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Strategies on How to Promote Safety in Warehouse Operations

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warehouse rackingWarehouses are some of the most dangerous work sites in Australia. Workers in these environments have an increased risk of suffering from occupational injuries.

Hazards arise from accidents caused by machinery and equipment, carrying of heavy loads and the most common of all: slips, trips and falls.

Warehouse managers can considerably reduce the risks of accident with the right safety policies. With these in place, the warehouse can remain a productive and healthy environment for workers, as well as the equipment.

Here are a few of the strategies to include in your safety initiatives:

Slip, trip and fall protection

Of all workplace accidents, falls take the lead in terms of frequency. And this doesn’t just apply to Australian warehouses. Regardless of the industry or sector, falls are the most common injury-causing hazards. Many cases of accidents also result from slips and trips, which is why employers must address all three risks as one and implement preventative measures against them.

Pallet racking damage is a major Workplace Health & Safety Issue. A solid and durable warehouse racking system is a must to keep both your staff and equipment safe.

You may also invest in anti-slip matting or flooring, bright lighting systems and guard rails.

Correct stacking and racking methodologies

Many of the goods and products in warehouses are placed overhead – on racks and shelves. These organisational systems must therefore boast the durability to bear heavy objects without the risk of collapsing. Selective pallet racking is one type of system that can be designed to meet virtually any pallet size or weight.

Equally important is to have all workers undergo training on proper stacking and racking methodologies, as incorrect procedures can result in equally grave accidents.

Your warehouse employees deserve safe and healthy working conditions, so do the equipment and goods. There must be no compromise in safety: invest in proper safety training, equipment and protective gear.