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Sheds and Shelters for Summer

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outdoor shelterThe long hot summer is here. One thing that you should begin planning about is how to store the things cluttering up your room. You need storage for toys, sports gear, boxes, bicycles, and any other item that needs to be kept away.

You should consider consulting with storage or shelter designers. When doing so, you need to know the following.

Do you have a Construction Space?

These designers are experienced and their expertise includes being creative. Hence, your seemingly small space should not be a problem to them.

The Design Stage

The designers will visit the place, assess the site, and consider your specifications. For instance, the design may depend on the purpose of the shelter and your preferences.

How long does it take to build a shed or shelter?

One thing that you must know is the length of time needed to complete the construction of your shed. The time it takes depends on the size of the shed or shelter. It also depends on the complexity of the design, the waiting time, and the weather. However, real experts will be committed to meet your deadline.

For this reason, you need to set expectations prior to the start of the project. This will allow the designers more time to make all the necessary arrangements.


The moment you think about setting up an outdoor shelter, the other thing that comes to mind is the cost. Consult with your designer to know the total cost required. This helps you in budgeting for the entire design and construction period.

A storage shelter is an important setting for all seasons. You must consider the mentioned tips before you think of moving excess items from the house. These are very important points to consider before settling to construct a shelter. It makes the construction project easier.

Energy Saving Hacks for Compressed Air Systems

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air compressor

air compressorSome individuals refer to compressed air as their fourth utility after gas, water and electricity, mainly due to its usage of hefty energy. For the majority of compressed air systems, more than 70 per cent of the electricity running the system winds up as wasted heat.

Regardless of their inefficiency, compressed air piping systems are crucial in several environments, including healthcare and manufacturing. This is because it brings force, along with steam systems, without the chances of kindling fire. Below are three hacks to enhance the efficiency of compressed air systems that are pressurised to 100-psi or more.

Reduce leaks

Industry experts recommend primarily fixing compressed air leaks, which needs quite an affordable investment with a fast payback. Aside from making the system more efficient, implementing leak repairs also helps you save on your energy bill.

Reduce the pressure

Keep in mind that more pressure requires more energy, and preventing unreasonable high pressure could save energy. The sad fact is most factories produce 100 psi air when they only require 40 psi at the application.

Unquestionably, some more pressure on the compressor is needed to direct the air to the destination. Generally, though, the exit pressure of the compressor must only be 10 per cent greater compared to the primary distribution line close to the last destination. The rule of thumb here is for each two psi that you lower, you save one per cent of the energy that your compressor is using whenever it is running in the 100-psi range.

Moreover, as long as you can get back the wasted heat off the air compressor, then you will be able to save nearly 2,500 BTU for every horsepower. This is still the case if you only recover 1,500 BTU for every horsepower at 100 HP, you still have 150,000 BTU for every hour.

Types of Longspan Shelving and Their Applications

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Storehouse rackLongspan shelving comes in a wide array of variations for different uses including for garage and warehouse. It is a durable, versatile, and cost-effective solution for various storage needs. Longspan shelving is ideal for storing products of any size and volume. The system is easy to assemble and doesn’t usually require any special equipment or specific expertise. Common types also do not require a wide space and can provide optimum storage within minutes.

Steel Shelves

Longspan shelving with steel shelves are extremely durable. It is perfect for storing bulky and heavy items, which normal shelves can’t fully support. It also has a longs service, making it an ideal long-term storage solution. Also, you can adjust the height of the shelves to maximize its storage capacity.

Timber Shelves

Units with timber shelves are some of the most popular choices for retail businesses and small warehouses. It is used in a broad range of applications including automotive workshops, schools, home use, and manufacturing plants. This option is one of the most economical in the market yet they don’t disappoint in terms of quality.

Longspan shelving with timber shelves are also adjustable to accommodate different sizes. Assembly doesn’t require specific techniques and tools, allowing the use to clip the beams into the frames without hassle.

Mesh Shelves

The design of long-span shelving with mesh shelves is quite simple. It features nothing more than beams and shelves. Its mesh provides many benefits especially for special concerns like safety regulations and fire hazards. It also reduces the accumulation of dust in the shelves and helps with better air circulation. Use it to store small items without losing volume capacity.

These systems are effective storage solutions for businesses that don’t want to spend on an entire pallet racking system. They provide enough space and capacity without compromising on quality.

ABARES Report Shows Increase in Farming Receipts, Costs

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Garden with young fresh vegetablesThe average cash income for vegetable growers in Australia will amount to $266,000 for the 2016-2017 financial year, according to the Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES).

ABARES senior economist Dale Ashton said that the income for the past decade reached $200,000. The projected figure for the financial year represents the highest income since 2007 when ABARES began a survey of farm financial performance.

Farming report

The anticipated increase in farming income bodes well for businesses, although rising costs from labour and energy may have countered the estimated growth in income. AusVeg CEO James Whiteside said that Australian vegetable farmers worry over losing “global competitiveness” without cost-control measures.

Other trade groups such as the Australian Table Grape Association believe that the prices for fresh produce will increase, due to higher production and labour costs. Another challenge for the agriculture industry involves jobs, which could be delegated to robots and artificial intelligence due to the occurrence of a digital revolution.

Automated jobs

By 2025, robots would account for one-third of all jobs. As early as now, many farmers have become savvy with the use of modern equipment and machinery, including a V-hay rake for sale. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) may represent progress for the sector, but it does not bode well for unemployment.

The jobless rate in Australia currently stays at an estimated 5.6 per cent, which is expected to continue until 2020. Still, this rate could increase if robots and AI successfully take over work from humans. In the farming industry, an increasing number of retiring baby boomers could further complicate the situation. However, not everyone may be affected as those who are familiar with modern farming technology could establish a career in this segment.

The cost of labour and production for vegetable farming has been on an upward trend. Do you think a broader use of automated technology will contribute to a further increase?

Top Ways to Create a Secure Bike Storage

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Bike shopThere really is no point in investing your extra cash on a bike and then keeping it in a place where it is defenceless at night. If you do not have enough space to store your bike inside your home, then consider keeping it in sheds and garages.

But you still have to remember that cycle shelters are still prone to break-ins. These handy tips will help guarantee that your bike will still be waiting for you every morning to take you to school or work:

Stay Realistic

Remember that a shed will not be able to survive a serious burglary attack. Some intruders have tried getting inside the roof or removing a whole side panel just to get inside. The secret is to hide it in a place that would be hard for thieves to reach. It must not draw attention and you have to set up a lot of security measures to protect it.

Choose the Type of Shed Carefully

Sheds come in three primary types, including plastic, wood and metal. Determine the pros and cons of each before deciding which one would be ideal to protect your belongings. Normally, you have to pay more to have thicker and more secure walls for your shed.

Consider the Structure’s Design

If you will use the shed mostly for storage and not as a work studio, consider getting a window-less space as these windows are noticeable weak points. The location of the door should be visible from either your neighbour’s homes or your own house. Double doors will allow you to easily get your bike in and out.

It does not really matter if you chose a wooden shed to keep your bike or other more secure means of storage. Just keep the above tips in mind to make your storage shed more burglar-proof.

4 Top Fuel Storage Tank Maintenance Tips

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Construction worker look at fuel pumpStoring your fuel onsite certainly has many benefits. First, you never need to worry about delays in deliveries. If you buy in bulk, you can save cash. However, to ensure that your fuel stays in good condition, there are responsibilities you need to remember. One of them is maintaining your fuel storage tanks keenly. Here are tips to do that:

Follow set standards

If you’re using an above ground storage tank, you’ll need to adhere to the set API 650 design and maintenance standards. These standards stipulate clearly that you need to maintain the integrity of your welded or riveted storage tank. Other standards may also include the period within which you need to fill up the tank to keep it in good condition.

Check seals and caps regularly

Faulty seals and caps can allow sediments into your tank, degrading not only your fuel but also your tank’s walls and base. These seals will also increase the rate of evaporation of your oil, making it more difficult to monitor fuel levels. That means you can’t easily tell when exactly you should fill up the tank.

Prevent fuel tank contamination

If the environment around your fuel storage tank is dusty or dirty, it’s only a matter of time before contaminants get into the tank and pollute the oil, besides damaging the tank itself. That’s why it’s crucial to clean the area around the tank regularly. Keep the caps closed as well and check whether the nozzle is clean before using it to fill up the tank.

Observe a regular maintenance schedule

Like all other equipment, a bulk fuel storage tank should have a regular maintenance schedule, whether it appears to be in great shape or not. That means you need to inspect your tank regularly for dents, aging fuel filters, worn caps, and so on. Replace or repair faulty parts promptly.

While there are lots of advantages for storing your fuel in bulk, there are certain measures you need to put in place to reap those benefits. The key lies in giving your storage tank the attention it needs.

4 Safety Tips While Using a Fuel Storage Tank

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Above Ground fuel tank holding diesel fuelOwing to the high flammability of fuel, most people think that storing it in a tank is unsafe. The reality, however, is that fuel storage tanks have increasingly become more reliable due to the advancements in fabrication, inspection, and maintenance.

By reading these smart tips, you may prevent anything from interfering with the safety of your tank and that of your personnel:

Ensure the support structure is strong enough

For an aboveground storage tank, it’s best to note that the support structure is as strong as possible. This is one of the things that an API 653 tank inspection specialist will examine before they can approve of you using the said storage tank. To meet the required standards, you’ll need to make sure that the support structure is built on a strong foundation.

Don’t use the tank to store other substances

All aboveground and underground storage tanks are designed to meet specific storage needs. Based on the design and size, there are tanks that are best suited for storing diesel and not any other chemical substances. Have an expert check your tank to know whether it is the ideal one for your storage needs.

Trust the pros with installation and maintenance

Regardless of the type and size of your storage tank, never let anyone who does not have the expertise do some work in the fabrication or management of the tank. Sure, the tank may have reasonably reliable built-in safety features, but these features only work when handled with the necessary caution.

Keep ignition sources away

As fuel is extremely flammable, keep any potential ignition sources as far away as possible. Don’t locate your storage tank near static electricity, naked flames, or running engines.

A good quality storage tank can go a long way in ensuring the safety of both the oil and the people that handle it. Still, it is your responsibility to make sure that you don’t do anything that could compromise that safety.


IEA: U.S. to Account For 80% of Global Oil Supply by 2025

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Oil and gas platform in the gulf or the sea, The world energy, Offshore oil and rig construction.The U.S. will account for 80% of the increase in the world’s oil supply by 2025, as the country aims to become an “undisputed global oil and gas leader,” according to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) annual energy forecast.

The IEA’s World Energy Outlook covered energy data for 29 countries. While the U.S. strengthens its position as a dominant force in the oil and gas industry, China will surpass the country as the biggest oil consumer worldwide.

Dominant Effect

IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol said that the growing presence of the U.S. manifests a “major upheaval for international market dynamics”. The significant growth in U.S. shale oil activity will also help it match Saudi Arabia’s production boom between 1966 and 1981. For this reason, above ground storage tanks will need to be more efficient and comply with several guidelines, including the API 653 tank repair standards.

The IEA expects that U.S. shale oil can be technically recovered to reach around 105 billion barrels by 2025, which was around 30% higher than its original forecast. It also adjusted its forecast output at 34% higher than the initial estimate, amounting to nine million barrels a day. As the country will become the top oil and gas producer, prices will remain low by the late 2020s.

Price Matters

The cost of oil by 2025 will amount to $83 per barrel, down from IEA’s previous expectation of $101. By 2040, the agency also lowered its price forecast to $111 from $125. For this reason, the projected low prices will help stimulate the demand for oil.

Despite the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, oil consumption in the U.S. and the rest of the world will reach more than 100 million barrels per day by 2025. Oil and gas producers in the U.S. should invest in storage solutions and other contingency measures, as output and demand would surge in the future.

API: U.S. Petroleum Deliveries in October Reached 10-Year High

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European Oil Pump Jack in Germany on a Sunny DayDemand for petroleum in the U.S. reached a 10-year high in October, after deliveries surged 1.1% year over year to an average 19.9 million barrels per day, according to the American Petroleum Institute (API).

A report showed that the figure represented the highest number for the month since 2007. While crude oil output remained high, the country became more energy independent, as petroleum imports dropped 0.8% to average just above 9.6 million barrels per day.

Global Leader

The API’s report somehow reflected the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) outlook for the U.S. as a dominant player in the global oil industry. For the ninth consecutive month in 2017, crude oil production reached more than nine million barrels per day. If the trend becomes stable, the IEA believes that the U.S. will account for 80% of the increase in global oil supply by 2025.

For this reason, energy companies should invest in storage solutions such as aboveground tanks, particularly those that comply with API 653 tank alteration standards.

Historic Increase

Shale oil production in the U.S. by 2025 will be similar to the output of Saudi Arabia between 1966 and 1981, according to the IEA. Its World Energy Outlook lifted its initial forecast for U.S. output by 34% to nine million barrels per day, while shale oil that can be technically recovered will consist of 105 billion barrels.

The growing dominance of the country will also help lower prices, which would reach $83 per barrel for 2025. Global oil consumption will reach more than 100 million barrels per day by that year, mainly because of China surpassing the U.S. as the biggest consumer, according to the forecast.

It remains to be seen whether the IEA’s forecast will indeed materialize, yet the API’s report indicated that growth prospects are somehow positive for the U.S. oil and gas industry.

Simple Guide to Finding the Right Fuel Storage Tank

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Fuel Storage

Fuel storageThere are many things to think about when you want to set up a fuel station. For instance, you’ll need to understand and comply with the legal requirements of your state. You’ll also need to get the necessary permits, find the right staff, and choose a great location. But perhaps most importantly, you’ll need to install the right fuel storage tank.

Here are four tips to help you the most appropriate tank:

Make sure it complies with the rules

Whether you opt for above ground tank fabrication or you want to install an underground tank, it’s important to research on the standards the relevant environmental protection agency has set. Usually, the agency will have certified officials who can advise on what type of fuel storage tanks are allowed in your area.

Prioritize quality

Obviously, you want to invest in a tank you can comfortably afford. However, you cannot afford to pay too little for fuel storage tanks. Keep in mind that safety is paramount when handling oil or fuel. You must go for a tank with thick walls so that in case the flammable material inside catches fire, the flames can be contained within the tank.

Determine your specific needs

While virtually all aboveground storage tanks are manufactured using steel, they differ in many other aspects. As such, it is important to figure out what you’re looking for. Determine what size of tank you need, for instance, depending on the space you have and your budget.

Consider the maintenance costs

All fuel storage tanks must undergo regular inspection and maintenance. The frequency and extent will depend on the size and age of the tank. Determine whether you’ll be comfortable observing the maintenance schedule of the tank before buying it.

Getting the right storage tank for your facility can make it easier to start the business. With enough research, you can choose a fuel tank that is ideal for your needs, specifications, and budget.