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How Nike Pioneered Fashionable Athletic Footwear

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Nike Shoes

Nike ShoesNike is now one of the biggest and most recognisable brands in the world. Phil Knight transformed the brand into the global powerhouse that it is today. Initially known for its line of high-quality athletic footwear, Nike is now marketed and recognised as a fashion icon.

With the rise of conspicuous consumption and a renewed obsession with fitness, running in particular, Nike steadily rose to become part of the indispensable shelf of utilitarianism and then later evolved into quite the high-fashion commodity.

A witness to this rise is Kanye West’s signature shoe with Adidas, the Yeezy Boost; Chanel and Dior using running shoes in their runways, and the high demand for the Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro from and other online retail stores.

Tracing the Steps of Sneakers

Athletic footwear didn’t always have this kind of halo. Sneakers began as luxury items because rubber was expensive at that time and leisure was rare. Elites then were the only ones that had the privilege to wear and use innovative shoes.

The early 20th century, however, saw fitness and athleticism grow in popularity. Gyms became fashionable and shoe companies began mass-producing shoes to fit this new niche. When Nike came along under Phil Knight’s marketing leadership, sneakers weren’t about sports anymore.

From Function to Fashion

With Knight guiding the company, sneakers and fashion became nearly inextricably connected. Other designers spotted the potential Knight was nursing and joined in on the party, too. In 1984, Gucci released its iconic tennis shoes; a year after, Nike released the Air Jordans.

Year after year, they marketed shoes infused with artistry as the design gradually moved away from athleticism alone. The shoes became available in a variety of colours and even became available in designs made especially for women.

Sneakers were made by runners and were made for runners. It was concerned with making the wearers lighter, and faster on their feet. But as consumers showed more interest and as designers played a hand at the styles, athletic footwear became sought after, collected and talk about. It became fashion.

Important Things to Know About Getting a Gun Trust

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Gun Trust

Gun TrustRecreational shooting is becoming popular these days as people use it to vent out their frustrations. It’s also thrilling to see yourself get more and more capable of hitting the target. If you’re serious about enhancing your shooting skills, maybe it’s time to get a gun trust to make the process faster and easier.

What is a Gun Trust?

A gun trust is an estate planning approach that gives an individual flexibility when acquiring or transferring NFA (National Firearms Act) regulated items, which include short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, and suppressors. The main benefits of having a DIY NFA Trust, as explained by, is faster processing by the BATFE. This allows more than one person to be a trustee.

A gun trust will not allow you to bypass or violate state laws and restrictions. As a trustee, you still need to comply with the Brady Act whenever you purchase NFA-regulated items. When crossing state lines with these items, you must notify the BATFE months in advance. The items are still prohibited in states that do not allow them.

Why Get a Trust?

Most hobbyist get their trust to make the transfer of firearms safer and legal, especially if they need to travel. In addition, buying NFA-regulated items with a gun trust is faster (up to a few months) because you do not have to go through a Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) anymore.

If you’re moving to another state, you must pass a Form 20 to the BATFE. This is a problem if you’re moving into a rental home because you need to secure an address months in advance. An alternative is to leave your NFA-regulated items in a safe deposit box.

Gaining a gun trust is a long process, but it’s all worth the effort if you are a gun enthusiast. Research and plan ahead to avoid any inconvenience.

The Incredible Adaptability and Versatility of Shutters

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Versatility of Shutters

Versatility of ShuttersToday, modern shutters are installed in homes for a variety of reasons: ventilation control, light regulation, security and sometimes a purely decorative addition.

Sometime ago, the very first uses of shutters were not far from these purposes. Although not documented, the common belief is that they were first used in Ancient Greece. From marble, they became wood, spreading throughout the Mediterranean and eventually reaching England after the 15th century.

Now, you can open up a random interior design magazine and find modern houses infused with the irreplaceable classic beauty of shutters. The same beauty that gave the French and Spanish architecture the nostalgic charm that they have now.

Then and now: the timelessness of shutters

What makes shutters a timeless piece is its remarkable ability to adapt to the modern taste while maintaining its identity. Owing to the skills and imagination of young architects, the materials and applications of shutters are constantly evolving.

You cannot also overlook the increasing demand of customers as a major factor that hones this creativity. In the end, it is the homeowners that designers cater to.

Shutter specialist Boardwalk says it will be the customer’s window sizes, design ideas and intended application that determine the right product for them. Without the constant pressure of architectural trends, any brave changes from tradition will not happen.

Indoor and outdoor: the versatility of shutters

In the past, shutters were a purely indoor application that brings light control and ventilation. Today, shutters can exist outside your typical Australian home. They can provide outdoor spaces with comfort, extra liveability and easier access to the outside environment.

With impressive resilience and durability, they have become a perfect choice for Australian conditions where the climate affords for a year-round outdoor living.

With the artist’s courage to push the boundaries and the evolving needs of customers, shutters have become a timeless and versatile window solution that fits every taste, from every timeline.

5 Qualities of Timber Making Them Great Cladding Options

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PallisideThere are plenty of options when it comes to cladding materials for your Sydney home. One of these is timber.

While timber cladding, especially in Sydney, is a good choice for most homeowners, a Palliside cladding trumps timber in most situations. This is mainly due to their various qualities, such as durability, fire and water resistance, non-toxicity, and eco-friendliness – some of which timber possesses, but Palliside is superior to.

High Durability

Reconstituted cladding have been highly rated for their durability, making them ideal not only for homes, but also for geotechnical or seismic applications.

The durability of weatherboard cladding, on the other hand, depends on the material they have been sourced from. However, as the Government of Australia has cited, some materials have a good durability rating.

Water and Fire

Palliside products are great as cladding materials because of their waterproofing properties. Being fire resistant is a crucial quality that your choice in a home cladding material should possess, as well. Many timber products have good fire resistance rating, making them, once again, great as cladding for homes.


With so many household products known for their toxic properties, it is important for you to control the number of items in your home that may result in toxicity. Fortunately, Palliside is not one of them, so you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected and your family is not in harm’s way.


Lastly, Palliside cladding is popular for its eco-friendliness. There are also certain types of timber weatherboards made from renewable sources, making them a green choice too.

It’s important, though, that you choose only a reputable cladding supplier and installer to get your materials from. This is due to the fact that there are some suppliers selling products that have not met the rigorous standards of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

5 Style Rules for All Sneakerheads to Live by

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Wearing Great Kicks

Wearing Great KicksMany sneakerheads know which releases are worth buying and wearing, but are clueless when it comes to anything else fashion-related. This has led to people wearing terrible outfits, even with fantastic, limited edition shoes. Looking fresh starts with having great kicks, but that’s hardly enough on its own. Here are the five style rules that every sneakerhead should follow.

1. Respect your clothes – If there is one stylistic sin that is completely unforgivable, it is not appreciating the importance of good clothes. You have probably met someone like this before; a young lad who can drop hundreds of pounds on shoes without batting an eye, but refuses to buy quality apparel. Great shoes do nothing if you dress like a slob.

2. Plan your wardrobe – Good clothes are not cheap, so it helps to plan your purchases. Do you have a few silhouettes that you take real pride in? When shopping at online stores like, try to mostly purchase trousers, shirts, and jackets that complement these shoes well. Alternatively, you can just buy neutral pieces that go well with everything for simpler (if slightly less interesting) daily attire.

3. Stop obsessively matching colours – Some sneakerheads have no idea how to colour-coordinate their outfits properly, and just wear whatever they feel like. At the other end of the spectrum are those who refuse to wear clothing that does not match their kicks perfectly. Stop obsessing over the colourway; it looks unnatural to have an outfit based entirely on the colour of your shoes.

4. Dress for the occasion– Joggers might be the best complement to your kicks, but don’t be the bloke who shows up to parties and social events looking like a track runner. In the same vein, know which of your kicks can work with more formal attire, and which look terrible with anything other than jeans. Make sure to dress for the occasion, or you will just stick out like a sore thumb.

5. Buy better socks – What most people forget is that socks can make or break the entire outfit. Sure, you can throw on a boring pair of white socks all the time, but real sneakerheads like making a statement with every piece of their outfit. Shop for printed socks with designs and textures that go great with your kicks.

There is a large difference between a real sneakerhead and someone who just buys expensive kicks. By following these fashion guidelines, you should look better than the vast majority of guys out there.

Top Three Features of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems

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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Reverse Cycle Air ConditioningA reverse cycle air conditioning unit is more energy-efficient than other heating and cooling appliances. Power saving is the primary benefit of this type of system, as they are especially designed to lower running costs by up to 33%.


Perhaps it interests you to know more about how reverse-cycle ACs work and why they are power savers. It is quite simple really. The unit extracts outside heat and brings it to the interior during the cold winter months. This releases the heat into the room when the unit pumps the refrigerant into a condenser.

During the summer months when cooling is more in demand, instead, it reverses the flow of refrigerant, and the appliance brings the heat in from the interior to the outside environment.

Flexible and Adaptable

Because of the economy of use of reverse-cycle air conditioning, Perth suppliers are seeing a rise in demand for both portable and standard models. With such a system in place, the household needs only one appliance for dual heating and cooling purposes.

The availability of portable units make it more convenient and efficient to heat specific areas of the residence, especially if there are numerous small rooms in the property. For heating and cooling of the entire interior, a high-performance ducted reverse-cycle system can heat or cool any location evenly.

Safe to Use

Reverse-cycle units do not present with any exposed elements that are prone to damage by water or fire, in the event of a catastrophe or accident. The ducted fan coil is concealed and does not come in contact with the environment. When the unit is running, it remains cool to touch. Hence, no one is at risk of injury should they come in contact with the unit by accident.

Look for a brand that meets the Australian Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) to be sure that you are investing not only on an appliance of good quality, but also on a system that has a low carbon footprint. Most Australian retailers offer a comprehensive warranty when you purchase a brand-new unit.

Trade Show Freight: Managing Exhibit Shipping and Handling of Goods

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Trade Show Freight

Trade Show FreightTrade shows bring together different types of businesses, allowing them to feature the products and services they offer to a bigger market. When these businesses bring a large number of goods together, however, the organizers might not be able to handle them. It could cause confusion, especially when the exhibitors do their own thing and bring their products, displays, and equipment to the venue. This is when hiring a professional freight company can be helpful.

The Benefits of Hiring Freight Companies noted that freight shipping services help organizers and exhibitors bring everything they need when they need it, where they need it. Instead of causing traffic at the venue, organizers can simply hire a container drayage where all exhibitors can keep and transport their items. As such, they can avoid freights from occupying the parking area and make way for attendees and important guests.

Another good reason to hire freight companies is their service doesn’t end when they deliver the goods. They have the staff to unload and place where the items should be, so exhibitors don’t have to do anything but wait. After the trade show, the same arrangement applies. The company will put the items back and deliver them to the preferred address of the exhibitors.

The Process of Hiring Freight Companies

Most organizers hire companies that have a good reputation for providing on-time delivery and tracking capabilities. After all, you need to make sure that the event will start according to schedule and without problems. Freight expenses differ depending on the venue and its location, average wait time, and the items you need to transport. Don’t go for cheaper shipping options, as you might be surprised by the additional fees you have to pay.

Organizing a trade show can be demanding, but you can minimize the workload if you hire the right people. Do your research to hire the most reliable freight company you can find.

Grannyvolution: Why Granny Flats Never Get Old in Western Australia

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Granny Flats

Granny FlatsIn Western Australia, every smart business owner—who has money and some extra space in the backyard—sees a world of possibilities in granny flats. Other than their traditional use, their purpose doesn’t end as a housing for elderly relatives.

Even if these secondary dwellings have been around for a while now, they’re making headlines as of late—not by accident. Several things paved the way for the resurgence of granny flats:

New Legislations

First and foremost, the changes in granny flat laws are chiefly responsible for the renewed interest of sandgropers. Ever since the state liberals allowed these ancillary properties to be rented out to non-family members, Western Australia never saw granny flats the same way again.

Quickly, it became a gold mine for real estate investors—their once barren lands have turned into fertile soils. The state even extended the maximum floor size restriction to 70sq2 (from 60sq2). Provided you follow all the current regulations on the amended R-Codes, it’s now legal for you to have a flat rental for single-occupant accommodation.

Value-Added Improvement

Of all types of renovation, building a granny flat separate from your main property is the least costly with big value. Compared with extensions and additions, which may present unique problems to your primary house, a secondary dwelling can be built in just two to three months with little to no interruption to your everyday activities at home.

There’s an array of stunning granny flat designs Perth homeowners highly recommend. Whatever the style you fancy, any self-respecting granny flat builder could provide you different ideas to bring your dream project to life.

Attractive Incentives

As an owner, you’d receive tax deductions because of your granny flat’s depreciation. The average amount is about $5,000, which could reach to more or less $23,000 after five years. Expect to be entitled for higher deductions if you have communal areas.

Granny flats are entering a period of Renaissance. When would it last is anyone’s guess, but, if you have the means and the land, it pays to strike while the iron is hot.

When Fortification Matters: High-Tech Devices to Have in Your Home

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Security door brace

Security door braceState-of-the-art locks and security systems are worth the cost, especially if you have expensive items to protect in your home. High-tech gadgets may be necessary to deter burglars from trespassing and stealing your valuables when you are away.

You have different options when it comes to your home’s protection against burglary:

Keyless Deadbolts and Alarm Devices

An example of a modern residential automation and security system is the keyless deadbolt and alarm device. This system is designed to provide access to those who have the right key code. Some models have a built-in alarm that alerts residents when there is an attempt of forced entry.

Some keyless alarm systems come with integrated smart home management systems. The system serves as a master control center for the security of entryways, indoor and outdoor lighting, CCTV cameras, and interior thermostat.

Security experts have also come up with keyless keypad locks that allow homeowners to create as many as 19 different entry codes. If you choose this kind of gadget, you may create and delete codes whenever you feel like it. As My Locksmith-Miami explains, this reduces the likelihood of burglars memorizing your home’s entry codes.

Advanced Door Locks

High-tech door locks that function as advanced deadbolts are also available. The great thing about this type of security system is you may control the lock with your smartphone. The technology comes with a computer application that allows users to set up the time for the doors to lock and unlock automatically. An example of this type of locking system is the Kevo Lock featured in “Shark Tank”.

Some door locks come with Bluetooth technology—all you need is the app to manage the entire locking system. If you choose this type of security product, you have the option to send digital keys to members of your family.

Although the choices for security systems are limitless, it’s best to consult your local locksmiths or home protection providers. As you’re putting your home’s security on the line, you need to be extra sure that what you have will suffice.

What is Inside a Robotics Starter Kit

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Robotics Kit

Robotics KitStudents pursuing a degree in engineering take up a myriad of technical subjects during their time in university. One of these subjects, should they take it, is robotics and mechatronics. The cousin of automation, robotics is the technological field of designing, constructing and operating robots. It melds the sciences of mechanical, computer and electronics engineering in designing a machine programmed to perform a specific function.

This is interesting to some students of the engineering field, especially if they like to build drones of their own. This subject, however, normally requires a few extra materials to study – namely, your own kit. Here is a guide to get your starter gear in a robotics course.


Like any self-respecting engineer, you would need your own set of tools. Stock up your kit with the handy tools such as screwdrivers, tweezers, soldering irons and the like. Working robotics is working with the machine’s internal circuitry, so bring the appropriate tools for the job. Prepare your wire cutters and pliers for this work as well.


You likewise need an inventory of electronic and electrical accessories. To support the electronic circuits of your projects, supply your kit with sufficient copper wires and soldering lead. To build the processing circuits, stock up on integrated circuit chips. Lastly, as all robots need programmed computers, consider acquiring a few programmable microcontrollers.


Finally, salvage. Robots, from simple hobby projects to groundbreaking thesis designs, all need building materials. Of course, not all will be using made-to-order aluminium, acrylic or other synthetic materials. Students looking to be economical in their designs can be resourceful enough to employ scrap or ‘salvage’.

Simple materials such as spare plastics or used toys can provide the needed parts for a project. For example, if a robotics team of student are designing an automated sentry gun, they could use secondhand foam dart guns for the armature.

Robotics and mechatronics is an exciting and yet very expensive course to study. Most do not know where to start. Help yourself with this starter kit, and call up a friend and start a design.