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Packing Ideas for an LDS Israel Tour

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Touring the Holy Land

Touring the Holy LandVisiting the holy land is on every Mormon’s bucket list. A trip to Israel gives you a rare opportunity to experience the Bible and walk in Jesus’ footsteps. It might be a bit overwhelming for you to make a successful trip on your own

A travel agency explicitly experienced in LDS tours will, however, make this trip worthwhile, inexpensive and fun for you. After getting a reliable travel agency for your LDS Israel tour with Cruise Lady, what you should bring along for your trip might be the next challenge.

It will seem like everything is important, but this is not so. Here is a guide to guarantee you pack all the essential items for a spiritually nourishing and fun-filled tour.

Spiritual Items

You cannot afford to visit Israel without your Bible. As most of the places you will visit have limited shade, paperback scriptures might be challenging to read. It might be more convenient to have a scripture app on your phone and bible video apps for your kids to follow throughout the tour.


A pair of lightweight sneakers will come in handy when visiting very dusty regions, such as Petra. Walking sandals will suffice for other areas since the general climate for most of the year is hot. You should also pack slip-on shoes for temple visits and use in airports.


Long loose skirts and pants are practical when touring the citadel and temple mount. Loose-fitting short and long-sleeved tops, lightweight scarves and sunglasses are also essential to protect you from sunburns. Don’t forget hats and caps to protect your hair from the wind.

Even as you pack the above items, do not forget to leave room in your suitcases. There are so many souvenirs at reasonable prices to buy in Israel. With the right gear and travel agency, your tour will genuinely prove to be a dream-come-true.

Three Ways that Will Help You Maximize Your Cabin Stay

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nice wooden cabin in the forestA cabin stay is something you might want to consider doing if you are looking for a cool way to spend your holidays. More often than not, cabins are situated in mountainsides and other cool places, thus assuring you that your stay will be cozy and comfortable. But to make the most of it, you need to partake in various activities.

Whether you are planning to rent a private cabin in OK such as River of Love or a simple one in your locality, some things and tips will help you maximize your stay. Here are some things you might want to do.

Create an itinerary

There are times when holidaymakers waste time because they do not have a solid plan. Remember, you are making the most of your stay, and to do just that, you need to have a schedule of activities. This will ensure that you will cover a lot of things on your vacation. Doing so will help you experience new things and create more memories.

Go cook!

Some cabins have their own kitchen. And if it is cold in your location, you may want to take advantage of your cabin through its kitchen: go, cook! You can create your chowder specialty or create some hot cocoa. If it is not too cold outside, you can set a campfire and roast your favorite meats while brewing stories over the pot of stew or chowder.

Appreciate nature

Since you are much closer to nature, why not go around and appreciate its beauty. You can go hiking if your schedule permits you. But if you want to explore more of the vicinity, you can go camping for one night and go back to the cabin the next day.

These are just some ways you can maximize your cabin stay. Invite your family and friends for a more memorable vacation.

Family Friendly Activities When Visiting Singapore

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Tourist sightseeing in Singapore

Tourist sightseeing in SingaporeMany places cater for tourist on holiday, but they find it hard to compete with Singapore. There are an overwhelming number of places to visit in Singapore if you’re travelling with your family or going on an adventure trip with friends. Make sure to set aside a few days, if not a whole week, to tour the different spots and experience the many attractions. Whilst in the country, you’ll come across plenty of mouth-watering food and treats to sample after a fun-packed day.

Universal Studios Singapore

The Asian franchise of this popular US attraction continues to draw big crowds every day. It’s located inside Resorts World in Sentosa Island and is known for its shows, rides, and roller coasters. This fantasy world features scenes and rides from blockbuster movies such as Transformers and Battlestar Galactica. For the adventurous ones, there’s the world’s tallest duelling rollercoasters called Human vs. Cylon. If you’re not into twists and turns, there are plenty of other fun rides, gift shops and restaurants to explore.

S.E.A Aquarium

Children are fascinated by the ocean and its creatures. This giant aquarium boasts tanks of fish, octopuses, dolphins, seahorses and more! There’s a shark tunnel as well as a rock pool where guests can wade around rays and touch other sea creatures. Visiting the aquarium will definitely leave a big impression on children and parents alike about the amazing oceans.

The Trick Eye Museum

Art museums and exhibits are trendy places see and be seen, but the Trick Eye Museum in Sentosa promises the best indoor fun. This interactive museum features clever visual trickery and lots of optical illusions that will leave you and your kids amazed. This is a great place to take plenty of souvenir photos for your albums, and to share on social media.

To make sure you enjoy your trip to any or all of these attractions, you can book your tickets in advance. Also, check the hours of operation before you go there since the schedules sometimes change during weekends or holidays.

Singapore may be small in terms of land area, but there’s plenty to do and see if you’re a tourist. Make sure it is on your list of places to explore.

What You Need to Know as a Snowboarder Newbie

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Man doing snowboarding

Man doing snowboardingYou’ve recently enrolled in a snowboard course near Chicago from institutions such as Chestnut Mountain Resort, and you feel like you’re ready to hit the slopes. As a beginner snowboarder, however, there are important tips to remember to avoid injuries and other mishaps.

Bear in mind that injuries are common especially when it’s your first time. You are still prone to lose your balance. Though serious injuries are rare, you can still suffer from fractures, sprains and wrist problems. So don’t rush on the tricks and take it easy with these tips.

Take your lessons seriously

Unless you’re gifted with extraordinary talents, taking snowboarding lessons will go a long way. Not only will you learn the proper technique, which is crucial, but you’ll also be given the appropriate lessons before you jump into a more serious technique that might put you off balance.

As you learn, listen to your instructors attentively for an effective ride across the slope. And though you will fall a lot at first, you’ll be taught how to fall the right way that prevents serious injuries.

Invest in your gear

If you think the appropriate equipment is only for advanced snowboarders, think again. Having the right gear on your first run is as important as wearing the proper gear when you’re ready to nail your first trick. Wearing protective gear also prevents injuries.

Wrist guards, for instance, can save you from fractures, and wearing a softer boot can help you gain more control of your board.

No matter what your goal is, it’s always good to make a plan to track your progress and ensure that you don’t stay on the same level for too long. But as you progress, anticipate more hard work, especially when it comes to your fitness.

Don’t forget to raise the bar too when it comes to your capabilities so you can become a better snowboarder in no time.

Sydney’s Nature Journeys

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Sydney, Australia

Sydney, AustraliaThe city of Sydney is surrounded with some of the most amazing places nature can offer. The good thing is that they’re no more than a couple of hours away. Perfect for family day trips or a random breather now and then.

Have you had enough of weekend paintball games? Is air pollution getting to you? Take a breather. Plan a day trip for your family or friends. Mona Vale Coaches says you could book a Sydney bus for hire and get everyone out of the City. With so much nature surrounding Sydney, it‘s only natural to go out there for some fresh air.

Wentworth Falls

Approximately one hour 30 mins West. The view itself will take your breath away. The stunning Wentworth Falls is the highest waterfall in the Blue Mountains. If you want to take a closer look, you should plan a few hours of bushwalking around the falls area.

Gosford Reptile Park

A little over an hour’s ride north. Take to the wild side of nature. Children will especially enjoy hands-on feeding and other animal interactions with the Park’s scaly and furry ones. They’d love to meet Elvis, New South Wale’s largest crocodile or take a walk with Hugo the giant Galapagos Tortoise.

Nan Tien Temple

Approximately one hour 30 mins, near Wollongong. If you feel like a freshly-prepared vegetarian meal and a spiritual moment by the lotus pond, take a short journey to the south to Nan Tien Temple, also called the ‘Southern Paradise’. Spend a relaxing day in a Chinese-styled garden with its oriental ambience and open blue skies.

Austinmer Beach

One-hour drive up the coast. You could take your loved one to a safe, open beach in Austinmer. Look out into the rolling Pacific Ocean and take in the refreshing view. Dine later at a quiet table by the sea and enjoy the calmness that only the beach could provide.

With these places in Sydney, you’ll never run out of natural wonders. We only have to get out there to enjoy clean, natural air – and on a budget too.

A Tourist’s Guide to Visiting Singapore

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Visiting Singapore

Visiting SingaporeSingapore may be smaller than its neighbouring countries, but do not let its size fool you. The city-state in Southeast Asia boasts many attractions and activities, enough to keep visitors busy for a week. If you are up for an adventure, here are a few destinations you can visit during your Singapore trip.


The island may be secluded from the rest of Singapore, but due to its easy access by boat, Batam has become an ideal destination even for the locals. You can find great spas, restaurants, bars and beaches there. In fact, you can find just about anything on the island. Before you visit, be sure to research on the famous attractions in the island. Read reviews about the best hotels in Batam to know where you will stay.


Another famous island, which is officially part of Singapore, is Sentosa. The island is comparable to Batam, except that it is smaller. Despite its size, you can find plenty of beaches, restaurants and world-famous attractions in Sentosa.

Theme Parks

Speaking of Sentosa, you can find Universal Studios right at the centre of the island. It is likewise home to a variety of rides and shows that can mesmerise both adults and children. It may take you a whole day to enjoy the entirety of the theme park, so it would be ideal to devote a separate day for it apart from your Sentosa island exploration.

Iconic Symbol

What better proof can you get that you visited Singapore than a picture of the iconic Merlion statue? You can take pictures of it and with it, as well as enjoy the magnificent views of the Marina Bay.

There are many other places to visit and activities to do in Singapore. You can explore museums, parks, temples, and even an observation wheel while you are there. Browse online to learn more about the other attractions and establishments not mentioned here. Book your trip soon and enjoy your stay in Singapore!

Beach Facts to Share For Your Next Vacation

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Jet Ski Experience in New Jersey

Jet Ski Experience in New JerseyWhen is a jet ski not a jet ski? Simple, when it’s made by another company. Following the same tradition as Xerox, Jacuzzi, and Scotch, Jet Ski is actually a brand that dominates its market so completely that it’s mistaken for the name of the object itself.

Water Craft Domination

The real name of the things that everyone calls jet skis is personal water craft (PWC), and jet skis is a model name for the PWC manufactured by Kawasaki. The brand became the first commercially successful PWC in America when it made its debut in 1972, and it hasn’t released its death grip on the top spot ever since.

The story of how Jet Ski eventually came to dominate the water craft world is fascinating, especially considering it came relatively late to the game. The first PWC first hit the water twenty years earlier with European brands like Vincent Amanda (UK) and Wave Roller (Germany). These two companies began exporting their models to the US, Australasia, and the rest of Europe in the 1950s.

The reason Kawasaki and Jet Ski were able to usurp the place of companies in that specific niche for more than a decade was design superiority. This of course doesn’t mean that Kawasaki had better technical engineers than their European counterparts. It’s just that they were able to recognize when they were supposed to veer off the standard path.

Independent Machines

The similarities between PWCs and motorcycles are obvious, and many of the designers during the early development of the technology fell into the trap of borrowing too much from the latter design. If we look at these two machines side-by-side, the only things they have in common are the seat and handlebars.

Everything from the motor to the very physics involved in the operation of these machines is different. Understanding that PWCs are their own machines, and not simply water motorcycles, was the first step in designing a more efficient and effective watercraft that you can now rent. And looking for one is the next step after finding your New Jersey rental home if you want to fully enjoy the water.

The story of Jet Ski is a simple one about doing one thing better than anyone else. This story serves as inspiration for aspiring engineers and entrepreneurs that success is possible – or a factoid to annoy your friends with at parties.

St. George, Utah: From Sandstone Mountains to Dinosaurs

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Snow Canyon in St. George

Snow Canyon in St. GeorgeJust south of Utah and less than 2 hours away by car from Las Vegas is a beautiful, vibrant city that’s teeming with history, outdoor activities, and nature: St. George, Utah.

St. George is a popular tourist destination. There, you can:

Enjoy the Beautiful Climate

The heart of Dixieland is well known for its temperate climate: not too hot, not too cold. Winters are usually mild, a great excuse to have fun, go out, and make the most of your trip in the city.

Play Several Grounds of Golf

Don’t be surprised if you’ll come across so many golf courses. That’s thanks to the beautiful climate and weather — and the stunning scenery where grass perfectly complements the red-colored mountains. With so many courses available too, you can be assured you’ll have plenty of time to tee and train.


The quaint city is such a gorgeous place to bike. Along the way, you’ll come across some of its heritage-listed buildings, some of which can be traced back to the time of the pioneers. On the other hand, if you’re crazy about off-roading, you can begin with easier tracks like the Gooseberry Mesa where the road is flat.

Visit the Parks

For anybody who loves the outdoors, St. George should be an object of enduring affection. Visitors can choose among Gunlock, Quail Creek, or Snow Canyon, which are all state parks. However, the king of all parks, Clarion Suites Saint George claims, is Zion National Park.

The Zion National Park St George Utah is part of the Zion Canyon and spreads across three counties. The oldest national park in the state, it looks incredibly majestic with its arches, canyons, sandstone mountains, rivers, and trails. Aside from biking, visitors can explore the vast area aboard a 4×4, although hiking isn’t such a bad idea either. The park also has microbreweries, spa, and even a grocery.

Find Dinosaurs

The Dinosaur Site in Johnson Farm is probably the closest thing you’ll ever have to real-life Jurassic Park. No, there are no living dinosaurs in here, but several traces and fossils of them and other living things that date back to the Early Jurassic Period.

Relive the History

Sure, there are many old buildings, but the best way to tour them is through George Live where many residents act and dress up, bringing you back to the early days of the city. The entire tour lasts for around 2 hours, but it costs only $3 — not too shabby, right?

According to quantum theory, reality doesn’t exist until you take a look it. Well, in the case of St. George, you haven’t had fun until you have visited the area.

What to Expect When Touring on A Motorcycle

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MotorcycleTouring is always a fun experience, may it be a walk through or not—prepare to be in for an adventure.

Thanks to the booming and ever growing tourism and hospitality industry in the Philippines, a number of exciting activities have now turned into a tourist recreational activity.

Simple swimming and boat tours are famous in the provincial areas. Exciting and adrenaline-pumping ones, on the other hand, like motorcycle tours—the Philippines is also famous for it. Especially since you need not catch a connecting flight to enjoy a breezy bike ride through the city.

Expect the following to happen when you tour the urban streets of Manila on a motorcycle.

Food Stops

One of the things the Philippines takes great pride in is their delectable cuisine. Expect a number of food stops on the way to your next destination and a full stomach upon getting there. Don’t think it’s strange to be stopping every 20-30 minutes to grab a snack, it is part of the Filipino culture.

Friendly Locals

Do not be surprised when you drive past kids and adults waving at you—it’s normal. Filipinos enjoy the presence of other people and the fact that people from other countries come by to visit. In that sense, expect to not get lost in the midst of helpful locals who are always willing to go the extra mile to help you.

Serviced Gas Stations

One thing you might be surprised about is the country’s gas filling stations. As opposed to Western countries, where you fill your vehicle on your own, the Philippines has so-called “gas boys.” They will attend to your needs and you need not be shy or uneasy.

Overloaded Vehicles

Jeepneys and tricycles are the main modes of transportation. Being comfortable with these vehicles, locals have turned them into heavy duty modes to transfer people and goods. Your heart may jump a bit, but fear not—the locals know what they’re doing.

Get on that motored 2-wheel vehicle and drive through the busiest streets of Manila to its open spaces. Learn from your guide and tour the city. See it through the locals’ eyes with adrenaline pumping through your bloodstream and enjoy the ride.

A Day-to-Night Guide to Jakarta

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JakartaIf you want a unique, vibrant vacation experience the next time you travel, Jakarta is the place to be. With its balance of urban living and preserving its unique Asian heritage, the city is alive with so much color and activity. You’ll definitely have a great time if you decide to visit the city, even for a quick getaway. Even if you have just 48 hours to spend in Jakarta, says you’ll still be able to experience the best that the Indonesian capital has to offer.

Spend the morning at the beach

There’s nothing like waking up early and watching a beautiful sunrise at the shore of a lovely beach. Jakarta has a lot of beaches along its coastline, and you can choose to stay in resorts instead of opting to book a hotel room. That way, as soon as your day begins, you can spend it enjoying the sun and the sand. Also, these resorts are close to the heart of the city, so you won’t have to travel so far if you want to be at the metro.

Go for a tour in the afternoon

Whether you prefer going for an outdoor trek, or walking around museum strips, or simply taking a sightseeing stroll through parks and streets, this city has the right tour for you. There are many hiking trails that you can walk which go through the rainforests and end in spectacular views. Maybe you’d like to ride a boat and go island-hopping. Or you can go to the Kota Tua – the Old Town – to catch a glimpse of art and culture.

Have a taste of Indonesia’s unique cuisine for dinner

Indonesia features the best both in modern fine dining and in its local cuisine. If you want to splurge on dinner, you can book a reservation in one of the many restaurants in the metro. Whatever your taste might be – French, Italian, Turkish, fusion cooking – then there’s definitely a restaurant that can satisfy your cravings. If your budget’s tight, you can still have a great dining experience; go to any of the food stalls bordering the streets so that you can sample the local fare.

Party the night away

Because the city is abuzz with activity, it’s no surprise that it’s also a city that doesn’t sleep. The heart of Jakarta comes alive at night, where you can dance to the beat and have fun in one of the many local clubs all over the metro.

Even if you only have a short time for your vacation, you’ll still be able to make the most of it. If you plan everything right, especially if you talk to professional tourist guides who can help you plan your itinerary, then your days – or rather, day – in Jakarta will certainly be well spent.