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When a Jewellery Designer Proposes Marriage

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Amazing engagement ringAre you planning to propose marriage to your loved one? The prospect of a ‘yes’ and a lifetime together fills you with excitement. At the same time, as a jewellery designer, you are anxious about the ring.

Indeed, the engagement ring sets the stage for how the proposal goes, from the moment you kneel to the moment your partner accepts. It is the one piece you cannot rush through when designing and making.

Bespoke is Big

Engagement and wedding rings are becoming more customised, JewelCast Ltd share that an increasing number of couples are looking to get pieces that are special, unique — pieces that have great value to them.

A bespoke engagement ring would create an impact and the desired response. The fact that you’ve conceptualised the design brings even greater value to the piece.

But how do you ensure that this special design project goes off without a hitch? Here is a quick guide to help you:


If you are planning something different and special, you should consider your remaining time before the proposal. Your choices regarding design and material would depend on it. Will you finish your engagement ring design within your schedule? Can the jewellery maker deliver at the time you require, with the quality you seek?

Preferences of Your Loved One

Another critical consideration is the preference of your loved one. What design would your loved one like? What elements can you incorporate into the design to remind her or him of your relationship? And what material is preferable: diamond, gold or platinum?

The Budget

It would be ideal to say ‘money is no object’ when it comes to your wedding proposal. But it is more important to prepare financially for the marriage than the ceremony. So you need to shop around for jewellery makers or jewellery casters. Find a good deal, but do not sacrifice quality.

Creating the perfect engagement ring for your loved one is a big deal. With the right plan, you will end up with a precious piece that should give you a ‘yes’.

4 Reasons Having a Shipping Container Shelter is a Good Idea

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Inside a container shelterShipping containers changed the transport industry back in the 1950’s. Almost 30 years later, the idea of converting shipping containers into a habitable building emerged.

Today, shipping container shelters are changing the building industry by offering a more affordable yet durable dwelling. They can be transformed into houses, offices and even rescue centres. outlines four reasons using shipping containers is a good option:


Cost is the main reason shipping container shelters are becoming mainstream. Building a home or a storage facility out of a shipping container is much faster yet less costly than building a traditional structure. The shipping container is already a structure that you can easily modify to form a new and sturdy building.


Shipping containers are built to withstand abuse, making them the perfect tools to transport materials to different locations. It is made of Corten steel that can withstand corrosion. These containers are resistant to fire and to damages from storms and earthquakes, making them virtually indestructible. This is why shipping containers are also used as emergency shelters during calamities.


Container structures and shelters are eco-friendly, as they are made from recycled shipping containers. Recycling is good for the environment and can help lessen the effect of climate change. In fact, approximately 3,500KG of steel is being re-purposed by just recycling a shipping container.

Off-The-Grid Possibility

Being off-the-grid means being able to stand in a location without electricity. A shipping container shelter can be self-reliant and self-sufficient. It offers a small space and when properly insulated, there is no need for numerous appliances to be comfortable. Solar panels can also be installed as a source of electricity.

Shipping containers can help you build your dream home or get a reliable shelter for your goods at a lower cost. It is durable and strong, and with off-the-grid potential that could even yield bigger savings. Look for a contractor that offers this option in your area.

Industrial Fabric Shelters Cover Any Event

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Great industrial shelterIndustrial fabric covers have come a long way regarding innovation and usage. Today, it is increasingly used in other industries for public use. These could range from music festivals to corporate events.
Industrial fabric building covers are solid structures created to shelter the mining and construction industries from Australia’s harsh weather. Over the years, innovations and new materials have made them larger, stronger, and easier to install. Because of their size and flexibility, they are now used for public events of all sorts.

Corporate Events

Are you planning a corporate event in the outdoors for a change? A couple of industrial covers would be perfect for a few hundred employees and a stage for entertainment, team activities, and speeches.

Public Festivals

Festivals and night markets have been sheltering their visitors with industrial covers for years now. Their high-arched ceilings and wall-less structure provide a sense of openness and make it easy for crowds moving around in different directions.

Marketing Road shows

Smaller industrial covers are easy to relocate and are perfect for marketing and promotional road shows. Organisers can quickly take them apart and load them in their trucks for the next destination. Removable items work best for road shows because these are time-sensitive events.

Indoor Sports Facilities

With the largest industrial fabric buildings available, you can house an indoor sports arena to fit a hockey arena or a futsal court and its spectators. Some university campuses use them for sports practice facilities or customise them to host temporary sports events.

Concert Venues

Imagine a concert in the middle of the Outback! You may want a container-based shelter to provide the musicians with a high and safe stage. Or you may be looking at a hangar-sized industrial building for audio quality and to pack everyone in for the warmth.
With its cool, white aesthetics and open structure, industrial shelters are destined for even greater public uses in the future. Meanwhile, it continues to provide shelter and a safe feeling for people everywhere, inside and outside the industries.

When Fabric Structure Buildings Becomes Your First and Best Bet

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Man planning to build a fabric structureThanks to technology, buildings can now be built with materials other than the usual concrete, wood, stone, and metal. One of these is fabric and for some purposes, you are better off using it as a material than anything else. When is it best to use fabric for your building?

When You Have a Temporary Set up

An attractive feature of such buildings with a fabric-based structure is that it is relatively quick to build and take down when you need to. You don’t need to dig and create a foundation and construction is mostly just putting the frame together and covering it with fabric. It’s great for businesses and activities that require mobility, such as events or mining and extraction.

When You Don’t Have That Much Cash

If you need a large building to be used for activities such as storage, parking and the like but do not have that much money to spend, fabric structure buildings is the perfect option for you. The material itself, which is cloth, is definitely less expensive than most other building materials. Also, the faster the construction time means that you pay less for labour. Maintaining a fabric building also costs less compared to traditional structures because of a reduced need for energy.

When You Want to Be Eco-Friendly

When you put up a building, you are bound to make some impact on the immediate environment’s ecosystem. This impact occurs both in the construction of the building and its maintenance. Fabric structures can be an environmentally friendly option for you, considering that you do not need to alter too much of the surroundings to build your structure. You also use much less energy to maintain your fabric property compared to traditional buildings.

If your business or activity fits any of the aforementioned situations then chances you can definitely consider constructing fabric structure buildings instead. It offers you portability, affordability, and environmental friendliness all in one go. Just make sure to look for a reputable company that can expertly create and construct your fabric building for you.

Get Up After Stumbling With a Bad Credit Home Loan

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Man giving the key for the houseMurphy’s Law states that if anything can go wrong, it will. This means that even if you have the best laid out plans and every intention of sticking to its promises, chances are something will go wrong. One such promise is to pay back a loan you secured for your home (also known as “taking out a mortgage”). When you went into debt for that dream house of yours, you did so with full confidence because you were prospectively capable financially. Unfortunately, disaster can strike at any time and the regular income you were counting on quickly disappears. Things become so bad that you have to bankruptcy, which not even a credit union from can handle.

A Second Chance

In many cases, however, the setback you experienced is not one from which you cannot recover; e.g., you eventually find another job or stumble upon a new business idea. While you cannot yet buy a home or repay all your arrears on the mortgage, you are stable enough to make regular payments again. This is where bad credit home loans can help you and also a subprime rate loan, this is just like a regular home loan except that the interest rate is higher than what it normally would have been if your credit rating were good.

Should You Avail?

This depends on your current financial situation and stability of income. Remember that you may have to pay more than average because of your record. It is indeed a second chance but one that requires much more certainty on your part as far as your financial stability is concerned.

Securing a bad credit home loan gives you a chance to recover financially, buy a house or salvage your existing property. Go into it however with eyes wide open because it does require you to take a step back before you can take two steps forward.

5 Reasons Why Commercial Insulation is Good For You and The Environment

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Man Installing InsulatorThe high use of electricity contributes to the increasing greenhouse pollution. The high use of heaters and air-conditioning is a big contributor to this global phenomenon. However, insulation is an effective way to regulate internal room temperature which in turn can reduce the heating and cooling cost by 40%.

With the burden of increasing electricity use every year, commercial insulation like Premier Insulation BOP can help mitigate this burden. Here are five reasons why commercial insulation is best for your home and the environment.

1. Reduce energy costs

An insulated house means a cooler house when summer, and a warmer house during winter. Insulation keeps the heat inside during winter and regulates the entry of heat during summer. In return, insulating can help you save 20-30% on electric bills by reducing the use of appliances to keep your home comfortable

2. Added comfort

Insulation also acts as a sound absorber that can keep noise coming in and out the house. Thus, noise transmission through walls, ceiling, and floors are reduced, making you enjoy the privacy in your home.

3. Health Benefits

Insulation protects your home from moisture by raising the temperature on the insulated surface, therefore, preventing condensation. Condensation may invite moulds and damp to grow in your house, that may, in turn, affect your health.

4. Protects the environment

Insulation decreases the use of energy at home, thereby reducing the use of your heating and cooling appliances. In return, the lesser carbon dioxide emission your house makes, the lower the consumption of the fossil fuels, the smaller impact it makes to the greenhouse effect.

5. Cost effective way to add comfort while saving the environment

Commercial insulation can help regulate your home temperature giving you added comfort and health protection. In turn, it can help you save on electricity cost by reduced use of your appliances, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emission, thus saving the environment.

How Nike Pioneered Fashionable Athletic Footwear

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Nike Shoes

Nike ShoesNike is now one of the biggest and most recognisable brands in the world. Phil Knight transformed the brand into the global powerhouse that it is today. Initially known for its line of high-quality athletic footwear, Nike is now marketed and recognised as a fashion icon.

With the rise of conspicuous consumption and a renewed obsession with fitness, running in particular, Nike steadily rose to become part of the indispensable shelf of utilitarianism and then later evolved into quite the high-fashion commodity.

A witness to this rise is Kanye West’s signature shoe with Adidas, the Yeezy Boost; Chanel and Dior using running shoes in their runways, and the high demand for the Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro from and other online retail stores.

Tracing the Steps of Sneakers

Athletic footwear didn’t always have this kind of halo. Sneakers began as luxury items because rubber was expensive at that time and leisure was rare. Elites then were the only ones that had the privilege to wear and use innovative shoes.

The early 20th century, however, saw fitness and athleticism grow in popularity. Gyms became fashionable and shoe companies began mass-producing shoes to fit this new niche. When Nike came along under Phil Knight’s marketing leadership, sneakers weren’t about sports anymore.

From Function to Fashion

With Knight guiding the company, sneakers and fashion became nearly inextricably connected. Other designers spotted the potential Knight was nursing and joined in on the party, too. In 1984, Gucci released its iconic tennis shoes; a year after, Nike released the Air Jordans.

Year after year, they marketed shoes infused with artistry as the design gradually moved away from athleticism alone. The shoes became available in a variety of colours and even became available in designs made especially for women.

Sneakers were made by runners and were made for runners. It was concerned with making the wearers lighter, and faster on their feet. But as consumers showed more interest and as designers played a hand at the styles, athletic footwear became sought after, collected and talk about. It became fashion.

Important Things to Know About Getting a Gun Trust

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Gun Trust

Gun TrustRecreational shooting is becoming popular these days as people use it to vent out their frustrations. It’s also thrilling to see yourself get more and more capable of hitting the target. If you’re serious about enhancing your shooting skills, maybe it’s time to get a gun trust to make the process faster and easier.

What is a Gun Trust?

A gun trust is an estate planning approach that gives an individual flexibility when acquiring or transferring NFA (National Firearms Act) regulated items, which include short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, and suppressors. The main benefits of having a DIY NFA Trust, as explained by, is faster processing by the BATFE. This allows more than one person to be a trustee.

A gun trust will not allow you to bypass or violate state laws and restrictions. As a trustee, you still need to comply with the Brady Act whenever you purchase NFA-regulated items. When crossing state lines with these items, you must notify the BATFE months in advance. The items are still prohibited in states that do not allow them.

Why Get a Trust?

Most hobbyist get their trust to make the transfer of firearms safer and legal, especially if they need to travel. In addition, buying NFA-regulated items with a gun trust is faster (up to a few months) because you do not have to go through a Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) anymore.

If you’re moving to another state, you must pass a Form 20 to the BATFE. This is a problem if you’re moving into a rental home because you need to secure an address months in advance. An alternative is to leave your NFA-regulated items in a safe deposit box.

Gaining a gun trust is a long process, but it’s all worth the effort if you are a gun enthusiast. Research and plan ahead to avoid any inconvenience.

The Incredible Adaptability and Versatility of Shutters

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Versatility of Shutters

Versatility of ShuttersToday, modern shutters are installed in homes for a variety of reasons: ventilation control, light regulation, security and sometimes a purely decorative addition.

Sometime ago, the very first uses of shutters were not far from these purposes. Although not documented, the common belief is that they were first used in Ancient Greece. From marble, they became wood, spreading throughout the Mediterranean and eventually reaching England after the 15th century.

Now, you can open up a random interior design magazine and find modern houses infused with the irreplaceable classic beauty of shutters. The same beauty that gave the French and Spanish architecture the nostalgic charm that they have now.

Then and now: the timelessness of shutters

What makes shutters a timeless piece is its remarkable ability to adapt to the modern taste while maintaining its identity. Owing to the skills and imagination of young architects, the materials and applications of shutters are constantly evolving.

You cannot also overlook the increasing demand of customers as a major factor that hones this creativity. In the end, it is the homeowners that designers cater to.

Shutter specialist Boardwalk says it will be the customer’s window sizes, design ideas and intended application that determine the right product for them. Without the constant pressure of architectural trends, any brave changes from tradition will not happen.

Indoor and outdoor: the versatility of shutters

In the past, shutters were a purely indoor application that brings light control and ventilation. Today, shutters can exist outside your typical Australian home. They can provide outdoor spaces with comfort, extra liveability and easier access to the outside environment.

With impressive resilience and durability, they have become a perfect choice for Australian conditions where the climate affords for a year-round outdoor living.

With the artist’s courage to push the boundaries and the evolving needs of customers, shutters have become a timeless and versatile window solution that fits every taste, from every timeline.

5 Qualities of Timber Making Them Great Cladding Options

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PallisideThere are plenty of options when it comes to cladding materials for your Sydney home. One of these is timber.

While timber cladding, especially in Sydney, is a good choice for most homeowners, a Palliside cladding trumps timber in most situations. This is mainly due to their various qualities, such as durability, fire and water resistance, non-toxicity, and eco-friendliness – some of which timber possesses, but Palliside is superior to.

High Durability

Reconstituted cladding have been highly rated for their durability, making them ideal not only for homes, but also for geotechnical or seismic applications.

The durability of weatherboard cladding, on the other hand, depends on the material they have been sourced from. However, as the Government of Australia has cited, some materials have a good durability rating.

Water and Fire

Palliside products are great as cladding materials because of their waterproofing properties. Being fire resistant is a crucial quality that your choice in a home cladding material should possess, as well. Many timber products have good fire resistance rating, making them, once again, great as cladding for homes.


With so many household products known for their toxic properties, it is important for you to control the number of items in your home that may result in toxicity. Fortunately, Palliside is not one of them, so you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected and your family is not in harm’s way.


Lastly, Palliside cladding is popular for its eco-friendliness. There are also certain types of timber weatherboards made from renewable sources, making them a green choice too.

It’s important, though, that you choose only a reputable cladding supplier and installer to get your materials from. This is due to the fact that there are some suppliers selling products that have not met the rigorous standards of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).