Naengmyeon Korean Noodles: The Cool, Sour Taste of Summer Relief

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When summer wears you out and make you lose your appetite, try a gourmet dish that can blow away the terrible summer heat. Noodle lovers will feel right at home on Korea. Naengmyeon is a Korean traditional food that many people enjoy, especially during summer. This food is essential to the Korean heart, soul, and stomach.

Originally, it’s a delicacy in northern Korea, especially in areas of Pyongyang and Hamhung in North Korea. Soon, Naengmyeon became widely popular throughout Korea. It is either actually served in a large stainless bowl with a tangy iced broth, slices of Korean pear, cucumbers, and slices of cold boiled beef or a boiled egg or can be both.

Many people usually add spicy mustard sauce and vinegar before eating. Traditionally, people would eat long noodles without cutting, as they symbolized longer life and good health, but servers at buffet restaurants usually ask if they want the noodles to be cut before eating.

When the hot and humid summer sets in, many people think of eating this cold noodle Korean food with deliciously iced broth. Naengmyeon, which was originally a winter food, used to be prepared in the old days with the ice removed from kimchi jars buried underground in the middle of winter, along with sliced pickled radish and noodles dried on the heated floors, commonly found in Korean traditional house. These days, ,it has become a food better enjoyed during summer, with its sour taste and cold, chewy noodles.

Many people wait for summer to start eating naengmyeon every week. This cold buckwheat noodles are great as a lightweight lunch alternative or after eating a Korean barbecue, as a way to cleanse your palate.

Tasty Naengmyeon is nutritious enough to serve as a meal. Its main ingredient, Buckwheat, is rich in protein and vegetable fat and contains three times more vitamin B1 and B2 than rice have. It’s also abundant in amino acids, especially as it provides more important amino acids such as lysine and tryptophan, than any other grain.

Sometimes, you are craving for something refreshing, light, yet filling. This cold noodle Korean food is just the thing to satisfy that craving.

Myth busters: Disproving Myths about Cleaning

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In the olden days, myths were used to explain to people why things were the way they were. Nowadays, there are just old stories to amuse children; they don’t hold much truth in the modern world. Others still put their faith in certain myths, though, particularly when it comes cleaning; myths that if you don’t deal with immediately, can pose a risk to you and your family’s health. Some of them are:

Myth 1: Bleach can clean everything

Bleach alone can’t disinfect your furniture or home surfaces. You must clean the counter tops, fixtures, and floors with a cleaning solution first before you can disinfect with bleach. Germs and microbes might still linger if you don’t remove the dirt and food particles. Always make sure to rinse the area with warm water.

Myth 2: You can dispel bad odours in refrigerators with baking soda

Foul odours are often caused by large concentration of acids in food items. Because baking soda can neutralise acidity, ideally, it is effective in minimising the smell. But there has been no conclusive study on this yet. It’s still better if you put the items in separate plastic containers or wrap them with aluminium foil.

Myth 3: Kitchen exhaust systems are self-cleaning

Vents and exhaust systems can’t clean themselves. Accumulated grease can become extreme fire hazards if not dealt with regularly. Conduct kitchen exhaust cleaning at regular intervals for better ventilation and less fire risk. You can look for professionals who can efficiently clean kitchen exhausts for less cost.

Myth 4: Wooden chopping boards can be washed clean by warm, soapy water

Warm, soapy water can clean the surface of a wooden chopping board, but it can’t reach the grooves and fissures where bacteria might grow. For good measure, use non-porous materials like plastic chopping boards. You can easily sanitize them with chlorine solution.

Cleaning is all about paying attention to the tiniest details. Especially if you own a commercial kitchen, you have to conduct HACCP cleaning regularly. It pays to know the truth when it comes to right cleaning methods because being in good shape is a rarity these days. You can visit websites for more information on commercial cleaning solutions.

Erin Brady Is New Miss USA

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brady25 year old Erin Brady from Connecticut won the crown on Sunday edging out other 51 competitors from each state. After the event she outlined her commitment to fighting alcohol and drug abuse. She herself grew up in a background that was mired with such problems. She is a finance major working at Prudential Financial. She hoped that her win would erase the misconception of beauty and brains not co-existing.

Future plans for Miss USA.

As the Winner, Brady wins the crown and gets a New York City apartment for a year. The next year she will spend in giving nationwide talks aimed at raising awareness on ovarian and breast cancer. Brady will represent the United States at the Miss Universe pageant to be held at Moscow. Last year’s Miss USA won the Miss Universe pageant. Miss Brady is looking at pulling off the same feat this year around.

Story of Our Age: Efficient Storage Tips

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Many people believe that the only way to keep an organized house is to spend a lot of money. They buy a bunch of things, from specialized storage boxes to sophisticated lockers. There’s a big chance, however, that these things end up eating a lot of valuable space. You can still keep a spacious, well-organized house, though, by following these simple tips:


– Store all perishable food items like meat, vegetables, and fruits in your refrigerator. Keep them in plastic containers, plastic re-sealable bag, and aluminium foil wrap so that they will thaw much easier. Label them with the dates when you bought them. This way, you can keep better track of their freshness.

– Keep all cutleries and plates close to where the dining table is. Makes sure they are far above from children’s reach. Rather than fragile glass items like wine glasses, it’s best to put towels and rags in the overhead cupboards instead.


– Store all hard tools in a safe location. You can even make your own chest box. Secure the box with compression latches.

– Use the wall for extra storage. You can put up lattice racks for your long objects like brooms, rake, and other gardening tools. You can also use iron grills as bike racks.

– Use old shower curtain hooks for cords, air hoses, and ropes. Place them high enough where children can’t reach them.


– If you like to keep letters, notes, pictures, and other stuff, you can refurbish an old mailbox and use it as storage. Keep it near your bed so you can easily read them anytime you want. Secure them with quarter turn latches if you don’t want anyone snooping in your private correspondence.

– Don’t put boxes and other things under your bed. Once you place something underneath your bed, there’s a big chance you’ll forget that you’ve them put there. Instead, place them in places where you would usually put a light on. Cupboards under the stairs, for example, are great hiding places for books and old toys.

Simple tasks like organizing and storage need not to be complicated and costly. You can save a lot on expenses if you know how to properly make use of space. Every nook and cranny of your home can be used with the right kind of perspective. If you want to try your hands in creating storage solutions, visit websites that offers tools like push buttons, hey keys, and compression locks.

Welcome the Warmth: Creating a Rustic Living Room

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Most homeowners decorate their living rooms depending on how they’re going to use it. If you want a warm and welcoming feel for your room, consider going rustic. A rustic living room is reminiscent of the past and simple living. But before heading to your favorite home partner like DirectBuy of Albuquerque, take a look at some of the following tips.

Choose a Style

Of course, the rustic style also has some variations. You cannot just put things into your living room without considering how they would complement each other. Rustic themes usually include country, farm, Native American, or southwestern. Once you’ve picked a style, you need to be consistent with it.

Change your Flooring

To exude a native look, you will also have to change your flooring. One excellent way to do this is to use wooden tiles. But if you’re on a tight budget, you can just change out your carpet. Use a southwestern-inspired rug to embody the style you’ve chosen. Use an area rug if you want your floor to remain as pristine as possible. Choosing items for your flooring may be more difficult than you think, so you need to choose the right partner to help you with the selection. Stores like Albuquerque’s Direct Buy can be of great help.

Dress Up the Walls

One affordable way to make a great difference in your living room is to dress up your walls. You can either paint them in color or use wallpaper with an appropriate style. Neutral colors like white, beige, and brunt orange are timeless rustic colors.

Choose the Right Furniture

Forget about getting a Victorian sofa or any furnishing with rich upholstery. Keep in mind that the golden rule in rustic themes when it comes to furniture is to use wood. You can also use wrought iron complemented with pillows, but don’t use it in your actual living room. Place it somewhere near the window or in one side of the entryway that leads outside the room.

When doing a remodeling project, always keep in mind the source of your materials. Don’t forget to visit reliable home centers like the Direct Buy of Albuquerque.

Getting Through the Process of Bad Credit Car Loan

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A bad credit rating does not mean end of the world. It is true that a good credit rating is more important, but a person with bad credit can also get a loan. There are companies that provide different types of car loans through partnerships with direct lending institutions and car dealers that specialize in auto loans for people with bad credit.

Review current state of credit

You may already know your credit rating is bad, but check out the specifics by ordering credit reports. Check out your credit history to see exactly why you got a bad credit rating. You can explain some things on your credit report to lenders so that they don’t immediately reject you. Your credit score is calculated from your credit report.

Read every bad credit for mistakes

Credit bureaus can sometimes report incorrect information. Federal laws allow you to dispute anything wrong and require its removal from your reports if the bureaus cannot verify the data’s accuracy within a month. Some financial advisors recommend reviewing credit report to make sure the information is accurate, complete, and updated. You can get free copy of your credit report, at your request, once every 12 months.

Apply a car loan after processing disputes

Once you receive a new credit report, assess the positive effect on your rating. Your chance of getting a new car loan increases with every negative item that gets removed. Start with a local credit union or a bank with which you regularly do business.

Ask for repayment options

Ask about the repayment options for bad credit auto loans. Some lenders will try to get you to take out a loan with a higher interest rate. Go over your budget before you accept a loan to make sure that you aren’t putting yourself in a difficult situation.

Get help from the experts

Visit several credit companies and banks in your area to ask about bad credit auto loans. Be honest about your credit rating and explain why it is bad. Through BlueSky Auto Finance’s partners, you could get approved before you go to a dealership. Visit this website for more types of car loans.

Harley Davidson: The Paradigm for Motorbikes

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Do you ever wonder why people spend thousands of dollars on some big-name brands? It may be for passion, for some it may be a luxury, but for most, brand name is what they really go for.

Big motorbikes are one of the passions of many Americans. While there’s an escalating demand for four-wheel rides, some have a hidden desire to pick up a bike and ride as far as the road could take them. There are people who will spend a fortune to drive one. It has been one of the luxurious investments for motorcycle enthusiasts nowadays.

Harley Davidson remains the top brand for bikes. It’s popularity spans across the globe and gave birth to a worldwide sub-culture. Whether it’s your first bike or your fifth, you want to make sure you’re getting the most of your money. This is why many people looking to invest in a motorcycle will go for a Harley.

Prestigious and Legendary Reputation

The name Harley Davidson has long been associated with high quality motorcycles produced across the globe. Their powerful mechanical specifications create a high-performance machine not found in other brands. It’s quite expensive. But you will surely get what you pay for. A Harley Davidson also gives you a sense of affluence and prestige.

Sophisticated design

See how people turn heads when a Harley passes by? It’s because of its stylish designs. HD motorbikes are popular not only because of their performance, but also their bad ass look. Visiting top dealers like Harley Davidson Shops of Michigan City will give you a wide collection of classy Harleys, you will have hard time choosing a unit with the best design.

Harley Davidson Efficiency

Other than its legendary reputation and sophisticated look, people choose this ride because of its excellent gas mileage. These motorcycles give riders enjoyable driving experience. Enjoy leisurely rides alone or with someone without worrying about problems that may happen while on the road.

High-end rides like Harley Davidson give you comfort and power on the road. Call (219) 878-8885 or visit this page to buy your new Harley soon.

Logon Australia: Take Control of Business Finances

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Do you own a business? Does the thought of not knowing what’s going on behind the scenes in your company cause you stress? Do you know where all of your invested money goes?

No matter how big or small your business is, you need to know your finances. It doesn’t matter whether you own a chain of restaurants or sell homemade scarves – every business needs some form of accounting and employee resource planning (ERP).

Enter Logon Australia, a company that offers business accounting solutions and results. A wide selection of services is available at your fingertips. Getting excellent results is the main focus of the company, offering products and custom systems at a reasonable cost.

Customers Count

One thing that makes Logon Australia a cut above the rest is their passion for keeping clients happy. Several Australian companies choose Logon Australia as their provider of stable, locally supported accounting software.

Lack of customer support and training has been proven deal breakers when businesses are looking for accounting solutions. With customers as their main priority, the company strives to ensure their clients’ happiness and satisfaction. Keeping their promises and producing great results allow their users to get their money’s worth, and more.

Easy to Use and Reasonably Priced

Studies show that above all else, businesses look for user friendly accounting software that’s easy on the budget. Sometimes, software overcompensates with looks and features that users can do without. Simplicity is key, and so is affordability. After all, why would businesses invest on a piece of software that their people can’t use?

Stress Free Accounting

You find keeping tabs on your company’s day to day tasks stressful enough, but you also need to manage the financial side. Tracking down the money coming in and out of your business can be very demanding, especially if you are handling bigger groups of people or departments. An easy to use accounting program can eliminate that potential hassle.

Go Global

Wherever you are in the world, there is an opportunity for business. For some, there is a need to travel all over the world in order to win clients over, while some smaller businesses are concentrated in one central location or niche crowd. Being able to securely access your company’s reports and finances from anywhere is a unique feature many business owners look for.

Whether you’re looking for a simple piece of accounting software or a customised report, visit to find out more about their services and read testimonials.

The Truth Behind Home Theaters

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From its humble beginnings, home theatre has been continually redefining family entertainment standards. In this day and age, American families, especially from the Phoenix Northwest, enjoy the best experience the latest entertainment centers can give.

But not all know the truth behind entertainment centers. Some are just led by marketing ploys. You can save a lot on expenses, however, if you look beyond the common advertisements.

Wireless doesn’t mean any wires at all

Many companies bombard the market today with advertisements saying that wireless speakers don’t have those pesky wires. Most consumers tend to believe that these sound systems operate on sound transmission alone. What they don’t know is that the wires are merely repositioned to another place, hidden from plain sight.

The speakers in a wireless setup simply have a separate amplifier module. This second module is the one that receives the signal from the main component. The speakers connect to the module through another set of wires. On top of this, you also have to plug the module to another outlet.

5.1 channel receivers are more than enough

When it comes to speakers, more doesn’t always mean better. Sometimes, a little bit is enough. If you have a small to average-size entertainment room, you don’t have to shell out money for 7.1 channel receivers; 5.1 channel receivers can already give you good sound quality. You can play most Blu-rays and DVDs nowadays through 5.1 channel receivers. There’s not much difference at all. If you live near Phoenix Northwest, you can visit DirectBuy to look for quality 5.1 channel home theater receivers.

Room design plays a huge part

Apart from investing on good entertainment centers, American families put importance on the design of their home theater. Some even go to great lengths of replicating the interiors of famous cinema houses. Room design plays a huge part in creating the right ambiance for film viewing. Some interior designers recommend black-painted walls so that viewers can easily focus on the film. While other home cinema enthusiasts say that wall decals and wallpapers are your best bet. You can browse websites like that of Direct Buy Phoenix Northwest for creative wall art inspirations

Lastly, home theaters can be affordable. Even if you are on a tighter budget, you can still have quality home theater experience. There a lot of inexpensive alternatives in the market today. You just have to look in the right places, like DirectBuy Phoenix Northwest for example. As long you know the truth behind the marketing ploys, you’ll do just fine. You and your family can enjoy watching movies right in the comforts of your home.

The 2013 Nissan Sentra and Versa: Redesigned in Refinement

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Nissan is no stranger to the compact sedan segment. But with the 2013 Nissan Sentra and the Nissan Versa, the Japanese giant automaker promises more refined models.

This refinement comes from Nissan’s new class-above design approach. The company redesigned the Sentra and the Versa to compete with others in the same class, but at lower costs.

2013 Nissan Sentra

The 2013 Sentra comes with a 1.8L 4-cylinder 130HP engine and a 6-speed manual transmission with overdrive. It includes side seat mounted airbags, first and second row curtain overhead airbags, and airbag occupancy sensor. It also has power mirrors, 16” steel wheels, electronic stability, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), and ABS and driveline traction control.

When it comes to overall ownership costs computed for 5 years, the 2013 Sentra in West Slip has a cost per year of$31,917. Financing costs total $1,962, insurance at $8,515, fuel at $7,690, and maintenance at $1,998, and repair of $573. Depreciation amounts to $10,790 and state fees, $389.

2013 Nissan Versa

The 2013 Versa comes with standard features, including a 1.6L 4-cylinder 109HP engine and a 5-speed manual transmission with overdrive. Like the 2013 Sentra, the Versa features side seat mounted airbags, first and second row curtain overhead airbags, and airbag occupancy sensor. It also includes 15” steel wheels, 4-wheel ABS, ABS and driveline traction control, and electronic stability.

When it comes to the 2013 Versa offered in West Slip, its overall ownership costs computed for 5 years include an annual cost of $27,209. Financing costs amount to $1,699, insurance at $6,675, fuel at $7,472, maintenance at $1,668, and repairs at $573. Depreciation costs total $8,755 and state fees, $367.

Nicely put together, Nissan outdid itself with the redesign of the Sentra and the Versa. Visit this website to know more about the overall specs and ownership costs of these excellent compact sedans.