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4 Reasons Having a Shipping Container Shelter is a Good Idea

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Inside a container shelterShipping containers changed the transport industry back in the 1950’s. Almost 30 years later, the idea of converting shipping containers into a habitable building emerged.

Today, shipping container shelters are changing the building industry by offering a more affordable yet durable dwelling. They can be transformed into houses, offices and even rescue centres. outlines four reasons using shipping containers is a good option:


Cost is the main reason shipping container shelters are becoming mainstream. Building a home or a storage facility out of a shipping container is much faster yet less costly than building a traditional structure. The shipping container is already a structure that you can easily modify to form a new and sturdy building.


Shipping containers are built to withstand abuse, making them the perfect tools to transport materials to different locations. It is made of Corten steel that can withstand corrosion. These containers are resistant to fire and to damages from storms and earthquakes, making them virtually indestructible. This is why shipping containers are also used as emergency shelters during calamities.


Container structures and shelters are eco-friendly, as they are made from recycled shipping containers. Recycling is good for the environment and can help lessen the effect of climate change. In fact, approximately 3,500KG of steel is being re-purposed by just recycling a shipping container.

Off-The-Grid Possibility

Being off-the-grid means being able to stand in a location without electricity. A shipping container shelter can be self-reliant and self-sufficient. It offers a small space and when properly insulated, there is no need for numerous appliances to be comfortable. Solar panels can also be installed as a source of electricity.

Shipping containers can help you build your dream home or get a reliable shelter for your goods at a lower cost. It is durable and strong, and with off-the-grid potential that could even yield bigger savings. Look for a contractor that offers this option in your area.