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4 Metal Fabricating Secrets for Higher Profits

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Metal fabrication processEvery time you have a metal fabrication project, it’s crucial to find ways to achieve greater efficiencies. Optimizing every step of the manufacturing process is the best way to reduce costs, keep time, and ensure efficacy. Here are four simple ways to ensure that each of your projects yields better results:

Select materials smartly

Material selection affects the total cost and design integrity of the project. Of course, the market is saturated with material options, but you need to know which ones are best for your project. Wasatch Steel noted that a sheet steel for sale, for instance, is ideal for fabricated metal parts because it’s strong, durable, and affordable.

Reduce manufacturing costs

The type of manufacturing projects involved will determine which production process you need to adopt. Prepare for tooling and amortization costs, based on the run volume of the project you intend to conduct. While it’s advisable to invest in your tools from the outset, sometimes it’s more affordable to rent them for a specific project. Find ways to reduce assembly and logistical costs, too.

Save on metal part design

Take the time to evaluate metal’s geometry and look for ways you can make the profile simpler without compromising on the product’s specifications. Identify ways to reduce the bends, too. If you have complex sections that have many bends, then opt for roll forming due to its ability to form linear shapes.

Adopt the best fabrication process

Look for fabrication processes that can yield the highest number from the same amount of material. Again, roll forming is your best bet if you’re looking to reduce drop off and scrap. You may also opt for aluminum extrusions due to their high yield.

As you look forward to your next fabrication process, ensure that you have a complete grasp on what factors you should consider optimizing it. With some planning, you’ll find that there are simple ways to get more yields for less, which improves your bottom line.