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HDPE Pipes: Why They’re Better for HVAC Systems

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air conditioner unitsHVAC systems are complex machines that have many components that need to be tested for strength and durability. Each component makes a piece of equipment that just one part of the whole system. These complex systems are usually made up of several types of metal that can be heavy, easily worn out, or be prone to damage like rust. But high-density polyethylene products have now become a better alternative, helping HVAC systems run more smoothly and efficiently.

Here’s why HDPE piping systems will work better for your HVAC business.

It’s Resilient to Changing Temperatures

This type of thermoplastic is harder because it has less inter-molecular branching. This gives the material higher strength capacity when it comes to both high and low temperatures. This makes it perfect for transmitting chilled water in HVAC systems.

It’s Cost-Effective

Compared to metal systems, using polyethylene thermoplastic is less expensive over time because it lasts longer and can handle impact and scratches better than the other metals used in an HVAC system. This means saving costs on repairs or pipe replacements which includes material and labour costs.

It Helps Reduce Noise

Compare the sound of dropping a piece of metal and a piece of plastic. That’s a simple experiment to clearly show how much lesser sound plastic makes compared to metal. And no one wants to hear the buzz of metal coming from their HVAC systems. HDPE helps reduce that noise and adds value to your equipment.

It Doesn’t Corrode or Collect Build-Up

Metal corrosion can sometimes only be detected once it starts to leak. And the only time you’ll find out there’s deposit build-up is when the system doesn’t run properly and you’ll need to inspect the pipes. You won’t have these problems with polyethylene thermoplastic, which means you get a system that’s more durable and that saves you major costs in the long run.

As part of the HVAC industry, you have to make sure that you’re offering only the best, most cost-effective, and durable products to your clients. Make the switch and you’ll see how much it can impact the growth of your business.