid pace at which phones are becoming more ubiquitous by the day means that capturing even a small segment of the repair market can be enough to sustain and grow your business. Armed with a knowledgeable franchise team and a proven business plan, you’d be well on your way to operating your franchise in no time.

CDC: Indiana among 19 States with Water-Related Disease Outbreaks

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Water pouring from a tapThe number of “drinking water outbreaks” between 2013 and 2014 increased to 42 cases in 19 states from 32 in 2011 to 2012, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s reports.

Kathy Benedict of CDC’s Waterborne Disease Prevention Branch said that the increase might have taken place due to a “true increase in disease, better reporting or changes in capacity in states to do surveillance.”

Affected states

The 19 states, which include Indiana, reported the outbreaks were caused by infectious pathogens, chemicals or toxins. The outbreaks resulted in an estimated 1,006 cases of sickness, 13 fatalities, and 124 hospitalizations. However, Benedict said that the reported cases had become fewer than the numbers in the late 70s or early 80s.

Some environmental consulting groups believe that an aging water infrastructure is a key source of the issue. In Indiana, business leaders urged state lawmakers to prioritize legislation on water-related issues for the upcoming legislative session. The public also plays an important role in ensuring safety for drinking water sources. Since some bacteria are odorless and colorless, households should test their water supply if they suspect any form of contamination.

Indiana’s priorities

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 Legislative Preview event called for the state’s lawmakers to prioritize legislation on water-related issues. Some water treatment equipment manufacturers in Fort Wayne specialize in chemical-free solutions, which are cheaper and safer for the environment.

Greg Ellis, the chamber’s vice president of energy and environmental policy, said that repairing leaky water pipes will require financial assistance from the federal government to avoid “wasting a valuable resource.” Aside from water, the chamber also urged lawmakers to focus on legislation for education and healthcare.

Clean and safe drinking water remains important for any state. The public and private sector should consider chemical-free alternatives for water treatment, which will likely ensure a lesser risk of water-related diseases.

4 Ways to Relax and Get Rid of Stress

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Roads to stress and relaxationWorking day in and day out can take a toll on your body. Stress, if not managed properly, can cause you to get sick and be less productive. You have to remember that you deserve a break now and then. You need to recharge your body so that you can have the energy to face yet another day.

Here are four ways you can relax and get rid of stress:

Eat healthy foods

Most people tend to eat a lot of unhealthy foods when stressed, and stress eating can get out of hand fast and lead to obesity. If you want to feel better, switch to healthy foods and remove the bad toxins in your diet. You can start by avoiding fast food places and cooking your own meals instead. Not only will this make you lose weight but also make you more conscious about what you eat.

Go to the spa

Nothing can say relaxation better than going on a spa break in Bath and getting a massage. Have a masseuse remove all the pain in your back and aching muscles. After that, you can also find a salon where to have your hair or nails done. Go ahead and pamper yourself.


Moving your body and doing exercises will not only alleviate your stress but will also benefit your mental health. You can start by simply stretching in the morning and then going for a quick jog. It does not matter where you start; what matters is that you are consistent.

Spend more time with your family

Cherish your family with all that you have. Take them out to dinner, go to the movies, or just stay at home and listen to each other’s stories. Having someone to talk to is one of the best ways to de-stress.

Life has its ups and downs; that is inevitable. Whenever life pulls you down, remember to find a way to lift yourself up again. Manage your stress so that you can live a happier life.