Gwyneth Paltrow Is The World’s Most Beautiful Woman

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paltrowPeople magazine has named Gwyneth Paltrow as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman for 2013.

The 40-year old blond actress topped the magazine’s annual list for the Most Beautiful Woman.

Her perfect hair, charming blue eyes, nice smile, and sexy body all contribute to the actress’s beauty.

According to Paltrow, she honestly thought that someone was playing joke on her. “I had to reread the e-mail three times. I was like, ‘This can’t be true, I’ve developed dyslexia — I’m not reading this right.’ It’s a very iconic cover in American culture, so it’s just amazing,” she said.

Paltrow told the magazine that around the house, she’s usually in jeans and t-shirt, and does not wear any makeup. She said, “I feel my most beautiful when I am truly myself. Meaning, when I accept exactly where I am in time and space, and I’m not judging myself in any way, and I feel that I have the peace that comes with loving yourself and all of your flaws.”

Do you think Gwyneth Paltrow is really the most beautiful woman? Find out more in this CNN article.

50 Most Prominent Families In America

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Bush FamilyFrom the founding political leaders to newspaper and oil tycoons, America has a long history of family dynasties that shaped society.

“But what makes for an influential family in America today?”

Town & County magazine’s May cover story features the 50 most prominent families in America. The magazine broke the list down into 5 categories with 10 families in each category. These included the 10 Most Inspiring, 10 Most Generous, 10 Most Enduring, 10 Most Creative, and 10 Most Powerful.

The full list will appear in Town & County magazine’s upcoming issue. It hits the new stands on April 16.

Learn more about the Bush Family, the Most Powerful Family in America, in this CBS This Morning story.

Is Barbie Racist Or Just Being Realistic?

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barbieMattel’s “Dolls of the World” collection has more than 200 Barbies dressed in costumes from different countries of the world. It debuted with Parisian, British, and Italian dolls back in 1980. The latest versions, especially Latin America, are causing controversy online. In June 2012, the newest Mexico Barbie was revealed. Many people said that it was quite offensive than being educational.

Jennifer Morales tweeted, “@Mattel, maybe #MexicoBarbie should come with a taco instead of a chihuahua- you know, just to be really clear.” Another user that goes with the username “@SavannahLime” pointed out, “Of course #MexicanBarbie comes with a passport! She doesn’t want to be deported.”

After going through the whole collection, the same problem goes with different dolls. Take a look, see for yourself, and answer the question: Is Barbie Racist or Just Being Realistic?

Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Beer

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beerA beer is a man’s drink, at least to some degree. Women would order wine, while men go for beer. In history, however, many women consider beer as their typical beverage. Even children can have some of the grub too.

Nowadays, it would be difficult to find a female-run brewery. Nevertheless, did you know that they are the first professional brewers? They were called brewsters. Brewing beer is a task for noble women back in ancient Peru. In 19th century Munich, many new mothers believed that drinking seven pints of beer every day is needed for breastfeeding.

There is actually a long history between women and beer. Click here to check out a visual representation of some facts about beer.

Samsung Marketing Blitz Stirs Innovation Debate

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samsungSamsung Electronics is spending more on marketing than R&D for the first time in at least three years, prompting some pundits to warn that the IT giant is sacrificing innovation at a time when the market is teeming with ever smarter gadgets.

The South Korean firm, which warned on Friday it will not post record quarterly earnings for the first time since 2011, looks set to spend big bucks on marketing upcoming mobile devices, including the Galaxy S4 smartphone, to convert more iPhone and iPad users loyal to arch rival Apple Inc.

Samsung finally overtook Sony to become the world’s top TV maker in 2006, largely aided by slim designs and super-thin displays produced as a result of aggressive capital investment.

By contrast, Samsung’s mobile devices business now generates 70 percent of its total revenue.

Read the rest of the news about Samsung’s marketing innovation here.

How To Keep Major Appliances Clean

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There are so many appliances that have become a part of daily life and reduce the amount of work that need to be done around the house. Dishwashers wash your dishes for you, ovens provide a method of cooking that does not require much work or oversight, and washing machines wash your clothes for you. But as Good Housekeeping shows in “8 Cleaners That Need Cleaning,” you cannot afford to take these conveniences for granted; they need to be cleaned as well in order to keep doing their job properly.

cleaning appliancesAppliances With Self-Cleaning Options

Many appliances are easy to clean as they have a self-cleaning option. If your dishwashers and ovens have this option, you should use it regularly; it is an easy way to keep these appliances clean and free of excess food and dirt, with no effort on your part. You could also try cleaning a dishwasher by running it with vinegar and hot water, or using baking soda to reduce any odors. There are also commercial cleaners available that can be used to ensure the machinery is kept clean and running smoothly.

Keeping Other Appliances Clean

Unfortunately, not all appliances have the convenience of a self-cleaning option. Washing machines typically do not have it, and though people may not think of washers as something that can get dirty, there can be unseen buildup from using too much laundry detergent, or odors may develop if you leave wet clothes sitting there. When it comes to cleaning a washing machine, running a cycle with vinegar and baking soda will also work well here. You could also use bleach to clean the machine, but be sure to run white or light-colored loads for a few cycles after, as any remaining bleach may discolor your darker clothes. By using these tips to keep your appliances clean, you will be able to continue enjoying the convenience they provide.

How To Make Better Use Of Your Time

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There are many chores and tasks that can keep your days busy, but like many people you may find yourself wondering why you can’t get everything done that you want to. It is easy to start the day with a list of what you want to do, but somehow find yourself at the end of the day with little of it done. If you are having problems with time management, US News suggests in “A Few Simple Tips for Better Time Management” how to use your time more efficiently.

time-managementKnow How Much Time You Need

It is easy to think that a number of tasks don’t take long, and so estimate that you will be able to do them quickly. But even if one task is quick, having more tasks to do will add up and take more time than you anticipate. If that is the case, it will take conscious effort to remind yourself not to underestimate how much time you need. With practice, you will learn to give yourself enough time for any commitment.

Do Worthwhile Activities

You may find yourself putting off tasks because you feel that they are not worth your time. You will be less likely to waste time on a task if you think it is useful, necessary, or is simply something you enjoy. If you find yourself having trouble doing some things in your life, but not others, consider what is taking the most time and what you can do to improve it. You may find easier ways to do some tasks, or you can hire someone to do it for you. By focusing on what you enjoy doing and giving yourself enough time to do it, your time management issues will quickly improve.

How To Make A Good Impression When Networking

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networkingNetworking is the one activity that is most likely to help you succeed at work, no matter what business you are in. Making connections with colleagues will provide you with a network that will help you when you need it, inform you of the latest news and important information, and spread the news about your work. But with so much competition out there, making a good impression when you network is vital; Entrepreneur suggests in “7 Tips for Networking” some ways to be sure you do it right.

Keep It Short And Sweet

Business can be a fast-paced environment, which means you will have limited time to make any point that you have to make. Practice steering the conversation toward the topics that you need, so that you can quickly deliver the information that you want others to know. If they like what they hear and the opportunity presents itself, you may be able to arrange a more relaxed meeting later, during which you can expound upon your points. Likewise, be able to recognize when the person you are talking to is not interested in what you have to say; there is no point wasting your time trying to make a connection with someone who will not further your goals.

Be Friendly And A Good Listener

Listening skills are a must at networking events, and are an easy way of establishing a connection with someone else. They will be more likely to be interested in what you have to say if you show that you care about what they have to say. You can follow up the meeting with an email thanking them for their discussion, and be sure to mention specific points that they made. Networking will be easier with these tips, and you will find your career taking off as you continue to improve.

Tips On Moving Appliances Properly

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AppliancesMost people don’t give any thought to the appliances they use every day – at least, until something goes wrong. When there is a problem, it can be quite a hassle to move a fridge, freezer, washer, or dryer to find out what is going on. In addition, moving these appliances improperly can leave dents and marks on your floor that are difficult to repair. Popular Mechanics suggests in “How to Move Appliances … Without Destroying Your Floor” some tips on moving large appliances properly.

Clean The Floor First

The weight of a large appliance will press anything that is on the floor deeper into it, causing damage. So the first step before moving anything is to ensure the floor is clean; even if it looks clean, sweep or mop it to clean up miniscule pieces of dust. Taking this precaution beforehand will ensure you do not have a lot of damage to fix afterward.

Protect The Floor

The best way to ensure your floor is not damaged is to have something between the floor and the item you are moving. Although major appliances are heavy and there is often little space to shift them, you can generally lean one back enough to slide a board of wood or other hard material underneath it. This will evenly distribute the appliance’s weight over the board, ensuring that you can move it without putting too much pressure on any one spot. Reducing the pressure you put on your floor will help keep it looking pristine even after your repairs are done.