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SR-22: What Is It and What Does It Entail?

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Auto Insurance Policy and Car Key

Auto Insurance Policy and Car KeyIf you’ve never heard of SR-22, you’d easily confuse it for any other insurance document when you get an order to get one. You’re likely to be hesitant about going through the procedure, and that will cost you in the long run.

What is SR-22?

Although many people refer to SR-22 as car insurance, it’s not. However, it’s a certificate that you should get from a car insurance company for proving to state officials that you have insurance coverage, explains Aurora-based Oxford Auto Insurance. You also need to pay a certain amount to get the certificate.

When Do You Get SR-22 Certificates?

Usually, a judge orders you to get SR-22 certificates. The instances that lead to such judgments are when you’ve had a culpable conviction, such as driving under the influence, and the judge deprives you of your driving privileges. Other convictions that would lead you to get SR-22 certificates include getting multiple tickets within a short time, involvement in a car crash, or driving when your insurance policy has expired.

Processing SR-22 Certificates

You should contact the insurance company stating the facts that have led to you requiring SR-22 certificates. You’ll need to fill in the processing form, after which you’ll receive your certificate, which should take about a week to process.

Can You Get Insurance with SR-22 Certificates?

Different states have various requirements for obtaining insurance for anyone bearing SR-22 certificates. Therefore, if you need to get car insurance after you receive SR-22 certificates, you require considering the state in which you live. Also, while you can get insurance coverage for your car, you’re likely to pay higher rates as the company considers you a risky driver.SR-22s are valid for three years. You should ask the insurance company to eliminate it from your car insurance policies once the certificate expires. After SR-22 certificates are void, you can enjoy better car insurance rates.