Long-Term Consequences of a DUI Conviction

Shot glass with car keys and handcuffsEvery state has its own law prohibiting driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. Most people know the immediate consequences of a DUI. Jail time, probation, and drug and alcohol counseling classes, however, are all short-term effects.

There are severe long-term consequences associated with DUI convictions. They are the primary reasons you should hire an experienced DUI lawyer in Springfield, Illinois. Here are some of the devastating effects of a DUI conviction you should worry about:

License suspension

Even if you do not get a DUI conviction, your license might get suspended if your blood alcohol content is above 0.08%.  The suspension period varies among states. You should note, however, that it could extend to two years even for first-time offenders.

Additional auto insurance fees

Following a conviction for DUI, your vehicle insurance rates may significantly increase. This is because insurance companies consider drivers with DUI convictions to be “high risk.” Some insurance companies might even terminate your insurance coverage. Many states require all drivers with a DUI conviction to get a special insurance called SR22.

Permanent criminal record

High BAC levels, property damage, bodily injury and child endangerment with a DUI conviction in most states is regarded a felony. A felony permanently stays on your criminal record. If the DUI is a felony, you stand to lose several personal freedoms. These include your right to purchase firearms and vote or access government assistance in future including federal housing. Foreigners might be deported.

The only way to avoid a DUI conviction and its devastating effects is to avoid driving while drunk. A DUI arrest significantly affects your criminal record, future and current employment and your finances. It is not a charge you should take lightly even if you are a first offender. Should you be arrested for DUI, your first phone call should be to a DUI attorney. That call could make a huge difference in your life.