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Chemical-Free Cooling Tower Water Treatment

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water treatment systemWater cooling towers are important in cooling the water that circulates nuclear power plants, oil refineries, renewable energy facilities, dairy and food processing industries, and other heat-intensive industrial systems. But, the process of cooling and treating water is costly and damaging to the environment.

With advanced technology, companies like Superior Water Conditioners can conduct chemical-free water cooling and treatment using systems that resist corrosion and bio-contamination.

Use of Electrolysis Technology

Through the use of a turnkey solution that uses electrolysis to condition water, the system splits water into an acid and a base. The acidic solution activates chlorides into biocides while the basic solution precipitates scale-forming minerals. This electro-chlorination and electro-oxidation processes destroy organic matter that causes macro and micro fouling, producing the best water conditioning. The water is neutralized by naturally occurring calcium and magnesium ions that act as a buffer for corrosion.

Principles of Physics

Traditional and chemical water treatments change the characteristics of water to stop corrosion and control biological growth. In contrast, physical techniques are used to treat the equipment in newer water treatment towers. The physical systems have come a long way in preventing scale, corrosion and other harmful products that may be present in hard water in the heat exchange transfer equipment.

Latest Automated Technology Service

Communication is a vital process in cooling tower water treatment. Some technical issues may need to be addressed at various times, including breakage and maintenance. The machines need to be automated so that they can detect minor problems. The use of iPad, computerized systems, basic equipment, handheld conductivity meters, and cell services will be helpful.

It is essential to have the latest technology that will ensure that you can cut costs, save the environment and also save water by using the chemical-free cooling tower water treatment.

Ergonomic Anti-fatigue Mats for Comfortable Standing

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Hospital hallwayStanding for an extended time can cause discomfort and fatigue. The leg muscles work harder to sustain your body weight while in this upright position for long. It is the constriction of these muscles that inflicts pain in your legs, and your heart has to pump faster now for blood to reach these parts where there is minimal blood circulation.

That can cause adverse health problems, such as varicose veins and arthritis, but it only happens if you stand for an extended period on a hard surface such as a concrete floor. That makes ergonomic anti-fatigue floor mats a big-time health saver.

Why Ergonomic Mats?

As a health practitioner, if you will be standing a lot at your workplace, it is advisable you invest in ergonomic anti-fatigue mats. These mats can come in various materials, such as rubber, nitrile, and PVC. With these mats, your leg muscles will adapt to the mat’s flexibility.

Using ergonomic mats facilitate expansion and contraction of muscles, therefore increasing blood flow to your legs and back to the heart. As these mats allow for frequent body adjustments, they will encourage uniform distribution of weight and healthy blood supply. When your body is in a uniformly distributed weight position, you do not experience any strain in your leg muscles.

How Long Can Ergonomic Mats Serve You?

Typically, the service life of these mats depends on the traffic, exposure to chemicals, cleaning schedules, temperatures, and frequency of use. These mats do not need much maintenance and can serve you for a couple of years before needing a replacement. The material that makes the mat also determines its durability. For instance, PVC mats are more durable than rubber mats.

Ergonomic anti-fatigue floor mats are a worthy addition to a healthy workforce. With these, you will never again have to experience pain in your legs due to prolonged standing and neither do you have to skip your routine tasks. However, insist on high-quality ergonomics when planning to purchase one.

Reasons to Choose an Aluminium Fixed Canopy

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modern canopy made of aluminumAwnings and canopies provide additional space beside a building. These can be an important piece of space for some buildings, especially those of school buildings. A school canopy is usually a permanent fixture that provides shade for outdoor equipment, benches, and chairs.

These can be used by students for studying between classes, or for eating their snacks outside of the cafeteria. These canopied spaces can provide much-needed rest areas where students can study or talk amongst themselves.

Fixed Canopy

Most canopies are fixed and allow for shaded areas all year round. In a tropical country, where the sun shines for most of the year, a permanent canopy is necessary to provide sun protection. In places where there is plenty of rain, the canopy also helps keep people dry and away from the rain.

Fixed awnings and canopies are also cheaper to install and maintain since there is no mechanism to retract them. Of course, since it is permanent, it also gives a distinct look to the school. For the school, it can provide an addition to the building with a distinctive colour and design.

One disadvantage for permanent canopies, however, is that during rains or storms, the canopy may be damaged or destroyed due to strong gusty winds.

Polycarbonate Roofing

Traditional permanent awnings use tensile fabric and steel frames. Modern fixed school canopy systems use aluminium frames and triple-wall polycarbonate. It has an integrated drainage channel allowing efficient rainwater management with a 65 kg/square metre snow-loading capacity. This leads to a low maintenance solution, which is more cost-efficient than traditional solutions.

Today’s canopy requirements include snow and rain drainage, light metals, and strong plastic capable of UV protection. Large canopies are sometimes required, depending on the school or the building. At the same time, modular designs allow a phased implementation where the user installs only the canopy needed with options to grow later.

Why Use Steel for Warehouse Stairs

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man and woman fixing boxes in warehouseThe material to use is one of the critical decisions you have to make when choosing stairs for your industrial application. The options vary from timber, glass, metal, to fibreglass. However, if you are picking material for the warehouse stairs of your industrial premises, here is why you should consider steel.

Offer Long-Term Use

Steel has high-yield load strength, thus making it a suitable choice if you want to build a staircase that will serve you for ages. Using galvanised steel can also enhance the durability of your stair parts.


Steel is readily available and comes at a low cost. You can also choose to have the fabrication of your staircase from your supplier’s workshop, to get delivery of a ready product. That will save on the labour costs and reduce construction time.


Steel is corrosion-resistant and is immune to pest-attacks. Steel can withstand the extremes of weather conditions. You still can incorporate chemical treatments to increase the longevity of your staircase.


Stairs pose fall-related risks and injuries. You, therefore, should implement safety measures on your stairs to protect your users. Since steel is a sturdy metal, it will offer your staircase the stability it needs to enhance safety.


Steel is highly malleable, thus highly customisable to suit any design, shape, and size. The flexibility properties make steel a better option when you want to customise your staircase highly. The flexibility in design capabilities does not affect the structural integrity of your structure.

Low Maintenance

Unlike wood staircases, which would need frequent treatment to maintain the lustre, steel staircases require little-to-no maintenance to retain their shine. They are also easy to clean, without the fear of compromising on their quality.

The material you choose for your warehouse stairs for any industrial application will determine how long the stairs will last, as well as the maintenance practices to follow. Since steel is versatile and durable, your stairs will be of low-maintenance and you can customise them to meet your staircase design needs.

Most Common Problems with Compressed Air Systems

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Residential air system

Residential air systemMany industries use compressed air in some way. Some processes will even stop if something goes wrong with the compressed air system. However, they use a lot of energy. They use as much as 10% of the industrial electricity cost in Australia.

Investing in an energy efficient system makes good business sense. It makes even more sense to make sure it works well all the time. If your high-pressure pipe fittings and other components are faulty, you can expect a significant increase in your operating costs. Here are some common mistakes made with compressed air systems that you should avoid.


Compressed air means high pressure. You can easily develop air leaks, and you’ll not even know it. A single tiny hole in the system costs as much as $600 a year if you use the system for 2,500 hours. Multiply that by 10, and you can see how bad that can get. The best way to avoid leaks is to check all the pipes and pipe fittings regularly. Make sure you use pipes and fittings rated for the specific pressure you use.

Pressure Drops

You want to keep your system at a steady pressure to save on electricity. If the pressure drops, you have to increase power to bring it up to the right level. If you notice that this often happens, you probably have a problem with the flow of the air. Find out what is causing the pressure drops as soon as possible. It could be an inefficient ring system, or you could have too many dead ends or turns that are too tight. Your pipes might also be too small for your needs.

Dirty Pipes

It’s very important that you use pipes and pipe fittings of the right size and material to avoid circulating contaminants in the system. These contaminants can make your system less efficient, and may even damage it. Pipes that are too small or rusted make the air go faster, pulling dirt, liquids and rust along with it. Replace rusted and too small pipes as soon as possible. Stainless steel, copper and polymer are good options because they don’t rust.

High-pressure pipe fittings and pipes are important for the efficient operation of compressed air systems. Keep this in mind when purchasing parts for your system.

3 Reasons Boats Age Too Fast

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unpainted boat

unpainted boatTalk to any seasoned boater and they’ll tell you that there’s nothing more heartbreaking than a neglected, unsightly boat. It’s shocking how some people invest a fortune on a vessel only to let it deteriorate before its time.
Don’t be that guy. If your boat has begun to display early signs of premature aging, it could be because of the following reasons:

1. You don’t buy a cover

A cover is one of the most important accessories you can buy for your boat. That’s because it protects your boat from the harsh elements that could damage its body. You can find custom-made boat covers in different designs and prices. If you haven’t yet bought one, it’s time to do it or you risk losing your boat soon.

2. You’re using the wrong materials for your gel coat

Your boat’s gel coat is quite strong, but it’s still important to maintain it well using the right cleaning materials. That’s because the gel coat can get stains over time. Removing these stains with the wrong materials will only dissolve the gel coat, shortening your boat’s life. In fact, it’s best to invest in materials that prevent stains in the first place.

3. You are ignoring moisture

Any type of moisture on your watercraft is dangerous, so always have a few towels lying around to wipe the vessel when it’s wet. If you are letting water linger around, then you are only risking waterline stains. Salty water is especially dangerous, as it can corrode your boat’s body, causing it to age more quickly. Dew can encourage the growth of mildew, which is also dangerous for your boat.

A clean, well-maintained boat is a sight to behold. The good news is that keeping your watercraft looking new and functioning well for ages only takes a few simple habits.

HDPE Pipes: Why They’re Better for HVAC Systems

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air conditioner unitsHVAC systems are complex machines that have many components that need to be tested for strength and durability. Each component makes a piece of equipment that just one part of the whole system. These complex systems are usually made up of several types of metal that can be heavy, easily worn out, or be prone to damage like rust. But high-density polyethylene products have now become a better alternative, helping HVAC systems run more smoothly and efficiently.

Here’s why HDPE piping systems will work better for your HVAC business.

It’s Resilient to Changing Temperatures

This type of thermoplastic is harder because it has less inter-molecular branching. This gives the material higher strength capacity when it comes to both high and low temperatures. This makes it perfect for transmitting chilled water in HVAC systems.

It’s Cost-Effective

Compared to metal systems, using polyethylene thermoplastic is less expensive over time because it lasts longer and can handle impact and scratches better than the other metals used in an HVAC system. This means saving costs on repairs or pipe replacements which includes material and labour costs.

It Helps Reduce Noise

Compare the sound of dropping a piece of metal and a piece of plastic. That’s a simple experiment to clearly show how much lesser sound plastic makes compared to metal. And no one wants to hear the buzz of metal coming from their HVAC systems. HDPE helps reduce that noise and adds value to your equipment.

It Doesn’t Corrode or Collect Build-Up

Metal corrosion can sometimes only be detected once it starts to leak. And the only time you’ll find out there’s deposit build-up is when the system doesn’t run properly and you’ll need to inspect the pipes. You won’t have these problems with polyethylene thermoplastic, which means you get a system that’s more durable and that saves you major costs in the long run.

As part of the HVAC industry, you have to make sure that you’re offering only the best, most cost-effective, and durable products to your clients. Make the switch and you’ll see how much it can impact the growth of your business.

Buying Water Processing Equipment? Follow These Tips

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Home water filtration and ionizer systemAs more and more areas get urbanized and industrialized, clean bodies of water become scarcer. Clean water doesn’t occur naturally anymore in populated cities and metros, which necessitates the creation of water treatment facilities to pump clean water into households and establishments.

Water treatment is the process of making raw, dirty water safe to drink again by separating it from solid particles and treating it with chemicals to eliminate harmful residue and bacteria. Here are the basics of water treatment, how it works, and how you can benefit from it.

Necessary quality equipment​

If ever you’re building a water treatment plant, the first step is to acquire high-quality water processing equipment such as pipes, tanks, and filters from manufacturers like Ashton Tucker Water Treatment. This means they should be clean, sturdy, and designed to handle large volumes of water for a long time. The reason is that water treatment plants are typically made to service communities that depend on clean water to do their daily routines.

Scientists and lab tests

Water treatment facilities also conduct laboratory testing in case an individual or a company needs to get water samples tested. Complex procedures like jar tests, polymer screens, and spectrophotometry are examples of these texts, which only trained scientists can do. This means water treatment facilities can have scientists on-site to be in charge of the laboratories in case they need to be used.

Water treatment training​

For water treatment staff to get familiarized with how the complex machines work, there are water treatment equipment suppliers that have training videos to help their clients in learning to use the equipment these clients are about to buy. This ensures that accidents don’t happen or are minimized for water treatment facilities not to incur costs.

How Much Will Construction Prices Increase in Australia for 2018?

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Hydraulic mobile construction platformAn infrastructure boom often signals growth in the economy, which is good for jobs and business activity. Yet the increased demand for construction materials often has a detrimental effect on construction prices.

In Australia, rising building activity will put pressure on steel and concrete prices. A recent report showed that tender prices for civil infrastructure projects may increase by up to five percent  this year, while prices for building projects may climb up to four percent.

Building Boom

New South Wales and Victoria account for a large portion of work from the nationwide construction boom, according to the report. Housing development also fuels the growth in building activity. These factors will contribute to an increase in prices for labour and materials, aside from the availability of workers.

Some experts believe that the current cost pressures on construction materials and labour have not been this high over the last four decades. Peter Clack, Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors’ former president, said that tender prices by the end of this year may even rise by six percent. Despite higher prices, the country will still spend a record amount for road infrastructure development.

Transportation Infrastructure

Despite an expected up tick in prices, the spending will reach a record-high this year, according to BIS Oxford Economics’ forecast. The Australian government plans to spend more than $20 billion for road infrastructure work; this means that as well as raw materials, other construction consumables, site equipment and protective products, such as water stops for concrete joints, will be more in-demand this year. Therefore, contractors will need to spend more time shopping around for reliable construction material, tool and product suppliers.

Infrastructure contractors need to take advantage of this anticipated trend. The forecast predicts that after this financial year, an increase in spending for road construction is unlikely as the government turns its attention to railway infrastructure.

4 Metal Fabricating Secrets for Higher Profits

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Metal fabrication processEvery time you have a metal fabrication project, it’s crucial to find ways to achieve greater efficiencies. Optimizing every step of the manufacturing process is the best way to reduce costs, keep time, and ensure efficacy. Here are four simple ways to ensure that each of your projects yields better results:

Select materials smartly

Material selection affects the total cost and design integrity of the project. Of course, the market is saturated with material options, but you need to know which ones are best for your project. Wasatch Steel noted that a sheet steel for sale, for instance, is ideal for fabricated metal parts because it’s strong, durable, and affordable.

Reduce manufacturing costs

The type of manufacturing projects involved will determine which production process you need to adopt. Prepare for tooling and amortization costs, based on the run volume of the project you intend to conduct. While it’s advisable to invest in your tools from the outset, sometimes it’s more affordable to rent them for a specific project. Find ways to reduce assembly and logistical costs, too.

Save on metal part design

Take the time to evaluate metal’s geometry and look for ways you can make the profile simpler without compromising on the product’s specifications. Identify ways to reduce the bends, too. If you have complex sections that have many bends, then opt for roll forming due to its ability to form linear shapes.

Adopt the best fabrication process

Look for fabrication processes that can yield the highest number from the same amount of material. Again, roll forming is your best bet if you’re looking to reduce drop off and scrap. You may also opt for aluminum extrusions due to their high yield.

As you look forward to your next fabrication process, ensure that you have a complete grasp on what factors you should consider optimizing it. With some planning, you’ll find that there are simple ways to get more yields for less, which improves your bottom line.