LGBT Parenting: The Rights of LGBT Couples in America

Young gay couple holding handsMore foster parents are necessary to respond to the needs of thousands of children in America who have no permanent homes. Each state faces challenges in caring for these children.

LGBT couples who are ready to become parents have the opportunity to care for orphaned and homeless kids. They can ask family law attorneys in Albuquerque, NM for assistance regarding the policies and legal procedures involved, notes the Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer.

LGBT Couples are Amazing Parents Too

Despite persistent prosecution and bias, the American society is accepting the fact that gay men and lesbians can be great at parenting too—that they have the same capacity to raise children as typical married couples. An adult with the capability to support a child must never be subjected to any restrictions in parenting if he or she can sustain a healthy parent-child relationship.

In America today, many states have granted second-parent adoptions to LGBT couples. The kids under their care enjoy the benefits of a warm, happy, and nurturing home. Also, these children are more secure under the guardianship of two legal parents.

Overcoming Myths and Stereotypes

It is unfortunate, however, that many states still use sexual orientation as a basis for denying foster care or custody. Many LGBT couples who could have been amazing parents have been denied adoption merely due to bias and stereotypes.

Social science research findings are supporting the fact that sexual orientation is not a substantial threat to a child. Lesbians and gay men, by their sexual orientation alone, don’t impose moral and ethical factors that make them incapable of raising kids in a healthy and comforting environment.

LGBT couples who want to raise children as legal parents must learn about same-sex parents’ rights. The Children and Families Act 2015 is a good start—its specific rulings are a substantial guide to lesbians and gay men planning to engage in parenthood. Learn more and boost awareness in your community by reading on the provisions of the 2015 Act.