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3 Must-Have Tools in Your DIY Tool Kit

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Topview of toolbox

Topview of toolboxThere’s something about DIY projects that excites most homeowners. Everyone has a creative side and what better way to express it than by doing some simple projects around the house? You even get to save money in the process.
So, which tools will you need for your DIY projects? Herrick Industrial Supply gives some recommendations.

A cordless drill

Whether you are hanging pictures, putting up cabinets, or fixing a fence, a drill is one of the tools that can make the job easier. The cordless drill is preferable because of its flexibility, particularly when you are working at height or in awkward positions where cables might become entangled. Don’t forget to buy appropriate drill bits from your local hardware or online.

A table saw

Fun as they may be, some DIY projects can pose a danger, especially if they involve cutting. The last thing you want is a couple of missing fingers at the end of a project. That may sound a little far-fetched, but you’ll be surprised what injuries a simple mistake can cause. Choose a table saw that uses a technology that stops the blade the moment it comes in contact with your skin.

A nail gun

There are few DIY projects at home that won’t require you to use nails. These days, some people use a hammer for these projects. A nail gun is a better option, as it is faster and safer to use. You’ll need a framing nail gun for bigger projects, such as fixing the fence, as well as a finishing gun for smaller projects where you’re using nails shorter than 2.5 inches.

The outcome of any DIY project at home greatly depends on the type and quality of the tools you use. The good news is that you need not buy everything at once, although it’s important to make sure every tool you buy is the best one for the job.