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3 Must-Have Tools in Your DIY Tool Kit

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Topview of toolbox

Topview of toolboxThere’s something about DIY projects that excites most homeowners. Everyone has a creative side and what better way to express it than by doing some simple projects around the house? You even get to save money in the process.
So, which tools will you need for your DIY projects? Herrick Industrial Supply gives some recommendations.

A cordless drill

Whether you are hanging pictures, putting up cabinets, or fixing a fence, a drill is one of the tools that can make the job easier. The cordless drill is preferable because of its flexibility, particularly when you are working at height or in awkward positions where cables might become entangled. Don’t forget to buy appropriate drill bits from your local hardware or online.

A table saw

Fun as they may be, some DIY projects can pose a danger, especially if they involve cutting. The last thing you want is a couple of missing fingers at the end of a project. That may sound a little far-fetched, but you’ll be surprised what injuries a simple mistake can cause. Choose a table saw that uses a technology that stops the blade the moment it comes in contact with your skin.

A nail gun

There are few DIY projects at home that won’t require you to use nails. These days, some people use a hammer for these projects. A nail gun is a better option, as it is faster and safer to use. You’ll need a framing nail gun for bigger projects, such as fixing the fence, as well as a finishing gun for smaller projects where you’re using nails shorter than 2.5 inches.

The outcome of any DIY project at home greatly depends on the type and quality of the tools you use. The good news is that you need not buy everything at once, although it’s important to make sure every tool you buy is the best one for the job.

Top Reasons to Consider Owning A Cellphone Repair Franchise

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cellphone repair

cellphone repairAccording to statistics from the analytics firm Flurry, US users spend up to five hours a day on their mobile devices. As adoption and usage of smartphone technology increases so does the demand for repair services that can keep user devices serviceable past their original warranty period. It’s a great time to own a cellphone repair franchise, and if you’re still on the fence about it, then here are some great reasons why you should consider operating a franchise as well.


Owning a franchise gives you the opportunity to be your own boss. Now granted, that’s not an excuse to lounge around sipping martinis all day. Operating your own business requires just as much effort, hard work and dedication as a regular 9-5. In some cases, it requires more. But a franchise gives you everything you need to not only start your business but to help it grow and thrive as well.

Business support

While starting your own business from scratch can be a daunting prospect, franchises take a lot of the guesswork and uncertainty out of the equation. Your franchise partner will provide you with ongoing support, guidance, established processes, technology, and supplier contracts, to get you started and more.

Massive client base

According to the Pew Research Center, 95% of all Americans now own a mobile phone of some kind. Considering that phones are not indestructible, you’re looking at a market that is potentially worth billions of dollars a year.

The rapid pace at which phones are becoming more ubiquitous by the day means that capturing even a small segment of the repair market can be enough to sustain and grow your business. Armed with a knowledgeable franchise team and a proven business plan, you’d be well on your way to operating your franchise in no time.

CDC: Indiana among 19 States with Water-Related Disease Outbreaks

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Water pouring from a tapThe number of “drinking water outbreaks” between 2013 and 2014 increased to 42 cases in 19 states from 32 in 2011 to 2012, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s reports.

Kathy Benedict of CDC’s Waterborne Disease Prevention Branch said that the increase might have taken place due to a “true increase in disease, better reporting or changes in capacity in states to do surveillance.”

Affected states

The 19 states, which include Indiana, reported the outbreaks were caused by infectious pathogens, chemicals or toxins. The outbreaks resulted in an estimated 1,006 cases of sickness, 13 fatalities, and 124 hospitalizations. However, Benedict said that the reported cases had become fewer than the numbers in the late 70s or early 80s.

Some environmental consulting groups believe that an aging water infrastructure is a key source of the issue. In Indiana, business leaders urged state lawmakers to prioritize legislation on water-related issues for the upcoming legislative session. The public also plays an important role in ensuring safety for drinking water sources. Since some bacteria are odorless and colorless, households should test their water supply if they suspect any form of contamination.

Indiana’s priorities

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 Legislative Preview event called for the state’s lawmakers to prioritize legislation on water-related issues. Some water treatment equipment manufacturers in Fort Wayne specialize in chemical-free solutions, which are cheaper and safer for the environment.

Greg Ellis, the chamber’s vice president of energy and environmental policy, said that repairing leaky water pipes will require financial assistance from the federal government to avoid “wasting a valuable resource.” Aside from water, the chamber also urged lawmakers to focus on legislation for education and healthcare.

Clean and safe drinking water remains important for any state. The public and private sector should consider chemical-free alternatives for water treatment, which will likely ensure a lesser risk of water-related diseases.

4 Ways to Relax and Get Rid of Stress

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Roads to stress and relaxationWorking day in and day out can take a toll on your body. Stress, if not managed properly, can cause you to get sick and be less productive. You have to remember that you deserve a break now and then. You need to recharge your body so that you can have the energy to face yet another day.

Here are four ways you can relax and get rid of stress:

Eat healthy foods

Most people tend to eat a lot of unhealthy foods when stressed, and stress eating can get out of hand fast and lead to obesity. If you want to feel better, switch to healthy foods and remove the bad toxins in your diet. You can start by avoiding fast food places and cooking your own meals instead. Not only will this make you lose weight but also make you more conscious about what you eat.

Go to the spa

Nothing can say relaxation better than going on a spa break in Bath and getting a massage. Have a masseuse remove all the pain in your back and aching muscles. After that, you can also find a salon where to have your hair or nails done. Go ahead and pamper yourself.


Moving your body and doing exercises will not only alleviate your stress but will also benefit your mental health. You can start by simply stretching in the morning and then going for a quick jog. It does not matter where you start; what matters is that you are consistent.

Spend more time with your family

Cherish your family with all that you have. Take them out to dinner, go to the movies, or just stay at home and listen to each other’s stories. Having someone to talk to is one of the best ways to de-stress.

Life has its ups and downs; that is inevitable. Whenever life pulls you down, remember to find a way to lift yourself up again. Manage your stress so that you can live a happier life.

Getting Your Dream Home: Things You Need to Consider

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Couple Outside Home with Sold Sign

Couple Outside Home with Sold SignAlmost everyone has a dream house that someday they hope they could either purchase or build for their family. But when people finally reached that point, many realize that there are things they need to consider seriously. One of these is finding a mortgage company in St. George that could help you build or buy your dream home.

Where to build

Two very pressing issues for most homeowners are the location and design. The location is important because no matter how nice your house is, if you are not happy with your surroundings, going home might not be as joyous as you thought it would be. Noisy neighbors, inaccessibility to modern conveniences, and even nature’s onslaught can affect your contentment on your home’s location.

How is it like

The home’s exterior and interior design are important. You should choose a design that suits your aesthetic and preferences. Even the choice of the fixtures and the furniture are important for you to feel comfortable and happy in your home. Design it the way you want it – from the materials used, the color, the number of lighting fixtures, to the stairway design.

You should consider the details, or you will end up paying more for future renovations. This is true even for those who decide to purchase a built house that may not fit your ideal.

How to pay for it

How to take out a loan is another consideration as there are many options available to you. Each choice has its pros and cons, and you should carefully deliberate since a mortgage could last for the next 5 to 30 years. The down payment, insurance coverage, and interest rate options are some of the things to consider before choosing the lender.

Making it easier in the long run

Finally, for those in the midst of their dream home loan, restructuring your loan or asking for better terms are also considerations as many institutions will not automatically adjust things for your sake. Homeowners looking to save money have to always be on the lookout for ways to reduce home mortgage payments, whether you’re in Salt Lake City or St. George.

It is always great to dream and even better to be able to achieve it. But you need full commitment to make sure that your dream becomes a reality.

Why You Should Consider a Refinance on Commercial Mortgage

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Refinance on a calculatorOnce the interest rates reach an all-time low, people look out to refinance their existing loans. This could be any loan: mortgages, car, or student loans. Many of them see the amount they can save, but they should first evaluate the conditions of the refinancing for their business before they take this route.

There are companies that offer various types of loans, refinancing and construction loans in Utah, provided by firms such as American Loans. If you are looking for refinancing your business, consult with experts and read its terms and conditions thoroughly.

Why consider refinancing?

Refinancing can benefit you in two different ways. The first reason is that you can save money when you refinance your business. You can save because you can get the loan at a much lower interest rate.

Lower rates are also possible if your business situation has dramatically improved, or your credit score has gone up. In these two instances, you can get your mortgage refinanced. If both have occurred at the same time, your interest rates could further go through reduction.

Another benefit of refinancing is if the loan shifted to a fixed rate, you could access your equity very easily: a benefit many businesses tend to overlook.

Involves a lot of paperwork

While you refinance your commercial mortgage, you will be required to submit a huge amount of paperwork. The lender will want every single detail of the operations of your company, including its financial health.

They will want to scrutinize the cash flow records and the balance sheets of your company for specific periods. They might also want to know the plans you have for your business, to get a view of how you plan to take your business forward.

Hire a professional to negotiate the commercial mortgage refinancing for you, as it can get complex. With a little research online, you can find a good company who can help you with refinancing your business.

Huge Benefits of Installing Exterior Wall Cladding

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Exterior Wall Cladding

Exterior Wall CladdingToday, there are architectural designs that bring out the most of your house, building or property. Whether made of metal, timber or stone, wall claddings offer an ideal option for improving the exteriors of your house.

The walls, especially when painted, go through exposure to various environmental and seasonal factors that make them fade over time. As a result, this leads to the decrease of the property’s aesthetic value and leaves a bad impression on your visitors.

Here are the benefits of wall cladding.

Improve Wall Aesthetics

Wall cladding is easy to install. Hence, you can improve the aesthetics of your exteriors easily. Moreover, since there are various designs and materials used for claddings, you can choose the design you want. You can choose from metal, timber, stone or vinyl.

Heat and Noise Control

Once you clad the exterior walls of your house, it will become a natural shield to protect the house from the scorching sun’s heat. It makes the house comfortable despite the warmth from the sun since it absorbs the light.

Moreover, external cladding reduces the noise you hear from the outside. The panels absorb sound waves very effectively.

Provide Durability against Wear and Tear

Cladding makes the exterior walls strong under all-weather condition. Wall cladding can contribute greatly to the safety, strength, and stability of the building since it is a heavy material. Moreover, cladding prevents damage of the bricks.

Increase Home Value

Cladding improves the value of your house. Aside from providing insulation and durability to the house, cladding adds to the overall beauty of the property. Thus, its value in the market will increase.

Exterior wall cladding is important not just because it spruces up the house, but also provides the owners with a safe and strong infrastructure. These are some of the benefits of using external wall cladding that you can consider.

The Wow Factor: Captivate Visitors with Views Around Your Home

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Beautiful floor-to-ceiling windowsFrom tranquil waters and rolling waves to breathtaking mountains and verdant plains, we all share the same penchant for spectacular views.

The fondness for vistas is shared by many, and for this reason, architects almost always prioritise framing any potential views when designing homes. Luckily, for those without a stunning vista surrounding their homes, it’s still possible to achieve the ‘wow factor’ by strategically using windows of the right material and size to frame an outdoor view.

Here are ways you can maximise the view around your home to make them more impressive:

Maximise the Outdoors

If stunning scenery surrounds your home, consider how you can frame the view/s when you and your guests are sitting outside. Capture the magnificent view with frame-less glass balustrades. Include some undercover seating and place them in areas where the views are most remarkable, like where the sunset is most visible, for instance.

Go Floor-to-Ceiling

Bring the view inside with floor-to-ceiling windows. The vast expanse of glass does not only let you revel in the sight of the beautiful outdoors, whatever the time of day, but it also lets you save energy during the day, as it lets copious amounts of natural light enter the room, eliminating the need to turn on the lights.

Don’t be afraid to go big on glass. When it comes to maximising the view, glass is your best friend.

Choose Black Frames

While it’s tempting to use frames in unusual colours and prints, especially when trying to add character to the area, you want the view to be the scene stealer. For that purpose, black frames are ideal. Black windows retreat into the background, drawing the eye toward the mesmerising view.

Having a magnificent view outside your home doesn’t necessarily mean a dramatic natural landscape with mountains, lakes and glaciers. A healthy garden is enough, or even a beautiful landscaped lawn. The important thing is to know the elements that can highlight any existing vista in your property.

Keep your teeth well for good overall health

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Dentist cleaning a patients teethWe all know that regular effective cleaning, a sensible diet and regular appointments with your dentist are important to keep your teeth and gums in good condition. But did you know that poor dental health has been linked to serious issues such as pneumonia, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and problems in pregnancy? Looking after your teeth properly also enhances your appearance, minimises the risk of bad breath and avoids the discomfort caused by gum disease, tooth decay or damaged, crooked or crowded teeth.

Dealing with every eventuality

Dental clinics need to deal with everything from preventive dentistry and cosmetic enhancement through to emergency care. Harley Street Dental Clinic in W1 provides a range of services to meet every need. So, whether you want to improve the state of your mouth, keep it in good condition or deal with an urgent problem such as pain, abscesses, a lost tooth or root canal issues, your dental clinic can help. They also understand that your confidence and quality of life can be enhanced by having a more attractive smile. This is why services such as teeth whitening, veneers, braces, crowns, dental implants and smile makeovers are available.

What to expect from a dental check-up

Children as young as 12 months should start seeing a dentist to get them used to going, establish good habits and detect any issues early. Generally, you will go to your dentist every 6 months but you may be advised that more or less frequent appointments would be useful. When you go for a check-up at your dental clinic, your mouth with be thoroughly examined for signs of problems such as decay, gum disease or oral cancer. You will be advised on the best way of caring for your teeth and gums and, if there are any major problems then your options for treatment will be discussed. In some cases, a more comprehensive examination involving x-rays may be required.

Establishing a good relationship with your dental clinic will enable you to look after your teeth in the long-term. You’ll therefore be able to enjoy good health and a great smile.

Things to Do Before Filing Your EEOICPA Claims

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Nuclear facility employee helping the patientAs a nuclear facility employee, you and your loved ones are eligible to receive compensation from the United States Department of Energy, as the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) stipulates. But before beginning the nuclear energy worker benefits claims process, Nuclear Care Partners gives you a list of things you need to do first.

Confirm your relationship to the claimant

The basis of every successful claims process is in determining that the applicant and EEOICPA claims are not the exceptions. It is advisable you clearly state whether you are the affected nuclear facility employee, the survivor or next of kin, or a third party advocate to the claim in question. Confirming your role will help you identify the right places and ways to source for relevant information that you will use when filling out the required paperwork.

Obtain an official diagnosis

Among the occupational health conditions that EEOICPA compensates for include chronic silicosis, beryllium sensitivity, radiogenic cancer, and any other illness you or your loved one developed from exposure to radioactive elements at a Department of Energy Facility. While breathing difficulties, persistent body pain, and unusual fatigue could be a symptom of one of these covered illnesses, the EEOICPA requires you to provide an official diagnosis report from a licensed physician to enlist you for compensation.

Obtain a complete summary of your work history

For a fast, smooth and fruitful claims process when filing for EEOICPA compensation, ensure you get a properly filled summary of your employment background. Do not wait till you retire from service or for when your contract with a nuclear firm end. By then, the DOE covered facility you are working for could be closed or not in a capacity to provide you with detailed records of your job history.

If you are a survivor or next of kin to a DOE contractor, subcontractor or nuclear facility employee, besides obtaining the above documents, you will need a copy of the deceased’s death certificate and any other proof of your relationship before filing your EEOICPA claims for these benefits.