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Effective Ways to Care for Your Senior Loved Ones

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senior citizens in a couchDuring their later years, seniors have to care for their physical and mental health. While this might not seem overwhelming, you should do your best to improve the quality of their lives. Here are some practical ways to do so:

Connect with Home Health Care

Your senior loved ones might feel isolated in retirement homes. An excellent way to solve this problem is to find elderly home health care services in Brooklyn. Your loved ones will feel more comfortable and content because of their new social connections. In addition, you can rest assured that the caregivers will attend to your loved ones’ needs.

Maintain Communication

If your loved ones live far away from you, try to keep in touch with them. You do not have to be on the phone every day. Just have regular conversations. Try to teach them how to use new cell phones and computers. Doing so will help them communicate with you and find new means of recreation. For example, many senior citizens nowadays enjoy using social media and playing mobile games.

Find Community Centers

Seniors can improve their social life by joining community activities for the elderly. Some communities offer games, sports and other forms of entertainment that give them a chance for social interaction. You can always drive them to the activity venues if transportation is an issue for them.

In the end, your elderly loved ones need you now more than ever. Hence, there is a need to step up and do what you can for them. After all, seeing them living their lives to the fullest is worth all the effort that you put in.

Cataracts: Not Just for the Elderly

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CataractsWhile you would commonly hear of cataract formation in older people, you should let go of the mindset that you are not at risk because you are young.

There are a number of prominent figures who have had cataract surgery —  some of which are not even that old. One of which is the famous MMA fighter, BJ Penn, now 36, who had them taken out in 2013.

Cataracts are cloudy formation in the eye’s lens that can develop in either one or both eyes, one of which will be worse than the other. These formations hinder the passing of light in and out the eyes. The opacity of some areas contributes to blurry vision, like looking through a fogged glass.

Because there are four types of cataracts, there is reason to be worried, even while you’re young.

One is age related cataracts, the most common form and appear only as you reach seniority. The second is congenital cataracts. The form that may be present as early at birth or shortly after. The third being secondary cataracts, they are caused by other medical conditions or exposure to toxic substances and drugs. The last of which is cataracts brought about by eye injuries, also known as traumatic injuries.

Let’s go in depth with the last three and the different ways you can acquire cataracts over time, with information from The Australian Institute of Eye Surgery.


Unfortunately, some babies are born with it. This is caused by either infections, injuries or poor development in the womb. Even in early childhood, the eye may develop cataracts.  


There are various medical conditions that list cataracts as one of their symptoms or effects. One of which is diabetes and others that can promote protein buildup in the eye, which greatly contributes to cataract formation.

Moreover, exposure to harmful substances and drugs adds to its formation, especially corticosteroids and diuretics. This also includes ultraviolet light and radiation.


Eye trauma includes a blunt force trauma to the area of the eyes. This is probably how BJ Penn acquired the disease. Damage and injuries contribute to cataract formation because of their healing process and needs. If this occurs regularly, then it is best to have your eyes checked immediately to see any possible formation.

You need not be old to experience the causes of cataracts. Watch out for the signs and get an eye checkup to get immediate treatment.