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Interesting Facts About The Laser

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an industrial laserThose engravings you find in wood, metal, and other surfaces are made through laser technology. The laser-cutting machine is a game changer. Thus, more businesses are finding the importance of investing in one.

However, before buying laser-cutting and engraving devices, it pays to know some facts about the laser. This information can make you appreciate the invention even more and guide you in your purchase process.

It is an Acronym

“Laser” is an acronym that stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This means that lasers are photons released by energized atoms.

It Has Three Main Components

A laser machine has three major parts: the laser, surface, and control mechanism. The surface holds the item and allows the laser to move freely. The laser itself does the engraving or etching, and the control mechanism governs such movements.

It Works on Different Materials

Things that are engraved or cut using laser technology are everywhere. This is because lasers can work on most materials, like wood, glass, and steel.

It Has Two Kinds

The laser is known for its intense precision. There are two ways to achieve such finishes: CO2 and fiber lasers. Nowadays, fiber lasers are becoming the common choice due to their precision, flexibility, and overall safety. Still, this does not mean that CO2 lasers are obsolete. The choice of which laser to use would depend on the material that you work on. Thick materials that need lesser precision benefit more from CO2 laser cuts, while thin materials that require more precision work best with fiber lasers.

Laser machines are significant investments. People can appreciate these devices even more if they know why they were invented.