How To Make A Good Impression When Networking

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networkingNetworking is the one activity that is most likely to help you succeed at work, no matter what business you are in. Making connections with colleagues will provide you with a network that will help you when you need it, inform you of the latest news and important information, and spread the news about your work. But with so much competition out there, making a good impression when you network is vital; Entrepreneur suggests in “7 Tips for Networking” some ways to be sure you do it right.

Keep It Short And Sweet

Business can be a fast-paced environment, which means you will have limited time to make any point that you have to make. Practice steering the conversation toward the topics that you need, so that you can quickly deliver the information that you want others to know. If they like what they hear and the opportunity presents itself, you may be able to arrange a more relaxed meeting later, during which you can expound upon your points. Likewise, be able to recognize when the person you are talking to is not interested in what you have to say; there is no point wasting your time trying to make a connection with someone who will not further your goals.

Be Friendly And A Good Listener

Listening skills are a must at networking events, and are an easy way of establishing a connection with someone else. They will be more likely to be interested in what you have to say if you show that you care about what they have to say. You can follow up the meeting with an email thanking them for their discussion, and be sure to mention specific points that they made. Networking will be easier with these tips, and you will find your career taking off as you continue to improve.

Tips On Moving Appliances Properly

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AppliancesMost people don’t give any thought to the appliances they use every day – at least, until something goes wrong. When there is a problem, it can be quite a hassle to move a fridge, freezer, washer, or dryer to find out what is going on. In addition, moving these appliances improperly can leave dents and marks on your floor that are difficult to repair. Popular Mechanics suggests in “How to Move Appliances … Without Destroying Your Floor” some tips on moving large appliances properly.

Clean The Floor First

The weight of a large appliance will press anything that is on the floor deeper into it, causing damage. So the first step before moving anything is to ensure the floor is clean; even if it looks clean, sweep or mop it to clean up miniscule pieces of dust. Taking this precaution beforehand will ensure you do not have a lot of damage to fix afterward.

Protect The Floor

The best way to ensure your floor is not damaged is to have something between the floor and the item you are moving. Although major appliances are heavy and there is often little space to shift them, you can generally lean one back enough to slide a board of wood or other hard material underneath it. This will evenly distribute the appliance’s weight over the board, ensuring that you can move it without putting too much pressure on any one spot. Reducing the pressure you put on your floor will help keep it looking pristine even after your repairs are done.