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3 Vehicle Covers You Can Customize

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car with a coverWhenever you buy a vehicle, it usually comes with a free cover. However, not all covers fit precisely, and this is a problem most of the time. Here are three covers you can actually customize to protect your investment vehicle.

Boat Cover

Most boat owners receive a one-size-fits-all cover along with their boat. However, these covers mostly provide basic coverage and protection. Fortunately, there is a remedy to this problem in the form of custom-made boat covers you can buy from firms such as WALK-WINN.

Some major benefits of customizing a boat cover include a snug fit, full coverage, and the exact placement of boat snaps according to what’s installed on the boat.

A tight fitting cover protects the interior and exterior of the boat more effectively, keeping dirt and other debris from entering the hull.

Motorcycle Cover

Motorcycles are perceived as the toughies in the world of bikes. But these things also need TLC. Protect your bike with a nice fitting cover to ensure that it stays dirt free and dry as much as possible. Keeping it covered and unexposed, especially when it’s not in use, will help prolong its life and require less exterior maintenance as well.

Whether a bike is sitting in the garage or out in the yard, protecting it with a cover is key in keeping it looking clean and new.

Bicycle Cover

If you’re traveling by plane and bringing your bike with you, you’ll definitely need a cover, and one with protective layers and padding too. Most airlines, for example, require boxing or bagging the bike; some require deflating the tires, changing the direction of the handlebars, and removing the pedals.

Some even require the wheels to be removed. To keep everything in one place, a durable and protective cover that can be converted into a bag when it’s needed. Customizing a cover this way allows you to have a cover for regular use and a bike bag for when you’re traveling with the bike; two-in-one items are always a real value for money.

Aside from the fit, custom covers can also be made with the fabric of your choice, and most importantly, with waterproofing. Keeping your prized vehicles protected at all times is key in prolonging its life and keeping it fresh and in excellent condition. Have your vehicle fitted today and get the cover that’s right for it.