Industrial Fabric Shelters Cover Any Event

Great industrial shelterIndustrial fabric covers have come a long way regarding innovation and usage. Today, it is increasingly used in other industries for public use. These could range from music festivals to corporate events.
Industrial fabric building covers are solid structures created to shelter the mining and construction industries from Australia’s harsh weather. Over the years, innovations and new materials have made them larger, stronger, and easier to install. Because of their size and flexibility, they are now used for public events of all sorts.

Corporate Events

Are you planning a corporate event in the outdoors for a change? A couple of industrial covers would be perfect for a few hundred employees and a stage for entertainment, team activities, and speeches.

Public Festivals

Festivals and night markets have been sheltering their visitors with industrial covers for years now. Their high-arched ceilings and wall-less structure provide a sense of openness and make it easy for crowds moving around in different directions.

Marketing Road shows

Smaller industrial covers are easy to relocate and are perfect for marketing and promotional road shows. Organisers can quickly take them apart and load them in their trucks for the next destination. Removable items work best for road shows because these are time-sensitive events.

Indoor Sports Facilities

With the largest industrial fabric buildings available, you can house an indoor sports arena to fit a hockey arena or a futsal court and its spectators. Some university campuses use them for sports practice facilities or customise them to host temporary sports events.

Concert Venues

Imagine a concert in the middle of the Outback! You may want a container-based shelter to provide the musicians with a high and safe stage. Or you may be looking at a hangar-sized industrial building for audio quality and to pack everyone in for the warmth.
With its cool, white aesthetics and open structure, industrial shelters are destined for even greater public uses in the future. Meanwhile, it continues to provide shelter and a safe feeling for people everywhere, inside and outside the industries.