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A Proposal to Remember: 3 Tips on Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

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Man asking girlfriend to marry him

Man asking girlfriend to marry himThe perfect ring to go with the question “Will you marry me?” is probably the hardest to find. You want to make this moment memorable and special in every way you can. This is why you want a piece that truly conveys your sincerest intentions to be with your significant other for the rest of your life.

However, ring shopping is no easy feat, one wrong move can easily get you lost in the process. To help you make the best decision on this matter, AAA Jewelers provides a few tips you could follow.

1. Look for inspiration

To get an idea of the ring you want to get, make sure you’ve done enough research. Whether you prefer ready-made or custom-made, knowing what you want could save you so much time.

You could compile some styles from the internet that catch your eye. You could then choose among those or create a design based on them.

2. Find a jeweler to trust

Now that you have a design in mind, find a jewelry shop that has what your looking for or have the ring made. While there are practically tons of jewelers out there, you can’t simply entrust this task to anyone.

Before you close a deal, ask for recommendations or referrals and discuss with them what you are looking for. This allows you to assess the level of knowledge they have in creating jewelry.

3. Set a budget

While you want to make the proposal as special as it can be, you still need to set a budget for the ring. After all, this is not the only expense you’re going to spend on. Besides, having a budget for the ring could help narrow down your options, which could also make the search easier.

Make engagement ring shopping fun and stress-free with these tips in mind. Remember to also enjoy the whole experience so that when you look back on the proposal, you’ve got nothing but happy and good memories to cherish.

When a Jewellery Designer Proposes Marriage

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Amazing engagement ringAre you planning to propose marriage to your loved one? The prospect of a ‘yes’ and a lifetime together fills you with excitement. At the same time, as a jewellery designer, you are anxious about the ring.

Indeed, the engagement ring sets the stage for how the proposal goes, from the moment you kneel to the moment your partner accepts. It is the one piece you cannot rush through when designing and making.

Bespoke is Big

Engagement and wedding rings are becoming more customised, JewelCast Ltd share that an increasing number of couples are looking to get pieces that are special, unique — pieces that have great value to them.

A bespoke engagement ring would create an impact and the desired response. The fact that you’ve conceptualised the design brings even greater value to the piece.

But how do you ensure that this special design project goes off without a hitch? Here is a quick guide to help you:


If you are planning something different and special, you should consider your remaining time before the proposal. Your choices regarding design and material would depend on it. Will you finish your engagement ring design within your schedule? Can the jewellery maker deliver at the time you require, with the quality you seek?

Preferences of Your Loved One

Another critical consideration is the preference of your loved one. What design would your loved one like? What elements can you incorporate into the design to remind her or him of your relationship? And what material is preferable: diamond, gold or platinum?

The Budget

It would be ideal to say ‘money is no object’ when it comes to your wedding proposal. But it is more important to prepare financially for the marriage than the ceremony. So you need to shop around for jewellery makers or jewellery casters. Find a good deal, but do not sacrifice quality.

Creating the perfect engagement ring for your loved one is a big deal. With the right plan, you will end up with a precious piece that should give you a ‘yes’.