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Child Care Centres: Legal Requirements in Queensland

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Child Care Requirements

Child Care RequirementsChild care centres are chartered and licensed centres that offer either part-day or all-day services. They are also known as daycare centres that provide a set of activities for children, such as reading, writing and playtime. Often, child care centres are either owned by a private owner or by the community.

If you are planning to build your child care development centre, the first thing you have to work on is compliance with different laws and regulations.

The legal requirements that you have to comply with depend on the services you offer. Most services such as family day care, kindergarten, outside of school hours care and long day care centres are regulated and approved by the National Quality Framework (NQF). The National Quality Framework is a national approach to the assessment, regulation and quality improvement of outside of school hours care and child care and education centres in Australia.

The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) monitors the implementation of the NQF. They are the national authority that handles early childhood care and education. ACECQA also monitors the improvement of the quality of services throughout Australia.

Other services are regulated by the Education and Care Services Act of 2013 (Queensland). These services include occasional care, limited hours care, stand-alone services, early childhood care and education services including disability services, and services that were not approved for family assistance law purposes.

Some care and education services in Queensland are not included under the NQF. These services have to meet the requirements for educator-to-child ratios, learning frameworks, educator qualifications and staff-first aid qualifications.

Starting your child care development centre can require a lot of your time for preparation. Complying with the legal requirements ensures a smooth operation of the centre while you are improving and providing the best child care services.