Emails That Convert: Marketing Practices That Work

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Email marketing allows companies to send information, tips, and promotions to a target market. With the help of SEO companies in Birmingham, businesses generate leads and reach the people most interested in their products or services. Through this method, customer relations and brand awareness improve significantly.

Value Customers’ Privacy and Options

Most companies offer optional emails either through a blog, email, or both. “Optional” is the operative term, so avoid becoming one of the companies that force themselves onto people. Customers usually subscribe to receive this information voluntarily, so it’s important to respect their privacy and not share their personal information with other companies. Also, give them an easy way to unsubscribe.

Write Interesting, Friendly Newsletter Emails

A Birmingham SEO company can send newsletters about once a month on behalf of their clients. These emails often include interesting, readable, and engaging pieces of content already present on the website. These newsletters let visitors and customers know about the best deals and relevant content, similar to the printed newsletters that companies send out through the post.

Create Promotional Emails That Go Straight to the Point

These types of emails usually don’t have much content, as they focus on selling and persuasion. An attractive graphic or a powerful video often helps the call to action. When done tactfully, promotional emails encourage customers to take action, usually around a new service or product offered. This also applies to events, special offers, and subscriber-only or members-only deals.

Use Eye-Catching Titles and Avoid Spam-Like Tactics

Research shows that most people decide to keep or delete an email without opening it first. According to the Email Sender and Provider Coalition (ESPC), around 60% of users click the “Report Spam” or “Junk” button because of a poor subject line. Use the title to summarize the content rather than flashy, promotional lines that overuse uppercase characters and exclamation points.

Make Things a Little More Personal

There are great ways to make sure that readers always get the emails they subscribed to. Give the reader a clear way to reach you, and remind them to add the company’s email to their address books. Whenever possible, personalize the message by adding their names automatically in the greeting, but don’t overdo it.

Companies like Digital Cherry provide expertise in several online promotion techniques like email marketing. Visit their website to get more information and find out how these services can benefit your business.

Between the Doctor and the Patient: Informed Consent in Medical Negligence Cases

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Receiving medical care for your illness and injuries can make you feel better and start you on the road to recovery. There are instances, though, when mistakes happen. Negligence by your medical provider may cause your condition to get worse or result in side effects that can hamper your recovery. Get advice from a lawyer with experience in medical negligence cases immediately. A claim filed three years after the procedure can affect the authenticity of your claim.

The Basis of Medical Negligence Cases

You should first determine if your doctor failed to provide the right care or committed an error during your procedure. Discuss how the law weighs liability for a medical negligence claim. In the United Kingdom, you must prove that there was a breach of duty that led a direct harmful result to your health.

Both these conditions are important, as there are some situations when a doctor, for example, fails to administer the dosage you need. If there are no lasting negative side effects or damage, then you’re unlikely to receive compensation. You’ll need to file a complaint against the hospital instead.

The Importance of Informed Consent

All medical processes come with inherent risks. It’s your doctor’s responsibility to give a clear explanation about your procedure and its possible risks and benefits. You should also receive an overview of your other options, so you’ll be able to make an informed good decision regarding your medical condition.

Informed consent is generally one of the possible turning points in a medical negligence case. It’s important, whether or not you didn’t experience any lasting effects from the lack of explanation. Don’t sign off any procedure unless you’re fully aware of the possible side effects. This helps ensure compliance in the medical procedures you’ll undergo.

The Role of Informed Consent in Medical Negligence

Giving consent to a risk doesn’t release the doctor from any responsibility if something goes wrong with the procedure. For example, you may have signed a form saying that you understood that there may be possible side effects such as bleeding. This, however, applies to normal situations only. Unusual bleeding because of negligence can serve as a probable cause for a negligence claim.

Get more information about informed consent for your claim. Let your lawyer analyse the circumstances and see if proper medical care wasn’t carried out. This way, you can see if your claim for medical negligence compensation can stand in the court of law.

Beijing Offers Tour To Explore City’s Spooky Side

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china spooky sideChina offers an unusual tour called Newman Tours, the only English-language excursion for people wanting to explore Beijing’s eerie side.

Beijing’s spooky side

“We introduce [tourists] to all of the local ghost stories and folklore and try to scare them a bit while we’re at it,” says Daniel Newman, managing director of Newman Tours.

China’s capital has a rich history of spooky stories, which mostly involve imperial intrigue and traditional superstitions.

Guide Christopher Pegg starts the evening tour from the Beihai metro station, leading tourists through two dozen stops in the winding hutongs, narrow, maze-like alleys, near Houhai Lake and around Prince Gong’s Mansion for two hours of fright and fun.

Perfect place for scary tales and activities

Traditional hutong homes and Prince Gong’s mansion are the perfect place for bone-chilling stories. The restored historic site may look cheery during the day with its gardens and bright colors, but it has a dark back story, says Pegg.

Tourists can learn about the twisted past of the Ming Dynasty’s most notorious Emperor Yongle, and other horror tales from Imperial China’s cruel leaders.

The most interesting part of the tour is the opportunity to communicate with Beijing’s spirits and even marry them.

Pegg performs ghost weddings, a tradition in China that allows unmarried spirits to marry the living.

Other activities of the tour include burning money for ancestors to use in the afterlife.

Four Signs Your Water Heater Needs More Than a Little TLC

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Your water heater goes through a lot of abuse everyday. From sink usage to lengthy baths, you should make sure that your water heaters are doing their job. You often take your water heaters for granted, taking note of them only when they become broken. While paying hundreds of dollars for repair can solve the problem, it’s not practical especially if you’re budget-minded.

Here are some signs that you may need more than just a little TLC to keep your water heaters in good working condition.


Leaks from your water heater may seem a minor problem at first, but ignoring them all the time can lead to costly problems. Leaks can mean some parts need replacement or in some cases, a tank problem. Unless you’re knowledgeable about water heaters and plumbing matters, you may need to hire professionals specializing in plumbing repair to resolve the issue.

Unusual noises

Nothing is more annoying than a water heater that squeals or makes wanted sounds. These strange noises are often due to sediments inside the tank, debris that came in contact with the heating element, or parts that need replacement. If your DIY skills don’t work, maybe it’s time to call in a professional.

Temperature problems

Your water heater’s job is to provide hot water. If the water fails to get hot enough, fixing the problem is as simple as adjusting the thermostat. But in some cases, this could be due to a broken heating element that demands the expertise of professionals.

Oddly colored water

Water should be clear when they come out of your pipes. If you see unusual color when you turn on the sink, the pipes may be corroded. This also needs a professional plumbing repair in San Diego for an effective fix.

In the end, you should pay attention to your water heater’s condition and perform regular maintenance. Anything out of the ordinary needs immediate assistance to ensure safety and avoid costly problems.

Out Of The Dome- Mars Food Study Researchers

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astronautThe last four months have been spent by 6 researchers on a Hawaii lava field at an altitude of 8000 feet inside a small dome where they are trying to understand what food astronauts can consume when on Mars and other deep-space missions.

Life in the Dome

The six researchers, selected by the Cornell University and University of Hawaii for the NASA-funded study lived in a two-storey dome which had a small sleeping area, an exercise room and a kitchen. Inside the dome, they spent time preparing meals with non-perishable, dehydrated ingredients just like the current astronauts do and tried to concoct new recipes to combat food boredom. One of the six members said that there was a craving for comfort foods.

After emerging from the dome armed with their recipes and without space suits, one of the scientists said that they were glad to feel the fresh air and sunshine on their faces.

The Outdoors: How to Design an Appealing Garden

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Many households transform their open lots into a garden, as it allows them to increase the value of their home through landscape gardening. This makes the property more inviting for the family and guests because the garden will make them feel closer to nature. Other than the interiors, outdoor spaces also deserve a makeover.

Here are some important points to take note of when designing the garden:


A wide walkway allows everyone to pass through side by side to enjoy the view. Make sure that the space is enough for at least two to four people. Many landscaping experts recommend a width of at least three to five feet. Don’t set up plants near it to avoid making the space restricted.


Many use a footpath to get a closer view of the plants. Install these carefully, so it won’t wobble when walking on its surface. Use stone materials and avoid tiles and polished granite, as these are slippery when wet. It should have a sloping surface pattern to prevent water puddles.


A big headroom space is necessary for archways, arbours, and pergolas. You wouldn’t want anyone to bump their head accidentally. Make these at least seven feet or higher, depending on your family’s height and reach.


Garden design differs depending on the plants and flowers you want to grow. When planting new shrubs, it’s best to give them enough space to grow. Plant them three to five inches apart to allow them to mature properly. Use filler plants, such as delphiniums, butterfly bush, and golden tree mallow, to temporarily hide the gaps.


Setting up decks and patios are common, as these have dining and entertainment purposes. It’s a good area to relax, especially when you want to breathe some fresh air. It’s also an ideal space for your children, so they can play without leaving the vicinity of your home.

Thanks to landscape gardening, many houses have turned from simple to stylish. Look for a professional landscape artist to improve the appearance and quality of your home.

Let Your Creative Juices Flow: A Guide to Designing Your Own Business Cards

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Your business card’s design is important to establish your business persona. You have to design your card in a way that will catch potential business partners or customers’ interest. You’re clear on that. The challenge, though, is how you can seamlessly apply your creative ideas to turn a piece of paper into an effective network-growing machine. These business card designing tips will keep you ahead of the game.

Provide What’s Needed

First things first, there are set information you need to provide on the business card. Name, title, address, and contact numbers are standard, but you can also add extra info to enhance your brand identity. Make sure every detail is correct, especially if you plan to design your business cards online. You don’t want to lose potential clients or business partners because you provided the wrong phone number.

Be Clear on the Message

Content and design should work together. Match the text colour to the colour of the paper. The design should also relate to the nature of your business. State what you or your business do and provide. It’s important so the person who has your card will remember more about you. State whether you’re working as a business consultant, an accountant, or you’re running a food business.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Bigger fonts and catchy images may work best for some cards. But when it comes to the size, bigger isn’t always better. Your prospected business partner or customer might throw your card into the bin if it’s bigger than a wallet sized photo. It’s best to go with the standard, or even smaller than that.

Yes to Double-Sided Cards

Who says double-sided business cards are nonsense? It’s actually not. Using both sides of the card will let you put more information and add enhancements on its design. It might cost you a little more, but the result you’ll get will be worth it.

Your cards are your PR apprentices. Design your own business cards with the help of a reliable online printing company.

Oprah Finally Speaks Out On Paula Deen Controversy

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oprah and deenOprah Winfrey finally spoke out about the series of unfortunate events that plagued her friend, the butter-loving queen of southern cooking, Paula Deen.

“In the very first days I tried to reach her and then I decided to stay out of it as I saw it blowing up,” Winfrey, 59, tells Entertainment Tonight. “In time she will be fine. For me, it all just felt kind of sad.”

Winfrey believes that people need to let the “dust settle” before the two can have a “real conversation” about racism in today’s world. The 66-year-old Deen was subsequently fired by the Food Network and lost multiple endorsement deals in the process.Until recently, Winfrey had remained silent on her friend’s latest controversy.

When asked to comment about Deen during an interview with Extra, Winfrey laughed but declined to say anything more about the disgraced TV personality who she befriended back in 2012. “Oh my god! I don’t have anything to do with Paula Deen,” she insisted. “She is not the first white lady to use the N-word! Good lord!”

Winfrey herself has experienced racism in the past, but chooses to rise over them than letting it bring her down.

“Nobody in their right mind is going to call me the N-word. You know, you see those fools on Twitter sometime say ridiculous things. But nobody in their right mind is going to do that to my face, because true racism is being able to have power over somebody else,” Winfrey explains. “So that doesn’t happen to me that way.”

Clean Your Home to Stop Sneezing the Day Away

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Experts believe that the best way to prevent allergies is to get rid of its causes. While some things, such as certain foods or pets are difficult to avoid, there are other controllable factors such as keeping the house clean that can do wonders for you or your loved ones’ health.

Often, something as simple as cleaning windows, carpets, and upholstery can make a substantial difference. Beyond using the hoover to get rid of the daily dust accumulation, it’s also ideal to hire a professional to do a deeper cleaning of the household.

Pollutants are silent culprits

Keeping the home healthy involves not just superficial cleaning, but also deeper cleaning. A dirty carpet or unclean upholstered chair often retains indoor air pollutants. These include pet fur, cockroach allergens, and other dust-like particles. Toxic airborne gasses may stick to these particles, contaminating the air and surfaces in your home.

Although regular dusting and cleaning of the home helps, professional carpet cleaning services have special solutions, machines, and shampoos to remove these deeply trapped allergens.

Dust mite infestations aggravate allergies

Dust mites themselves aren’t allergens, but these microscopic creatures often have leftovers that are. These particles, in the form of faeces and body fragments, are often overlooked by homeowners. When an area or piece of furniture with dust mites gets disturbed, people in the home can inhale these and provoke allergies.

Even if items such as curtains, pillows, and rugs don’t give off a foul odour or still look nice, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s clean and safe from dust mites. It’s important to clean those regularly using anti-allergy cleaning solutions and hypoallergenic formulas. You can also get steam cleaning services as dust mites cannot survive in high heat.

Mould growth causes breathing difficulties

Mould and mildew don’t just look nasty, but also make people have trouble breathing. People who live in highly humid areas are especially vulnerable. Apart from tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, soft furnishings such as carpets, curtains, and even moist clothes may also attract mould growth.

While certain moulds are often ignorable, some types often cause poor indoor air quality, causing people to have trouble breathing. If you or your loved ones inhale or ingest these spores, they may even cause fatigue, headaches, fever, sneezing, and other symptoms.

Companies like Embassy Cleaning may help stop dust, dirt, and other allergens from circulating around your home and prevent them from causing health issues. Visit their website to know more.

Taliban, Kabul Government Engage In Secret Talks

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afghanistan secretsAccording to Afghan officials and a senior Taliban representative, the Taliban has had secret talks with the representatives of the Afghan president Hamid Karzai to quickly start the peace process that had stuttered at the starting gate. So far, the discussions with the members of the Afghan’s High Peace Council have been unofficial and preliminary, but they indicate that the two groups do have an interest in processing with the peace talks.

Peace in Sight?

Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman, Janan Musazai said that the country’s government certainly maintained contacts with leaders and prominent figures from the Taliban. One of Taliban’s representatives stationed in Doha, Qatar also mentioned that the secret talks with the High Peace Council had already begun.

With both the parties now agreeing on certain issues, while still disagreeing on some, it is expected that peace might prevail in the region after all. However, Taliban has little trust on Karzai, who himself is angry that the group is wielding a government from outside the country, which might hamper the overall peace process.