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Packing Ideas for an LDS Israel Tour

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Touring the Holy Land

Touring the Holy LandVisiting the holy land is on every Mormon’s bucket list. A trip to Israel gives you a rare opportunity to experience the Bible and walk in Jesus’ footsteps. It might be a bit overwhelming for you to make a successful trip on your own

A travel agency explicitly experienced in LDS tours will, however, make this trip worthwhile, inexpensive and fun for you. After getting a reliable travel agency for your LDS Israel tour with Cruise Lady, what you should bring along for your trip might be the next challenge.

It will seem like everything is important, but this is not so. Here is a guide to guarantee you pack all the essential items for a spiritually nourishing and fun-filled tour.

Spiritual Items

You cannot afford to visit Israel without your Bible. As most of the places you will visit have limited shade, paperback scriptures might be challenging to read. It might be more convenient to have a scripture app on your phone and bible video apps for your kids to follow throughout the tour.


A pair of lightweight sneakers will come in handy when visiting very dusty regions, such as Petra. Walking sandals will suffice for other areas since the general climate for most of the year is hot. You should also pack slip-on shoes for temple visits and use in airports.


Long loose skirts and pants are practical when touring the citadel and temple mount. Loose-fitting short and long-sleeved tops, lightweight scarves and sunglasses are also essential to protect you from sunburns. Don’t forget hats and caps to protect your hair from the wind.

Even as you pack the above items, do not forget to leave room in your suitcases. There are so many souvenirs at reasonable prices to buy in Israel. With the right gear and travel agency, your tour will genuinely prove to be a dream-come-true.