Prove Your Innocence: Responding to a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal injury law book on a table.A personal injury case against you is something that you should never take lightly. Whatever the reason that prompted someone filing a lawsuit against you, claiming that your action (or inaction) resulted in their injury, you should be aware of the harsh potential consequences you may face when proven guilty.

It is for this reason, and the simple fact that such cases are quite complicated and complex, that you should hire an experienced Springfield, IL personal injury lawyer.

With the help of the right lawyer, you can come out of the lawsuit with as little damage as possible.

Illinois’ personal injury process regulations

Proving someone’s fault (or non-fault) in a personal injury claim is difficult, and the specific regulations implemented by the State of Illinois makes it even more confusing for an average person.

For instance, as the defendant, you may have to deal with a jurisdiction other than the one that you thought would handle your case.

Since there are many jurisdictions in The Prairie State, you want to make certain that your legal team has experience working with the one that has legal authority over your case.

Disproving the fact-based plead of the plaintiff

The first step that a plaintiff, or the person who files a lawsuit, needs to take is to conduct a process called “fact-based pleading.” This involves gathering evidence and facts showing that you are at fault for the personal injury.

Once the court clerk processes this, you will receive the suit, which you then have to respond to within a certain period. You can either deny or admit the indicated allegations.

It is during this time that you should already look for personal injury lawyers who can build a strong case against those above plead to disprove said allegations. The earlier you retain a legal professional, the better your chances of coming out as not guilty.