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Top Tie-Downs to Secure Your Cargo

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Scene on cargo loading station

Scene on cargo loading stationUsing the right tools for securing cargo is vital for exporters and logistics companies. You could be transporting a motorcycle or a bike, lumber, or building materials for a project – whatever your trucks are carrying; these should be secured, or else they could shift and fall off, causing damage to property and injury to people.

According to Australia’s National Transport Commission, the weight of the load alone is not enough to restrain it during normal driving. This is why additional restraint is necessary. There are several types of cargo securing options available in the market such as metal strapping tools and ratchet straps that are suitable for different situations.

What’s the general rule?

When transporting small or lightweight items, you may be able to use either bungee cords or fabric straps. However, if you are transporting heavier items, you may need a more durable strap. Further research on each strap can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Top Cargo-securing Methods

  • Ropes – Nylon ropes are one of the commonly used ropes for securing materials in transit. Be sure to secure your cargo correctly and that the rope is strong enough to hold it in place. Nylon ropes are relatively inexpensive and easier to trim. You may want to opt for plastic ropes; however, these can be difficult to tie into secured knots.
  • Ratchet Straps – Ratchet strap tie-downs have one hook on one end and a lever mechanism on the other. The hooks should be secured to metal loops or truck bed rails. “Ratcheting” involves sliding the tarp through the slot and turning it back in the direction you started from. Pull the slack out and move the lever forward.
  • Tarps – Tarps can be a good way of securing your cargo; however, these may not be your best option. If you’re travelling long distances, tarps may be hard to deal with since you can’t avoid them from flapping and eventually tearing. On the other hand, tarps can keep your cargo dry. With tarps, you can prevent loose items from flying off. Indeed, there are specific pros and cons of using bed covers.
  • Bungee Cords – Compared to metal strapping tools, bungee cords, and rubber straps are excellent in preventing objects from shifting. These are usually used to hold covers and tarps. With the hooks on each end, you can easily stretch them out over an object.

These are some of the various tie-downs you can use for load restraint when transporting cargo. You have to know which of them can best secure your cargo during transit. With proper research, you can prevent incurring costs and avoid damages.