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Australia’s Built Environment Places on Top of Sustainability Rankings

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Brisbane skyline and people in Australia

Brisbane skyline and people in AustraliaReal estate landlords in Australia have become more conscious about saving energy and reducing carbon emissions, which could be one reason why the country ranked on top of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark or GRESB rankings. Australia shared the top spot with New Zealand for the eighth year in a row. This indicates building owners’ efforts to become more sustainable such as choosing the right industrial flexible doors for energy efficiency.

Global Rankings

The Australia-New Zealand region scored 76 on the benchmark for 2018. By comparison, it listed the global average as 68. The wide gap could be attributed to the performance of the countries’ built environment on an environmental, social, and governance scale.

GRESB based its rankings for this year on more than 900 real estate developers, fund managers, and other groups from 64 countries. A total of 73 industry members in Australia and New Zealand took part in the evaluation. The Green Building Council of Australia said that this should encourage more property owners to improve their sustainability, given that there is enough support for them to adopt environmentally friendly practices.

Sustainable Practices

Net-zero emissions and solar energy comprise some of the sustainable efforts among Australian landlords. It is not just enough to have real estate in a strategic and prime location as buyers and tenants look for buildings that consume energy more wisely.

In response, some companies such as the GPT Wholesale Office Fund have launched ambitious plans to meet the growing demand for energy-efficient buildings. The company wants its 18 buildings in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney to emit zero carbon emissions by the end of 2020.

The rankings should only motivate property landlords to keep on finding new ways on how to improve the energy performance of their buildings. In some cases, it could be as simple as replacing your doors with an energy-efficient one.

How Much Will Construction Prices Increase in Australia for 2018?

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Hydraulic mobile construction platformAn infrastructure boom often signals growth in the economy, which is good for jobs and business activity. Yet the increased demand for construction materials often has a detrimental effect on construction prices.

In Australia, rising building activity will put pressure on steel and concrete prices. A recent report showed that tender prices for civil infrastructure projects may increase by up to five percent  this year, while prices for building projects may climb up to four percent.

Building Boom

New South Wales and Victoria account for a large portion of work from the nationwide construction boom, according to the report. Housing development also fuels the growth in building activity. These factors will contribute to an increase in prices for labour and materials, aside from the availability of workers.

Some experts believe that the current cost pressures on construction materials and labour have not been this high over the last four decades. Peter Clack, Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors’ former president, said that tender prices by the end of this year may even rise by six percent. Despite higher prices, the country will still spend a record amount for road infrastructure development.

Transportation Infrastructure

Despite an expected up tick in prices, the spending will reach a record-high this year, according to BIS Oxford Economics’ forecast. The Australian government plans to spend more than $20 billion for road infrastructure work; this means that as well as raw materials, other construction consumables, site equipment and protective products, such as water stops for concrete joints, will be more in-demand this year. Therefore, contractors will need to spend more time shopping around for reliable construction material, tool and product suppliers.

Infrastructure contractors need to take advantage of this anticipated trend. The forecast predicts that after this financial year, an increase in spending for road construction is unlikely as the government turns its attention to railway infrastructure.

Sydney’s Nature Journeys

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Sydney, Australia

Sydney, AustraliaThe city of Sydney is surrounded with some of the most amazing places nature can offer. The good thing is that they’re no more than a couple of hours away. Perfect for family day trips or a random breather now and then.

Have you had enough of weekend paintball games? Is air pollution getting to you? Take a breather. Plan a day trip for your family or friends. Mona Vale Coaches says you could book a Sydney bus for hire and get everyone out of the City. With so much nature surrounding Sydney, it‘s only natural to go out there for some fresh air.

Wentworth Falls

Approximately one hour 30 mins West. The view itself will take your breath away. The stunning Wentworth Falls is the highest waterfall in the Blue Mountains. If you want to take a closer look, you should plan a few hours of bushwalking around the falls area.

Gosford Reptile Park

A little over an hour’s ride north. Take to the wild side of nature. Children will especially enjoy hands-on feeding and other animal interactions with the Park’s scaly and furry ones. They’d love to meet Elvis, New South Wale’s largest crocodile or take a walk with Hugo the giant Galapagos Tortoise.

Nan Tien Temple

Approximately one hour 30 mins, near Wollongong. If you feel like a freshly-prepared vegetarian meal and a spiritual moment by the lotus pond, take a short journey to the south to Nan Tien Temple, also called the ‘Southern Paradise’. Spend a relaxing day in a Chinese-styled garden with its oriental ambience and open blue skies.

Austinmer Beach

One-hour drive up the coast. You could take your loved one to a safe, open beach in Austinmer. Look out into the rolling Pacific Ocean and take in the refreshing view. Dine later at a quiet table by the sea and enjoy the calmness that only the beach could provide.

With these places in Sydney, you’ll never run out of natural wonders. We only have to get out there to enjoy clean, natural air – and on a budget too.