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Maintaining Boilers at Maximum Efficiency

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boilerBoiler maintenance is crucial to any facility that relies on a centralised heating system. Malfunctioning boilers not only cause inconvenience for the residents, but they can also disrupt urgent business and service operations. At worst, equipment breakdown can even cause damage to both people and property.

Here are a few ways to keep boiler rooms safe and functional:

Daily Logs and Inspections

Check the boiler rooms at least once a day. Start by making a daily log for the boiler to ensure it is working in optimal condition. The water gauge should indicate that the boiler has sufficient water. The temperature and pressure readings, at all times, should be operating within the recommended range. Creating a daily log allows you to trace the causes of malfunction, which can help you save on repair costs.

Equipment Maintenance

Apart from the daily inspections, allot time at least once or twice a month to do regular maintenance on the boilers. Leaks can indicate damaged machines, so check for cracks or dents. Boilers with blocked air vents are prone to overheating, so clean the exhaust and the louvres if needed. The boiler room should be kept clean at all times as unnecessary items can cause pollutions or combustions. Dirt slows boiler machines down by increasing pressure and causing blockages. Investing in equipment like dirt and air separators can help optimise machine performance by purifying the entrained air.

Professional Check-up

Even well-kept boilers are subject to wear and tear. Annual check-ups by licensed professional technicians or agents make sure that the machine is still serviceable for future use. These technicians may opt to disassemble your boiler and check for worn-down or damaged parts that need replacing. They can also give recommendations for better operations once they consult you and your daily log. Regular maintenance ensures that a boiler is running efficiently. However, it improves not only the boiler’s performance but the entire facility it services as well.