Look for the Perfect Prom Dress

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When you see high school juniors and seniors shopping for dresses excitedly, you know the prom season has already arrived. A night filled with glamour, fashion, and music, promenade night is perhaps the most anticipated event young women look forward to during their teenage years. It is where they can dance all night with a partner, flaunt a beautiful dress, bond with friends, and be merry.

The focus

Your prom dress is what you should prepare the most before attending a prom night. It is what people will notice first the moment you arrive on the event. Choosing for prom dresses in the UK can be both exciting and daunting. You may even find yourself overwhelmed with the different designs and styles you can choose from.

Vintage prom dress

One of the most popular types of prom dresses is the vintage-styled gowns. Reminiscent of old-fashioned Hollywood glamour, vintage-styled prom dresses are usually associated with images of couture dresses with floral prints, ruffles, or polka dot designs. If you prefer to wear something unique for prom, check out a wide selection of vintage prom dresses in UK fashion shops and boutiques. With these types of outfits, you can look fashionable without having to expose too much skin. Moreover, it is still possible to flaunt your figure with the right vintage dress that matches you perfectly.

Wide choices

As vintage prom dresses available online in the UK come in different styles and designs, you’ll surely have many choices. These types of dresses come with frills, bows, ruffles, or bold print designs that look amazing on frocks and long gowns. These designs can help convey an ultra-feminine look on your prom night. They can also make your look more classy yet edgy. Frills, for instance, enhance your girly side while still appearing sophisticated.

No matter what dress you choose, remember that the prom gown you wear must flatter your body shape, hide your imperfections, and accentuate your best assets. A beautiful dress can make for a truly memorable prom night.

Gardening is Supposed to be Natural

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Gardening is among the most relaxing hobbies. It isn’t only a stress reliever, it also beautifies your home. It’s one way to show that you’re an advocate of nature. But isn’t it ironic that those who claim to be advocates of nature use synthetic fertilizers and insecticides in their garden? Gardening is supposed to be natural. Organic gardening doesn’t only mean maintaining unattractive flower pots and letting insects eat and destroy your greens. Here are some of the basics.

What Exactly is Organic Gardening?

Organic gardening is simply a form of gardening that doesn’t use synthetic products like fertilizers and pesticides. Generally, organic gardening reloads the resources as it uses them like feeding washed-out soil with compost like Bokashi. Planting plants like legumes to provide more nitrogen to the soil is also a usual practice.

What are Organic Matters?

Organic materials may include decaying plants and animal waste. These also include things like compost, grass clippings, dry leaves, and food waste. Some use fillers like sawdust and local soil. Compost is commonly used as soil conditioner or filler in garden soil.

What’s Significant About the Soil?

One of the basic yet most important rules of all-natural gardening is to “take care of the soil, and the soil will take care of your plants.” The logic is simple: plants acquire nutrients water and some air from the soil. With this in mind, the type of soil you will use becomes all the more important. Clay has a high nutritive value and can hold water well, while sand can help your plants breathe. Regardless of the type of soil, using compost can improve the texture of the soil and attract other organisms that contribute to the growth of the plants.

How to Get Rid of Pests Without Chemicals?

Organic gardening doesn’t mean you’re going to share your soil with insects and other pests. Pests may deteriorate in your garden, but they can also be beneficial if kept at an appropriate population. What you need to do to prevent pests from eating your garden is to be vigilant.

Being an organic gardener doesn’t only mean holding a Bokashi bucket or filling your soil with organic matters. What is important in this effort is your vow not to harm the environment through synthetic materials.

Keeping Up with Reproductive Health: Gynecological Procedures to Think About

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Keeping yourself in good health should be your priority at all times. You can do that through annual medical and dental examinations. Your doctor and dentist shouldn’t be the only ones you should consult, however. You also have to keep regular appointments with specialists in reproductive health. This way, you can learn more about your personal reproductive health concerns and how you can ensure your overall well-being.

There are many Miami hospitals, clinics, and other medical institutions that offer medical services for reproductive health matters. As a woman, it’s especially important that you visit a specialist by the time you hit puberty. This can help you prepare well for menstruation and educate yourself about pregnancy, STDs, and other women’s health issues.

A Miami gynecologist can provide advice on how you can take better care of your body. This specialist can do medical exams to ensure you do not have any problems with your reproductive system. Getting advice from them is especially important if you have concerns about your monthly period or other problems.

Breast Examinations

Clinical breast exams are often part of regular check-ups. You should undergo regular breast exams, especially if your family has a history of breast cancer. Ask your gynecologist to teach you how to examine your breasts properly. See how the health professional feels for lumps or any abnormal change in texture.


An ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves and their echoes to form two-dimensional images of the tissues or organs your doctor needs to examine. There are also other types of ultrasound such as 3-D imaging and Doppler ultrasounds. 3-D ultrasounds are particularly useful for checking your reproductive system for any problem. It can help in the early detection of tumors or check the development of a fetus, if you’re pregnant. In Miami, ultrasound procedures are generally available in clinics.

Pap Smear Tests

In a pap test, your gynecologist will take a sample of cells from your cervix or vagina and submit it to the laboratory for testing. This allows your doctor to look for any abnormal changes in the cells, which may develop into cancer. It can help in the early detection of infections and small, hidden tumors. This way, you can find a cure immediately and prevent it from getting worse.

Other Gynecological Tests

You also need to consult with your doctor regarding contraceptive methods, as well as pregnancy tests. You will receive counseling on how these tests will go during the initial session. Find out which contraceptive can suit your needs. This is important to know about, especially if you’re sexually active. Some gynecologists also have obstetric training if you need advice on pregnancy-related matters.

Getting to know what you can do for your reproductive health issues is important. This prevents you from experiencing any scares about cancer and other conditions. Check out Miami health centers for procedures you need. You can also visit and other institutions for assistance with your reproductive health needs.

Life’s Too Short to Live with All Those Fat

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You are beautiful regardless of your size, color, and shape.

The above statement is true. As long as you find yourself beautiful and you feel happy, who cares what other people say or think? However, you also can’t deny that life would be better if only you’re fitter and slimmer, right? Admit it, there are clothes you wish you could wear and hairstyles you hope to try someday – if only you had a slimmer body and face. *sigh*

Other than for aesthetic reasons, being fit also indicates healthy living and self-discipline. After all, you got into the shape you’re in because of the food you eat and the things you do. You can either to keep the fats on your body or take them out of your system. But what if you lack time for exercise? What if you just can’t give up eating? What if you want these fat deposits gone immediately? Liposuction in Los Angeles is the answer.

Liposuction is a life-changing decision. Those considering this surgical procedure must really understand what they’re diving into. While it seems scary – the thought of incisions, rasping, and scraping – a successful liposuction procedure offers satisfying results that are indeed, worthy of your courage.

Before the Surgery

Research on the doctor and visit the facility where you plan to undergo the procedure. Make sure that it’€™s accredited and licensed to perform surgical procedures. Verify the credibility of your surgeon by knowing his or her background. This gives you an idea if the professional has enough experience, expertise, and knowledge to perform the liposuction. See the database of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.

Ask your plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills for important information regarding the procedure. This is essential for the professional to know about your preferences, and for you to know available options.

After the Liposuction

Time to enjoy the results of the procedure! However, keep in mind that the effect of liposuction won’t be forever. You can go back to your old shape, with all the excess fat here and there, if you won’t take care of your current body. In fact, plastic surgeons say that patients are more likely to gain fat and weight after undergoing liposuction. Consult a fitness expert for an effective diet and exercise program to maintain your slim body.

All it takes to get the body you want is finding a reliable surgeon offering Los Angeles liposuction. Life is too short to live with all those fats! Go for it and enjoy a healthier and happier life.

Real Estate Selling: Why You Need a Realtor

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Clients often question the importance of real estate agents, given the wealth of information available online. They wonder if they can just sell their homes through the Internet or through regular marketing and advertising channels, and without representation.

Some homeowners do succeed, but many don’t. So if you’ve been wondering about the same thing about Southern Indiana real estate, here are four reasons to hire a real estate agent:

Access to the MLS

Agents can list your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a national database of homes for sale. Through this, thousands of websites will be able to advertise your home. If you choose to sell your house on your own, you won’t be able to list your home on the MLS, as only licensed realtors can list homes in this database.

Real Estate Knowledge

Agents know how to market, negotiate, and sell homes. From home inspectors to escrow agents, realtors also coordinate the entire “selling crew.” In this sense, they are your greatest allies.

Realtors possess intimate knowledge or they know where to find the best real estate properties in Southern Indiana. They can identify comparable sales and provide you with these facts.

Real estate agents can provide you with information about market conditions, which can be helpful during the selling and buying process.

Price Guidance

Despite what some people believe, real estate agents don’t decide on the prices for their clients. They only help guide buyers and sellers in choosing the right prices for themselves.

Professional Networking

Realtors network with other professionals. Most of these professionals provide services that you’ll need during the buying and selling process.

Because of legal liability, most agents hesitate to recommend certain individuals or companies. But they know which vendors are known for efficiency, competency, and competitive pricing. If you ask them, they can give you a list of references of people they’ve worked with, along with some background information.

You may be worried about the 5 to 6% commission that realtors usually get. But if you really want to sell your house for a fair price, it’s a good idea to work with these professionals. Go to this website to find the right real estate agent for your needs.

FBI And Microsoft Hit Theft Botnet

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Microsoft_fractal_by_Francr2009The FBI and Microsoft have taken down Citadel, a big network of hijacked home PCs liable for stealing over $500m from bank accounts.

How they did it

The Citadel Network installed a key logging software on about five million PCs to steal information. Around 1,000 of the 1,400 or so networks that constituted the Citadel botnet are believed to have been taken down.

Co-ordinated moves in 80 countries by police officials, tech companies, and banking institutions, helped disrupt the said network. A spokesman for Microsoft’s digital crimes unit, Richard Boscovich, said the“bad guys will feel the punch in the gut.”

Stolen Codes

The cybercriminals behind Citadel cashed in by using a login and password information for online bank accounts stolen from compromised PCs.

This procedure was used to steal money from a big number of banks including American Express, Bank of America, PayPal, HSBC, Royal Bank of Canada, and Wells Fargo.

Citadel appeared after core computer code for a broadly used cybercrime kit, called Zeus, was revealed online.

Despite the prevalent move, which involved seizures of servers that co-ordinated the operation of Citadel, the identity of the botnet’s main controller is not yet known.

Microsoft has started operations to help people clean up infected computers.

How Social Newsrooms Drive Real-Time Marketing

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The shift towards real-time marketing led to the growth of the social newsroom as a key industry trend. Consumers today have higher expectations for approach ability, participation, and relevance than ever before.

facebook-and-twitter-logoAnswers. Now.

Recent studies show that almost half of consumers think brands should answer their questions within a short time. They also expect brands to respond to breaking news and participate in conversations about trending topics at the speed of social.

Consumers want brands to respond within an hour, so they can move on to the next tweet, e-mail, or status update. The problem, however, lies in the collective inability to stay current with the flood of incoming content.

Visuals – What Today’s Content Should Be

There’s much information to process, as there’s 60 times more content from brands in our news feeds than just two years ago. People paid no attention to everything on the margin of their screens. They’re now more focused on images, which have more engagement on Facebook than non-visual posts.

These changes are stimulating a real-time, creative content revolution. To be ahead of the competition, brands must create engaging, visual content that connects with consumers about things they are thinking and talking about in real-time.

Djokovic Loses to Tomas Berdych at Italian Open

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berdych_rome_celebrate_N2World number one Novak Djokovic lost to Tomas Berdych (2-6 7-5 6-4) at the Italian Open quarterfinals.

Djokovic was trying to grab his third Rome title but has been troubled by pain in his ankle.

World number six Berdych had already lost twice to Djokovic this year. His only victory against the Serbian came in the 2010 Wimbledon semi-finals.

Spain’s Rafael Nadal, on the other hand, stayed on track for his third straight title. He beat fellow Spaniard David Ferrer in 6-4 4-6 6-2 victory. Frenchman Benoit Paire also advanced.

The French reached the first Masters Series semi-final of his career with a victory over Spaniard Marcel Granollers. He will now face Roger Federer for a place in the Rome finals.

Federer beat rising Polish player Jerzy Janowicz with a 6-4 7-6 (7-2) victory.

Tourism Australia Names the ‘Best Jobs in the World’ Finalists

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tourism australiaTourism Australia announced today the 18 finalist for the “Best Jobs in the World”. The top applicants include five Americans who will who will travel Down Under next month for the final stage of the global competition.

Representing 12 countries, the finalists will face challenges set by the states and territories, including the following:

–          creating content for inspiring tourism videos

–          writing blogs of their Australian travel experiences

–          handling the pressure of an impromptu media conference

“It’s show time. The candidates now face their very own Australian working holiday – a week of tests and challenges which will ultimately decide who ends up winning these six dream jobs,” said Tourism Australia Managing Director Andrew McEvoy.

The five U.S. finalists stood out with their original 30-second video entries and their success in securing high-profile endorsements in support of their application.

The 18 candidates come from 12 different countries: United States (5), England (2), France (2), Afghanistan (1), Belgium (1), Brazil (1), Canada (1), Germany (1), Hong Kong (1), Ireland (1), Scotland (1) and Taiwan (1).

Tourism Australia’s ‘Best Jobs in the World’ competition is part of a major international marketing effort to promote tourism opportunities provided by Australia’s Working Holiday Maker (WHM) program.

The 18 finalists will battle to get one of the six “best jobs” namely:

–          Wildlife Caretaker (South Australia)

–          Chief Funster (New South Wales)

–          Park Ranger (Queensland)

–          Taste Master (Western Australia)

–          Outback Adventurer(Northern Territory)

         Lifestyle Photographer (Melbourne, Victoria)

Sandra Bullock And George Clooney To Star In Cuaron’s Latest Sci-Fi Film

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gravityAlfonso Cuaron is ready to make a comeback. Seven years after “Children Of Men”, he will return to the film industry with “Gravity”, a movie that will hit the theatres on October 4.

With Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in starring roles, the sci-fi film has been gaining much attention this early. The movie centers on two astronauts, who were set adrift in space after their station is damaged. Clooney’s remark on the film’s trailer: “Beautiful, don’t you think?”, makes it a highly-anticipated one.

Learn more about updates about Cuaron’s Gravity in this Huffington Post and news stories.