Looking Back: Gold Coins and Where it Started

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A stack of bills and gold coins

A stack of bills and gold coins

Imagine if trade and business were still conducted using gold and silver coins up to this day. Your purse would be full of heavy gold coins instead of your makeup kit. Guys on the other hand, will not be able to leave the house with just their wallets. They would most probably need to have a belt bag.

It might look funny now, but people in the ancient times did that to be able to transact and trade properly. But how did these coins, especially gold coins in the UK, come about? Here is a brief throwback about gold coins.

How did gold coins start?

Gold coins were the lifeblood of the Mediterranean trade in the second millennium BC and found use in the ancient civilisation of Sumerian and Egypt. They were in the trade, valuable by weight and used to pay taxes and government officials. The common folk did not use gold as barter still prevailed.

How did it reach the UK?

Despite being widely used by the Sumerian civilisation, they produced the first gold coin in Lydia, Turkey. They made the first gold coin out of electrum, a mixture of both gold and silver minerals. Eventually, the Greeks and the Romans got hold of gold coins and started modifying them by putting the king’s faces.

During this period, the use of gold coins as a part of trade has become more widespread, and eventually found use as payment in the army, but is still too valuable for public consumption. The production of gold continuously grew until it reached Europe, specifically Britain, between 200-400 A.D.

Gold coins at present

Nowadays, gold coins are once again a rare commodity as people use paper bills for their daily business transactions. However, unlike before, gold has become significantly more accessible for people from different walks of life and various parts of the world.

Gold is still is as valuable as before it was widely circulated and would continue to be in the future.

Expand Your Business the Right Way

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Business MeetingEvery business has to change and hopefully expand to keep it viable. If you intend to skip the 9 to 5 and eventually start a business, then it makes sense to invest in growing your business. Here are some tips on how to do this.

Get a New Influx of Cash for Expansion

You can check an online lending platform and see if you can get peer to peer lending to help you expand your business. Companies such as Vyze make sure that the right platform gives lenders and their clients  a way to meet and transact business. Most businesses need a fresh inflow of cash to pursue expansion, and this could mean different things: spending on a new location, marketing, and improving products. Choose a specific one that suits your business so you know how much to borrow.

Partner Up with Other Companies

If you don’t have the money to make your expansion happen, try partnering with an existing company. For example, bakery shops can try partnering up with hotels, restaurants, and even catering businesses to help sell products. While you’re not dishing out additional cash, you are effectively expanding your client base.

Start a Franchise

If you don’t have the money to expand, why not franchise your business so that other people will produce the necessary funds? Franchising is the secret behind the success of many global companies today like McDonalds and Starbucks. This business strategy helps build your brand without necessarily flushing out cash.

Improve Your Market Research

If you intend to expand, the first step to take is to find out what the market is. While you might be profitable right now, chances are you’re merely tapping on just one aspect of the market. With research, however, you’ll be in a much better position to make money-making decisions.
Of course, those are just some techniques you can use to help expand your business. However, you should approach expansions carefully so that you won’t find yourself going too far too soon.

Reducing Housing Loan Interest Rate through Refinancing

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As a homeowner and a borrower, you want to get the lowest interest rate on your Approved House Loanmortgage. It would be wise to consider refinancing, particularly when you are paying about 3% or higher for your mortgage. Some housing loans are available at 1% and this is a fixed rate. You can enjoy this rate through refinancing.

Read on to learn how.

Why Choose to Refinance?

Refinance loan refers to a secured loan, which an individual obtains to pay off the existing loan against the current equity. City Creek Mortgage agrees that refinancing your mortgage in Sandy can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for the next two to three years. In a way, refinancing can provide the borrower a debt solution other than filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is always painful, especially when you can never regain what you have already paid for.

Things to Consider


Remember that the goal of refinancing is to save on interest payments. In maximizing the process, you have to consider if it will lower the monthly installment payments or if you will get a lower interest rate.


Another thing to consider is whether the period of payment could be significantly shortened if you are going to refinance your loan. Nevertheless, this could be a staggering decision when your house has higher market value. The underpinning of this is that the higher the market value, the higher the price and the higher the interest rate.

What You Must Do

While interest rates are always fixed, they may also be floating and adjustable. As such, you have to switch to fixed rate mortgages, which are possible through refinancing. When your interest rate is adjustable, it means it moves along with the changes in the real estate market. Comparing the current housing loan interest rate with that of the existing rates in the market would be a necessary first step.

As you are aware now, interest rates are initially lower, which will eventually expand at a specified period (e.g. yearly, after every four years). Through refinancing, though, you can modify the interest rate structure of your loan in a way that it will be more convenient for you to pay.

The market value of your property will affect the interest rate package available for you. So, if your goal is to reduce the interest rate, then consider refinancing it. Do not transact for the first refinance institution that you will encounter. Consider at least three refinance offers and then study them. This way, you can compare the interest rates before making a decision.

The Most Popular Uses of Small Business Loans

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SBA Loan Application

SBA Loan ApplicationA small business loan is ideal for funding purchases that you need to make for your company. You can use the loan for anything that your business may require for smooth operations.

Some of the more common uses of a small business loan in Ogden include:

  • Inventory
  • Equipment
  • Employee Wages/Benefits
  • Expansion

Not all companies need additional capital for all these categories, but most businesses will need extra funds for one or two of them.


If you sell products, it is important to have the goods in stock. A business loan can help you buy your inventory or the materials to create your products. You must have a detailed plan to sell your inventory. Otherwise, you may end up with a huge amount of unsold products and a big debt on your shoulders.


Your business may need equipment to facilitate your production process. If you don’t have enough funds yet to buy the equipment, a small business loan will come in handy.

Employee Wages and Benefits

If you are in the business of providing services instead of products, you need well-trained manpower. This will facilitate the delivery of your services to clients. While you can get a small business loan to pay your employees, you need to have a clear plan on turning your employees’ productivity into revenues.


If you need to expand your business even if you have already reached a certain level of success, you may need extra funding to get your expansion plans rolling. Armed with a good business plan, you can apply for a small business loan and get the cash you need for your expansion project. Once you start reaping the benefits of your growing business, you will not have much difficulty in repaying your loan.

If your start-up or small business needs additional operating funds to keep afloat in today’s highly competitive business environment, you can always apply for a loan. Look for a lender who offers great deals and competitive rates.

The Versatility of CNC Plasma Cutters

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CNC Plasma CutterIn this generation, computers have been a part of almost everyone’s life.  It finds use in most, if not all, industries like banking, construction, education, engineering, medical and much more from all over the world.

Like the plasma cutter that uses CNC or Computer Numerical Control system. It has use in the manufacturing and construction field. And you may wonder why: it is because of the many conveniences and benefits it provides.

Here are some of the advantages of using CNC plasma cutters.

It is accurate and precise

You store the specifications of the required measurements in the computer that controls the machine before the process of cutting starts. This computer-operated cutter produces a result with superior precision and accuracy in cutting without human intervention. 

The machine will just follow the program stored in the computer, and that is how it works!

It is efficient

The competency of the machine lies in the simple use of the cutter. It requires very simple training for the machinist and in effect, using it is very efficient. Compared to laser cutters, plasma cutters do not need complex adjustments.

To top it all, what makes it more efficient is its fast cutting capability with the speed of up to 500 inches per minute. The faster it can cut, the more you can produce.

It can cut different kinds of material

What is good about the plasma-cutting machine is the fact that it could produce quality cuts on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. You can choose from alloy, aluminium, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel and many more to mention.

Aside from the variety of materials it can cut, it is also effective in cutting gauge-thick metals or even three inches in thickness with no issues at all. It is a very versatile tool.

It is important that before you buy a machine for your business, you should know the benefits it could give you. After all, efficiency and accuracy are important in your enterprise.

Ways to Enjoy Your Garden Gazebo

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A garden gazeboEverybody wants a comfortable temperature. Summer is hot and requires that you use other ways to cool your room. Cooling a room is expensive as it uses electricity. You need to spend most of your time outdoors to reduce the high cost of your electric bill. A garden gazebo should be your partner in your outdoor experience. Here are some of the ways you can use your garden gazebo, as well as tips to make it a better option to stay cool.


Most people want to see the environment instead of stay in a closed room. If you are hosting a party, you can use the gazebo in your garden to please your visitors. You will get the chance to show them every good plant you have around. Your visitors will also feel relaxed and take part in the event without limitations.

Family Outdoor Relaxation

A gazebo is like a house. It protects your family from the hot sun and protects them from the dangerous UV rays. Your family members will also feel refreshed with the shady spots in your area. The young members of the family can study and enjoy nature under the gazebo.


If unlucky, people can experience bad weather conditions when camping in the forest or mountains. Reinvent your camping experience by staying in your yard and set up camp by your gazebo. You don't have to worry about carrying heavy luggage or setting up a tent. Your gazebo already got you covered.

The materials used to make a gazebo are strong and durable. Some materials are also capable of preventing the dangerous UV from reaching you. Strong materials assure you of low maintenance cost.

Outdoor adventure is enjoyable. There different types of gazebos. But Garden gazebos, with their unique airy feature will help you, your family, and even friends enjoy nature. You need to get one to get the full experience.

Getting Your Dream Home: Things You Need to Consider

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Couple Outside Home with Sold Sign

Couple Outside Home with Sold SignAlmost everyone has a dream house that someday they hope they could either purchase or build for their family. But when people finally reached that point, many realize that there are things they need to consider seriously. One of these is finding a mortgage company in St. George that could help you build or buy your dream home.

Where to build

Two very pressing issues for most homeowners are the location and design. The location is important because no matter how nice your house is, if you are not happy with your surroundings, going home might not be as joyous as you thought it would be. Noisy neighbors, inaccessibility to modern conveniences, and even nature’s onslaught can affect your contentment on your home’s location.

How is it like

The home’s exterior and interior design are important. You should choose a design that suits your aesthetic and preferences. Even the choice of the fixtures and the furniture are important for you to feel comfortable and happy in your home. Design it the way you want it – from the materials used, the color, the number of lighting fixtures, to the stairway design.

You should consider the details, or you will end up paying more for future renovations. This is true even for those who decide to purchase a built house that may not fit your ideal.

How to pay for it

How to take out a loan is another consideration as there are many options available to you. Each choice has its pros and cons, and you should carefully deliberate since a mortgage could last for the next 5 to 30 years. The down payment, insurance coverage, and interest rate options are some of the things to consider before choosing the lender.

Making it easier in the long run

Finally, for those in the midst of their dream home loan, restructuring your loan or asking for better terms are also considerations as many institutions will not automatically adjust things for your sake. Homeowners looking to save money have to always be on the lookout for ways to reduce home mortgage payments, whether you’re in Salt Lake City or St. George.

It is always great to dream and even better to be able to achieve it. But you need full commitment to make sure that your dream becomes a reality.

Home Buying: Easy Ways to Get Money for Your Down Payment

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Couple Looking at Their New House

Couple Looking at Their New HousePurchasing a home is among the most significant investments in a person’s life, and lenders need to know that you could afford it before giving you a loan. Although there are home loans that require little to no down payment, you most probably need to bring 20% down payment for most home loans or find a lender who could offer a 1% down payment home loan in Salt Lake City. If this isn’t possible, below are some options you could explore.

See If Your Employer Could Help You

Employers sometimes offer help through a benefits package that includes assistance for home buying. You might be able to obtain cash for a down payment via a grant, which you’ll need to repay or an interest-free loan. Some even offer employees a matched-savings program in which you and your employer contribute money that you could use for your closing costs or down payment.

Maybe Your Family Could Help

Most lenders allow borrowers to use gift money, provided that they meet some basic requirements. One, only someone related to you could gift you money, except if you are engaged, and the money will come from your future spouse so that you could buy a family home. Two, the money can’t be a loan from your family, and you need to present documentation to support this.

Check if there are Down Payment Assistance Programs in Your Area

Nonprofit organizations and state agencies typically offer these types of programs, and these work similarly to employer programs. However, take note that you might have to satisfy a certain income requirement or could only purchase property in a particular area to be eligible for these programs.

Consider Dipping Into Your Retirement Account

You could withdraw as much as $100,000 from your IRA account to fund your down payment without being penalized for early withdrawal if you are under 59 ½ years old. But you still have to pay income tax on that money. This would also reduce your retirement savings so think twice before tapping into you IRA.

You don’t have to spend years on end just to save money for your down payment. Although the above mentioned options might not apply to every borrower, it doesn’t hurt to try either. Otherwise, keep your eye out for a no or only one percent down payment home loan, advises a lender in Salt Lake City.

How to Keep Work Settings Accident-Free

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Female wearing protective helmet on construction siteIf you work in high-risk industries such as construction, roading and infrastructure, manufacturing, logistics, forestry, and agriculture, it is only fair that you demand from your management reliable workplace safety standards.

Conversely, if you are part of the management team, it is your moral obligation to safeguard your employees by following functional workplace safety management protocols and procedures.

With at least 3,207 work-related fatalities in Australia from 2002 to 2015, it is quite clear that we have yet to realise fully the goal of having zero workplace-related casualties. If you wish to change this, here is how you can start.

Identify types of workplace hazards

Workplace hazards come in six different types. Knowing these will allow you to determine which ones apply to your particular workplace setting, so you can start planning ways to eliminate their danger.

  • Safety Hazards (working from heights, presence of trip wires, etc.)
  • Biological Hazards (infected blood and other body fluids, viruses and bacteria)
  • Physical Hazards (radiation, extreme temperature)
  • Ergonomic Hazards (poor posture, frequent lifting, vibration)
  • Chemical Hazards (dangerous fumes and vapours, pesticides)
  • Work Organisation Hazards (workplace violence, sexual harassment)

Workplace Safety Management

A comprehensive safety management plan should include the following steps:

  • Understand your legal obligations.
  • Conduct workplace safety information campaigns, training, and instructions.
  • Put up and maintain sufficient first aid supply.
  • Ensure that workplace facilities comply with national safety standards.
  • Have emergency plans in place.
  • Invest in workers’ workplace safety gear/clothing.

Safety Gear and Clothing

In high-risk industries, you must adhere to the consistent use of these protective gears:

The success of any implemented workplace safety regulations relies on the cooperation between employees and the management. After all, you have to look after each other’s safety regardless where you fall in the organisational hierarchy.

UK-German Joint Venture to Build 8 New Satellites

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Satellite in spaceA joint venture between Germany and the U.K. will see the construction eight new satellites for Europe’s global positioning system, Galileo. The European Space Agency (ESA) signed a deal with OHB-System for the manufacturing of new satellites.

The new orders will provide enough supply for spare spacecraft even if the continent already has a complete constellation.

Continual Partnership

OHB-System and SSTL will create the new satellites and will order materials from suppliers. These may include metal pressings here in the UK, like those provided by firms such as Winward Engineering LTD.

U.K.’s scheduled Brexit negotiations, however, remain a concern for SSTL since it may affect the project.

The European Commission, ESA and the London government will need to negotiate this issue in the near future. A satellite’s design serves as one issue that will be complicated since some aspects are classified, and only member countries of the European Union are to work on these components.

Meanwhile, manufacturers of a new rocket in Europe are reaching new progress ahead of scheduled launch in 2020.

Ariane 6

The development of the Ariane 6 rocket ship has inched closer to becoming fully functional, amid more than 100 tests for the Vinci engine, according to ArianeGroup CEO Alain Charmeau. The new rocket will replace the existing Ariane 5 spacecraft.

They expect the Ariane 6 to be similar to a “jack of all trades” launcher, as it will launch several types of space equipment from constellations to giant telescopes. The rocket will perform this through its two versions, the A62 and the A64.

It will also cover multiple tasks such as its predecessor’s heavy-lifting responsibilities and the medium-listing duties of the Russian Soyuz rocket.

The U.K.’s position in the European space market continues to be important, yet the government should ensure that Brexit negotiations would run smoothly to avoid complications on joint ventures and the development of new spacecraft.