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These Study Hacks Enable You to Remember Better

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Teen girl studying in the library

Teen girl studying in the libraryAre you looking for ways to improve your grades? If so, you’ll need to do well whenever you take tests. The latter requires a good memory because you have to retain a lot of information. Other than this, you need to recall them quickly as well.

Instructors from City Academy, a top high school in Salt Lake City, cite the following ways to boost your memory.

Make it meaningful

Some students don’t recall details because the information they are trying to remember is confusing or too much. If you’re one of them, you may have difficulties memorizing a mathematical or scientific concept. To make it easier to memorize, summarize the formulas and concepts in your own words.

If you can’t do this, it means you still don’t completely understand what you are studying. Take time to read sections of the book again until it begins to mean something to you and if you can make a gist of it.

Know how to organize

You might suffer from information overload and never remember or recall anything when you start taking a test. To avoid this problem, it is ideal to categorize the details you acquire when you study, regardless of the subject.

If a detail fits a certain category, group them with similar ones. This allows you to create associations and pull out one you may need when you take tests.

Visualize the concept

It is easier to retain and recall a picture than whole paragraphs. Visualization is an effective way to memorize even the most abstract concepts. After studying, try to create a mental photograph of it; make one that is associated with the concept for quick retention.

Create a story

Memorizing is difficult in itself make it easier by weaving a story with the pieces of information you gather while studying. Stories are easy to remember, and they also add meaning to otherwise boring details. When you make the story, organize the information in a logical sequence.

These are some of the hacks you can try to boost your memory and make it easier for you to recall concepts during a test. Better grades improve your chances of getting into a good school.