Thunderstruck! Portable Appliance Testing and Electrical Shocks

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A dark stormy night, strong winds and rain, thunder and lightning in the background, and a flying kite with a metal key tied at the upper part of the strings. Yes, we’ve all heard about the urban legend of Benjamin Franklin and his experiment with the electrical power of lightning. This is probably the most popular story and study about electricity and electrical shock.

In today’s world, however, the risk of electric shock is becoming smaller as technology continues to develop safer products. Still, even if the risk is small, there’s still the possibility of getting electrocuted. This is where portable appliance testing, or PAT, comes in.

Gadget Shocker

Electrical PAT testing describes the routine inspection and testing of electrical appliances that directly connects to an electrical outlet. Most of these tests are preventive maintenance measures to reduce the risk of electric shock, fire, explosions, or any other dangers that can be caused by defective equipment. Many countries that have equipment standards in place require this test to protect people from electrical shock.

It’s Electrifying

In the United Kingdom, for example, PAT is required by the Health & Safety at Work Act and the Electricity at Work Act for machines and appliances, from the refrigerators, washing machines, power drills, hair dryers, to the computers and laptops at home and in the office. Insurance companies also ask for this test from their clients before issuing insurance policies, as this is often a potential hazard.


Conducting a PAT usually requires a person to get an electrical tester, and an appliance that’s disconnected from the power outlet. For more complicated and high-risk testing, a professional is needed to do the testing and interpreting the results.


In the UK, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) department recommends a three-level inspection system, which involves user checking, formal visual inspection and combined visual inspection, and regular testing and maintenance. Every homeowner, office, and property owner or manager is also required to perform and keep a record of their PATs.

Periodic PAT tests are often required to ensure the safe use of any and all appliances, be it at the home or the office. This ensures that there’ll literally be no shockers for you.

Send the Right Message: Learning the Common Online Content Mistakes

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When you create content for your website, your main intention is to build your brand. It’s one of your marketing goals to grab audience attention and compel them to buy from you. This may seem basic, but carrying it out is hard work. Coming up with engaging content pieces is part of your efforts to boost your online presence. Before looking for reputable SEO companies in Birmingham, understand first the common mistakes when it comes to the creation of online copies. Learning these will help you avoid the companies offering faulty services.

Neglecting the Values of the Customers

Many times, marketers highlight the most significant qualities of what they offer rather than focusing on what their customers want to see. Make sure that before creating the content, you already have an idea about the prevailing insights among your customers. To do this, you can conduct surveys.

Long and Complicated Copies

Remember that you’re selling your brand online. The online environment offers many distractions to your customers, so make sure that you grab their attention by coming up with short yet compelling copies. For instance, make sure that your reader will already have an idea of what’s in the body of the article just by looking at your headline. Avoid using jargons and words that will make your readers consult a dictionary.

Lacklustre Copies

Coming up with short content doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice creativity. Make sure that your online content will excite and inspire your readers. Do this by infusing the known habits and language of your customers to your message. Another tip: use more action words.

Depending A Lot on What’s In Trend

This is another common mistake of marketing strategists. If you try to be part of what’s trending, you will never make a difference. Do away with it, as it will only show that you’re running out of creative juices. For instance, instead of infusing some elements from different virals to your content, why not create your own viral?

Creating effective content will ensure that your brand will be included different online conversations. When giving your content heavy consideration, see to it that you only work with a reliable Birmingham SEO company.

How to Design a Sturdy Deck

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A deck can serve as the extension of the house. It allows the family to enjoy the outdoors without leaving their homes. It can also be an extra living space when the interiors start to clutter. These decks need to be durable, however, as different conditions can affect its quality. Here are some ways to design a sturdy deck:

Choosing the Materials

Make sure that you know how to choose the right kind of wood. Decks are exposed to weather conditions, and durable materials can help them last for a long period. Ask the help of your contractors because they know the best materials to use.

Measuring the Outdoor Size

Measure the parameters of the area to know its size. Be accurate as much as possible because you need to base the design on these measurements. This also gives you an idea about the quantity of materials that you’ll need. This way, you won’t waste money on excessive materials.

Installing Flashing Material

Protect the sides of the house by using a flashing material before starting the deck. Install this by bending it to two inches at a 90-degree angle. Afterwards, you can mount it on the doorway or window frames. Use tin snips to cut the material, so it fits under the entryways perfectly.

Preparing the Box Sill

Ask the help of a deck builder in Brisbane to install a furring board. This way, the box sill can clear the house’s foundation surface. These boards are long strips of wood that make an existing surface support a finished surface.

Positioning the Centre Beam

Use a pencil to mark the middle part of the box sill. This mark will serve as the centre beam of the deck. Look for a temporary worktable or sawhorses for your workers. The centre beam should be identical to avoid ruining the construction pattern.

Contact a home remodelling company if you are looking for patio designs in Brisbane. Make sure that these are sturdy enough to resist weather conditions. This way, your exteriors will look good and presentable for a long period.

The UX Catch-22: Does Experience Really Trump Design?

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Some say the key to understanding a business is to understand the users. That’s the reason many businesses become successful: they always put the customers first, considering their wants and needs. As such, hiring a web agency to cleverly design a website that prioritises user experience (UX) will most likely keep customers coming back.

It’s Pretty, But People Can’t Find a Thing

There are countless websites today, business or otherwise, that look like works of art. Oddly enough, they usually end up only as that—works of art. Sometimes, a website is so fancy that users can’t find their way in a flood of animations flying in and out. In some rare cases, a website is too simple and minimal that there’s nowhere else for the user to go but away.

Understanding the audience is what’s most important. A lot of companies forget that fact, not realising that they need their customers just as much as the customers need them. A UX design that’s too fancy can turn off visitors in the same manner that an unsightly design can. That’s why many web designing agencies today concentrate on making sure that when customers visit a site, they get what they want without fuss, while still creating a professional and attractive design.

People Like Good Designs, But Value Usability Too

Whether a company is just in its start-up phase or is already a multi-national success, it’s important to consider the users’ overall experience. All in all, it’s good to have an attractive website, but make sure that people won’t have trouble using it in the first place. A good UX is powerful enough to keep people interested and impressed enough to stay.

It’s important to know the significance of a user-centric design. As digital activity is measurable, online metrics may be utilised to track users’ behaviours. That data can then be used in decision making, such as considering how people visit a website in what to keep, remove, and add to a site’s design.

When hiring a company to do UX design in Melbourne, it’s of paramount importance that they don’t just concentrate on the overall look, but also on its usability as well. Go online to find out more about how UX design can improve your business website gain and retain customers.

BBC Apologizes After Airing Obscene Photo Of Prince William

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bbcThe BBC has apologized for accidentally broadcasting a picture of Prince William in which an obscene doodle has been drawn onto his head.

Eagle-eyed viewers of the BBC caught a glimpse of a picture of the prince with a penis drawn on his head broadcasted on live TV on Thursday morning.

The BBC accidentally flashed the image on the screenwhile they were showing a music video for a song titled “I Could Have Married Kate,” by comedy singing group Barbershopera.

Several viewers were quick to tweet a screen-grab of the image, which was broadcastedduring the BBC’s breakfast television program.

While some took the gaffe lightly, hardcore Britons and fans of the royal family expressed their outrage

The BBC said, “the material was provided by Barbershopera but we failed to spot the offending material within it. We apologize for this.”

Why Your Team Matters More Than You

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Contrary to popular belief, the success of a company isn’t ensured by a good CEO or a few great minds. It’s all about the team and the ones who can take the lead. So even without those key players, your business will function the best way possible.

Every person in the team matters more than you. It shouldn’t depend on only one person, whether you’re the CEO, the manager, or a company superstar. It all boils down to making each employee aware of transformational leadership traits to bring optimum results.

So get rid of that bad leader habits and prioritize your team. Here are some ways to make sure your team is performing at its finest.

Start building a strong foundation

There’s no way to guarantee your company’s strength will lie on the team if your culture and mission don’t encompass the power of your team efforts. Set the teamwork bar high from the beginning. Make sure your employees know you’re working for them, not the other way around.

Let them be the leader

Delegation is the name of the game when it comes to good leadership. Let your employees sign up to a transformational leadership coaching so they can move on their own even when you’re not around. You may not know it, but they can be a good leader like you. Put your trust on them and let them do their own thing.

Explore their capabilities

Every staff has something to contribute. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to know where they excel individually. Know their strengths and challenge them to be a good example to others. This will increase their interest to stay on top of their game and motivate them to manage their own responsibilities. This way, they will still retain that good image even when you’re not around.

It’s all about goals

Your goals are the lifeblood of your team. And you can’t build a successful team if you’re not targeting a specific objective. Get rid of the idea that your staffs are only task-doers. Let them collectively achieve goals. This will allow them to focus on the bigger picture, rather than accomplishing small tasks given to them.

If you let your business lie in the hands of one or two people, you may collapse in their absence. The theory behind transformational leadership is about building a team-focused business to keep you afloat under any situation.

Facing the Music: Filing for Bankruptcy

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Constantly running from your creditors is not only exhausting but also a waste of time. Sooner or later, they may have to take your prized assets—a scary thought for anyone. Fortunately, there’s still an option left for everyone embroiled in this dire situation, a chance to redeem themselves from their financial difficulties. Filing for bankruptcy is one road to a new life.

Turning a New Leaf

Some people often think of bankruptcy as an act of surrender. A bankruptcy lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio may beg to differ. Rather than raising the white flag, filing for bankruptcy is a symbol of hope. It is not the end of the road but the start of a new chapter. If you find yourself deep in a bad financial situation, seeking help from legal professionals is the only answer.

Filing for bankruptcy is often a long, bureaucratic affair. One misstep can compromise the strength of your case. To prevent your appeal from being denied by the court, you need to take a lot of things into account, such as assets, liabilities, and past investments. In the US, bankruptcy law may differ in every state. Intensive research and assistance from experienced lawyers can go a long way in making this all go away faster and easier.

Chapters and Numbers

You can file for bankruptcy under a particular chapter depending on your circumstances.The most common among them all is Chapter 7 or Liquidation. This option simply means that you liquidate some of your assets to pay off your debts. Before you can file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition, however, you will have to take a bankruptcy mean test. If your monthly income is equal to or less than the state’s median income level, you are eligible for the debt relief.

If, after the mean test, your income shows higher value than the median, you may choose to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy instead. This way, you may keep your assets and still pay your debts. Under Chapter 13, you debts will be reorganized by the governing body. You will have to pay these reorganized debts over the years.

Stop running from your creditors. Get back on track by filing for bankruptcy with the help of legal experts like Cincinnati lawyer Gary A. Billig. You’ll never know the immense feeling of relief and contentment if you don’t try to consult experts for legal advice.

How Your Ads will Make or Break Your Business

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Advertising is one great tool. It makes people aware of your products and services. But it doesn’t mean instant success. It does happen, but the heavy competition and challenges of coming up with new ideas make success tough to achieve. As a result, many businesses fall into doing nonsense advertising campaigns. Many false processes are being disseminated that it’s sometimes hard to keep your head straight.

There are some elements in your business that a Long Island advertising agency, by itself, can’t do for you. You need to do your part. Here’s what we mean:

If your product isn’t booming, advertise it

Even the craftiest and most intelligent advertising can’t make people buy your products. Of course, it can create awareness about your product and allow customers see and touch it. But when they realize they don’t need or like your product, they won’t buy it. Keep in mind that advertising can also backfire. You might end up drawing attention that you carry unwanted products. So advertise your best items and create a need for people. Highlight the benefits and what customers will gain from buying your goods. It’s also good to hire celebrities to endorse your products.

The effects of advertising last forever

McDonalds is popular because it has been around for so long. But it’s wasn’t an overnight success. Years of good marketing and carefully crafted advertising campaigns made them a household name. It wasn’t just their ads agency that made them the superior fast food chain for many years, though. It’s the taste of their products that make people coming back for more. Just because you’re a consistent advertiser doesn’t mean your business will survive despite having nonsense products. Think beyond advertising and produce the best products to achieve success.

Humor, humor everywhere

You’ve seen some TV ads how a product promotion was diluted by too much humor. Humor is good, but if it’s totally unrelated to your product or services, the message becomes weak. Advertising is not about entertainment, it’s all about touching the minds and hearts of your customers to make them buy your product.

Advertising will truly help your business. But it can also be your recipe for failure if you do it the wrong way. Visit to learn what effective advertising is.

Analytic Measures that Matter in Today’s SEO

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What is web analytics? Why do you need it for your SEO campaign? How do you profit from it? For those who are not “in the know” web analytics is important if you’re aiming to land on the first page of SERPs. Web analytics is both an art and a science. It offers a great resource based on the actual data your site gathers to see how far you are from achieving your online goals. It’s up to you to interpret this information to help you measure your site’s performance based on what you want to achieve through your website.

Analysing your site’s performance is easier said than done. You have to consider a variety of factors affecting your goals as well as know the right metric to get a clear picture of your progress. Fortunately, experts have come up with a handful of key performance indicators (KPIs) to help you study your website’s stats and know your visitors’ behaviour. There are many analytic tools like Google Analytics available nowadays, but it’s a challenge to know which one to use. You should base your decision on the type of your website, the amount of time you have to collect the data you need for analysis, and the kind of information you want to know.

To know the analytic measures you should be paying attention to, the following are the most popular KPIs used by Australian SEO experts of today.

Conversion Rate

This metric measures the number of visitors you convert from someone who simply browses through your webpages to a person who helps you achieve your online goals. Websites have varying goals; some aim to make a sale while others direct a visitor to another site. The purpose of your site should be on top of your mind when checking your conversion rate to interpret the data properly.

Setting the technical aspect aside, this KPI tells if your every webpage is functional to achieve its goal. For example, you invite a specific audience to sign up for newsletters and only three out of 100 visitors signed up; there must be a problem with your registration page. Your 3% success rate could be due to unconvincing content, poor web design, or the page asks for too much private information.

Content Stickiness

This KPI measures the time visitors spend on your webpage. It says a lot about the quality of content you have to earn positive points for your web traffic. If visitors tend to stay long on a particular page, it could mean that your content is engaging enough to keep them glued. Analytic tools would show the pages with high traffic and those with virtually no visits. That could be a sign that you need to improve your linking structure or navigation.

The moment the numbers go down, it signals that you need to update that page with fresh content. Your bounce rate, or the number of visitors who don’t stay at least 30 seconds to translate visit into traffic, on certain landing pages indicates that you need to improve your content.

Social Virality

In the world of social media, being viral is the key to popularity. This metric tells the number of people who shared your post among their networks and the amount of time they share it from the moment you post it. Also, analytic tools measure the shares beyond your own network to let you know up to your links and content reaches. The virality of your posts reflects the effectiveness of your strategies on social media.

Analytic measures are essential in today’s SEO in Melbourne, Australia. As this allows experts to manage your campaign and guide them in using the right strategies to reach your online goal. Without analytic tools, organic SEO will be a puzzle you can never solve.

It’s Got Your Head Covered: Tips when Buying a Motocross Helmet

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The roar of the motorcycle engine is a pleasing sound for those who enjoy this extreme sport. Its thrill may be something that pumps your adrenaline, but you deeply understand that it can actually drag your soul away from your body if you don’t consider using safety equipment like helmets and a Leatt neck brace. Motocross can be more dangerous than you think it is.

Helmets are among the most important pieces of safety equipment a rider should invest in. When buying a new one or replacing your old and strained helmet, there are several important items you must take into consideration.


Different countries have different sets of safety standards. The most trusted among them comes from the Snell Memorial Foundation. This non-profit organisation has been carrying out all kinds of research, education, testing, and development of helmet safety standards. With its reputation, you should consider the Snell rating when gauging which helmet to buy. Generally, make sure that the motocross helmets you’re choosing from bear a sticker that says which set of standards the maker conforms to.


You won’t want to wear a helmet that squeezes your head or falls off every now and then. Make sure that your headgear fits evenly on your head and does not feel tight or loose in any area. To gauge the fit, push your gear back and forward on your head. When finding the right fit, you can use the size of your hat or find your head size by measuring the widest portion of your head, which is just above your brows, over your ears, and around the back.


Take note that different helmets have different features. Weight, venting, removability of parts, and appearance are only some of the things to think about. Make sure that the helmet does not weigh too much. It should also have a detachable liner, which will make cleaning easier. Make sure that your helmet is made of durable materials like carbon fibre or fibreglass.

Keep in mind that helmets are not one-size-fits all. This means you have to find the helmet that suits your needs as a motocross rider. When buying, make sure to shop only from a reputable online motocross store.