5 Reasons Why Commercial Insulation is Good For You and The Environment

Man Installing InsulatorThe high use of electricity contributes to the increasing greenhouse pollution. The high use of heaters and air-conditioning is a big contributor to this global phenomenon. However, insulation is an effective way to regulate internal room temperature which in turn can reduce the heating and cooling cost by 40%.

With the burden of increasing electricity use every year, commercial insulation like Premier Insulation BOP can help mitigate this burden. Here are five reasons why commercial insulation is best for your home and the environment.

1. Reduce energy costs

An insulated house means a cooler house when summer, and a warmer house during winter. Insulation keeps the heat inside during winter and regulates the entry of heat during summer. In return, insulating can help you save 20-30% on electric bills by reducing the use of appliances to keep your home comfortable

2. Added comfort

Insulation also acts as a sound absorber that can keep noise coming in and out the house. Thus, noise transmission through walls, ceiling, and floors are reduced, making you enjoy the privacy in your home.

3. Health Benefits

Insulation protects your home from moisture by raising the temperature on the insulated surface, therefore, preventing condensation. Condensation may invite moulds and damp to grow in your house, that may, in turn, affect your health.

4. Protects the environment

Insulation decreases the use of energy at home, thereby reducing the use of your heating and cooling appliances. In return, the lesser carbon dioxide emission your house makes, the lower the consumption of the fossil fuels, the smaller impact it makes to the greenhouse effect.

5. Cost effective way to add comfort while saving the environment

Commercial insulation can help regulate your home temperature giving you added comfort and health protection. In turn, it can help you save on electricity cost by reduced use of your appliances, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emission, thus saving the environment.