Rising Above the Flames: A Closer Look on Asia’s Drug Trafficking Problem

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For the past few years, Asia has been a slumbering economic tiger. It has all what it takes to dominate the global market: abundant natural resources, highly educated workforce, and extensive labor and economic structures. Still, this potential has always been curbed by a sinister problem deeply-rooted in the continent’s social consciousness: drug trafficking.


Illegal drug trade has been the source of headache in many parts of Asia. A United Nations report states that the illicit trade has generated an estimated US$ 321.6 billion at the turn of the century alone. The crackdown on drug trafficking has been severe and relentless ever since.

The Singaporean government, for instance, has been implementing draconian measures to stop the illegal trade. If authorities caught you with at least half an ounce of heroin, one pounce morphine or cocaine, or 17 ounce of marijuana, you could face a mandatory death penalty. In the Philippines, you can get a minimum sentence of 12 years in prison for possession of 1.7 ounce of prohibited drugs alone.


Asia is no stranger to this drug problem. In fact, trading illegal drugs such as opium and cannabis have become an institution to many parts of the continent. The two major illicit opium production areas have found a home in Asia, namely the Golden Crescent and the Golden Triangle. The former encompasses the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan while the latter includes real estates in Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.


Still, there is a dawning hope to this drug conundrum. Many luxury rehabilitation centers are starting to make an impact against drug trafficking. In Thailand, for instance, you can reach any drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for help and consultation. Curbing the demand for illegal drugs can lower the rate of drug trafficking.

Asia has its own share of triumphs and failures when it comes to economic progress. Though they may be plagued by an ignominious disease, rising above it will not be a difficult feat. The strong and resilient Asian spirit has proven that frequently. Visit the websites of drug rehabilitation centers like Drug Rehab & Alcohol Rehab Center Asia to learn more.

When Obsession Comes Too Far: The Problem with OCD

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There are times when you feel possessed with a certain idea. You feel a strange, compulsive need to check and recheck the locks, wash your hands over and over, or do something repetitively. If this is your everyday reality, then you might be one of the hundreds of thousands living in the UK with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

What is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?

Psychiatrists and specialists in counselling in Marylebone and other parts of the United Kingdom characterise this anxiety disorder with uncontrollable ideas. Affected people can’t stop thinking about thoughts, which can either be an excessive need for cleanliness, security, and other qualities. The uncontainable preoccupation can compel them to do something to prevent their fears from coming true.

Let’s say you feel as if everything you touch should be free of germs. You fear getting sick because of these dangerous microorganisms, so you make sure everything’s clean before you touch it. You also wash your hands repeatedly, cleaning them at least five times in a row in each instance. Every time a person shakes hands with you, you feel anxious to go to the restroom immediately. Anything you touch seems as if riddled with germs until you don’t watch to hold anything anymore. This is a sign that you have OCD.

According to the OCD-UK, the current statistics estimate that 12 out of every 1000 people have OCD in the United Kingdom. This number is comparatively modest compared to other Western countries. The statistics show, though, that OCD is a common mental disorder. The affected people don’t show any shared characteristics even when gender, age, race, and socio-economic status have already been taken into account.

What are the Causes of OCD?

Specialists in cognitive therapy in Marylebone say that the causes of OCD haven’t yet been established fully. Many professionals, though, theorises that the following instances have triggered OCD, as backed up by research:


Although there are no specific genes specially related to OCD, scientists see evidence that implies OCD is a result of inherited DNA. This may have affected the brain’s development, which caused its obsessive reaction to certain thoughts, which triggers the compulsive behaviour.

• Abnormalities in the Brain

According to scientific research, the brain imaging of people with OCD show irregularities in some areas of their brain. There is increased activity and blood flow in the parts that deal with emotions. Researchers also note the lack of serotonin, a brain chemical that regulates different body functions, including mood, memory, anxiousness, and sleep.

• Life Events

Stressful life events, according to researchers, can trigger OCD in people already predisposed towards it. Those who may have inherited certain traits can also develop this anxiety disorder.

Where to Get Help with OCD?

You know it’s time to get help with your OCD when it’s affecting your life. Too much obsession and compulsive behaviour can hurt your relationships and affect your professional life. The effects can be as minimal as continuous tardiness because of inability to control your ‘ritual.’ However, it can also be as grave as arguing with others because of your OCD tendencies.

Established research finds that proper therapy and medication can minimise the effects of OCD. Therapy from Marylebone centres in London and other parts of the UK, for example, provide assistance with helping patients find out which type of therapy is fit for their needs. This way, you can see if you should be going for cognitive behavioural therapy services.

Other options include exposure and response prevention (ERP) therapy. In this treatment, you will confront the thoughts, things, images, and situations that make you anxious. The therapist will help you strive to control your reaction to your obsessive thoughts, until you’re able to control your reaction.

Your psychiatrist can also recommend you to take selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), if your OCD is more physiological than psychological. Certain types of antidepressants, that can increase the level of serotonin in your brain, can prove to be effective in your case.

It’s important that you consult a professional before you think about getting treatments. This way, you can see about controlling your OCD properly. This can improve your treatment faster, instead of making you suffer unnecessarily through your uncontrolled anxiety.

Because Time is of the Essence

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If you belong in a freight and logistics business, it goes without saying that you need to stay on top of every aspect of the process. You should know the status of your fleet vehicles from the moment they leave until they reach their destination. You can come up with a smooth delivery process, but since not everything is under your control, certain things can happen during shipping and prevent you from meeting your estimated time of arrival (ETA).Transporting goods late can damage your reputation and cause you to lose clients.

Fleet management is essential to stay on track of your business. With efficient vehicle tracking systems, you can streamline your process and manage your deliveries properly. Apart from its given function of tracking your fleet vehicles in real time, these systems offer many benefits.

Bridging Communication Gaps

Companies specialising in fleet navigation systems allow your dispatchers and operators exchange information clearly and quickly. They provide advanced devices to help you solve potential problems. In case road problems occur, they display route updates and status messages to avoid disrupting your operations and delivery.

Monitoring Driver Behaviour

Vehicle GPS tracking systems not only monitor the status of the vehicle, but also keep an eye on your drivers’ behaviour. Monitoring how your drivers’ behave while on the job is essential to protecting your credibility. Your drivers serve as your company’s representative and their performance leaves an impression to your client.

With this system, you’d know what your drivers do while on duty. You’d know exactly where they go, the amount of time they spend on deliveries, and the speed they travel at.GPS systems provide real-time accurate data to help you monitor the performance of your drivers at all times.

Like others businesses, there’s no other way to success but to satisfy your clients. Delivering in your promises and surpassing your clientele’s expectations are keys to a successful business. Investing in Navman Wireless GPS-based fleet managing solutions ensures your clients can expect the goods delivered to their doorstep not a minute late.

The Realities of Post-Production

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Post-production is part of the art of film making, photography, and video production. It is also essential in the making of digital art, audio recordings, advertising, and radio programs. It is production speak for all the stages of production happening after the director wraps it all up at the end of a shooting session.

A Long, Long Time

You will be surprised that the post-production actually takes longer than the shooting of a film, as it can take several months to complete the music scoring, editing, color correction, title cards, and visual effects that are sometimes augmented by royalty free video clips. Editing a movie is also considered as second directing because the post-production process can be so intense that a slight mistake can actually change the movie’s intention. This is how valuable it is. The impact of the perfect correcting tools and the addition of such emotional factors as lighting and sound heavily influence the overall atmosphere of the film.

The Possibility for Better Feasts

The digital revolution, while adding a myriad of possibilities for a visual feast, has also made the post-production quickerin so many levels, as practitioners moved from linear video editing to computer software that are much more efficient to use. Such revolution employs stock video footage for both convenience and progress.
Not only is post-production applied in film and television, as is commonly known, but also in TV ads and promotional photography.

The Millions that Rely on Television Ads

Much of today’s TV ads require more than the point-shoot-edit-air ensemble, as its easily distracted target requires well-executed themes to stick on their minds long after they’ve seen it. Hence, intra-prod includes many backgrounds that usually come from stock video clips, a plethora of image options to be decided upon by the head editor, and effective models.

The Sensibility of Promotional Photography

This is your basic photography, only that your images and models will be open for critique to a much bigger audience. Such requires several shots of the moving subject pictured in several shades of shadows and lights. These products and models are assembled in such that lights dance to produce the wanted contours and reflections toward their most flattering features. This is quite sensitive, as a picture is expected to paint a thousand words, and the audience anticipates perfection from photography. This much pressure lies on the artists who employ heavy post-production for editing.

What is a Fulfilment Service?

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A fulfilment service, or order fulfilment service, is a process where a company has an obligation to send a client an item or product that they ordered or requested. They charge fees according to the order and the item that they transport. Here are some of the tasks that they perform:

1. Sending and receiving orders through registered mail or shipping companies.
2. Managing continuity programs and processing credit cards, including the multi pays.
3. Prepare the necessary requirements for international shipments.
4. Providing progress reports and order fulfilment per client request.
5. Managing, inspecting, and updating clients with material returns.
6. Restock the return merchandise if undamaged and respond to charge backs.
7. Answer customer service phone calls and respond to all e-mails.
8. Provide storage to businesses that orders a big number of stocks.

Many businesses find it beneficial to outsource this service because of the following benefits:

Cost-Effective Storage

A fulfilment company can store your materials for a reasonable price, so you can save money and increase the quantities that you order. This way, you’ll have better wholesale prices and sales. It also excludes the need of buying and maintaining your own warehouse. In addition, you won’t need to hire people who will manage its processes or hire heavy-duty equipment.

Give Priority

Many businesses don’t have time to hire and manage a warehouse staff. This is why a fulfilment company can do everything, including distributing your literature promotional items and supporting your large-scale events. This gives you the chance to prioritize your business activities properly.

Shipping Costs

Many fulfilment companies offer bulk-shipping rates for businesses that need to distribute a significant amount of materials. It allows you to have at least 30% discount on standard shipment prices. Flat-rate shipping is also applicable, so you can pay a single fee based on the service and weight of materials.

Discover the benefits of fulfilment services by looking for a reliable storage, fulfilment, and distribution company. This way, you can improve the work performance of your business.

Bend, Pose, and Breathe, and be Healthy: The Benefits of Yoga

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Breathing, posing, and bending can keep you healthy and fit. These are only some of the components that establish an effective healing system of theory and practice. It is called yoga. This practice has many proven benefits. You can hardly call it a trend, as most practitioners say they actually feel something change within them the moment they started practicing yoga. Before rushing to the nearest facility that offers yoga in Alpharetta, look at the health benefits of the discipline.


Certain styles of the practice like power yoga are more demanding than other variations. Doing one of these styles will help you sculpt and tone your muscles. Even less demanding yoga that only requires you to move minimally can improve your strength and endurance. Poses like the downward dog and plank will develop the strength of your upper body. These poses can also help you carve abdominal muscles.


It’s true that you will bend a lot during your yoga sessions. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be like a gymnast or a contortionist. This thought is what keeps old people from attending yoga classes. Yoga will oblige you to stretch your muscles painstakingly. This may help in releasing a certain type of body chemical that will build up with muscular use. Yoga also increases joint lubrication, and this will provide you a feeling of ease throughout your system.


Better posture comes from developed flexibility and strength. Many stationary poses like standing and sitting can improve your inner strength. This is because you’re depending on your abdominals for support. Yoga practices in Alpharetta can also help you become more aware of your body. This awareness will help you determine if you slouch or have an unstable posture.


Yoga will require you to concentrate and focus on your breathing. This improves the capacity and endurance of your lungs by helping you deepen and lengthen your breaths. This will be useful for other activities such as sports.

Isn’t it nice to know that a few bends, poses, and breathing exercises will keep you in shape? Don’t doubt because it’s true. The presence of different health businesses, like NutriWell Coaching, is already enough proof.

Building Lives with Shipping Containers

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Containers attached to six-wheelers, or stacked on cargo ships or at the pier, are ever present images in many modern cities. Most people associate these with packages, courier and shipping companies, and storage. Those who own businesses or are part of a business within an industry that uses these containers, however, know better than most what they can be used for.

Humanitarian Cause

For the past few years, there has been a flurry of ambitious projects that aim to use shipping containers as sustainable humanitarian shelters. Pockets of architects and social action groups in various parts of the globe have teamed up and conducted separate projects on creating efficient shipping container-homes. The result is a myriad of options on building eco-friendly shelters out of used shipping containers for sale.

Container homes promise a less costly, ergonomic, and sustainable community development. They are a great tool to lay foundation on creating a shelter for people living in uninhabitable areas. A single shipping container for sale can go as far as providing a roof over a family of five. Imagine how many more families can hundreds of these used container homes can shelter.

Of the Rich and Eco-savvy

What is surprising about the popularity of shipping container homes is many affluent individuals rush to get their hands on one. A lot of them use containers as an extension of their garage, library, or their living spaces. They even hire top-notch interior designers and architects to come up with innovative designs using shipping containers.

Apart from this, businesses also gain a lot by using shipping containers as office spaces. They are not only cost-effective but also imbibe an atmosphere of creativity. Who will not feel ecstatic working in a modernist office space like a fully-converted shipping container? You can find many of these at large construction sites.

Great things come in small packages. Shipping containers, however, prove that greater things come in huge storage containers. If you are into building lives, building sustainable shelters out of shipping containers, visit websites like to learn about their rates.

Serious Fraud: Changes in Corporate Fraud

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Under the Labour Party’s plans, fines for corporate fraud should increase and companies should be liable for employees’ misdeeds. The party aims to increase the Serious Fraud Office’s (SFO) resources and introduce tougher penalties.

Current Situation

At present, the highest fine for fraud imposed in the UK is £2.2m, while it’s $3bn in the US. With that said, the British government should strengthen its penalty system to be more in accord with other jurisdictions.

The common perception in the UK is that a person who steals a wallet gets time in prison. A person who steals a pension, however, can get away with it.


One barrier to prosecuting companies for fraud is the requirement that individual directors must be involved directly in ordering or committing fraud. This must change, however. Along with fraud solicitors in London, the justice system should hold these companies liable for their employees’ crimes.

This principle exists in the Bribery Act. The coalition government, however, is watering down the provisions of the Act. It’s claiming that these provisions are imposing too many restrictions on small businesses.

The collation government also cut the SFO’s funding by 25%. According to Labour, the government should allow the agency to keep a proportion of the fines it collects. This can provide it with greater resources and give investigators an incentive to capture fraudulent individuals. This can also encourage fraud solicitors to prosecute the same criminals.


The maximum penalty for money laundering is 14 years. For fraud, however, it’s only 10 years. As such, Labour is determining whether to increase the sentence to 14 years.

Labour’s Plans

In preparation for Labour’s 2015 manifesto, the party has drawn up the document, Tackling Serious Fraud and White Collar Crime. It reflects the party’s desire to raise its profile in combating corruption in London.

This planned change covers only corporate fraud. The coverage of serious fraud, however, is vast, and can include mortgage fraud. To learn more about this kind of fraud, contact specialists like mortgage fraud solicitors.

Everyone Makes Mistakes: Professions that Demand Indemnity Insurance

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While medical professionals are most often thought of when it comes to liability insurance, they’re not the only professionals who need it. The word “professional” has become broader and it now includes people with skills that are marketable to the public. Because of this public service, their expertise is still on the edge of perfection.

Below is a list of common professions that will be ideal to acquire indemnity insurance from companies offering them.

Teachers and instructors

Daily interaction with students and faculty makes it critical for teachers to secure professional indemnity insurance. There are no perfect curricula and teachers can easily be sued regardless if it’s a simple mistake. This insurance policy secures teachers and professional instructors if they face a lawsuit against unintentional wrong doings.


Contractors work with hazardous materials and machineries so they can make a mistake any time. When that happens, it may result to costly repairs, making them liable in an unprofessional conduct lawsuit. Mistakes are often inevitable so securing liability insurance will reduce their chances of facing costly damages.


Although the primary duty of lawyers involves defending their clients in court, they can also become the defendants of a liability lawsuit. Their errors can lead to clients losing a significant amount of money and as a result, sue them for professional negligence. Professional indemnity insurance in UK will help protect lawyers from losing assets, paying large court fees, or even losing their license to practice.


Physicians can’t always guarantee great results when treating a patient. With the complexities of their duties, they sometimes make mistakes that in turn result in liability claims. Because of these unforeseen events, they need to secure their assets and profession by acquiring a liability insurance coverage.

Everybody makes mistakes and professionals who serve the public are no exception. Mistakes can happen at any time and talking to professional indemnity insurance brokers for an insurance coverage can protect you from future liabilities.

Franking Machine: Your Partner for Your Mailing Needs

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If you regularly send out volumes of mails and find it difficult to do so, you might want to ease your problems by using a franking machine. During the past years, companies must affix stamps on everything they mailed. It’s time-consuming and it made for a sloppy presentation. Today, companies use franking machines to send out their mails quickly and with the highest quality.

Postal Discounts from the Royal Mail

A long time ago, Royal Mail increased discounts on franked mails. This is because handling franked items is less costly to process and simpler to handle as compared to manual stamping process. In effect, many companies are buying and renting franking machines to save money.

Professional Image

Companies and individuals want everything they to do to speak of quality. When they use franking machine, their mail stands out. Many companies cut costs, however, by reprinting imprinted postage permits on their letters. Companies can make a good impact on their clients and associates through these types of mails. This is because, you can attach your company logo into the mail by using a franking machine.

Time Saving

Time is money in business. For this reason, majority of companies use postage meters because they reduce mail processing time. People would no longer go to the post office to buy stamps.

Top Features

Regardless whether you’re sending advertising or important documents, this machine can deal with any class of mail with the simple turn of a dial. It will attach a metered stamp or print the postage on letters. It will weigh each piece of mail and assign it to the correct postage. Postage meters that are more elaborate will even stuff and seal letters. Weigh them and place the appropriate postage on them, all in one process.

Registered and Certified Mail

With an affordable postage machine, you can time stamp both registered and certified mails without heading to the post office.

Adding Postage

With most franking machines, you can add postage easily. Simply connect the meter to a fax machine and postage will be added in minutes without going to the post office.

Many companies these days choose this machine to handle their mails. These machines are not just flexible, but also simple to use. You wouldn’t have to think about over stamping if you use these machines for mail management.