Promotion Guide: Marketing a New Product

Shelves with Promotions in a SupermarketNew product launches are exciting not only for you, but also to your customers. Every new product from your business signifies that something better is coming your customer’s way. It’s also one of the best ways to build brand trust and cement your reputation as far as innovation is concerned.

Product launches are not always easy, however. They are a crucial part of marketing, and every process should be on point. If you are looking to have a successful product promotion, here are some of the things you should keep in mind, some of which may involve the participation of your customers.

Tease your audience

Drum up some excitement for your product launch by getting people curious, and that you can do by deploying some teaser materials. You can place teasers on-ground and online. If you want to generate more buzz, do it online and have the ad boosted.

Do activation

If you have a physical shop, now is the time to display your products on your New Zealand-made wall shelves. On top of that, you may choose to do a brand activation. This is simply sampling and getting people to try your products. When it comes to brand activation, you should make sure that the gimmick is interesting enough to draw in people. You may even give them something that they can take home.

Spread coupons

On the first week of your product launch, you may offer a discount to people who are buying directly from your shop. To reach more potential customers, you can give away coupons. Digital type of coupons may also prove to be effective.

Product launches are an exciting phase for our business. Do it well by following the tips stated above. You may even choose to consult a reliable advertising and marketing professionals.