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Chemical-Free Cooling Tower Water Treatment

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water treatment systemWater cooling towers are important in cooling the water that circulates nuclear power plants, oil refineries, renewable energy facilities, dairy and food processing industries, and other heat-intensive industrial systems. But, the process of cooling and treating water is costly and damaging to the environment.

With advanced technology, companies like Superior Water Conditioners can conduct chemical-free water cooling and treatment using systems that resist corrosion and bio-contamination.

Use of Electrolysis Technology

Through the use of a turnkey solution that uses electrolysis to condition water, the system splits water into an acid and a base. The acidic solution activates chlorides into biocides while the basic solution precipitates scale-forming minerals. This electro-chlorination and electro-oxidation processes destroy organic matter that causes macro and micro fouling, producing the best water conditioning. The water is neutralized by naturally occurring calcium and magnesium ions that act as a buffer for corrosion.

Principles of Physics

Traditional and chemical water treatments change the characteristics of water to stop corrosion and control biological growth. In contrast, physical techniques are used to treat the equipment in newer water treatment towers. The physical systems have come a long way in preventing scale, corrosion and other harmful products that may be present in hard water in the heat exchange transfer equipment.

Latest Automated Technology Service

Communication is a vital process in cooling tower water treatment. Some technical issues may need to be addressed at various times, including breakage and maintenance. The machines need to be automated so that they can detect minor problems. The use of iPad, computerized systems, basic equipment, handheld conductivity meters, and cell services will be helpful.

It is essential to have the latest technology that will ensure that you can cut costs, save the environment and also save water by using the chemical-free cooling tower water treatment.