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4 Ways to Improve Your Warehouse Packing Process

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Workers in a warehouse

Workers in a warehouseWorking in a warehouse can be a very busy job. What you’ll always think about is how to make that job easier. If you’re assigned to drive a forklift, directional stickers can help you move around the facility faster and safer.

Case packer manufacturers today have machines that can pack up to 25 cases per minute. Perhaps you can invest in something like that. Here are four ways to improve your packing process and achieve better results:

1. Keep Your Warehouse in Order

This won’t only help busy workers move around faster; it will also keep them safe from trips or falls, and your products safe from damage. Keep aisles free from anything that can be an obstruction, such as used packing material or parked vehicles.

2. Make Your Floor Plan Work for Your Process

Is the floor distance between the picking and packing process reasonable? Are all packing materials within reach? Find ways to minimise the distance between the warehouse and the docks to ensure faster loading and reduce the risk of damaged goods.

3. Equip Your Packers with The Right Training

Depending on the type of goods you are packing, you must train your packers on efficient and fast packing techniques. Make sure they understand the whole process to keep accuracy and quality at the highest level.

4. Don’t Unpack Pre-Packed Items Right Away

There may be orders that require the same amount of stocks as those that come into your warehouse pre-packed. Don’t be robotic and go ripping open new arrivals, just to end up stacking them in the same number. This saves a huge amount of time.

Take the time to stop, observe, and review your packing process. You’ll never know when there may be a kink in the whole process that’s slowing down your operations. As inventory needs change, so will your packing process. Make sure yours is up to date, so you can achieve the highest level of efficiency in your warehouse.