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How Much Will Construction Prices Increase in Australia for 2018?

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Hydraulic mobile construction platformAn infrastructure boom often signals growth in the economy, which is good for jobs and business activity. Yet the increased demand for construction materials often has a detrimental effect on construction prices.

In Australia, rising building activity will put pressure on steel and concrete prices. A recent report showed that tender prices for civil infrastructure projects may increase by up to five percent  this year, while prices for building projects may climb up to four percent.

Building Boom

New South Wales and Victoria account for a large portion of work from the nationwide construction boom, according to the report. Housing development also fuels the growth in building activity. These factors will contribute to an increase in prices for labour and materials, aside from the availability of workers.

Some experts believe that the current cost pressures on construction materials and labour have not been this high over the last four decades. Peter Clack, Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors’ former president, said that tender prices by the end of this year may even rise by six percent. Despite higher prices, the country will still spend a record amount for road infrastructure development.

Transportation Infrastructure

Despite an expected up tick in prices, the spending will reach a record-high this year, according to BIS Oxford Economics’ forecast. The Australian government plans to spend more than $20 billion for road infrastructure work; this means that as well as raw materials, other construction consumables, site equipment and protective products, such as water stops for concrete joints, will be more in-demand this year. Therefore, contractors will need to spend more time shopping around for reliable construction material, tool and product suppliers.

Infrastructure contractors need to take advantage of this anticipated trend. The forecast predicts that after this financial year, an increase in spending for road construction is unlikely as the government turns its attention to railway infrastructure.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Building Supplies

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Contractors planningWhether you are a first-time builder or someone who has years of experience in construction, knowing where to source your building materials is critical. With a lot of available building supplies on the market, it may seem intimidating to start because of the variety of products available and the specifications readily on hand.

Ask yourself these three questions to ensure that you are getting the best building supplies in Australia:

What are my needs?

The most important step in determining the best supplies to get is determining your needs. What type of building do you have in mind?  Are you going to build a high-rise or a mid-rise building? These are among the first questions that you need to answer, as your building supplies are dependent on the type of project you have. You need different construction supplies for specific building elements. These include the structural frame, partitions and floor construction.

What is my budget?

Once you know the exact type of building that you need, it is time to think about your budget. Building an establishment does not come cheap and quality building supplies do cost more. It is wise to take your time and save up for the quality materials than hurry and buy cheap and substandard supplies just to save money.

Who am I talking to?

Reliable supplier will be glad to answer your queries and provide the information you need.

Choosing the best building supplies should not be too difficult. Take the time to answer these three questions and you are sure to get high-quality building supplies that fit your needs.

What to Consider when Planning Your Dream House

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Planning Your Dream House in UtahPeople commonly go with what makes them comfortable. And the definition of comfort varies according to different points of view and perceptions. Planning your dream house is never a piece of cake. But you should consider not only what you think you need, but also what you want and how you want your living to fit your lifestyle.

Current Housing Trends

A lot of new housing designs have emerged this year. Houzz cited some house design and decor that they are rooting for:

  • The popular appliance color seems to change year after year. Remember the glossy refrigerators and ovens? This year, black seems to be the top pick.

  • The traditional look for dining rooms is out. Designers are now rooting for a formal dining setup that encourages healthy family dining relations.

  • Gone are the plain framed bathroom mirrors. It's time to get some eye-catching statement mirrors. You might be surprised how a single piece can lift the mood in an area.

  • Bidets are now in, after being ignored in the past. It comes as a feature of high-tech toilets.

  • Fireplaces add charm to a house. Functioning or not, it gives a relaxing ambiance.

  • No more metallic and sleek decors. Go for chalk paint texture and matte finish.


An average of 200 to 400 grand is spent by most homeowners to build their new homes. Keystone Construction says the cost would depend on where you're building the house, of course. For instance, new townhomes in Riverton, UT could cost less than a new house in Los Angeles, CA. There's also the house design to think about.

Establish a baseline by setting your goal and sticking to it. The next step is to determine your budget–how much you're willing to spend or what can you afford. Once you know the figures you will work with, it's time to look for the land that fits your goal as well as your budget.

After considering all the major components, assemble your team by picking your builders. You want people who can deliver.  Consider all possibilities so you won't regret not doing certain things. Planning does not only make the process easier, it also lowers the cost.