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4 Top Fuel Storage Tank Maintenance Tips

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Construction worker look at fuel pumpStoring your fuel onsite certainly has many benefits. First, you never need to worry about delays in deliveries. If you buy in bulk, you can save cash. However, to ensure that your fuel stays in good condition, there are responsibilities you need to remember. One of them is maintaining your fuel storage tanks keenly. Here are tips to do that:

Follow set standards

If you’re using an above ground storage tank, you’ll need to adhere to the set API 650 design and maintenance standards. These standards stipulate clearly that you need to maintain the integrity of your welded or riveted storage tank. Other standards may also include the period within which you need to fill up the tank to keep it in good condition.

Check seals and caps regularly

Faulty seals and caps can allow sediments into your tank, degrading not only your fuel but also your tank’s walls and base. These seals will also increase the rate of evaporation of your oil, making it more difficult to monitor fuel levels. That means you can’t easily tell when exactly you should fill up the tank.

Prevent fuel tank contamination

If the environment around your fuel storage tank is dusty or dirty, it’s only a matter of time before contaminants get into the tank and pollute the oil, besides damaging the tank itself. That’s why it’s crucial to clean the area around the tank regularly. Keep the caps closed as well and check whether the nozzle is clean before using it to fill up the tank.

Observe a regular maintenance schedule

Like all other equipment, a bulk fuel storage tank should have a regular maintenance schedule, whether it appears to be in great shape or not. That means you need to inspect your tank regularly for dents, aging fuel filters, worn caps, and so on. Replace or repair faulty parts promptly.

While there are lots of advantages for storing your fuel in bulk, there are certain measures you need to put in place to reap those benefits. The key lies in giving your storage tank the attention it needs.

4 Safety Tips While Using a Fuel Storage Tank

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Above Ground fuel tank holding diesel fuelOwing to the high flammability of fuel, most people think that storing it in a tank is unsafe. The reality, however, is that fuel storage tanks have increasingly become more reliable due to the advancements in fabrication, inspection, and maintenance.

By reading these smart tips, you may prevent anything from interfering with the safety of your tank and that of your personnel:

Ensure the support structure is strong enough

For an aboveground storage tank, it’s best to note that the support structure is as strong as possible. This is one of the things that an API 653 tank inspection specialist will examine before they can approve of you using the said storage tank. To meet the required standards, you’ll need to make sure that the support structure is built on a strong foundation.

Don’t use the tank to store other substances

All aboveground and underground storage tanks are designed to meet specific storage needs. Based on the design and size, there are tanks that are best suited for storing diesel and not any other chemical substances. Have an expert check your tank to know whether it is the ideal one for your storage needs.

Trust the pros with installation and maintenance

Regardless of the type and size of your storage tank, never let anyone who does not have the expertise do some work in the fabrication or management of the tank. Sure, the tank may have reasonably reliable built-in safety features, but these features only work when handled with the necessary caution.

Keep ignition sources away

As fuel is extremely flammable, keep any potential ignition sources as far away as possible. Don’t locate your storage tank near static electricity, naked flames, or running engines.

A good quality storage tank can go a long way in ensuring the safety of both the oil and the people that handle it. Still, it is your responsibility to make sure that you don’t do anything that could compromise that safety.


Simple Guide to Finding the Right Fuel Storage Tank

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Fuel Storage

Fuel storageThere are many things to think about when you want to set up a fuel station. For instance, you’ll need to understand and comply with the legal requirements of your state. You’ll also need to get the necessary permits, find the right staff, and choose a great location. But perhaps most importantly, you’ll need to install the right fuel storage tank.

Here are four tips to help you the most appropriate tank:

Make sure it complies with the rules

Whether you opt for above ground tank fabrication or you want to install an underground tank, it’s important to research on the standards the relevant environmental protection agency has set. Usually, the agency will have certified officials who can advise on what type of fuel storage tanks are allowed in your area.

Prioritize quality

Obviously, you want to invest in a tank you can comfortably afford. However, you cannot afford to pay too little for fuel storage tanks. Keep in mind that safety is paramount when handling oil or fuel. You must go for a tank with thick walls so that in case the flammable material inside catches fire, the flames can be contained within the tank.

Determine your specific needs

While virtually all aboveground storage tanks are manufactured using steel, they differ in many other aspects. As such, it is important to figure out what you’re looking for. Determine what size of tank you need, for instance, depending on the space you have and your budget.

Consider the maintenance costs

All fuel storage tanks must undergo regular inspection and maintenance. The frequency and extent will depend on the size and age of the tank. Determine whether you’ll be comfortable observing the maintenance schedule of the tank before buying it.

Getting the right storage tank for your facility can make it easier to start the business. With enough research, you can choose a fuel tank that is ideal for your needs, specifications, and budget.